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    Enforced Class System Challenge FAQ by atma6

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 12/07/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy XII
    The Enforced Class System Challenge 
    Created by Nick Doyle, Gamefaqs username atma6
    -email at oh_mega@hotmail.com
    Version 2.1
    This guide is not to be reproduced or copied except for personal use. 
    It may not be used on other websites without permission by me. 
    All Official classes are originally conceived by me, but mimic the 
    classes found in Final Fantasy V, XI, Tactics, Tactics Advance, and X-
    2. All of these original classes are the property of Square-Enix and 
    not me.
    -----Change Log-----
    12, November 2006 - Character classes completed
    13, November 2006 - Accessories and Rules completed
    14, November 2006 - Tips for healing added under Strategy and Tips.
    18, November 2006 - Beginning to Balfonheim added
    22, November 2006 - Expanded the Universal Laws, tweaked the Paladin, 
    White Mage, and Calculator classes.
    23, November 2006 - Corrected errors in Black Mage class, added section 
    On Item Restriction, added new contribution information, renamed 
    section 3 Official Classes, pushed Accessories to section 5, as well as 
    Beginning to Balfonheim to section 6, added Contributed Classes as 
    section 4.
    24, November 2006 - Complete restructuring of the guide  
    7, December 2006 - Added new classes, Jester, Juggler, Geomancer, 
    Necromancer, Fencer, Gladiator, tweaked the Knight, Monk, and Berserker
    -------Table of Contents-------
    Section 1: Purpose
    Section 1.5: Contributions
    Section 2: Rules
    Section 2.5: On Item Restriction
    Section 3: Official Classes
    Section 4: Contributed Classes
    Section 5: Beginning to Balfonheim
    The purpose of this guide is to provide a unique and challenging way to 
    play Final Fantasy XII. If you want an easy way through the game then 
    you should probably stop reading. Looking through certain message 
    boards it became apparent to me that a lot of people wanted to match 
    their characters to certain old established Final Fantasy classes. This 
    guide will outline many of these classes. In this challenge you will 
    pick one class for each character and will follow the guidelines 
    within, thus it is the enforced class system challenge. This guide is 
    written in the spirit of the Straight Character Challenge popular in 
    Final Fantasy Tactics. It is meant to be an interesting challenge far 
    different from the current one in the game. By following this guide you 
    will not have a full party of superheroes, but you will have to depend 
    on each and every one of them to help you make it through in one piece.
    Restructuring of 2.0----------------------------------------------------
    With version 2.0 of the guide comes many changes. Most notably the fact 
    that all of the class restriction formatting is different, this along with 
    other minor changes in the original classes, and 3 new classes are due to 
    Alex McGlynn, who has been a major contributor. Now along with my comments 
    he has comments for every official class.
    There are 23 official character classes and some strategies to use 
    them. If anyone disagrees about these choices, or have noticed an error in 
    the guide please email either Alex or myself.
    If you would like to add your own classes (even if they are alternate 
    ones) please email either Alex or myself your classes what their 
    restrictions are, 
    what accessories they can equip and a basic overview of the class and I 
    will post it in the guide giving you full credit.
    If you wish to suggest a class please make sure it is balanced and will 
    not render any of the current classes useless. In other words no 
    overpowered characters are allowed. Classes should be submitted with 
    comments, and accessories that are allowed Also we will need to know who 
    to give credit to. I will be putting my own comment on the class whether 
    or not it is fit to be part of the challenge or if it is just a fun class 
    to play.
    Also if you do the challenge and want to add any insight or strategies 
    you can also email me or Alex and will be given full credit for your work.
    My email address in oh_mega@hotmail.com
    Alex's email address is alex.mcglynn@gmail.com
    Universal Laws-------------------Basic rules
    When a character is received in the game a class must be chosen for 
    them. The classes can be picked out of my class list in section 3. 
    These classes have certain restrictions on them that must be followed. 
    No quickenings may ever be used. Mage classes are allowed them for mp 
    use only. Aside from that there are universal laws that are discussed 
    below that must be followed. There is no limit to level and loot. So 
    you can level in the desert as much as you want with Vaan, and you can 
    try to get the deathbringer early if you desire, but the lack of 
    quickenings will make it much harder and the limitations on classes 
    might make it more difficult to steal. 
    Due to the nature of the license board you may have to take other 
    spells and skills that would otherwise be prohibited. It is up to you 
    to not use them. 
    As far as augments are concerned you are allowed to take all useless 
    augments to open up the ones you are allowed. For example Thieves are 
    allowed to take magic lores as that will not help them in any way. If 
    absolutely necessary, useful augments may be obtained in order to open 
    up paths to the ones you are allowed, but this is a last resort.
    On Item Restriction-----------
    Unless otherwise stated in the class comments, Items have been universally 
    restricted in the challenge. This may cause some hostilities from those of 
    you who believe that all classes should have the ability to use items. The 
    fact of the matter is, if all classes could use items then there would be 
    an abuse of 
    them. For example Calculators would have all magic and infinite mp 
    because of ethers. Restricting items is one of the first decisions I 
    made when creating this guide. This makes each class more unique as 
    they have to rely on their own abilities and the abilities of others to 
    On Quickenings------------
    Quickenings have been universally banned. The classes allowed to use 
    quickenings are only allowed to use them for mp purposes and may only 
    activate the quickenings on the license board when they have achieved a 
    certain level
    -Level 1, first quickening can be learned
    -Level 15 second quickening can be learned
    -Level 30 last quickening can be learned
    Remember quickenings cannot be used and they are only for classes that 
    allow them.
    Official Classes-------------------------------------------------------
    In this section I will list the different classes that both Alex and 
    myself have created that are considered the official classes of the 
    challenge. These classes are built the way they are in order to achieve a 
    balance and not to be over or underpowered.
    Battle Lores: 2 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 2 
    Swiftness : 0 
    HP+ Augments: All 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augments: NONE 
    Techniques : None 
    Magicks : Level 1 White Magick 
    Weapons : All Swords, All Greatswords except Excalibur 
    Armor : All Heavy Armor 
    Shields : All Shields 
    Accessories : Orrachea Armlet, Steel Gorget, Armguard, Blazer Gloves, 
    Bubble Belt
    My comments: Knights are a powerful melee class. They can choose to either 
    specialize in offense with a greatsword or defense with a sword and 
    shield. They have no natural healing ability, which leaves them at a 
    disadvantage, but they should be able to keep up with the other melee 
    classes in either damage or defense. A Knight is best used with a 
    supporting class such as a Chemist or White Mage to ensure that it can 
    be healed later in the game. Early on it has no problem with its basic 
    white magic abilities. It is probably the most straightforward class as 
    its only 
    purpose is to close the gap and slam the enemy with a sword. Its 
    biggest disadvantage lies in its inability to attack flying foes, for 
    which it must rely on ranged fighters or mages to deal with.
    Alex's comments: Knights are the balanced fighters of the game and can 
    deal out large amounts of damage as well as take it with relative ease.  
    Since they do not specialize in offense or defense their Battle Lores and 
    Shield Block augments are kept at 2 apiece.  However they have all HP 
    augments at their command, making them quite formidable.
    Battle Lores: 0 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : ALL 
    HP+ Augments: NONE 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : Steal, Libra 
    Magicks : NONE 
    Weapons : All Daggers 
    Armor : All Light Armors except the Brave Suit 
    Shields : Levels 1-4 Shields 
    Accessories : Bangle, Jade Collar, Thief's Cuffs, Steel Poleyrns, 
    Diamond Armlet, Cat-Ear Hood
    My comments: Thieves are in essence the weakest up-close fighting class. 
    They do 
    however have one advantage. They are the only class allowed to use 
    Steal. With steal you can earn a lot of money as well as gain access to 
    bazaar wares that would otherwise be unavailable. Like the Knight they 
    cannot heal themselves, but this is more of a concern due to their 
    inability to use larger shields or heavy armour. Having protect or 
    shell cast on them is highly recommended as they have a tendency of 
    falling fast without support.
    Alex's comments: Thieves are rather weak by themselves and are best suited 
    to, well, thievery.  With a Thief on your team the best possible items 
    become available to you while either exploring dungeons or fighting rare 
    monsters.  They come into their own once you can get a Cat-Ear Hood on 
    them, making them the fastest non-Hasted character in your party.
    Battle Lores: 3 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 2 
    HP+ Augments: +50, +100 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : Poach 
    Magicks : NONE 
    Weapons : All Bows, All Arrows 
    Armor : All Light Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Argyle Armlet, Ruby Ring, Steel Poleyns, Cameo Belt
    My comments: Archers are the most basic of all ranged attackers. They are 
    useful in all situations, although they can be on the fragile side. Lack 
    healing is less of a disadvantage for them as they should be keeping 
    their distance from the enemy at all times. The poach ability allows 
    them to earn extra money from hunting weakened creatures. 
    Alex's comments: Archers are best kept to the back of the battles as their 
    excellent damage output comes at the price of being a bit on the slow side 
    and a bit inflexible.  However, they are quite good at getting the team 
    some much needed Gil with their Poach technique, making them a good choice 
    for when you need to make some quick Gil.
    White Mage-----------
    Battle Lores: 0 
    Magick Lores: ALL 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 1 
    HP+ Augments: NONE 
    MP+ Augments: Spellbound, Martyr, Serenity, All Channeling 
    Quickenings : 3 (for MP) 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : Charge 
    Magicks : All White Magick, All Positive Effect Green Magick 
    Weapons : All Staves, Iron Hammer 
    Armor : Level 1 Light Armor, All Mystic Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Leather Gorget, Magic Gloves, Opal Ring, Ring of Renewal, 
    Indigo Pendant, Sage's Ring
    My comments: White Mages are the perfect support class. I have decided to 
    reunite green magic with white magic. This does give the White Mage the 
    to cast some very effective debuffs on the enemy when he/she is not 
    franticly healing. The White Mage suffers from lack of offensive 
    capabilities until holy is learned, but White Mages are rarely used in 
    this capacity. Charge ensures that the mage can keep a constant supply 
    of mp, while serenity allows for buffs to last longer and be generally 
    more useful.
