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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Eragon0318

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                    F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   X I I                          
                    Final Fantasy XII (US Version)
                               Version: Final
                             By Eduard Muchnik 
                       E-mail: ff4ever89@yahoo.com
    Table of Contents:
    I. Author's Notes
        [1.1]  -  Disclaimer
        [1.2]  -  Email Policy
    II. Game Basics
        A. Controls
        B. Quickenings
    III. Walkthrough
        [1.3]  -  Nalbina Fortress
        [1.4]  -  Garamsythe Waterway
        [1.5]  -  Rabanastre
        [1.6]  -  Dalmasca Estersand
        [1.7]  -  Rabanastre
        [1.8]  -  Giza Plains
        [1.9]  -  Rabanastre
        [2.0]  -  Garamsythe Waterway
        [2.1]  -  Royal Palace
        [2.2]  -  Garamsythe Waterway   
        [2.3]  -  Nalbina Dungeon
        [2.4]  -  The Barheim Passage
        [2.5]  -  Dalmasca Estersands
        [2.6]  -  Nalbina Town
        [2.7]  -  Rabanastre
        [2.8]  -  The SkyCity of Bhujerba
        [2.9]  -  Lhusu Mines
        [3.0]  -  The SkyCity of Bhujerba
        [3.1]  -  Dreadnought Leviathan
        [3.2]  -  The SkyCity of Bhujerba
        [3.3]  -  Dalmasca Westersands
        [3.4]  -  The Ogir-Yensa Sandsea
        [3.5]  -  The Nam-Yensa Sandsea
        [3.6]  -  The Tomb of Raithwall 
        [3.7]  -  Rabanastre - Extras
        [3.8]  -  Bhujerba - Extras
        [3.9]  -  Nalbina Fortress - Extras
        [4.0]  -  Giza Plains - Extras
        [4.1]  -  Ozomone Plains
        [4.2]  -  Jahara - Land of the Garif
        [4.3]  -  Ozomone Plains
        [4.4]  -  Golmore Jungle
        [4.5]  -  Eruyt Village
        [4.6]  -  Ozomone Plains
        [4.7]  -  Henne Mines
        [4.8]  -  Golmore Jungle
        [4.9]  -  The Paramina Rift
        [5.0]  -  Mt Bur-Omisace
        [5.1]  -  The Stilshrine Of Miriam
        [5.2]  -  Mt Bur-Omisace
        [5.3]  -  Rabanastre - *Updated*
        [5.4]  -  The Mosphoran Highwaste
        [5.5]  -  The Salikawood
        [5.6]  -  The Phon Coast
        [5.7]  -  The Tchita Uplands
        [5.8]  -  The Sochen Cave Palace  
        [5.9]  -  Old Archades
        [6.0]  -  Imperial City of Archades  
        [6.1]  -  Draklor Laboratory
        [6.2]  -  Balfonheim Port
        [6.3]  -  The Feywood
        [6.4]  -  Giruvegan
        [6.5]  -  The Great Crystal
        [6.6]  -  Balfonheim Port
        [6.7]  -  Ridorana Cataract
        [6.8]  -  The Pharos at Ridorana
        [6.9]  -  First Ascent
        [7.0]  -  Second Ascent
        [7.1]  -  Third Ascent
        [7.2]  -  Balfonheim Port
        [7.3]  -  The Sky Fortress Bahamut
    IV. Bazaar Item List
         A. Weapons
         B. Armor
         C. Accessories
         D. Items
    V. Sidequests
        [7.4]  - Barheim Key
        [7.5]  - Viera Lover
        [7.6]  - Windvane
        [7.7]  - Bhujerba Madhu
        [7.8]  - July, The Spy
        [7.9]  - Fishing - Minigame
    VI. Credits
    I. Author's Notes                                                
    Disclaimer [1.1]  !!!! PLEASE READ !!!!
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is (c)2006 by Eduard Muchnik. No part of this 
    document may be used for anything profitable, either electronic or 
    mechanical. This guide is for the public use and is not for sale! This 
    guide can be posted by all the website administrators I give permission 
    to. If you want to make a link from your site to this walkthrough 
    please send me an e-mail asking me about it, and most likely I'll give 
    you permission since I want as many people as possible to have access 
    to my guide and be able to use it. 
