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    English Song Lyrics FAQ by Typh

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 12/01/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                           7  .i:,:,,:i;i ,         
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                      Zi                       :.i:::::;.   .       
                     MM                        .,;i::::r            
                    8M                0M:      . .r::::7        .   
                    MM.           Z ,MMW@2 a   :  7::::;            
                    BMi           MMMW2iWMMM   .  X::::r    i       
                     BM        MM0r.aZ:.ZS  0MBM  Si:i.7   2        
                      Mr        iaS@@S2@BBB@M0 X  Si:i r  2:        
                     .ZM        WMrZM7 :M8rX8M r  X;:; i,Zi         
                      aMM      ,i2X @S;. 2B  M a  7r:: ;M           
                      ;MM@M:   M2BMXM08M02MM7;8@  :r:7rM.           
                        :MMMaa0M2@M M,iSM;7B@ iW: ,rZS7a            
                           .MMBrWB aM;iX,80:B0S8X 7ai:.7.           
                              7BM   :MMMBM28ZZSaXZ87i;i7i           
                             SMBM:S M aM M78,02ai  X;;;X;           
                           ;MM0@S  SZ MM Mr BW028  X;;,Xi           
                          MMW8ZBX;MMM MM 22.M BSa8;ii;i7i           
                         MMB000WM,MM  ZMX ;M; @02S2Zi,i7r           
                        MM2080W@MMW;2r   a M.a  8X7X2Xi;;           
                       ZM B@BMX@   MM    M @8M; B7XXX2Sr:           
                       MMW@M MM X: MMS0MXM@ aMW 0;XXXXZri           
                      :MMBMM MM aB M@WWBZ8@  .0Z27aS2S8S.           
                       M    i8X    ZMWB0Z8@M 8@Sr7W8irBr,           
                 , i,  X  MMr       MM8MMMBri.X0   i:;:;.           
                   a0 W W  . i;  0W 7     S    M872:,8iX2           
                   MZ M MM M MB  MX M MM 7M MM M BM .@M@M           
                   MM M MM M 7X  MM M ZM  M MM M  M . 8aM           
                   M  M 8M M2;M; M  M 8M  M MM MB M  W@ZM           
                                          ;,X7: :ri;i, iB           
                                                .: S ,              
                                                :  ,   
                                 Final Fantasy XII
                              English Song Lyrics FAQ
                                   Version 1.5
    By: typhlosion5555
    Copyright 2006 Jorge Gomez
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    This guide may ONLY be posted at:
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Song Lyrics
        1. Kiss me Good-bye (English Vocals - Official Translation)
        2. Kiss me Good-bye (Translation from JP version)
    III. OST
    IV. FAQ
    V. Credits
    VI. Version History 
    VII. Contact
    | I. I N T R O D U C T I O N                 |
    This is a Song Lyrics made exclusively for the English Lyrics of the
    Kiss Me Goodbye Song featured in Final Fantasy XII by Angela Aki. I will not
    include the japanese romaji lyrics because there's another document that
    covers this here on GameFAQs. However, if I recieve requests to submit the
    JP lyrics, I will do that.
    This version of Kiss me Good-bye is the one included in the game (even in
    the japanese version), it is also included in the fourth disc of the FFXII
    OST, and as such, deserves proper recognition.
    With that said, if you want to contribute or you just want to comment, please
    check the Contact section.
    | II. S O N G   L Y R I C S                  |
    1. Kiss Me Good-bye (English Vocals)
    Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
    Lyrics: Angela Aki
    Vocal: Angela Aki
    Note: This _is_ the English version of the song, it is not a translation
    or an interpretation of the Japanese version.
    You say my love is all you need, 
    to see you through
    but I know these words
    are not quite true
    Here is the path you're looking foran open door
    Leading to worlds you long to explore
    Go, if you must move on alone
    I'm gonna make it on my own
    -Main Chorus-
    Kiss me good-bye 
    love's memory
    Follow your heart
    and find your destiny
    Don't shed a tear
    for love's mortality
    For you put the dream
    in my reality
    -End Main Chorus-
    As times goes by I know you'll see this of me
    I loved you enough to let you go free
    Go, I will give you wings to fly
    Cast all your fears into the sky
    Kiss me goodbye 
    love's mystery
    All of my life
    I'll hold you close to me
    Don't shed a tear 
    for love's mortality
    For you put the dream
    in my reality
    Kiss me goodbye
    love's memory
    You put the dream
    in my reality 
    2. Kiss Me Good-bye (English Translation)
    Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
    Lyrics: N/A
    Vocal: Angela Aki
    Note: This is a translation of the japanese version. It is included here in
    order to show the changes between the official English version and the
    japanese lyrics.
    Update: Also, please note this translation was not done by me, so any
    questions should go to the original source:
    Sorry for the misconception and I hope this will clear further confusion.
    Even though you are lost, the door is open.
    Aren't you satisfied with the world of just two of us?
    Because I give you wings, please believe me and you will be okay to fly.