    Alex's comments: The excellent support mage.  They are quite fragile, but 
    with that comes natural abilities to greatly support the team with White 
    Magick and Positive Green Magick.  It is usually best to have someone who 
    can attract attention away from this class to lessen the amount of 
    exposure they experience.
    Black Mage-----------------
    Battle Lores: 0 
    Magick Lores: ALL 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 1 
    HP+ Augments: NONE 
    MP+ Augments: Headsman, Warmage, Inquisitor, Serenity, all Channeling 
    Quickenings : 3 (for MP) 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : Charge 
    Magicks : All Black Magic, All Negative Effect Green Magick, 
    All Arcane Magick 
    Weapons : All Rods, All Maces, Levels 1-4 Bows, Onion Arrows 
    Armor : Level 1 Light Armor, All Mystic Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Leather Gorget, Magic Gloves, Opal Ring, Ring of Renewal, 
    Indigo Pendant, Sage's Ring
    My comments: Black Mages are capable of dealing mass damage with elemental 
    magicks, as well as capable of subtlety destroying them or buffing allies 
    the use of arcane magic. I chose to unite arcane and black as I 
    believed that many of the spells would mash in well with the Black Mage 
    and many of the spells were traditionally black magic. The Black Mage 
    is best paired with a Thief to take advantage of the enemy's elemental 
    weakness. Charge and the damage dealing mp augments ensure that the 
    Black Mage will have a constant supply of mp
    Alex's comments: Your staple damage-dealing mage.  They best work at a 
    distance, and they can equip low-level Bows to keep at that distance, and 
    they truly have the magic oomph to fell enemies quickly and decisively.  
    Don't let one of these attract the attention of your enemies, though, as 
    Arcane Armor doesn't hold up too well later in the game.
    Red Mage-----------------
    Battle Lores: 2 
    Magick Lores: 2 
    Shield Block: 1 
    Swiftness : 1 
    HP+ Augments: +50, +100 
    MP+ Augments: 2x Channeling, Headsman, Inquisitor, Warmage, Serenity, 
    Spellbound, Martyr 
    Quickenings : 2 (for MP) 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : Charge 
    Magicks : Level 1-5 White Magick, Level 1-5 Black Magick, 
    Level 1-4 Time Magick, Level 1-3 Green Magick, 
    Level 1-5 Arcane Magick 
    Weapons : All Swords, All Daggers, All Staves, All Rods, Excalibur 
    Armor : Heavy Armor for body, Mystic Armor for head 
    Shields : Shields Level 1-4 
    Accessories : Ruby Ring, Indigo Pendant, Sage's Ring
    My comments: Red Mages have the potential to be the most versatile 
    characters in the game. They can cast all low to mid level magic. This 
    means that they can keep protect and shell up, heal, throw a mid level 
    spell to take out flying enemies and berserk allies or enemies alike. 
    Added with this versatility is a host of mp boosting augments that allow 
    them to keep levels of mp comparable to Black Mages and White Mages. These 
    mages are superior to these two classes in 
    the early part of the game, but get passed up as superior magic becomes 
    available. Their ability to melee effectively allows them to keep up as 
    far as usefulness comes in, and are one of the only classes that can 
    effectively solo areas with there variety of spells.
    Alex's comments: A very flexible mage who, while having the useful Curaga 
    and -aga elemental spells, lacks the expertise to get the truly great 
    spells of each magic school.  Despite this they are still quite useful 
    since they can attack decently and even equip the Excalibur.  They quite 
    obviously have a lower MP pool than the more dedicated classes.
    Battle Lores: ALL 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 2 
    HP+ Augments: ALL 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : NONE 
    Other Augment: Brawler 
    Techniques : Expose, Sight Unseen, Revive 
    Magicks : NONE 
    Weapons : NONE 
    Armor : All Light Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Steel Gorget, Battle Harness, Amber Armlet, Blazer Gloves,  
    Black Belt, Cameo Belt, Bubble Belt, Ribbon, Genji Gloves
    My comments: The Monk can be a very powerful physical fighter. A Monk is 
    capable of piercing an enemy's defenses with expose and continue to deal 
    when blinded with sight unseen. The Monk suffers from lack of healing 
    power, but can be an asset to the party with his/her revive ability. 
    The most dangerous part of being a Monk is the paper thin armor, as a 
    top of the line damage dealer the monk will suffer the attacks of many 
    enemies thus they are in need of a White Mage, preferably with protect 
    and shell.
    Alex's comments: he Monk has a massive capacity for HP.  Although he only 
    uses his bare hands in combat with the Amber Armlet he can still dish out 
    the damage.  His rather unique ability to equip the Ribbon makes him a 
    valuable asset to the team, but it is indeed a tough choice still.  Monks 
    equip light armor which would make the Bubble Belt extremely useful.  Your 
    Battle Lores: 3 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 2 
    HP+ Augments: +50, +150, +200 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : Telekinesis 
    Magicks : NONE 
    Weapons : Level 1 Swords, All Spears 
    Armor : All Heavy Armor (excluding Genji) 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Steel Gorget, Armguard, Blazer Gloves, Jackboots, Power 
    My comments: Dragoons are basically Knights with different weapons able to 
    attack flying enemies. As jump was not an option I opted to uses 
    to imitate their famed ability. With it flying creatures fall to the 
    Dragoon as easy as all others. They are allowed level 1 swords until 
    spears become available then they must switch. Dragoons are weaker 
    defensively then shield Knights, but have a distinct advantage to be 
    able to deal with flyers. They wear heavy armour, but still will need 
    the support of a healer, although considerably less than a Monk.
    Alex's comments: Dragoons have the capacity to become the strongest melee 
    fighters in the game on a hit-by-hit basis, but they are rather inflexible 
    when it comes to the accessories that they can equip.  To maximize damage 
    output you need the Zodiac Spear with this class, so be sure to not mess 
    it up by opening those forbidden chests!
    Battle Lores: ALL 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 2 
    HP+ Augments: +50, +100, +150 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : NONE 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : Gil Toss 
    Magicks : NONE 
    Weapons : Level 1 Swords, All Katana (excluding Ninja Katana) 
    Armor : All Heavy Armor, including Genji Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Orrachea Armlet, Steel Gorget, Battle Harness, Sash, Black 
    Ring of Renewal, Genji Gloves
    My comments: Samurai are an interesting class. At first glance they are 
    similar to Dragoons and greatsword Knights. The major difference 
    equipment-wise is 
    the chaining ability of the katana with the genji glove equipped. Out 
    side of equipment they have the ability to toss their spare change at 
    an enemy for extra damage. They of course suffer like all two handed 
    heavy fighters in that they don't have a shield to block extra damage 
    and they cannot heal themselves, thus like many classes require a 
    healer to back them up.
    Alex's comments: Samurai are one of only a few classes that can use the 
    Genji Gloves, and the only class that can use the Genji Gloves with the 
    best Katana available.  They will be very slow to grow until you can 
    obtain Katana, so it may be wise to keep them out of the party until they 
    become available one way or another.
    Battle Lores: 0 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 1 
    HP+ Augments: +50 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : NONE 
    Magicks : NONE 
    Weapons : Levels 1-3 Daggers, All Guns, Onion Shot 
    Armor : All Light Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Orrachea Armlet, Tourmaline Ring, Sash, Argyle Armlet, 
    Nishijin Belt, Gillie Boots, Quasimodo Boots, Fuzzy Miter, 
    Bowline Sash, Pheasant Netsuke, Power Armlet, Ring of Renewal 
    Gameplay Notes: ALL ITEMS USABLE
    My comments: Chemists are the only class allowed to use healing items in 
    challenge, thus making them a major asset at times. With the potion 
    upgrades and the pheasant netsuke they can heal quite a bit of damage 
    far faster than White Mages. They cannot however, heal in an area of 
    effect. They can deal far more damage than a White Mage with their 
    armour piercing guns and use motes to cast powerful spells such as 
    hastega. The Chemist is, however, fragile and will fall quickly. It is 
    best to keep these healers in the backlines at all times and when not 
    healing they should be pelting the enemy with their gun or sitting on 
    the bench.
    Alex's comments: My, my, that's a lot of accessories, isn't it?  Chemists 
    are quite fragile, but are allowed to use items, making them the most 
    flexible spellcasters in the game with access to all of the motes.  They 
    are very fragile, however, but they have every negative-status-blocking 
    accessory except the Ribbon available to them, along with the Ring of 
    Renewal.  The key to being effective with them is to know where the motes 
    appear in chests so you can get them without too much trouble.
    Battle Lores: 0 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 1 
    HP+ Augments: NONE 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 3 (for MP) 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : Charge 
    Magicks : Protect, Shell, Bubble, Haste, Faith 
    Weapons : All Rods, All Staves, All Maces 
    Armor : All Mystic Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Orrachea Armlet, Ring of Renewal, Sage ring 
    Gameplay Notes: Magicks can only be cast on summons
    My comments: Summoners are far more capable than people give them credit 
    for. Their biggest problem aside from obtaining summons comes with the 
    duration that summons last for and that summons can be hard to maintain 
    in very difficult fights. To combat this Summoners have been given the 
    ability to buff their summons, which greatly increases their power. 
    Charge is used to maintain enough mp to both summon and to buff them. 
    It is important to note the enemies weakness, thus a Thief or Blue Mage 
    are welcome party members with their libra skill. Summoners should take 
    the back row and only be present in a battle to summon, they are 
    otherwise useless.
    Alex's comments: Summoners are really the only characters allowed to use 
    Summons, and they are rather handicapped because of it.  With Summons, 
    though, they can deal out a lot of damage.  Buffing their own summons is 
    really the only point of their magicks, and they are quite difficult to 
    maintain otherwise.
    Time Mage---------------
    Battle Lores: 0 
    Magick Lores: ALL 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : ALL 
    HP+ Augments: NONE 
    MP+ Augments: All Channeling 
    Quickenings : 3 (for MP) 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : Charge 
    Magicks : All Time Magicks 
    Weapons : All Rods 
    Armor : All Mystic Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Sash, Jackboots, Ruby Ring, Power Armlet, Ring of Renewal, 
    Indigo Pendant, Hermes Sandals, Sage's Ring
    My comments: Time Mages have the advantage of being the only class to be 
    able to 
    cast haste without a mote. On top of this they can also petrify enemies 
    killing them over time. Their slow and reflect skills are also useful. 