    Email Policy [1.2]
    * If you have any questions that are not yet answered in the guide 
    please email me and allow at least a day or two to get a reply back. 
    I'll try to answer all the e-mails if possible so be patient.
    * If you're going to send contributions, type "contributions" in the 
    subject header.
    * Please state your questions clearly. If I can't make out what you
    wish to know, I will ignore your mail.
    * For any sort of permission just e-mail me asking for it, and I'll 
    consider it.
    BTW my e-mail is ff4ever89@yahoo.com (guess what the "ff" stands for), 
    just in case you didn't know, or was too lazy to look at the very top.  
    II. Game Basics                                                
    A. Controls
    Left Analog  : Move character
    Right Analog : Move camera
    X button     : Confirm selection
                   Talk with NPC
                   Inspect an object (a door, sign, chest, etc.)
    O button     : Cancel
                   Return to previous menu screen
    Tri. button  : Display Party Menu
                   Display conversation log
                   Scroll quickly through lists (Triangle + Up/Down)
    Sq. button   : Talk with NPC
    L2 button    : Toggle zoom
    R2 button    : Zoom in/out on map and license board
    R3 button    : Initialize camera position
    Start        : Pause game
    Select       : Display map
    Left Analog  : Move character
    Right Analog : Move camera
    X button     : Display Battle Menu
                   Confirm Selection
                   Inspect an object (a door, sign, chest, etc.)
    O button     : Cancel
                   Return to previous menu screen
    Tri. button  : Display Party Menu
    Sq. button   : Display Battle Menu
    L2 button    : Lock on to target
    R2 button    : Hold button to run from enemies
    R3 button    : Initialize camera position
    Start        : Pause game
    Select       : Display map
    B. Quickenings
    Simply put, Quickenings act as 'Limit Breaks' or 'super' attacks or 
    something to that effect. Mist Abilities are purchased via the License 
    Board (explained in detail below); each character can obtain a maximum 
    of three and they can by acquired in any order by any character.
    After you purchase a Mist Ability for a character you will notice that 
    their MP guage is a glowing orange. This represents a Mist Charge. When 
    multiple Mist Abilities are acquired, there will be two or three Mist 
    Charges; this essentially doubles or triples your character's maximum 
    MP as well. To execute each Quickening level a corresponding number of 
    Mist Charges are required; i.e. for a level 3 Quickening you'll need 
    all three Mist Charges. 
    Once initiated, you will be given four seconds to pull off the longest 
    chain you can. After selecting your Quickening of choice, you will see 
    three lines, one for each ally, at the bottom right of your screen. 
    Each character will have a corresponding button assigned to execute 
    their next ability: triangle for the party leader, square for the 
    second character, and X for the third. If a character's name and 
    ability are in white their corresponding button icon will appear and 
    you will be able to execute the displayed ability. If the character's 
    name is dimmed out, their ability cannot be used.
    Sound tricky? Well it is, sort of. What determines whether or not a 
    character's ability can be used? That's where things get dicey. 
    Essentially, it is determined randomly. As explained by earvcunanan 
    (credit for the Concurrence table below also goes to him) you can think 
    of it like a slot machine. After each Quickening, your subsequent 
    selection is pretty much a crapshoot with a number of outcomes 
    available. So you just have to hope for the luck of the draw and cross 
    your fingers that you'll have white lines, not dimmed lines, appear. 
    There is also the possibility that the term 'Mist Charge' will show up. 
    In that case, selecting the character's icon will recharge his or her 
    Mist and allow them to perform another attack. If, in the unfortunate 
    event all three characters' names are dim, you can press the R2 button 
    to shuffle your Mists; you may or may not be given another opportunity. 
    Remember, you only have four seconds in total to pull it off.
    If you are able to rack up a long enough chain, chances are you'll 
    trigger what is called a 'Concurrence'. Concurrences are just icing on 
    the cake, more bang for your buck, if you will. The requirements for 
    all eight Concurrences are listed below.
