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    Grimoire FAQ by iyqyqr

    Version: 1.1a | Updated: 11/19/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        Final Fantasy XII :  grimoire FAQ
                                     Version 1.1a
                       Original Creation Date: November 07, 2006
                                    By iyqyqr
                           E-Mail: goldsounds@hotmail.com
    #                              TABLE OF CONTENTS                             #
    0) Updates
    1) Introduction
    2) How to Get grimoires walkthrough.
    --1) Hunter's Monograph
    --2) Scholar's Monograph
    --3) Mage's Monograph
    --4) Knight's Monograph
    --5) Warmage's Monograph
    --6) Dragoon's Monograph
    --7) Sage's monograph
    --8) Canopic Jar
    ---8a) Phobos Glaze*
    ---8b) Horakhty's Flame*
    ---8c) Deimos Clay*
    3) Rundown
    4) Copyrights
    5) Extra Info
    *items needed to get the Canopic Jar
    @                                 0) Updates                                 @
    Version 1.0
    -Completed Guide
    Version 1.1
    -added rundown
    version 1.1a
    -updated price for Warmage's Grimoire
     (thanks HydeReloaded)
    @                               1) Introduction                              @
    Final Fantasy XII, is a great (imo) RPG.  It has hints of FFXI style in the 
    game. (FFXI is a MMoRPG). The battles are very action packed, and the gambit
    system makes for quick and painless leveling.
    Sometimes the monsters you fight will drop some random object. The item on the
    field looks like a glowing bag. Just walk over it to get it. Did
    you know that whatever the bag holds is random, and one enemy can drop
    more than one type of item.  And I guess you'd like to know how to enhance
    that drop from the start of the game?
    Its pretty simple, by getting items from the bazaar called "grimoires" you
    can enhance the drop that a monster may leave.  You can only get a grimoire
    when various conditions are met.  Once the conditions are met they will be 
    for sale in the bazaar, and the first 7 of them you can get right away. You
    may not be able to buy them, but its something to work for.
    How the walkthrough works,
    In section 2 I will explain how to meet the conditions in order for a grimoire
    to appear in the bazaar.  I will tell you what each grimoire does and the cost
    for each. In section 2 part 8 the hardest grimoire to obtain info can be found,
    I will tell you what monsters need to be killed in order to get the items 
    you need.
    In section 3 I will do just a quick rundown of how to get each grimoire and 
    its cost.
    Thanks for reading!
    without further ado::
    @                               2) How to Get grimoires walkthrough          @
    1) The first grimoire you can get is accessed after you defet Thextera.
    Find Gatsly in the Bazaar in west Rabanasre, he'll move there when you get
    the loot for killing Thextera.  Just talk to him and he'll thank you again.
    Go to the nearest merchant, (the clan merchant is the closest), and a message
    will pop-up saying that "new items are available in the bazaar".  
    You will be able to purchase a "Forgotten grimoire" but its pricy.
    When you get it it will grant you the "Hunter's Monograph" increasing the
    drops for beasts and Avions (birds). Cost: 18,000 gil
    ***The next 6 grimoires can be obtained by talking to various merchants or
    reading the hunt board in the sandsea.  All of which can be done early in the
    game, buying them however is a different story.***
    2) If you talk to a armor merchant 20 times, you will get the "new items 
    available in the bazaar" message and a forgotton grimoire will be for sale.
    It will grant you "Scholar's Monograph" increasing the drops for Constructs
    (I'm guessing these are machines). Cost: 22,000 gil
    3) If you talk to any magick merchant 30 times, you will get the "new items
    available in the bazaar" message and a forgotton grimoire will be for sale.
    It will grant you "Mage's Monograph" increasing the drops for Fiends.
    (orcs or guys on two legs) Cost: 21,000 gil
    4) If you talk to any weapon merchant 35 times, you will get the "new items
    available in the bazaar" message and a forgotton grimoire will be for sale.
