How do I get Omega Mark XII ???

  1. guys i don't know how to get Omega Mark XII pls help me.

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  2. Additional Details:
    O.o so he appears there?:P xD
    where in great crystal he appears and u know to what appears down (forgot name so there were Raddas did suicide to destroy the item???

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  1. This will be in Multiple Parts

    To Find Omega
    mark XII you first have to have made it to the area before Ultima and have Way Stone XX activated. Start off by using Way Stone XX to teleport to Dha Vikaari Dhebon Ra. Cross Kanbhru Pis and activate the Aquarius Gate Stone in Sthaana Aquarius. Once that is done go to Dha Vikaari Uldobi and use Way Stone XVIII to teleport back to A Vikaari

    Once there run to Uldobi Jilaam Avaa and take the right hand path to Uldobi Jilaam Praa'vaa. If, by chance, Gate Libra 2 is blocking the way you have two choices for getting around- enter the left path and hit the Libra Gate Stone then unlock Gate Libra, backtrack to the Aquarius Gate Stone, then come back or you can go the long route by moving left through Sthaana Libra, turning right and moving through Dha Vikaari Sirhru, turning right again and moving through Uldobi Jilaam Praa'dii, running straight ahead to Uldobi Jilaam Praa, running straight ahead once again to move on to Uldobi Phullam Praa'vaa. This will take you back to Aquarius Gate 1. Touch it but do not enter.

    If Gate Libra 2 was unlocked when you first get there head straight to Uldobi Jilaam Praa and turn right to enter Uldobi Phullam Praa'vaa then touch Gate Aquarius 1, but again, don't go any further.

    Return to Uldobi Jilaam Praa and take the path to your right. At Sthaana
    Capricorn, touch the Gate Capricorn Stone then go back to Uldobi Jilaam Praa.
    Take the right path to reenter Uldobi Jilaam Praa'dii then take the only path
    across from there to go back to Dha Vikaari Sirhru. In Dha Vikaari Sirhru, run
    toward Way Stone XVI then enter the first path to the left to go back to
    Sthaana Libra. Make a right upon entering Sthaana Libra. In Uldobi Jilaam
    Pratii'vaa, touch Gate Capricorn II on the right side. Don't go through, though- you want to go back to where Gate Aquarius I was and enter
    the other path leading to Sthaana Taurus. To get there take the Left at Sthaana Libra, Right at Dha Vikaari Sirhru, Straight at Uldobi Jilaam Praa'dii, Straight at Uldobi Jilaam Praa and Left at Uldobi Phullam Praa'vaa.

    Hit the Taurus Gate Stone then come all the way back to Uldobi Jilaam
    Pratii'vaa and enter the right path where Gate Capricorn II was at.

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  1. The Yiazmat Hunt must have been started and your party must defeat all the Espers in the game for Omega Mark XII to appear in the Great Crystal.

    And after that I'd like to refer to the very detailed desciption in Beserker's guide (second walkthrough on the list) because answering here would get too long, and he is doing a better job at it anyway.

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  2. I think you're thinking of the Pharos tower, which isn't where the Great Crystal is. The Great Crystal is the area after Giruvegan, in that, crystal place, lol. The area where Ashe talked to those god people and gave her the Treaty Blade, if you remember.

    There is a very detailed Great Crystal map by Lucleonhart in the FAQs page which says where Omega Mark XII is, and there's probably a Mark/Hunt guide that says how to get to him. Good luck.

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  3. all that Tadano_Nika said is right except that you have to defeat all espers because i already defeated him but dont defeated zodiark yet

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  4. If you still want more info or want to know something else, you should look up an FAQ.

    It should be in the Hints and Cheats section.

    It'll go into detail on what you want to know.

    If you press ctrl + F and put in what you're looking for you'll find it faster.

    Hope this helps. :D

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  5. SOng's walkthrough includes an excellent step-by-step (no scrollback required) on how to reach Omega. If nothing else seems to work for you in defeating the boss, try the brief guide found at which outlines a quick & dirty method.

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  6. Back to the Gate Capricorn II:

    Right at Uldobi Phullam Praa'vaa
    Straight at Uldobi Jilaam Praa
    Straight at Uldobi Jilaam Praa'dii
    Firsth left at Dha Vikaari Sirhru
    Right at Sthaan Libra
    Right at Uldobi Jilaam Pratii'vaa

    Now you have a choice here, the path to the left will lead to Gate Carpricorn
    II. If you touch Gate Capricorn II, you will be able to find a platform to the
    right in the next area that will possibly have a Brave Suit inside or the Zodiac Escutcheon. The Zodiac Escutcheon is the best shield in the game. If you do this, you will have to backtrack all the way to the Capricorn Gate Stone
    and touch it again.

    If you don't want to go through all that and want to open the path to Omega
    Mark XII right now, then enter the path directly ahead of you in Uldobi Jilaam
    Pratii and touch Gate Capricorn I in Uldobi Phullam Pratii'dii. Take the right
    path in Uldobi Phullam Pratt'dii after touching the Gate Capricorn and this will take the party to Way Stone XXI on the platform of Dha Vikaari Sirhru Si.
    Touching Way Stone XXI will take the party directly to A Vikaari Uldobi Si,
    which is one platform away from the Way Stone XXIII that will teleport the
    party directly to the platform right before the boss fight with Omega Mark XII
    and there is not a save crystal on the other end at any area. At this point definitely go to the nearest crystal and save your progress.

    To get back to the closest blue save crystal:

    Left at Uldobi Phullam Pratii'dii
    Straight at Uldobi Jilaam Pratii
    Left at Uldobi Jilaam Pratii'vaa
    Right at Sthaana Libra
    Right at Uldobi Jilaam Praa'vaa
    Left at Uldobi Jilaam Avaa
    Teleport at Way Stone XVII in A Vikaari Kanbhru
    Straight at Dha Vikaari Uldobi
    Back at the blue save crystal in Kanbhru Pis

    To get back to Omega Mark XII:

    Teleport at Way Stone XVIII in Dha Vikaari Uldobi
    Right at Uldobi Jilaam Avaa
    Left at Uldobi Jilaam Praa'vaa
    Left at Sthaana Libra
    Right at Uldobi Jilaam Pratt'vaa
    Straight at Uldobi Jilaam Pratii
    Right at Uldobi Phullam Pratii'dii

    Touch Way Stone XXI in Dha Vikaari Sirhru Si to teleport to A Vikaari Uldobi Si
    then walk down the lone path to Dha Vikaari Dhebon Si and use Way Stone XXIII. The party will end up in A Vikaari Sirhru Si. Walk down one more platform to Dhebon Jilaam Avaa and let the madness begin! Forbiddens will appear on all platforms until the party is face to face with the boss.

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