        CONCURRENCE    Chain 
        Inferno        3x Level 1
        Cataclysm      7x Level 1
        Torrent        2x Level 1, 3x Level 2
        Wind Burst     5x Level 2
        Luminescence   5x Level 3
        Ark Blast      2x Level 1, 2x Level 2, 2x Level 3
        Whiteout       3x Level 1, 3x Level 2, 3x Level 3
        Black Hole     4x Level 1, 4x Level 2, 4x Level 3
    III. Walkthrough                                                
                            Nalbina Fortress  [1.3]
    This is basically the tutorial part of the game, so if this is your 
    first time playing this game, I recommend you read thoroughly. Just 
    fight the Immperials and then fight the very easy boss, and around half 
    way, Basch will use his Quickening and finish it off. In the next area 
    just fight off all the Immperials with the aid of your comrades, and 
    continue upstairs. You will eventually come to a Save Crystal, and 
    following that you will have to fight 3 Immperials on your own. After 
    that's done with just head up for some scenes.
                          Garamsythe Waterway  [1.4]
    You'll now meet the main character of the game, Vaan. Unfortunately 
    he's a bit odd going into the sewers just to kill a few rats and 
    collect their droppings, lol. Anyways after killing the 3 rats, you'll 
    be back on the city streets. 
                            Rabanastre  [1.5]
    You'll be in the market place of Rabanastre, so just head South to the 
    Item shop to meet up with Migelo. After that head to the Sandsea, and 
    there you'll talk to Tomaj who will explain a few more things to you, 
    as well as give you your very first Mob Hunt and the Clan Premier. You 
    can now explore the shops, and if you go to the North of town, into the 
    Clan Hall (The area the 2 Bangaa are gaurding), you can talk to 
    Montblanc who will invite you into his clan. Anyways just head to the 
    Eastgate, and talk to the gaurd for him to let you through.
                            Dalmasca Estersands  [1.6]
    The monsters here are easy, so I suggest leveling a tiny bit and 
    getting yourself some loot. Just a warning: Stay away from the 
    Tyrannasaurus, because if you attack or steal from him it will be Game 
    Over for you! Your objective is to kill the Rogue Tomato in this area 
    who is standing at the edge of a cliff close to the entrance of the 
    Eastersands. After getting his hp down like 50%, he'll jump off the 
    ledge, and you'll have to now go down and finish him off. After you 
    killed it, you can either explore and and get more loot, exp, and LP, 
    or just head back to Rabanastre.
                                Rabanastre  [1.7]
    Head to the Sandsea, and talk to Tomaj to claim your bounty. The board 
    will have another mark for you to do, but hold off on it for now till 
    you gain some more a lot more levels, and have a full party. Anyways 
    after that head to the Southern section of Lowtown and go to Dalan's 
    house. He will instruct you to go to Giza PLains, which is to the South 
    of Rabanastre. So now just exit through the door of Lowtown going into 
    the Southern exit of Rabanastre, and exit to Giza Plains.
                              Giza Plains  [1.8]
    Just go straight South, until you reach the Giza settlement. Talk to 
    the elder of the camp, and then Penelo will join your party, as well as 
    give you 2 Phoenix Downs and 3 Potions. Talk to the Sunstone woman, and 
    she'll tell you that in order to get a sunstone you gotta first find 
    the missing boy. Just head further South of the settlement, until you 
    get to a small area with a Save Crystal on it. BTW on your way to this 
    area make sure you stay away from the Wherewolves, they will kill you 
    very easily. Talk to the boy, and he will tell you that you have to 
    fill the charge the sunstone yourself. This is a fairly easy process, 
    all you have to do is go to any of the big glowing rocks and absorb 
    their energy into the stone, this should only take you like 2-3 rocks. 
    After you're done with that, you'll be back at the camp site, and be 
    given a few items. Anyways after that, just head back to Rabanastre.
                               Rabanastre  [1.9]
    Go back to Lowtown, and head to Dalan's place. Scene, and Penelo leaves 
    your party. Talk to Dalan, and he explains how to get to the treasure. 
    You will then obtain the Crescent Stone. Now head to the Northern area, 
    into Storehouse 5. Kytes finally figures out how to open the left door, 
    and before you go he gives you 2 potions and 4 eye drops. Now enter the 
    newely opened door.