    It will grant you "Knight's Monograph" increasing the drops for Giants and
    insects. (huge guys and bugs) Cost: 19,000 gil
    5) Now if you go into the sandsea, and read the hunt board up to 50 times
    there will be (2) forgotton grimoire's available to buy.
    One will turn into the "Warmage's Monograph" which will be for 
    Amorphs and the undead (slimes and dead guys). Cost: 20,000 gil
    6) And the other will be the "Dragoon's Monograph" which is for
    Dragons (of course) and Plants. Cost: 22,000 gil
    7) You can get another one from talking to anyone that sells anything to 
    you 100 or more times.  If you've done the other ones, (about 85 talkings)
    then you'll only need 20ish more to get this one.  I did the weapon merchant
    and got it in about 21 talks. This forgotton grimoire is the 
    "Sage's Monograph" and it increases good drops for elementals.
    Cost: 25,000 gil
    8)The last one is kind of hard to get, you need to sell 3 items to a 
    merchant. Getting these items only happens when you fight 3 different 
    Marks. You'll get the items as rewards.
    8a) The first one is the "Phobos Glaze". You can get it by killing the Gil 
    Snapper as a reward. Its a rank 3 hunt mob, and its petitioner is Nanau.
    8b)The second item you need is the "Horakhty's Flame". You can get it by 
    killing Orthros as a reward.  Its a rank 5 hunt mob, and its petitioner is 
    Contrite Thief. He is found in Garamsythe Waterway (slime)
    8c)The third item is the "Deimos Clay". You can get it by killing Trickster as 
    a reward. Its a rank 5 mark, and its petitioner is Gurdy. He is found
    in the Paramina Rift. (chocobo)
    Once you get all 3 of these items, sell them and you will get a 
    "Canopic Jar" as a bazaar item. It increases loot by letting
    every mob have the chance to drop an Arcana. Cost: 250,000 gil
    @                                3) Rundown                                  @
    Here is a quick rundown, all of these items will appear as Forgotton
    grimoires in the bazaar, after the talk to ones a message will pop up
    saying that there is a new item in the bazaar:
    18,000 gil = Hunter's Monograph = from Gatsly after you kill thextera
                (increase good drops from Beasts and Avions)
    22,000 gil = Scholar's Monograph = talk to armor merchant 20 times
                (increase good drops from Constructs)
    21,000 gil = Mage's Monograph = talk to magick merchant 30 times
                (increase good drops from Fiends)
    19,000 gil = Knight's Monograph = talk to weapon merchant 35 times
                (increase good drops from Giants and Insects)
    20,000 gil = Warmage's Monograph = read the hunt board 25 times
                (increase good drops from Amorphs and undead)
                (thanks to HydeReloaded for giving me the correct price)
    22,000 gil = Dragoon's Monograph = read the hunt board 50 times
                (increase good drops from Dragons and Plants)
    25,000 gil = Sage's Monograph = talk to any merchant 100 times
                (increase good drops from  Elements)
    250,000 gil = Canopic Jar = sell Phobos Glaze, Diemos Clay,
    and Horakhty's Flame to any merchant for it to appear in the bazaar
               (increase the chance that any enemy will drop an Arcana)
    @                                4) Copyrights                               @
    Email me if you'd like to use this FAQ in any way. As of Now only GameFaqs
    Has permission to post this FAQ. Please leave the FAQ in the same way you see 
    it.  If you want to give me more grimoire info just email me at 
    goldsounds@hotmail.com and I will give you proper credit.  If you'd like to 
    ask me any questions or see a problem, please email me.
    All of this information I gathered on my own. 
    Copyright SquareEnix, 2006.
    @                                5) Extra info                               @
    Hurray! for Final Fantasy--
    -Final Fantasy V for GBA release date November 7, 2006
    -Final Fantasy III for DS relase date November 14, 2006
    -Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates DS
       release date  December 1, 2006
    *release dates found on www.nintendo.com and Gamefaqs.com

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