    Kiss me goodbye, love is memory
    Even though I lose you
    Because the loved memory changes to strength
    even though everybody fall in love looking for a definite thing,
    the love that does not shake is inside myself
    Kiss me goodbye, goodbye
    I will change to a new me
    Kiss me goodbye, love is memory
    If we change to a new us
    Kiss me good-bye, I will not cry
    Because I was able to love you
    Because I was able to love you
    |III. F F X I I   O S T                      |
    Tracklist Information.
    |Disc 1|
    1. Loop Demo                             16. Coexistence (Imperial Version)
    2. FINAL FANTASY ~FFXII Version~         17. Signs of a Change
    3. Opening Movie (Theme of FFXII)        18. Mission Start
    4. Infiltration                          19. Rabanastre Downtown
    5. Boss Battle                           20. Mission Failure
    6. Auditory Hallucination                21. A Quiet Decision
    7. Secret Practice                       22. The Dalmasca Westersand
    8. Small Happiness                       23. Clan Headquarters
    9. Royal Capital Rabanastre City Upper   24. Small Bargain
    10. Penelo's Theme                       25. Giza Plains
    11. The Dream to be a Sky Pirate         26. Separation with Penelo
    12. Little Scoundrel                     27. The Garamscythe Waterway
    13. The Dalmasca Estersand               28. Omen
    14. Level Up!                            29. Rebellion
    15. Naivety                              30. Nalbina Fortress Town Area
    |Disc 2|
    1. The Princess' Vision                13. The Barheim Passage
    2. A Flash of Badges                   14. Sorrow (Liberation Army Version)
    3. Victory Fanfare ~FFXII Version~     15. Basch's Reminiscence
    4. Abyss                               16. Coexistence (Liberation
    5. Dark Clouds (Imperial Version)          Army Version)
    6. Promise with Balthier               17. The Skycity of Bhujerba
    7. Game Over                           18. Secret of Nethicite
    8. Nalbina Fortress Underground        19. Dark Night (Imperial Version)
       Prison                              20. Speechless Fight 
    9. The Barbarians                      21. The Dreadnought Leviathan Bridge
    10. Battle Drum                        22. Challenging the Empire
    11. Theme of the Empire                23. State of Emergency
    12. Chocobo FFXII Arrange Ver. 1       24. Agitation (Imperial Version)  
                                           25. The Tomb of Raithwall
    |Disc 3|
    1. The Sandsea                   13. Clash on the Big Bridge ~FFXII Version~
    2. Esper Battle                  14. Abandoning Power
    3. Sorrow (Imperial Version)     15. The Stilshrine of Miriam
    4. Seeking Power                 16. Time for Rest
    5. Fight to the Death            17. White Room
    6. Jahara, Land of the Garif     18. The Saikawood
    7. Ozmone Plain                  19. The Phon Coast
    8. The Golmore Village           20. Destiny
    9. Eruyt Village                 21. The Sochen Cave Palace 
    10. You're Really a Child...     22. Momentary Relief
    11. Chocobo ~FFXII Version~      23. Neighbourhood of Water
    12. An Imminent Threat           24. The Mosphoran Highwaste
    |Disc 4|
    1. The Cerobi Steppe              13. To the Summit
    2. Esper                          14. The Sky Fortress Bahamut
    3. The Port City of Balfonheim    15. Shaking Bahamut
    4. Nap                            16. Battle for Freedom
    5. The Zertinan Caverns           17. The End of Battle
    6. A Land of Memories             18. Ending Movie
    7. The Forgotten Capital          19. Kiss me Good-Bye -featured in
    8. The Feywood                        FINAL FANTASY XII
    9. Ashe's Theme                   20. Theme of FINAL FANTASY XII 
    10. Giruvegan's Mystery               (Presentation Version)
    11. To the Place of Gods          21. Symphonic Poem Hope ~FINAL FANTASY XII
    12. Beginning of the End              PV ver.~
    | IV. F A Q                                  |
    1. Where can I get these songs, apart from buying the OST?
    I have no idea.
    2. What does OST stand for?
    Original Sound Track
    3. Where can I find the OST?
    Gamemusic.com is a good place to buy it.
    4. Is there going to be an American release of the OST?
    As of 6/07/06, there's no plan to release it in America.
    5. Clash on the Big Bridge ~FFXII Version~ sounds familiar. Is it a remix
    of some sort?
    It's based on the FFV Song "Battle with Gilgamesh".
    | V. C R E D I T S                           |
    -CJayC: For creating Gamefaqs.
    -Square-Enix: For making yet another great Final Fantasy.
    -ASCII Generator: ASCII Art, etc. :P
    -Iskandar from www.kejut.com: For the JP lyrics translation
    | VI. V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y          |
    1.0 July 6th 2006: First release of the FAQ. Funny, it's exactly the same day
    I submitted my FF: Crystal Chronicles Song Lyrics FAQ way back in 2004.
    1.5 December 1st 2006: Second release, fixed citation issues. Sorry about
    that, Iskandar.
    | VII. C O N T A C T                         |
    Have any questions? Comments? Do you want to contribute? I will do my best
    to answer your questions, so be patient!
    In any case, contact me at:
    jorgom [at] gmail [dot] com
    with the subject:
    Final Fantasy XII
    |Copyright 2006| Jorge Gomez
    End of Document

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