                          Garamsythe Waterway  [2.0]   
    Dire Rat            Ichthon             Steeling
    Lv : 1-4            Lv : 3-4            Lv : 2-3
    HP : 62-112         HP : 130-141        HP : 94-110
    Weak : Water        Weak : Thunder      Weak : Earth
    Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal
    - Antidote          - Eye Drops         - Antidote
    - Fire Stone        - Fish Scale        - Bat Fang
    - Leather Shield    - Potion            - Phoenix Down
    - Libra Stone       - Phoenix Down      - Pebble
                        - Pebble            - Wind Stone
                        - Water Stone
    There is a save crystal here. If you take the right route you can kill 
    a few rats and get 7 gil, anyways just head to the left of the save 
    crystal now, and up the stairs. go up to the first intersection, and go 
    left for a Potion. Go north and head all the way to the right and and 
    head down and again to the right. Here you can find an Ether, Antidote, 
    and all the way to the right is a Potion. Now head North and into the 
    next area. At the entrance you can find 2x Pheonix Downs here. Continue 
    left, and at the end of the sidewinding paths, u can find 34 gil and a 
    Mage Masher. Now just head to the North exit to the Stairs marked as 
    "???" and selct both the first choices to climb the stairs. 
                              Royal Palace  [2.1]
    Examine the Urn for a full map of the Royal Palace, and recover/save 
    with the Save Crystal. Head to the next area, and search around for 
    some chests. After your done looting go the the northern stairs for a 
    scene. And then talk to the Palace Servant near the stairs. Now for 
    this part you have to press square and wait for the guard to come to 
    the servant before you run around him and up the stairs, and head into 
    the next area. Now here, go down and to the right into the first 
    intersection, and call the North gaurds to you, and quickly run away. 
    Now go around to the middle line to find the Lion Signet and use the 
    Crecent Stone. 
          ___| |____________| |
         X___ G ____________ G|____        S - Starting Point
             | |            |  ____        X - Secret Passage  
          ___| |____________| |            G - Gaurds
          ___ G _______L____  |            L - Lion Signet
             | |            | |_____
        _____| |____________|  _____
       S_____ G ____________ G|
             | |            | |
             | |____________| |
             |______________  '-----
                            | .-----
                            | |
                            | |___
    Head through the secret door into the Secret Passage. In the Secret 
    Passage press the switch in the north, and then examine the wall. Here 
    you will obtain the Goddess's Magicite! After the scene, head up 3 
    flights of stairs, to view another scene. 
                           Garamsythe Waterway  [2.2]   
    Dire Rat            Ghost              Ichthon           Steeling
    Lv : 1-4            Lv : 5-6           Lv : 3-4          Lv : 2-3
    HP : 62-112         HP : 324-334       HP : 130-141      HP : 94-110
    Weak : Water        Weak : Holy        Weak : Thunder    Weak : Earth
    Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal
    - Antidote          - Dark Magicite    - Eye Drops       - Antidote
    - Fire Stone        - Dark Stone       - Fish Scale      - Bat Fang
    - Leather Shield    - Echo Herbs       - Potion          - Phoenix Down
    - Libra Stone       - Glass Jewel      - Phoenix Down    - Pebble
                        - Pebble           - Pebble          - Wind Stone
                        - Telepo-Stone     - Water Stone
      Gigantoad          Imperial Swordsman   Garchimacera
       Lv : 5-6          Lv : 5               Lv : 6
       HP : 341-346      HP : 150-190         HP : 287-317
       Weak : Fire       Weak : -             Weak : Water
       Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal
       - 50 gil          - Potion
       - Horn
       - Leather Helm
       - Potion
       - Water Stone
    Here Balthier and Fran, will finally join your party. Go save if you'd 
    like. Then head down the Stairs for a Gambit Tutorial. Examine the 
    Fallan Soldiers for a Scene, and then exit to the next area. At the 
    entrance of this area, head left for a map of the Garamsythe Waterway 
    and 31 gil. Head all the way to the left to find a Potion. Now head 
    south, and before leaving grab the Hi-Potion. To the left of the map is 
    a Potion, and after you got that continue to the right. Watch out for 
    the Gigantoads, they can put up a fight. Anyways on the continue on the 
    path and you'll find a Longsword. Before you head to the South exit be 
    sure to get the Potion and a Pheonix Down. In the next area continue to 
    the Save Crystal, and restore/save. Kill the gaurds, and continue. You 
    will now get Amalia in your party, so continue on. In the next area 
    look for a Hi-Potion right under the entrance. 