    Reflect finally comes into its own in this challenge, as if you don't 
    have a White Mage you don't need to worry about healing bouncing back 
    on the enemy. As always the major weakness in the mage classes is their 
    low endurance, which could lead to a quick kill. Never the less keeping 
    the party hasted and supporting it with their other spells is 
    Alex's comments:  Time Mages are the only class that can equip the Hermes 
    Sandals which increases their effectiveness considerably. However you need 
    to choose between them and the Sage Ring, which would be a very good 
    choice given the fact that Time Mages have no means to regain their MP 
    save Charge, which is risky in of itself.  Their main asset is the ability 
    to Haste and Hastega, two near-vital spells throughout the game.  Unless 
    you plan on nursing a Chemist through the game and collecting all of the 
    motes for him it would be a great choice to use a Time Mage.
    Battle Lores: ALL 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : ALL 
    HP+ Augments: +500 
    MP+ Augments: Serenity, Inquisitor 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: Adrenaline 
    Techniques : NONE 
    Magicks : Berserk 
    Weapons : All Breakers 
    Armor : All Light Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Steel Gorget, Blazer Gloves 
    Gameplay Notes: You must have a Gambit of Self: Berserk set.
    My comments: Berserkers are not versatile fighters. They have one purpose, 
    to go 
    berserk and rip into the enemy. They can regain mp for casting berserk 
    with their inquisitor augment. Historically berserkers worked 
    themselves up into frenzy and did not wear any (or very little) armour. 
    Therefore they are limited to light armour and they are not allowed the 
    use of shields. Berserkers can be extremely powerful fighters, but they 
    are anything but flexible. 
    Alex's comments: The Krugs of the FF world.  Not much to say, really.  
    They Berserk themselves then go in and smash some skulls.
    Dark Knight------------
    Battle Lores: 3 
    Magick Lores: 1 
    Shield Block: 1 
    Swiftness: 1 
    HP+ Augments: +50, +200 
    MP+ Augments: Inquisitor 
    Quickenings: 0 
    Other Augment: Adrenaline 
    Techniques: Souleater 
    Magicks: All Arcane Magicks except Berserk 
    Weapons: Level 1-6 Swords, All Greatswords except Excalibur 
    Armor: All Heavy Armor, save for Genji armour 
    Shields: Level 1-4 Shields 
    Accessories: Steel Gorget
    My comments: Dark Knights are more versatile offensive orientated Knights. 
    can't take a hit like them, but they can toss a couple of darks at a 
    group, before slogging through them with souleater. Many swords are 
    available, but no shield as Dark Knights are not defensive in nature, 
    and no holy sword for them either. They are prohibited from using 
    berserk as that would undermine the usefulness of the Berserker class, 
    if you really want to cut their magic off and let them go wild team 
    them up with a Black Mage. Their weakness is their low health, which 
    will be major with their use of souleater and their lack of light 
    armour (Shock, having heavy over light can be a disadvantage!).
    Alex's comments: Dark warriors who specialize in dealing out large amounts 
    of group damage.  They rely on the power of darkness, though, so the 
    undead give them trouble.
    Battle Lores: 2 
    Magick Lores: 1 
    Shield Block: ALL 
    Swiftness : 2 
    HP+ Augments: ALL 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: Last Stand 
    Techniques : NONE 
    Magicks : Level 1-5 White Magick, Level 1-2 Green Magick, Decoy 
    Weapons : All Swords except Deathbringer and the Blood Sword 
    Armor : All Heavy Armor, save for Genji armour 
    Shields : All Shields 
    Accessories : Armguard, Gauntlets 
    Gameplay Notes: Must have the Gambit Self: Decoy at the top of the list
    My comments: Paladins are the most defensive class that I will outline. 
    They can 
    cast protect and shell, as well as up to curaga. Along with this comes 
    the ability to defend ones self with a shield. With this and heavy 
    armour the Paladin will be hard to take down. Their biggest weakness is 
    lack of damage output as they will likely be casting cura a lot, and 
    their lack of mp to continuously keep protect and shell up as well as 
    curing everybody.
    Alex's comments: Paladins are extremely defensive, and it shows with their 
    amazing ability to absorb damage.  Without the use of the Bubble Belt, 
    though, they will need more than their own magic abilities to keep 
    themselves afloat.
    Battle Lores: 2 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : ALL 
    HP+ Augments: +50, +100 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : NONE 
    Magicks : NONE 
    Weapons : All Ninja Swords, Levels 1-3 Daggers 
    Armor : All Light Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Jade Collar, Black Belt, Cat-Ear Hood 
    Gameplay Notes: Can use motes and attack items
    My comments: Ninjas are a quick class that is surprisingly versatile. The 
    use of 
    motes and attack items allows Ninjas to buff the party and damage large 
    groups of enemies. This allows Ninjas to fit into situations better 
    then less versatile fighters like the Knight or Berserker. Ninjas do 
    however fall easily, but no easier than a lot of classes. Their biggest 
    weakness is the undead as they cannot effectively damage them without 
    wasting attack items.
    Alex's comments: Ninjas can't effectively deal with undead with their 
    Ninja Swords but can still go on the offensive with motes.  They are 
    flexible, but not so much that they can be relied upon at all times.  They 
    are ineffective as tanks.
    Blue Mage----------
    Battle Lores: 0 
    Magick Lores: ALL 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 2 
    HP+ Augments: +50, +100 OR +150 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : All but Steal, Libra, Charge, Telekinesis, Poach, Sight 
    Souleater, and First Aid 
    Magicks : NONE 
    Weapons : All Swords 
    Armor : All Mystic Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : NONE
    My comments: Blue Mages have it rough they have to rely almost exclusively 
    techniques, but this just means that people using them will have to 
    discover how good some techniques really are. When received 1000 
    needles gives solid consistent damage against enemies. Shades of black 
    is random, but is potentially dangerous. Shear and expose can put the 
    party in a much better situation damage wise. Infuse is finally useful 
    as the Blue Mage has nothing better to use his/her mp on. Gil toss, if 
    you use a Blue Mage late in the game you will grow to love gil toss. 
    With this ability you can score consistently huge amounts of damage. 
    The only downside is you have to work harder to maintain your pocket 
    book. Blue mages are very fragile, but their biggest weakness is the 
    learning curve required to use them. Using a Blue Mage you will make 
    gambits that no other class will see such as Ally hp less then 30%-
    infuse. Or creative ways of using gil toss, expose, 1000 needles, or 
    any of the other techniques that were not mentioned.
    Alex's comments: Blue Mages have a slow growth curve with poor offensive 
    and defensive abilities.  They rely entirely on Technicks to deal out 
    damage and to do much of anything worthwhile.  They are good to have, 
    though, because of their excellent ability to expose weaknesses in enemies 
    with Achilles and moves like Expose.
    Battle Lores: 3 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 1 
    HP+ Augments: +50 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : Expose 
    Magicks : NONE 
    Weapons : All Guns, All Ammunition 
    Armor : All Light Armors 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : NONE
    My comments: Gunners are another seemingly straight forward class. They 
    enemies die. Their versatility comes from being a class that can deal 
    with aerial enemies, ground enemies, and being able to expose the 
    weaknesses of enemies with the use of elemental bullets. Bad armour 
    should not be that much of a concern as the Gunner should be in the 
    back at all times. The main weakness are flans, the only effective 
    thing gunners can to about them is to spam expose.
    Alex's comments: Very simple, very straight forward.  They attack, things 
    die.  Expose is quite useful, and should be considered when choosing your 
    Battle Lores: 1 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 2 
    HP+ Augments: +50, +100, +150 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : First Aid, Bone Crush 
    Magicks : NONE 
    Weapons : Level 1-5 Swords, Level 1-5 Breakers 
    Armor : Level 1-7 Heavy Armor, Level 1-7 Light Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : NONE
    My comments: Squires are my first of two FFT tribute classes. They are 
    very weak. This class is a true challenge. Early on they will be useful 
    and just 
    as strong as many other members of your team, but latter their lack of 
    equipment will seriously hold them back. You can't really blame them 
    though they are squires, too bad there is no accumulate this time. 
    Alex's comments: Extremely hard to use, they are both inflexible and 
    incapable of dealing lots of damage.  The main bonus is First Aid, 
    providing an MP and mage-free way of healing critical HP allies.
    Battle Lores: 0 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 0 
    HP+ Augments: NONE 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : Numerology, Horology, Achilles, Expose, Shear 
    Magicks : All Magicks save Syphon 
    Weapons : All Measures 
    Armor : All Light Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Turtleshell Choker
    My comments: Calculators were a broken class in FFT. I have attempted to 
    them, while still giving them powerful magical capabilities. They can 
    use all spells in the game, but they lack magic boosting arcane armour. 
    They can't use staves or rods for their boosts, and they can't use 
    charge to recoup their mp. To make this even worse they don't have the 
    extra mp from quickenings that other mages do, and they are far slower 
    than other mages without swiftness. Despite this Calculators are 
    powerful mages. After their mp is gone they can fall back on supportive 
    techniques and do small bits of damage with numerology and horology. 
    With the Turtleshell Choker the mp problem is solved then the Calculator 
    can be a terror, but low magic and a small pocket book will still be 
    hindering them.
    Alex's comments: They can use all of the magicks in the game.  They can 
    also die twice as fast as most other classes.  No HP+ augments no MP+ 
    augments, no lores, no shield, and only Light Armor.  They rely on having 
    a good Measure in-hand to combat all of the negatives they have going for 
    Battle Lores: 2 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 1 
    Swiftness : 1 
    HP+ Augments: +50, +150 OR +200 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Magicks : NONE 
    Techniques : Power Break, Armor Break, Magick Break, Mental Break, First 
    Weapons : All Swords 
    Armor : Light Equipment Levels 1-4, Heavy Equipment Levels 5-10, No Genji 
    Shields : All Shields except Bloody Shield and Genji Shield 
    Accessories : Orrachea Armlet
    Alex's comments: Soldiers can be used as a front-line warrior, yes, but 
    really their main abilities are in screwing up the opponents.  All of 
    the stat-lowering technique along with First Aid makes them a versatile 
    character all-around.
