How do I return to Barheim Passage?

  1. I know you have to do that one side quest-y thing, but the side quest isn't being triggered. I talked to everyone in the village, including Dantro's wife. I've gone to the other side of the Estersand, and there is nothing there. So what are the requirements for triggering this side quest is the better question.

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    Dantro isn't anywhere around to talk to, so that can't be right.

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    Oh, sorry. Dantro might be there, but I have talked to that dude multiple times as I run on through the post. But I have done all of that, and Dantro's wife is still not telling me to collect stuff.

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    Well I'll be even more clear. I've done to the flowering cactoid hunt. It is like one of the first ones. And I've talked to Dantro like a dozen times. Dantro's wife still doesn't tell me to do anything. I am after Raithwall, so what is the problem?

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    Which I've said I've done. Of course I'm telling you what I've done! What, should I tell you what I haven't done? I haven't fought the Bloodwing yet, it being in Barheim Passage. Oh, and I haven't gone to the Subterra of the Pharos yet. Is that at all helpful?

    I already said I talked to him like a dozen times. So...

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  1. You must complete the Flowering Cactoid Hunt, then speak to Dantro in the Outpost.

    Then once you have the Cactus flower(Key Items), speak to Dantro again. Dantro MUST ask you to take the flower to his wife in South Bank Village.

    Speak to Dantro's Wife and give her the Cactus Flower, she will then ask you to find Semclam Shells(5).

    Once you have the Semclam Shells speak to Dantro's Wife again, give her the Semclam Shells and she will ask you to get Nebralim(2).

    Again speak to Dantro's Wife, give her the Nebralim and she will ask you to get Valeblossom Dew(3).

    You cannot acquire the Valeblossom Dew until after completing Raithwall. Once you have the Valeblossom Dew, speak to Dantro's Wife. If you have it, she will also request the Great Serpentskin. Speak once more to her than exit and re-enter South Bank Village.

    The sick traveler will be behind the hut. You will receive a reward(depending on the amount of ingredients given and the great serpenskin) and the Barheim Key at this time.

    The best reward is a Golden Armlet, but you can also purchase them in Mosphoran Highwaste/Bubbling Vale by completing the July Quest.

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  1. I had this problem too, just talk to dantro again, then go back and talk to his wife, that should fix your problem

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  2. Did you beat the flowering cactoid mark yet?
    if you did that then the next question would be: "did you talk to dantro after beating the flowering cactoid?"
    dantro is found at the outpost
    if you did that also, then what you need to do is talk to dantro's wife and she'll tell you about an adventurer that was severly injured in the barheim passage
    she'll send you out searching for numerous items to help the adventurer and once you finish doing so the adventurer will give you a key to the barheim passage
    i hope this helps

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  3. All you are telling us is what you have done! But the quest is not triggering.

    Have you checked to see, if you have completed all the steps? Or are you just telling us what you have already done?

    The most missed step is the speaking to Dantro TWICE.

    We are only trying to help you.

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  4. If you've completed the quest and gotten the key, go to the Murmuring Defile, which is a small area just to the north of the old Barheim passage. There is a door there that leads into the Barheim passage.

    From South Bank Village, exit south into the Banks of the Nebra, then head south east to the Murmuring Defile and the door.

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  5. If you still want more info or want to know something else, you should look up an FAQ.

    It should be in the Hints and Cheats section.

    It'll go into detail on what you want to know.

    If you press ctrl + F and put in what you're looking for you'll find it faster.

    Hope this helps. :D

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  6. Complete the Cactoid quest and the one in Bhujerba with the snakey thing. DO NOT SELL THE GREAT SERPENTSKIN. Talk to Dantro after the Cactoid hunt and he'll ask if you can take the flower to his wife. Go take it to her. And a loooot later, accept the Bloodwing hunt. go up to the South Bank Village in the Estersand and talk to the guy to accept the mark. Then talk to Dantro's wife (if she doesn't say anything useful, talk to her again or briefly leave the village and come back) and she should ask you to go get some stuff for her. Hopefully, you haven't sold the Great Serpentskin or any of the stuff she asked you to get. Take it to her for the sick traveler in the hut (who is actually the boss of some seeq's down by one of the doors to Barheim-- the one they say that has the key.)

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  7. Your first task is to complete the Hunt: "Dalmasca's Desert Bloom" show details. The Cactus Flower that you get from this Hunt is a necessary element. In addition to this you will also want to complete the Hunt: "Marauder in the Mines" Make sure not to sell the great Serpentskin. This can still be completed without it, but the rewards will not be as good.

    It begins with Dantro who is located in the Dalmasca Estersand. Do this after you have completed the Tomb of Raithwall. Head for the village on the south bank of the Nebra and look for Dantro's wife show in map. In return for the Cactus Flower you will get a Bundle of Needles.

    Leave the village and then immediately come back in. There is now a group of people waiting by the dock at the north beach. Speak to the kid on the dock and agree to accompany the boy .

    On the other side, go and speak with Ruksel. After learning about the Cactoids, set sail back across the river. Speak to Dantro's wife, then go around behind the house and examine the flower and a cactoid will pop out. Cross the river again and return the cactoid baby to the cactoids in which you are awarded 1000 Gil and a Pouch of Wyrmfire Shot.

    Cross the river (again) and speak to Dantro's wife. She asks for Semclam Shells for the patient. Just walk along the beach and keep an eye out for anything sparkling. Examine it to get a shell. Get at least two of them and you should get a Golden Amulet as a reward for this. Take them to Dantro's wife.

    She wants you to go speak with Dantro, so head back to his little encampment. Talk to Dantro and then examine the phial on the pile of crates in the middle. Now return to his wife with this phial.

    Now she wants some Valeblossom Dew. Cross the river to the north side and leave the village through the west exit. Head north through this area and enter the Broken Sands .

    When you enter the Broken Sands you will reach a fork in the main path. Take the left branch and go north. Around the middle of this area there is a rock, that can be knocked loose to connect the two paths show in map. A few steps west of this rock, stand right against the south cliff overlooking the area below and there should be a prompt of something "glimmering." That is the Valeblossom Dew.

    Bring the dew back to Dantro's wife and give it to her, along with the Great Serpentskin. Now leave the area and come back after about 15-20 minutes and speak to the traveler around back and get the Barheim Key show in map. You'll also get the power armlet as a reward only if you were able to give the Great Serpentskin to Dantro's wife.


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  8. First is you done the cactoid qwest? IF you have then finish bujerba do 'Marauder in the mines' Then go to dantro then talk to him twice then go to his wife then read the part you want from this walktrough

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