    Boss: Flan x4
    Lvl: 5
    HP: 360-420
    Weak: Fire
    Drop/Steal: Potion
    After the boss fight, go under the exit and get the Dagger, then 
    continue to the exit on the left. In the middle there will be a Pheonix 
    Down, so grab that. Continue along the path and exit this area. At the 
    entrance head to the two left areas for a Potion and 194 gil. Now head 
    to the right and find 47 gil, and then continue to the exit. There will 
    be a Save Crystal in this area, so save/recover if u need to. Now head 
    to the next area North and get ready for another boss fight!
    Boss: Firemane
    Lvl: 7
    HP: 3571
    Weak: Water
    Drop/Steal: Pheonix Down
    This boss can poison your characters, so be sure to use Antidotes. And 
    if you happen to get KOed, just steal a pheonix down from it.
                            Nalbina Dungeon  [2.3]
    Imperial Hoplite Imperial Magus   Imperial Marksman  Imperial Swordsman
    Lv : 9            Lv : 8           Lv : 8            Lv : 8-9
    HP : 283          HP : 205         HP : 180-220      HP : 180-237
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal       Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal
    - Potion          - Potion         - Potion          - Potion   
    - Phoenix Down    - Phoenix Down                     - Phoenix Down 
    Look around the place for 3x Knot of Rust, and then use the Save 
    Crystal and head north. You will automatically be forced into a battle 
    against 3 Seeq enemies. Watch the scene afterwards, and you will get 
    back all your stuff as well as the map of the Nalbina Dungeons. Go back 
    in the room and get a Tourmaline Ring and a new Gambit, then use the 
    save crystal if you'd like. In the next area, defeat the enemies, and 
    get 4x Knot of Rust, and another new Gambit, Water Mote. Then head to 
    the Middle-Northern door. Watch the scene with the Basch and the 
    Judges, I personally think that the Judge looks a lot like Basch don't 
    ya think, maybe they're brothers? Anyways after the scene Basch joins 
    your patry as a guest.
                           The Barheim Passage  [2.4]
    Bomb              Battery Mimic      Flan               Mimic
    Lv : 6-8          Lv : 7             Lv : 6-7           Lv : 7-8
    HP : 317-347      HP : 520           HP : 280-294       HP : 334-340
    Weak : Ice        Weak : Ice         Weak : Fire        Weak : Wind
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal
    - Bomb Ash        - Alarm Clock      - Green Liquid     - Earth Stone
    - Echo Herb       - Eye Drops        - Potion           - Eye Drops
    - Fire Stone      - Iron Scraps      - Topkapi Hat      - Iron Scraps
    - Gold Needle     - Mage's Habit     - Water Stone      - Iron Sword
    - Steel Gorget
    Seeker            Steeling          Suriander        Tiny Mimic
    Lv : 6-7          Lv : 7            Lv : 9           Lv : 7-8
    HP : 375-551      HP : 298          HP : 430         HP : 211-217
    Weak : Earth      Weak : Earth      Weak : Water     Weak : Wind
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal       Drop/Steal
    - Bat Fang        - Antidote        - Antidote       - Earth Stone
    - Smelling Salts  - Armguard        - Horn           - Eye Drops
    - Taurus Gem      - Bat Fang        - Horned Hat     - Iron Scraps
    - Wind Stone      - Eye Drops       - Telepo-Stone   - Leather Headgear
    - Crooked Fang    - Wind Stone      - Thunder Stone
    Lv : 7-8
    HP : 277-286
    Weak : Holy
    - Antidote
    - Dark Stone
    Use the Save Crystal if you'd like, and head over to the vendor. He's 
    selling some really good stuff, especially the armor, magicks, and the 
    gambits. You should be able to have enough money to buy some of this 
    stuff. Go up and press the switch in the middle. Head up the steps and 
    get lots of gil. After you examine the switch next to the merchant, 
    talk to him and he'll give you a Tube Fuse. Then install the fuse, and 
    open the gate to continue. Kill any of the mimics to restore power, 
    then leave to the East. In this area there are a couple of forks and 
    there are A LOT of monsters so be careful and stock up on potions, 
    pheonix downs, and antidotes since the zombies and specters can poison 
    you. First go to the Fork on the right and kill the Battery Mimic 
    there, then go back and head to the fork on the left. Continue and you 
    will come across another fork, here take the left and kill the Battery 
    Mimic, then go back a little and take the right path. You will yet 
    reach another forked path, and this time take the path on your right 
    going North on the minimap to come across an Urn which you should open 
    for a map of the Barheim Passage! Continue South, and up on the small 
    platform to defeat the final Battery Mimic in this area, and head into 
    the exit on the left of the mini map. Here you can fight a few extra 
    battery mimics to raise the CHARGE up more, and get more exp as well. 