    My comments: Soldiers seem to be rather balanced they have useful 
    techniques, but are slow and are lacking battle lores and shield 
    Battle Lores: ALL 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 0 
    HP+ Augments: ALL 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: Adrenaline 
    Techniques : NONE 
    Magicks : Decoy exclusively 
    Weapons : Breakers exclusively 
    Armor : All Heavy Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Bubble Belt 
    Gameplay Notes: Can only cast Decoy on themselves 
    Alex's comments: Ah, Vikings.  Giving them Decoy simulates their 
    Provoke command in FFIII. Combined with Heavy Armor and allowing all HP 
    augments these guys can take a LOT of hits.
    My comments: Vikings are a mix of Paladins and Berserkers. They can 
    take hits and deal a lot of damage, but they don't have the same 
    aptitude the other two have for these roles. 
    Battle Lores: 0 
    Magick Lores: ALL 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 0 
    HP+ Augments: NONE 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: All Item Effectiveness Augments 
    Magicks : All Level 1 Magicks 
    Techniques : Libra 
    Weapons : Staves 
    Armor : Light Armor 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Pheasant Netsuke, Nihopalaoa 
    Gameplay Notes: Can use all healing items and offensive motes 
    Alex's comments: Ah, the Scholar, staple of FFIII item usage.  They 
    have the ability to use items most effectively, and thusly they can use 
    spell tomes for offense. Since there are no book weapons in FFXII, I 
    have them using staves which can simulate the increase in effectiveness 
    of certain spell tomes.
    My comments: Scholars are a perfect foil to the Chemist class. The 
    Chemist can use items, but derives its versatility from its offensive 
    capabilities with the gun. Scholars are the only class at this point 
    that can use fangs effectively. These fangs can be doubled in power by 
    equipping the corresponding elemental staff. At the same time they are 
    slower and weaker then Chemists, but make up for it with early 
    versatility with level 1 magic.
    Battle Lores: 2 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness: 2 
    HP+ Augments: +50, +100 OR +150 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings: 0 
    Technicks: Paste, Traveler 
    Magicks: NONE 
    Weapons: Poles, Level 1-3 Daggers 
    Armor: Level 1-4 Heavy Armor, all Light Armor 
    Shields: NONE 
    Accessories: Jade Collar, Steel Poleyrns 
    Gameplay notes: Can use all potion types and Phoenix Downs on enemies 
    Alex's comments: Jugglers are a mixed bunch that do well against the 
    undead by throwing all manner of potions and Phoenix Downs at them, but 
    their real strength comes from their ability to do heavy damage against 
    enemies with low magic resistance using the highly-combo-able Poles.  Get 
    a pole as early as possible (Barheim Passage) to maximize the usefulness 
    of this class.
    My comments: Jugglers will have better early game then Thieves as they 
    have access to heavy armour. At the same time when they gain access to 
    poles they can exploit enemies with low magic resistance, which few 
    classes can do. They are effective against the undead because of their 
    ability to use healing items on them so they are prime candidates for 
    dealing with large groups of undead.
    Contributed Classes----------------------------------------------------
    Here are the classes contributed by others. They are not officially in 
    the challenge, but after their comments I will have my comments whether 
    or not they are balanced enough to be part of the official challenge. 
    Even those that are not part of the challenge can be fun classes to 
    play as so don't overlook them.
    Necromancer--------------Contributed by Tom 
    Battle Lores: 0  
    Magick Lores: ALL 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : 0 
    HP+ Augments: NONE 
    MP+ Augments: Headsman, Inquisitor 
    Quickenings : 3 (for MP) 
    Other Augment: NONE  
    Techniques : Souleater, Bonecrusher 
    Magicks : Bleed, Countdown, Posion, Toxin, Dark, Gravity, Drain, 
    Syphon, Darkra, Death, Reverse, Graviga, Darkga 
    Weapons : Levels 1-2 Daggers, All Rods (except Healing Rod, Holy Rod,  
    Rod of Faith) 
    Armor : All Mystic Armor (except White Mask, White Robes) 
    Shields : NONE 
    Accessories : Tourmaline Ring, Quasimodo Boots, Opal Ring, Indigo 
    Pendent, Nihopalaoa 
    Tom's comments: Necromancers are highly specialized magic users dealing 
    only in "death" magic.  Highly fragile Necromancers work best paired with 
    classes that can protect them.  While other classes keep enemies 
    distracted, the Necromancer is in the back using his magic to crush the 
    opposition. Because of being a specialized class Necromancers are almost 
    powerless against certain monsters, mainly the undead.  Despite this 
    limitation and a small spell pool, Necromancers are still a powerful 
    My comments: Necromancers will have more mp than most mage classes due to 
    their ability to use syphon. They are very useful against powerful normal 
    enemies, but fall short on bosses, due to relative immunity to statuses. 
    They still contribute though, as the Dark spells and Reverse are almost 
    universally useful.
    Alex's comments: If you want something dead (not damaged, but DEAD) then 
    the Necromancer is for you.  They have a striking weakness to the undead 
    which can be bad in the long run, but they do have access to the always-
    useful Reverse magick along with a compliment of AOE spells (albeit Dark 
    in nature).
    Jester----------------Contributed by Tom 
    Battle Lores: 1 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 0 
    Swiftness : All  
    HP+ Augments: +50, +100 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickenings : NONE 
    Other Augment: NONE 
    Techniques : Achilles, Gil Toss, Stamp 
    Magicks : All Negative Effect Green Magick, Arcane Magick (Confuse,  
    Decoy, Vanish, and Vanishga only) 
    Weapons : All Hand Bombs, All Bombs, Levels 1-4 Maces 
    Armor : All Light Armor 
    Shields : Levels 1-4 Shields 
    Accessories : Jade Collar, Steel Poleyns, Opal Ring, Indigo Pendent,  
    Agate Ring, Cat-ear Hood, Ribbon 
    Gameplay Notes: Can use attack items 
    Tom's comments: Jesters like to keep their distance as they attack and 
    "prank" their enemies.  With the ability to weaken enemies with several 
    status effects they are decent support characters.  They have several ways 
    to attack, either with weapons, items, or just by throwing money around. 
    And if things get rough they can always pull a vanishing act.  Although 
    very weak Jesters are excellent support, if they can stay alive.
    My comments: The Jester is an extremely powerful class, almost overly so. 
    They are very quick and have access to powerful techniques such as Gil 
    Toss and Achilles. Along with that they have many negative status attacks 
    they can use. Their main strength lies in their ability to attack at range 
    and deal, but they also suffer from hand bomb's unpredictability so they 
    will often be dealing next to no damage. They can use attack items, but 
    not as well as a Scholar, and they can't use motes like a Ninja.
    Alex's comments: With the ability to equip the Cat-Ear Hood this class 
    could become one of the fastest characters on your team, barring the 
    inclusion of a Ninja or Thief.  Ranged in nature they are somewhat fragile 
    but can be relied upon in a pinch with Achilles for aiding offense and Gil 
    Toss for their own rather expensive way to deal mass damage to groups of 
    Geomancer----------------- Contributed by Michael Gelshion
    Battle Lores: ALL 
    Magick Lores: 0   
    Shield Block: 0   
    Swiftness:  2   
    HP+ Augments: +50, +150 
    MP+ Augments: NONE 
    Quickening: 0 
    Other Augments: Inquisitor, Focus, Adrenaline
    Techniques: Stomp 
    Magicks*: Immobilize, Stop, Disable, Sleep, Doom, Blind, Silence, Slow**, 
    Level 1-3 Black Magick, Level 4-5 Black Magick
    Weapons: All Axes NOT Hammers, Level 1-3 Swords
    Armor: All Light Armor
    Shields: Level 1-2 Shields
    Accessories: Winged Boots, Agate Ring 
    The following spells may only be used in the following climate appropriate 
     Firaga   - Desert or Arid areas 
     Blizzaga - Cold areas      
     Thundaga - Rainy areas  
     Aeroga - Any windy area, doesn't matter the terrain  
     Bio     - Swampy, bog-type areas
    Michael's comments: The Geomancer is an offensive melee/caster who is 
    capable of chopping foes down with axes and some swords, while also 
    afflicting them with a wide array of status affects alongside mid-level 
    black magick. Though as a bonus, the Geomancer is a master of manipulating 
    the environment, so he is capable of enhancing these black magicks in the 
    appropriate climate/weather/terrain.  However, due to a lack of magick 
    enhancements such as lores, these spells will lack the oomph that a Black  
    Mage brings to the table.  Also, since a Geomancer has no quickenings, and 
    no magick restoration besides inquisitor, his spellcasting will be better 
    utilized for his status anomalies, using black magick only when an enemy 
    is weak to it, or as a last resort. Even though a Geomancer is primarily a 
    frontline character, his light armor and only access to low-level shields 
    increase his survivability only slightly more than a Thief's. Another risk 
    is that due to the nature of axes, you're never quite sure what damage 
    output to expect. However, this unpredictability can work in your favor as 
    it will allow your Geomancer's melee damage to exceed even your best 
    warriors from time to time. Ultimately, the Geomancer is a pretty 
    challenging class to manage.  His magick capabilities, while respectable 
    for a melee fighter, are never as reliable as a Mage's simply because a 
    Geomancer will lack the magick power bonuses that mystic armor provides, 
    which usually will hit through most enemy defenses.  As such, expect a 
    fair amount of misses for such spells.  On the plus side, the Geomancer 
    provides you with a character that can deal impressive damage while also 
    capable of locking down opponents with spells, with occasional black 
    magick if needed.
    My comments: This is a class that is totally dependant on the good will of 
    the user. It is unique and effective in all environments, but it can run 
    into difficulties if particular enemies resist their spells. At the same 
    time their physical might allows them to bash through the enemy. The 
    largest problem with the class is the temptation to throw the rules aside 
    and use the spells whenever you want. If a person can overcome this then 
    they will enjoy this class.
    Alex's comments: They certainly have access to a lot of magicks and 
    abilities but with their limitations to what areas the magicks are 
    available they can seldom crush opponents with their hated elements.  