    Head back and continue to the South exit. This is a tough area, 
    especially with the Flans and Specters, for the Flans just have a 
    character use Fire, if you have it, and u'll kill the flan in a few 
    secs. Look on your map and u'll see three exclamation marks(!) or was 
    it 4? Anyways those (!) points represent all the Battery Mimics you 
    have to kill before you can open up the next gate. Kill them all, and 
    grab any treasures you find, and then head to the upper left part to Op 
    Sector 37, and after you kill the Mimics, press the switch to open the 
    next gate, and head all the way back to the South part of Special Op 
    Sector 3, where the newely opened gate is. After watching the scene, 
    there will finally be a Save Crytal in this area, so take advantage of 
    it, for that long journey, hopefully you leveled up some. Proceed to 
    the next area, and kill any enemies here, and get the treasures, BEWARE 
    THAT SOME OF THE TREASURES ARE MIMICS!!! Now head to the next area, to 
    the South, and kill the Mimics here, and before going North, head 
    further Southe killing the Surianders, and grabbing any chests. After 
    that head all the way to the North of this area and exit. Use the save 
    crystal in this area and get ready for a Boss fight!
    Boss : Mimic Queen
    Lvl: 10
    Hp : 4073
    Weak: Ice
    Now if you got any Quickenings for anyone, then you should be able to 
    reduce the bosses hp by a lot. At this point I had Vaan's Red Spiral, 
    and Fran's Feral Strike, and after doing both combined, I took off more 
    than half of the bosses hp in a single strike! Don't even bother with 
    the Tiny Mimics, and just attack the Queen non-stop.
                          Dalmasca Estersands  [2.5]
    After you get out of the Barheim Passage, use the Save Crystal, and 
    head to the next area. The monsters here should be really easy, since 
    you should be at a lot higher levels. If you want a full map of the 
    Dalmasca Easterlands, head North for 3 areas, until you reach a small 
    settlement. Here you can buy the Dalmasca Easterlands map from the 
    Moogle for 50 gil. There is also a small shop here and a Save Crystal. 
    Well if you got that or not, go to the Labryrinth-looking map, and head 
    to the Northeastern exit to reach Nalbina Town.
                            Nalbina Town  [2.6]
    At the very entrance there is a shop here to buy some amunnition as 
    well as a Save Crystal. Head inside the town for a nice overview scene 
    of the town. There is a Gambit shop here with tons of Gambits, so buy 
    which ever you want. After your done exploring/buying/selling you can 
    either teleport using the Save Crystal back to Rabanastre, or just walk 
    all the way South.
                             Rabanastre  [2.7] 
    Unfortunately when you arrive, everyone will leave the party. Also just 
    to mention there is a free Teleport service here called the Moogling, 
    which can teleport you to several different areas in Rabanastre. Just 
    speak to the Moogle by the East Gate, and then the Moogle named Hurdy 
    walking around near the Save Crystal, to teleport you. If you head to 
    the Item Shop, you will watch a scene between Vaan and Kytes. But 
    before you go stop by the Clan Hall and talk to Montblanc he will give 
    you: 150 gil, 200 gil, 300 gil. Now head to Lowtown, and to Old Dalan's 
    place. After you speak with Dalan he will give the a Sword of the Order 
    to deliever to someone, so go look on your map where the X is go there 
    now. You will then watch a scene, and afterwards Basch joins your 
    party. Basch has a ton of License Points to spend, so allocate them 
    wisely. I had a little more than 360 points, so I personally just got 
    him the very bottom two quickenings, and practically unlocked all the 
    axes and hammers for him. Spend the LP however you want, and then head 
    to the top and to the East End where all the shops are, to watch a 
    scene. Then head to the Sandsea, and up the stairs to find Balthier and 
    Fran, who your party again. After the scene head to the Westgate, and 
    then into the Aerodrome, and find Balthier.