    Despite this with their useful compliment of battle lores and a decent 
    defensive game they can be relied upon in a tough spot.
    Gladiator------------Contributed by Darkyojimbo7777 
    Battle Lores: ALL 
    Magick Lores: 0 
    Shield Block: 1 
    Swiftness : 0 
    HP+ Augments: +150 
    MP+  Augments: 0  
    Quickenings : 0 
    Other Augment: Adrenaline 
    Techniques : Achilles 
    Magicks :  NONE 
    Weapons : All Breakers, Flametongue and Icebrand 
    Armor : Heavy Armor up to lvl 6, Heavy Armor up to lvl 8 helmet only  
    Shields : Shields lvl 4 
    Accessories : Gauntlet,  Battle Harness 
    Darkyojimbo7777's comments: The main advantage of the Gladiator class is 
    it can be used for tanking. The shield coupled with the fact that it uses 
    breakers helps to destroy pesky normal monsters.  The downside, however, 
    is that magic will often bring pain to your Gladiator.  This is 
    problematic as he has no way to cure himself. Achilles allows the 
    Gladiator to inflict and elemental weakness upon an opponent.  Keep in 
    mind that if this weakness is Fire or Ice you can switch to the 
    Flametongue and Icebrand respectively and exploit this.  This may not help 
    later in the game however, when those weapons are simply too weak to be 
    effective enough.  Using the Battle Harness you can give your Gladiator a 
    limited counter ability and using the Gauntlet will improve your blocking 
    with the shield, which may prove better for use of the Gladiator as a 
    tanking character.
    My comments: This class is the heavy hitting physical class for you if you 
    like strategy instead of the blunt force of a Berserker. With this class 
    huge amounts off damage can be done with its use of elemental weapons and 
    its ability to use Achilles. Later in the game they suffer from lack of 
    armour and no new elemental weaponry, but they still can force a new 
    weakness on enemies allowing Black Mages and the sort to exploit this.
    Alex's comments: They are hard-hitting, decently defensive to be a mid-
    level tank, and they have the ability to do the heavy damage that I love 
    in my classes.  As one of the few classes with access to both the 
    elemental blades and breakers they have added flexibility in their 
    application of Achilles.
    Fencer--------------Contributed by Kevin Baker
    Battle Lore: All
    Magick Lore: 0
    Shield Block: 0
    Swiftness: 2
    HP+ Augments: +50, +100, +150, +200
    MP+ Augments: None
    Quickening: 0
    Other Augments: Focus
    Techniques: Shear, Addle, Expose, Achilles, Wither
    Weapons: All one-handed swords
    Armor: All Light Armor
    Shields: NONE
    Accessories: Battle Harness, Jade Collar, Steel Poleyns, Cameo Belt, Hermes 
    Kevin Baker's comments: I based this class more or less off the job of the same 
    name in Final Fantasy Tactics. In my mind, whenever I think of someone who 
    fences, it always involves some kind of Olympic sport or swashbuckling. So 
    though the Fencer class in FFT sports a shield, I decided to have this Fencer go
    without. Instead, he relies greatly on speed (augmented by light armor and
    accessories) to boost his defense. An expert swordsman, the Fencer, while
    able to hold its own in a fight for time, is not primarily designed for the
    front line. Instead, the Fencer should stay back, using the techniques to
    weaken the attacking foes' defenses before coming in to help out the tank
    pick off the rest.
    My comments: This class is a fast fighter that lacks the ability to deal huge 
    damage. It has the advantage of opening weaknesses in enemies. They don't pack 
    much damage, but they do have excellent damage over time.
    Alex's comments: The Fencer can dance circles around the enemies with great 
    accuracy and speed, but due to the nature of the armors they equip there is a 
    lack in defense, keeping this character from being a true tank.  If you want a 
    strong damage dealer with support capabilities in destroying the opponent's 
    defenses and offenses and exposing weaknesses then this is your best bet.
    Strategy and Tips------------------------------------------------------ 
    -----------How to deal with healing concerns-----------
    Healing is an issue in this challenge. You will no longer be able to 
    bite off as much as before. I have minor tips to help through this 
    1.) Have at least one White Mage
    White Mages are very useful and they are the most reliable healer you 
    have. Unlike the regular game you will no longer be able to wait until 
    you get to low health before healing. I would recommend having your 
    gambit heal using cura once the party's hp has dropped below 70%, and 
    using curaja when it is below 50%. True this will be a waste of mp 
    sometimes, but you don't want to get caught unaware.
    2.) Use your Chemist well
    Chemists may be overlooked because they can't heal whole groups at once 
    (barring megalixers), but their healing can be just as effective as a 
    White Mage's. Firstly with all of the potion upgrades and the Pheasant 
    Netsuke they can heal quite a bit with high potions. Get them, like the 
    White Mages, to heal early so you don't end up throwing potions at KO'd 
    members. Secondly with the upgrades and the Netsuke phoenix downs will 
    restore a party member to full hp. This is actually superior to raise 
    since it is instant. Chemists will have the hardest time keeping up 
    with healing in the midgame, when your hp is growing larger then high 
    potions can cure, but when you get the Netsuke it might actually be 
    better in some cases to let your allies die so you can fully heal them 
    with phoenix downs.
    3.) Utilize your support healers
    Paladins, Calculators, and Red Mages all have the ability to use white 
    magic, so USE THEM! I would put their gambits to heal at a lower hp 
    then say the White Mage, so when the White Mage is out of mp and is 
    charging these support healers can take over.
    4.) Protect and Shell
    In the normal game you can ignore these spells for the most part, but 
    in this challenge they will seriously cut back on the healing you will 
    have to do. Get these up and running ASAP preferably cast by one of 
    your support healers to conserve the mp of the main ones.
    5.) Use Decoy
    Decoy is a spell with a short duration and its rather tricky to stick, 
    but it can be beyond useful. Have a Black Mage cast this on a Paladin 
    and suddenly your Chemist doesn't need to spread out the X-potions or 
    high potions.
    6.) Debuff your foes
    Support casters such as Red Mages should be always trying to debuff 
    challenging enemies. If you find yourself taking to much damage them 
    you should blind, or slow, or silence the enemy. Most enemies including 
    hard marks can be debuffed and they should be so your White Mage 
    doesn't need to work overtime.
    7.) Run from AoE spells
    If you see that an Area of Effect spell is going to be cast on a 
    certain character, take control of them and run (not flee) from the 
    battle so when it hits him it is out of range of everyone else. Yes 
    this will stop your character from damaging the enemy when he is away, 
    but it will save precious mp.
    8.) Don't slack off the armour
    Yes I know things are expensive, especially if you don't have a Thief, 
    but keeping up to date with armour will seriously cut back your healing 
    needs, especially with shields as they will increase the chance to 
    block, oh, and don't use the shell shield.
    ---------------More Coming Soon---------------
    This is not a comprehensive guide on every aspect of the game. I am 
    assuming before beginning this challenge that you have previously 
    beaten the game. This walkthrough is designed to give general advice on 
    how to complete the challenge. 
    *Note, this is just a guideline the challenge itself will not fall as 
    neatly as this walkthrough suggests, and these are just my suggestions, 
    do your own thing and see how you do.
    After you slug through Reks's little side bit you are now in control of 
    your first permanent character Vaan. Choosing what class to make him 
    can be very difficult so let's look at some options.
    You can make him a fighter class such as a Knight, or Thief. The 
    advantages of using these classes are the use of the sword you start 
    with and the use of early shields. Some fighters will not have access 
    to a shield though and Berserkers and Monks (will be remedied with 
    gaining brawler) won't even have access to a weapon, which can be a 
    serious disadvantage early. The biggest weakness with choosing a pure 
    fighter for Vaan is that you will have a large segment of the early 
    game with just him, and their lack of healing skills will mean that you 
    will have to level up more and stick by the save crystal more. Still 
    they are viable choices.
    Another option is to set him on the path of the mage. White and Black 
    Mages will have a good time in the dunes especially White for their 
    healing ability. Time Mages and Summoners on the other hand are 
    seriously not recommended as Vaan would be rather helpless. Black Mages 
    will have the same problem as pure fighters, but will fair better 
    because of the ranged nature of their attacks. At this point the added 
    armour of the fighters is not so pronounced so the Black Mage does not 
    have that much a weakness.
    Finally you could make Vaan a supporting character. These classes 
    include in the mage variety: the Red Mage, Calculator, and Blue Mage; 
    in the fighter variety: the Paladin, Dark Knight, etc. These 
    particularly those with white magic give the best of both worlds and in 
    the early game are superior to a specialist from either the fighter or 
    mage field.
    For the easiest time I would recommend making him a Red Mage as these 
    mages can start the battle with a ranged attack, use a sword, and heal 
    when injured. This class will give Vaan the best options early game. Other 
    than that the Knight offers the same advantages, but can't attack at 
    For the hardest time (AKA for the sadists) I would recommend the 
    Summoner as Vaan will have no real option other than whacking the enemy 
    in futility with no prospect of gaining significant power until 
    Choose what you want to make Vaan and move on to dealing with those 
    pesky wolves in the dunes.
    ----------End Vaan---------- 
    ---------Dalmasca Estersand---------
    Officially you are here to kill the Rogue Tomato, but you are really 
    here to gain some levels. Remember if you want to go back to town just 
    wait in line and you can get access again. Fight as many wolves and 
    Cactites as you want. This should be more difficult than normal as you 
    can't (unless you are a Chemist, if so you'll have an easy time) use 
    items. Stick close to the save crystal and don't bite off more than you 
    can chew. Try to attack the wolves when they aren't in groups to avoid 
    a possible early death and only fight if you know you will win.
    Ok when you can deal with the wolves and Cactites no problem go on and 
    kill that Tomato. He will be your first challenge. If you find yourself 
    getting low on health, run and heal at the save crystal then kill more 
    wolves. *Note enemies respawn after going two screens away so just go 
    into Rabanastre Southern Plaza and back and the wolves will have 
    returned. Alternatively you can explore around the dunes a bit. 