                            The SkyCity of Bhujerba  [2.8]
    When you exit the Aerodrome, you will view a scene, and Lamont will 
    join your party as a guest. Just walk forward, and you will see the 
    Cartographers' Guild who will sell you a map of Bhujerba for 70 gil and 
    a map of Lhusu Mines for 650. I suggest getting both. You could go and 
    check out the shops here, but there's really nothing new at all, except 
    for a few weapons, a few new Magicks a new Technick. There is really 
    only one path to follow, since everything else is blocked off, so just 
    follow the path, and exit to the Lhusu Mines.
                              Lhusu Mines  [2.9]
    Skeleton            Skull Defender      Slaven             Steeling
    Lv : 8-9            Lv : 8-11           Lv : 10-11         Lv : 7-8
    HP : 557-563        Lv : 476-708        HP : 780-802       HP : 446462
    Weak : Holy         Weak : Holy         Weak : Weak        Weak :Earth
    Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal
    - Bone Fragment     - Antidote          - Aevis Killer     - Antidote
    - Bronze Chestplate - Bone Fragment     - Earth Stone      - Armguard
    - Dark Stone        - Dark Stone        - Eye Drops        - Bat Fang
    - Echo Herb         - Iron Helm         - Pebble           - Eye Drops
    - Iron Helm         - Pebble            - Tanned Hide      - Pebble
    - Pebble                                                   - Wind Stone
    Hopefully you bought the Lhusu Mines map, so you could navigate more 
    easily through this place. Anyways after the scene, just head straight, 
    and then take one of the paths going south, since they both lead in the 
    same place. Head to the very left of the map and head down, and exit to 
    the next area. In the next area just head all the way west and exit. On 
    next map just keep heading North a few screens until you get to a 
    scene. After the scene you will need to run as fast as you can away 
    from the Bangaas, dont fight them because they are very strong and 
    there's a high chance they will kill you. You will need to run a few 
    screens back, until you get the scene that you lost them. Now head back 
    to Bhujerba.
                          The SkyCity of Bhujerba  [3.0]
    Back in Bhujerba, you have to do spread some Propaganda, by going to 
    the people in the town and pressing square, until the bar reaches 100%, 
    but beware of the gaurds who will lower your bar back to 0. After you 
    fill the bar, there will be several scenes. Get out of the tavern, and 
    head for the X on your map. There will be a couple of scenes, and then 
    you will find yourself on the Dreadnought Leviathan.
                          Dreadnought Leviathan  [3.1]
    Imperial Gunner   Imperial Magus   Imperial Swordsman   Mastiff
    Lv : 9            Lv : 9           Lv : 10-11           Lv : 11
    HP : 562          HP : ?           HP : 615             HP : 535
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal       Drop/Steal
    - Potion          - Potion         - Potion
    - Phoenix Down                     - Phoenix Down
    After the scenes here, Vossler will join your party as a guest and you 
    will also obtain a map of the Leviathan. Anyways use the Save Crystal, 
    and then head to the next area. Listen to what Vossler has to say and 
    avoid the laser detection beams. Just find your way around and exit 
    South. In the next area go throug the door that connects to the room 
    with the X on your map. In this area go around and head down to where 
    the X is, to trigger a battle.
    Boss : 2x Judges
           3x Imperial Swordsman
           1x Imperial Magus
    All you need to do is kill the 2 judges and you'll win the battle. What 
    I just did, is right before the battle I filled everyones MP, then 
    during the fight I just spammed their Quickening, and took down the 
    Judges in absolutely no time. 
    Anyways after the battle you will recieve a No. 1 Grig Key, and use it 
    to enter the door to the South. There will be a merchant here, from 
    which you could buy supplies and equipment, and a Save Crystal, so use 
    that to recover from the last battle. Next to the Save Crystal there is 
    an Urn, so open that to get a Systems Access Key. Check the cell 
    adjecent to the one with the Save Crystal to find Ashe who then will 
    join your party. Head back to the previous area and exit North. This 
    will be a very good area to level up a bit, since, due to the Alarm, 
    scores of Imperials will come running to you, and it shouldn't be that 
    hard to kill them, and plus your right near a Save Crystal, so you can 
    go back and recover any time. Just go to the Northern area, where it 
    shows the little wheel-gears on the map, go there and use the Systems 
    Access Key. Becareful since there are tons of imperials in this room, 
    and they will all gang up on you at once; what I did was just chain 
    many quickenings to unleash Inferno, which killed them all at once. 