    Ok you killed the Tomato. Join Clan Centurio and shop a bit if you 
    haven't already. After you do that deal with Dalan and head to the Giza 
    Plains. If you want the Zodiac Spear don't touch the treasure outside 
    of Dalan's place   
    ----------Giza Plains--------
    Ok this is the best place the level up in the early game (even without 
    quickenings). You have a save crystal tucked away in the Nomad's camp 
    and lots of roaming hyenas. If you can heal yourself then by all means 
    run circles around Giza chaining hyenas for a serious rise in money. 
    You may be able to do this with a none healing class if your level is 
    good, but not as indefinitely as a healer (Chemists with daggers and 
    Red Mages/Paladins with swords rule this area) 
    Depending on your class I would level up to level 5-7. Really once you 
    can kill many creatures without running to the save crystal you will be 
    good. Oh, and it should be obvious but don't attack the werewolves if 
    you want to live.
    Now you are going to get your second character (not permanent, but you 
    still have to pick your class).
    You can't go wrong with Penelo. Although she is joining briefly now she 
    is the last permanent member of your party and at that point all of the 
    essentials should be in place. So for Penelo is pretty much free for 
    whatever you fancy.
    I will mention that she is the best Summoner. This is due to the fact 
    that once you get her permanently your party should be rather balanced. 
    If you made say Balthier a Summoner you would be at a disadvantage 
    because he is an early member of your team and you will have to suffer 
    because he will not have any beneficial strengths until Raithwall. Your 
    party does not rely on Penelo nearly as much as the other characters so 
    you can afford to have her unbalancing for a small segment.
    Ok so my recommendation for an easy time is that you make her your 
    favorite class. You can't really go wrong with Penelo.
    My recommendation for a hard time is to turn off her gambits and never 
    let her do anything, as that's they only way you can screw her up.
    ----------End Penelo------------
    If you plan on taking out the mark Thextera it is best to do it while 
    Penelo is in your party. Only take it on if you have one of them as a 
    healer. If you still can't do it then either level up or wait until 
    Balthier and Fran join later. You only get a headguard, a teleport 
    stone, and 500 gil for it anyway.
    Ok now finish up the sunstone quest. You shouldn't worry about leveling 
    Penelo so just move on. If you still want to level Vaan then continue. 
    It may be ideal if you have a non healing Vaan to level with Penelo as 
    she would act as in a supporting role allowing far faster kills.
    After doing the sunstone quest say goodbye to Penelo, hurry along to 
    Dalan, and head to the Garamsythe Waterway.
    ----------Garamsythe Waterway------------
    This is the last area where your choice with Vaan will have a huge 
    impact. You are going to be soloing this bit. If you have a healing 
    class you should have no problem. If your level is high enough fighters 
    and non-healing mages should be able to get through easily to. Just run 
    back to the save crystal if things get to tough.
    ----------Royal Palace of Rabanastre------------
    No advice here, just go through it as you would normally. If you want 
    the Zodiac Spear then don't touch the treasures.
    ----------Garamsythe Waterway------------
    You're now back in the waterway, but now you have a team with you lets 
    take this time to look at the finer points of choosing their classes.
    ----------Fran and Balthier--------------
    Ok now you want to choose their classes wisely. Factor in what class 
    you chose for Vaan before you do. Did you make him a White Mage or a 
    Chemist? If you did then you don't have to worry about making Fran or 
    Balthier one. The choices are the same as with Vaan, and just as 
    I would balance your three classes. I would have one healer (Chemist, 
    White Mage), one fighter (Knight, Monk), and one ranger (Gunner, 
    Archer). Of course some classes are a mix between several such as the 
    Red Mage. If you chose Vaan to be a Red Mage I would still recommend 
    making one of them a primary healing and focus your Red Mage on 
    No matter what you choose remember balance is the key and you can never 
    have too many healers. 
    I would not recommend making a party at this point composed entirely of 
    fighters, as the inability to heal will become very difficult to 
    overcome when you reach Firemane. If you don't want a healer at this 
    point the best solution is to overlevel.
    -----------End Fran and Balthier-------------
    You now have access to gambits. If you aren't controlling your healing 
    make sure to make a healing gambit for them. If you have a Black Mage 
    make sure to abuse weaknesses. For example Gigantoads in the waterway 
    are weak against fire.
    Continue along the path and you'll pick up your first guest, 
    Further in the waterway you will be ambushed by Flans. This can be a 
    very difficult if you aren't prepared and your team isn't balanced. 
    They like the Gigantoads are weak against fire so let them have it with 
    your Red Mage, Calculator, and Black Mage. Chemists will be invaluable 
    for removing blind status quickly and fighters should be able to whack 
    them down pretty easy. Just remember to keep healing its easy to not 
    notice someone is next to death. Gunners are next to useless in this 
    fight, but even so if you are alert you should be able to prevail.
    Move on until Firemane decides to welcome you.
    Here it is your first boss and a perfect place to test your abilities. 
    Firemane has rather damaging attacks, but it is his ultimate ability 
    that you have to watch out for. Bushfire hits an over an area and can 
    inflict poison. Ok, so don't worry too much you have a major advantage, 
    Amalia/Ashe. She will throw potions and phoenix downs around, so you 
    don't have to be so worried if someone dies. Still your healer should 
    be away from the action throwing potions or cures at all times. 
    *******End Firemane*******
    ------------Nalbina Dungeons-----------
    Now you are trapped in a dungeon with no action aside from a fist fight 
    with some Bangaas which should be pretty easy. When you get your 
    equipment back don't touch the treasure chests in the Confiscatory if 
    you want the Zodiac Spear (I don't, but you might). Ok you are going to 
    be up against a lot of Imperials, as long as you don't take on too many 
    at once they should pose no threat whatsoever as long as you have a 
    primary healer. These Imperials are a Chemist's dream as they will drop 
    a large variety of healing items for him/her to use.
    Save Basche and welcome him as your newest guest.
    -----------Barheim Passage-----------
    You have the opportunity to shop now. For White Mages Blindna and 
    Poisona are really useful, more so if you don't have a Chemist, as for 
    Black Mages if you haven't already, buy blizzard. The Battery Mimics 
    are weak against blizzard magic so it is in your best interest to hit 
    them with it. 
    Early on save crystals are plentiful, but midway through you won't see 
    any for awhile, so keep you're healing in mp/potions. If energy is 
    getting low make sure to focus on the Battery Mimics instead of lesser 
    enemies. For Thieves and other dagger users a Mage Masher can be found 
    in a chest in OP Sector 37.
    ******Mimic Queen*******
    Ok the Queen is damaging but her greatest strength is spawning other 
    Mimics. I would recommend that you ignore them and focus entirely on 
    the Queen. Blizzard spells and brute force will get you everywhere. 
    Don't be afraid to turn a support healer such as a Red Mage into a full 
    healer as Basche will be doing extra damage. Eventually it will fall 
    and you will get out to the Eastersands
    Move it to Rabanastre
    *******End Mimic Queen*******
    You will lose your entire party, but they will be back very soon. So 
    now its time to shop, there are many now items available for you. Don't 
    just buy for Vaan buy for Balthier, Fran, and Basche. You can go out 
    and level with Vaan again, but that's really not necessary. When you've 
    finished with shopping and events head to the Aerodome and head to 
    Bujerba, but first an overview of potential choices for Basche's class.
    As usual you have many different choices, and like with Fran and 
    Balthier you have to consider a balance to your party.
    My personal recommendation depends on what classes you have at your 
    disposal already. If your only healer is your primary than I would 
    recommend a secondary healer such as a Paladin or Red Mage, although, 
    if you have a secondary healer already then I would make him a fighter 
    or Black Mage to increase the damage output of your party.
    I would recommend against making him anything that would throw off the 
    balance of your party. For example you shouldn't need two White Mages, 
    and you really can't afford all fighters with no healers.
    In the end due to the fact that you have three characters already 
    unless you are having a huge problem healing or dealing enough damage 
    it isn't too important where you fit Basche in.
    -----------End Basche----------
    After choosing Basche's profession you'll head off to Bujerba where you 
    will get your next guest Larsa. Larsa is going to be very useful 
    because he will freely throw items including hi-potions around. 
    ------------Lhusu Mines---------------
    In the Lhusu Mines you'll be able to use Libra to avoid traps if you 
    have a Thief. Other than the Shunia Twinspan this dungeon is 
    straightforward. The Shunia Twinspan is a bridge where the undead rise 
    from the ground in large numbers. If you can clear it no problem it is 
    a great place to build levels and money by chaining the Skull Defenders 
    and Skeletons and collecting bone fragments.
    At the end of the Mines you will get chased by the Bangaa hunters. 
    After escaping, and going through a quest and several events you will 
    end up on the Leviathan.
    ------------The Leviathan-------------
    Now you are granted the always welcome guest Vossler. With his help 
    getting to Ashe should be no problem if your team is well balanced and 
    leveled. On your way you are going to fight a mini boss battle of 2 
    Judges, 3 Swordsmen, and one Magus. The Magus will cast poison, which 
    will reduce the efficiency of your healer, he needs to go ASAP. Next I 
    recommend taking out the Swordsmen then the Judges. The Judges can dish 
    out a lot of damage. If you have a support healer then you should be 
    ok, if you don't it will be harder, but manageable. Once they are 
    defeated you will get control of Ashe.
    You should decide what class Ashe is going to be based on several 
    factors. Firstly, did you have problems keeping your health up in the 
    last battle? If you did then you should invest in a healing capable 
    class. On the other hand if your healing was adequate, but the battle 
    was long because of lack of damage then a damage dealer is useful. The 
    second factor is range. You have previously picked a class for every 
    character aside from Ashe. You will be facing flying enemies, most 
    notoriously the Garuda. If you don't have an effective ranged attacker 
    then it would be wise to have Ashe take up the gun or bow or black 
    As long as you aren't devoid of a ranged attacker you should be fine.
    --------------End Ashe--------------
    Here is the problem. You've rescued Ashe, but now have the whole ship 
    on your tail. In a normal game I would recommend fighting them for 
    experience, but with limited healing and abilities I would run to your 
    destination skipping battles. You can get more experience later. Before 
    you get to the boss you'll get Penelo back, with a piece of Nethicite. 
    ********Judge Ghis*********
    In the normal game a single quickening would kill him. Miss that? Oh 
    well. Take out the three Swordsmen that accompany him. Then focus your 
    attacks on Ghis himself. If your healing is adequate he shouldn't take 
    too much. Make sure to rotate party members if the front line is 
    getting weaker than the healer can heal.
    *******End Judge Ghis********
    -----------The Sandsea--------------
    Early in your trip you'll get Vossler as a guest again. 
    When traveling along the Ogir Yensa Sandsea you have three options. The 
    first is to travel to the north exit on the tanks and build up a huge 
    chain fighting the Urutans there gaining lots of experience. The second 
    is to travel to the south exit where a convenient teleport crystal lies 
    as well as a merchant. Or you can fight at the tanks and run back to 
    the crystal in the south. It is recommended that anyone using white 
    magic visit that merchant as he has the cura spell and the raise spell, 
    which are going to make your life a lot easier. 
    Past the north exit you'll run into a moogle that will basically send 
    you to kill an Emeralditan terrorizing that Urutans. You can kill this 
    guy easily because for the first part of the fight it will be killing 
    Urutans instead of you, so take your healer out and go full offensive 
    until they are dead and you need to heal. After killing it return to 
    the moogle and them back to the Ogir Sandsea and pick the Eksir 
    Moving through to Raithwall you shouldn't have any problems with the 
    inhabitants, if you do run back to a save crystal and level up some 
    more. If you have an Archer buy a killer bow from Dyce near the 
    entrance of Raithwall.
    ------------Tomb of Raithwall----------
    Not much strategy for Garuda. Use the Eksir Berries and pummel him with 
    ranged attacks and magic while staying healed. Black Mages, Archers, 
    and Gunners work very well here. Also make sure your healer keeps 
    Vossler alive as he knows telekinesis and will contribute a lot of 
    damage to the enemy.
    *******End Garuda******
    You can fight the first Demon Wall if you desire, but without 
    quickenings and with the other restrictions placed upon you in the 
    challenge it would be very very difficult to win. I recommend skipping 
    ******Demon Wall Encounter #2*******
    Put your healer away and hit it with everything you have. If any of 
    your characters get put to sleep immediately hit them with another 
    character. If you are offensively strong enough you should be able to 
    down him with minor problems.
    ******End Demon Wall Encounter #2********
    Now you are going to navigate through the north and south sides of the 
    tomb. After each side is cleared out you can return to the beginning to 
    heal at a save crystal. The undead are everywhere. Red Mages and 
    Calculators can use this to their advantage by throwing out cura. I 
    would recommend against using White Mages in this capacity as they 
    should save their mp for healing.
    Belias can do so serious damage with Firaja especially after the oil 
    effect is in place. A Chemist will be able to heal this effect with a 
    handkerchief, but without one you'll have to grin and bear it. Shell 
    works wonders keeping the damage down, so starting the fight with it 
    active would help quite a bit. Keep healing and eventually he'll go 
    down. Finally a Summoner will be useful!
    *******End Belias******
    Now you have the Dawn Shard. Usually useless as it puts your mp at 0, 
    but in this challenge where a great many classes can't use magic it is 
    a life saver. 
    If you have a Summoner, summon Belias and the battle is practically 
    over. If not take out his lackeys first. If Fran was your primary 
    healer you are going to be in trouble. She starts with berserk status. 
    If she was use your support healers in this battle and keep the 
    pressure on with your fighters. Since Vossler is particularly fond of 
    physical attacks, characters with shields like a Knight, Thief, or 
    Paladin, would make excellent tanks.
    ********End Vossler********
    Back to Rabanastre, some classes can now come into their own. Samurai 
    and Berserkers get weapon upgrades in the shop, as do Dragoons, and 
    most other classes. Prioritize armour over weapons and if you need more 
    money farm bone fragments in the Lhusu mines. This is now a great time 
    to do some hunts if you haven't already. Take on anything you think you 
    can do, then head to the Giza Plains
    ----------Giza Plains (the rains) ---------
     The enemies have changed, but if you took out Vossler you shouldn't 
    have any problem. You should level up here and the Ozmone Plains until 
    you are between level 18-25 depending on your classes and the relative 
    ease you are having with the enemies. Move south to the Ozmone Plains.
    -------------Ozmone Plain-------------
    Level up here if you desire and make sure to loot the enemies 
    (especially if you have a Thief in your party), as they have superior 
    loot to enemies you are used to fighting (magicite vs. stones). 
    Zaghnals often travel in groups. If you aren't confident in your 
    healing abilities it might be best to avoid them.
     In Jahara you'll be able to upgrade your weapons and armour again. 
    Also after several events Larsa will join you as a guest again. With 
    him throwing Hi-potions it is now that hunting marks is safest until 
    much later in the game.
    --------------Golmore Jungle-------------
    In Golmore Jungle you have both a problem and an opportunity. Panthers 
    are an excellent source of income due to their lucrative drops and 
    their abundance, but they can also inflict rather serious statuses. If 
    you are use your support healer for taking care of the statuses and 
    your main one for healing while your third character beats them away. 
    If things get bad a save crystal is just back a zone. Statuses will 
    also be a problem with Malboros who are abundant in the woods as well, 
    so make use of esuna or status restoring items.
    -------------Eryut Village------------------
    Nothing here relevant to the challenge, save for an equipment upgrade.
    -------------Henne Mines--------------------
    For the most part the Henne Mines are no problem getting through with 
    almost any class configuration. The only hitch is in Pithead Junction 
    B, where flipping the gate will cause many jellies to fall. This is a 
    great place later in the game for Black Mages, Red Mages, and 
    Calculators as they can wipe this room out very quickly, but for now 
    just run from them. 
    The Tiamat has a lot of hps. This means you are in for a drawn out 
    fight. Using status magic you can try to stick certain statuses on him 
    such as blind and slow. Paladins and Knights have an advantage of 
    having a shield and he mainly uses physical attacks. Your healer should 
    be able to keep up no problem with the damage as the Tiamat is more 
    defensive than offensive.
    *********End Tiamat**********
    Back at the Eryut Village new useful spells have become available. The 
    most important of these is Haste. With this spell your Time Mage will 
    finally be pulling their weight around. 
    **********Elder Wyrm**********
    You need a Chemist or white magic for this fight. The Elder Wyrm will 
    use an abundance of statuses, which will greatly hurt your frontline 
    fighters. Chemists are preferable because they can get rid of oil 
    status that will make its fireball deadly. Kill its Treant minions 
    immediately. With nearly double the hp of the Tiamat this is a long 
    battle, but with good healing and a haste thrown here and there you'll 
    prevail. If not Malboros are worth a lot of experience as are Panthers.
    **********End Elder Wyrm********
    --------------------Paramina Rift------------------
    Nothing to see here move on to Mt Bur-Omisace
    -------------------Mt Bur-Omisace------------------
    New gear here! Ninjas will be happy to get their hands on their first 
    ninja sword. Just don't attack the undead with them and you'll be fine. 
    You've now lost Larsa and will be guestless for a bit so let's hope you 
    weren't too reliant.
    -------------------Stilting of Miriam--------------
    There are lots of undead here so if you have a Ninja it might be best 
    to stick him back with a dagger or take him out of battle. A Time Mage 
    works wonders against the Dragon Aevis who is susceptible to most time 
    magic. When you get to the Crystal Bug throw everything you have at it 
    as it will turn into a save crystal and heal you completely.
    Anyone with heavy armour will be a burden in this fight. If you've been 
    itching to get your Ninja out on the field now is the time. It will 
    cast slow so Time Mages are useful for countering that. Aside from that 
    its hps are pitiful and it should be easy with a balanced party.
    **********End Vinuskar**********
    Get rid of your Black Mages for this fight as Mateus will have reflect 
    up. Kill the 6 Ice Azers first then focus on the boss itself. Knights 
    and Paladins can dominate this battle by equipping an Ice Shield. 
    Basically keep curaing and you'll come out on top, as long as you take 
    the Ice Azers out ASAP.
    **********End Mateus**********
    Back at Mt Bur-Omisace you'll have to face your second Judge.
    **********Judge Bergan***********
    As usual take out the supporting soldiers first before focusing on the  
    Judge himself. He'll use his fair share of physical attacks, but he'll 
    also sling some area of effect spells such as Aero and Dark. This can 
    be dangerous if you have been relying on a Chemist to do all your 
    healing. Cura solves this problem and with the minions dispatched you 
    shouldn't get overwhelmed.
    **********End Judge Bergan********
    -----------Nalbina Fortress------------
    Here at Nalbina you have your first opportunity to pick up Dispel this 
    will significantly cut down the powers of your foes when they are 
    buffed. If you have anyone who can use this level of white magic, buy 
    it. Aside from that there are new weapon and armour upgrades.
    ------------Mosphoran Highwaste------------
    Enemies are standard here. Vultures will require you to bring out your 
    ranged attackers, but aside from that there is little strategy 
    involved. In the camp in the middle of the Highwaste Blue Mages get a 
    much needed boost with the availability of 1000 needles.
    Nothing relevant to the challenge here only a lot of passive monsters
    -----------------Phon Coast-------------------
    More equipment upgrades, but a generally uneventful spot for now...
    -----------------Tchita Uplands---------------
    Make sure to get the Soul Ward Key from the boy at the entrance to the 
    Uplands. This area is a great place for levels. If you have a Thief you 
    are in luck. You can steal an Embroidered Tippet from the Coeurls here. 
    With these doubling your experience you can start tearing the enemies 
    apart reaching a much needed high level. I recommend taking a break 
    here and doing some level grinding. On another note, Coeurls are weak 
    against blizzard magic. Using Mateus with a Summoner makes quick work 
    of them, which allows you to really pump your Summoner's level up, as 
    the power of your esper is dependant on the level of your Summoner it 
    would be wise to take this opportunity.
    -----------------Sochen Cave Palace-------------
    One of the chests here potentially holds the gambit "Foe: fire weak". 
    This gambit is a potential boon for Black Mages. 
    ********The Mandragoras********
    With 9000 hp a piece and hasted these guys can be a pain, but if you 
    are at a respectable level you should have no problem. Just remember to 
    take them out one at a time to reduce damage you will sustain.
    ********End The Mandragoras**********
    An Iga or Koga Blade can be found in the secret room after you solve 
    the waterfall puzzle in the main section in Sochen Cave Palace. This 
    will provide some extra oomph to your Ninja's power. If you need help 
    solving this puzzle refer to an FAQ. For unbalanced teams or those that 
    aren't good at mp management there is a problem in the cave. Save 
    crystals are not abundant and you may have to hoof it back to your last 
    one. I would recommend running around to regain mp for your healers or 
    abuse charge, unless you are using a Chemist as your primary healer, 
    which, in that case you should have no problems.
    Ahriman can be a serious threat to the party at this stage. With no 
    nearby save crystal it is likely that your team is suffering from 
    fatigue. Statuses are the greatest threat in this battle as a whole 
    plethora of them will be cast on your team. Use the standard removal 
    means and try to keep health up with a secondary healer. If you have a 
    Chemist don't heal the statuses let your characters die then heal them 
    fully with a phoenix down with the Pheasant Netsuke, as that is easier 
    then throwing several restorative items. Remember that Ahriman is weak 
    against cure magic so a cura will damage him and the clones that he 
    creates. For Black Mages and Red Mages bio might be a better choice.  
    In the end if you can balance healing status problems you should be ok.
    **********End Ahriman**********
    If you didn't get Embroidered Tippets from the Coeurls then buy them in 
    Old Archades. When you reach the main area of Archades you will finally 
    gain access to the greatsword class weapon. Now your Dark Knights and 
    regular Knights can abandon their swords and start using these 
    monsters. For mages curaja and aeroga are available. Do your chop 
    errands and continue to the Draklor Laboratory.
    ----------------The Draklor Laboratory----------------
    This is a rather basic dungeon; the only enemies that you'll find are 
    Imperials, so no special conditions apply. Black magic will be 
    especially useful here as enemies tend to be in groups.
    **********Dr. Cid**********
    Take out the Helm Rooks ASAP! They will continuously buff Cid which 
    makes the battle much harder. Black Mages will have problems as they 
    will cast reflect on Cid; if you intend to use black magic make sure 
    that Cid is not currently under the effects of reflect. After the Helm 
    Rooks are defeated Cid should be rather easy. White Mages should 
    definitely throw dispel out to get rid of lingering buffs, while the 
    fighter classes should simply hack away at him. He only has a little 
    more hp then the Ahriman, but because he won't cause status effects, he 
    should go down a lot easier.
    *********End Dr. Cid**********
    This is where the guide ends. The reason for this is because at this 
    point in the game all of your classes will have access to most of their 
    abilities, and the strategies you will use for the rest of the game 
    will be very similar. Therefore it is unnecessary to write out a 
    dungeon by dungeon account of the game. Rather I will give general 
    advice for each class on how to handle the end game.
    -------------------End Game Strategies-------------
    For the Knight you now have the option of using either greatswords or a 
    sword shield combo. Either is acceptable and you might consider having 
    both and switching depending on whether you need extra defense of 
    Thieves will keep their usefulness of being able to use Libra to detect 
    traps, and enemy weaknesses in the end game areas. They are however far 
    less effective as fighters at this point, which is made obvious by 
    their lack of shield upgrades. It is not recommended using a thief 
    unless you have to in a tough engagement.
    Archers remain one of the most reliable ranged damage dealers. Their 
    strategy remains the same as earlier in the game save one point. Now 
    they have access to elemental arrows that, if used properly, can 
    greatly increase their damage yield. Of course you need to know the 
    enemy's weakness, which requires: a Thief, trial and error, or an 
    internet bestiary.
    White Mage------------
    White Mages now have access to curaja which allows for maximum healing 
    potential. Their healing abilities now surpass Chemists as they can 
    keep the party alive better with their group healing. They will also 
    have access to protectga and shellga, which will allow for easier 
    buffing allowing the party to take on larger challenges.
    Black Mage------------
    The Black Mage finally rises above the Red Mage at Balfonheim gaining 
    the -ga level spells that Red Mages cannot learn. For this point on all 
    black magic spell are exclusive to the Black Mage (barring the 
    Calculator). Black Mages should work in tandem with a Thief to ensure 
    that they hit the enemy weakness.
    Red Mage-----------
    In the end game the Red Mage suffers. They can no longer cast all of 
    the spells that everyone else can cast. They are stuck with cura, bio, 
    and aeroga as their main spells. Despite this they still are 
    exceptional at debuffing as the other mages will be more concerned with 
    healing/damage dealing to effectively debuff, and cura can provide so 
    good support to your primary healer.
    The Monk can really excel in the end game. They have access to powerful 
    accessories such as the Bubble Belt and the Amber Armlet. The biggest 
    concern with the Monk is which accessory to use. Extra damage is always 
    welcome, but so is the longevity that the Bubble Belt would provide. As 
    far as abilities go, sight unseen is very powerful if you can keep the 
    Monk blinded, but remember his regular physical attacks will suffer.
    Dragoons have a problem distinguishing themselves aside from using 
    spears. Late in the game they are finally capable of learning 
    telekinesis, which gives them the versatility that they sorely lack. If 
    you gain the Zodiac Spear they also become monster damage dealers 
    surpassing many of the other classes.
    It is recommended for the Samurai that you do the Gilgamesh hunts. The 
    Samurai is the main class that benefits if you have a Thief as only 
    then will you be able to steal the Genji equipment for Gilgamesh. With 
    the Genji equipment the Samurai becomes just as dangerous, perhaps more 
    dangerous, as the Dragoon. The Genji Gantlet allows the Samurai in the 
    end game to consistently combo allowing huge amounts of damage. Before 
    the Genji equipment is gotten it is wise to use gil toss to inflict 
    large damage, as at this point in the game money is less and less 
    Mid game Chemists receive the Pheasant Netsuke, which allows their 
    phoenix downs to revive an ally at full hp. Now in the end game 
    Chemists suffer as they no longer have such a sweeping advantage over 
    the White Mage. It is best to keep they updated with guns so they can 
    hunt effectively, and with X-potions available in stores they no longer 
    have to wait until the party has received casualties, but their lack of 
    consistent group heals does put them at a disadvantage, so it is best 
    to be more cautious with them then a White Mage.
    Summoners are hard to use with the challenge, but really start coming 
    into their own when new summons start coming into play. The rest of the 
    story summons allows the Summoner to take advantage of two weaknesses 
    that Black Mages can't; earth and water. Many of the optional espers 
    will be far harder to get with the restrictions of the challenge in 
    place and therefore must be dealt with at a higher level. Exodus in 
    particular is rather simple to get, as long as you aren't relying on 
    items too much, and Exodus is a very powerful esper. Some espers will 
    not be as easily available. For example if you don't have a Chemist 
    then Zeromus will be extremely difficult to get.
    Time Mage------------
    Time Mages are best not put into battle for long in the end game. Their 
    most useful abilities are hastega and break. hastega should be cast on 
    the group at most times, while break is good for exploiting the fact 
    that it doesn't end chains. Aside from these abilities slowga is useful 
    in groups, and if you don't have a Thief keep float on at all times.    
    No strategy, you keep berserk on at all times and the Berserker will do 
    the rest.
    Dark Knight-----------
    After Archades the Dark Knight finally gains access to greatswords. 
    With these weapons the Dark Knight can out damage many classes. They 
    can use bubble late in the game, which pairs well with souleater. Their 
    lack of powerful armour becomes more pronounced at this point and they 
    can seriously get injured. Fortunately the light armour the do have 
    boost their hp and allows bubble to further crank their health up. 
    Paladins have gain no real advantage in the late game. Their use of 
    shell and protect becomes less important as the White Mage will learn 
    the -ga versions of these spells. Cura and curaga can still be 
    effectively used, but they will soon not have enough magic power to 
    heal consistently enough. On the other hand they still are the most 
    defensive class allowing primary healers more time to heal.
    Ninjas finally gain some separation from Thieves when ninja swords 
    become available. Unfortunately the last ninja sword can be a bother to 
    get and they are next to useless against the undead. The offensive and 
    mote items they receive get better late game, allowing they to cast 
    hastega without the need of a time mage or throwing out holy against a 
    group of enemies. The disadvantage is that these items are not easily 
    renewable and therefore the Ninja cannot abuse them. In the end they 
    are a sup par attacking class except with the acquisition of the Cat-
    ear Hood, which lets them move extremely fast allowing them to out 
    power more defensive fighters.
    Blue Mage----------
    Blue Mages take a hit as soon as 1000 needles stops doing significant 
    damage. In the late game they rely on gil toss as their primary means 
    of doing acceptable damage. Still like the Red Mage they can melee, but 
    they are better used in a supporting role cranking down the now 
    powerful enemy's defense and magic resistance.
    Gunners like Archers do not have a hugely different strategy late game. 
    If paired with a Black or Red Mage they can attain the Formalhaut 
    rather easily in the Antlion hunt. Aside from their easy acquisition of 
    their strongest weapon they also have an array of elemental ammunition, 
    which covers elements that the Archer does not have.
    Squires, though passable in the early to mid game, really suffer in the 
    end game. They no longer have access to powerful equipment and their 
    abilities are sub par. It will be a difficult road using one of them, 
    as they have no late game prospects.
    As all of the other mage classes were getting quickenings it became 
    obvious that the Calculator was going to suffer. Their lack of mp is 
    more of a concern than at any other point in the game. They can 
    alleviate this problem slightly, by using the Turtleshell Choker, but 
    if you have a Blue Mage and a Samurai as well it might get to 
    expensive. Still even without their mp deficiency, end game their lack 
    of magic power becomes apparent and they become far less effective than 
    the specialist mages. Still they are very useful for throwing buffs 
    such as hastega on the party.
    With those outlines you should have no problem with the end game areas, 
    as long as you are at a sufficient level.
    -Thanks to Alex McGlynn for majorly contributing for 2.0
    -Thanks to Square-Enix for making this game and creating the class 
    based system we all love in other final fantasies. 
    -Thanks to Gamefaqs for allowing me to post my guide

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