    After you use the Access Key, just view the Security Report and Reset 
    the Alarms. Now exit this room to the South, into the giant maze-like 
    area, and run as fast as you can here South before the Alarms 
    reactivate, and then exit to the West. There will be 2 of the places 
    here where you can use the Access Key, so do so to reset the alarm 
    again, and then exit to the North. Now run through this little maze, 
    heading northwest, and you will witness a scene, where Vossler will 
    leave and Penelo will join you party, and you will also get a piece of 
    Manufacted Nethicite. Anyways just exit to your destination area, and 
    prepare for a boss fight.
    Boss : Judge Ghis
           3x Imperial Swordsman
    Judge Ghis has way too much HP, and is powerful. The second the fight 
    started I jus chained some quickenings and activated Inferno, and took 
    more than 5K of his HP, and the fight was automatically over.
                          The SkyCity of Bhujerba  [3.2]
    You will be back at the Aerodrome here, so head out and go to your 
    destination point. Just watch the long scenes, and when you regain 
    control you'll be at the Dalmasca Westersands. 
                           Dalmasca Westersands  [3.3]
    There is a merchant here, so buy whatever you want/need then use the 
    Save Crystal. If you accepted the Mob Hunt for Thextera, you can find 
    him 3 maps to the East of the Save Crystal map, in Galtea Downs. And 
    heading one more map to the East from Galtea Downs will land you at the 
    Rabanastre Westgate. If you feel like exploring all the maps of the 
    Westersands to the East of the Save Crystal, be my guest, but there is 
    absolutely nothing interesting there. And whatever you do don't touch 
    the Dive Talons, the giant flying birds around here, because they will 
    kill you really fast. Anyways go to the West of the Save Crystal now to 
    get to The Ogir-Yensa Sandsea.
                         The Ogir-Yensa Sandsea  [3.4]
    Alraune           Danbania           Speartongue       Urutan-Yensa
    Lv : 11-14        Lv : 10-14         Lv : 11-13        Lv : 13-14
    HP : 615-694      HP : 966-1159      HP : 1095-1768    HP : 710-780
    Weak : Wind       Weak : Thunder     Weak : Fire       Weak : Wind
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal
    - Alarm Clock     - Bacchus's Wine   - Horn            - Dark Mote
    - Earth Stone     - Echo Herbs       - Water Stone     - Earth Stone
    - Handkerchief    - Fish Scale                         - Gold Needle
    - Mace            - Water Mote                         - Yensa Fin
    - Succulent Fruit - Water Stone                        - Yensa Scale
    Salamand Entite
    Lv : -
    HP : 48042
    Weak : Water
    - Electrum
    - Entite Stone
    - Ether
    - Fire Crystal
    - Salamand
    Head forward and climb up the stairs and proceed to the exit in the 
    west. The Araune here are easy, and be sure to steal from them to 
    maximize the amount/chances to get the Succulent Fruit from them, which 
    can sell for a high amount. In the next area you'll meet Vossler again, 
    and he will rejoin you as a guest. Head down the stairs here and defeat 
    any of the Urutan-Yensa, and then head north, up the stairs and 
    continue west. You will notice that there are 3 exits going west. If 
    you go Southwest 3 maps you can get to a Gate Crystal and a vendor. And 
    3 maps straight to the west is a Save Crystal and a Moogle who will 
    inform you of a little Mob Hunt that you could do. Exploring the whole 
    place, could take you hours since there are a lot of enemies all around 
    and in groups. If you happen to come across the Zertinan Caverns, I 
    suggest you dont go in there, for the monsters there are a bit hard, 
    and you can easily access these mines later through the Dalmasca 
    Westersands. I suggest exiting this place through the Central-Western 
    exit to reach the Nam-Yensa Sandsea.
                          The Nam-Yensa Sandsea  [3.5]
    Alraune             Danbania            Speartongue       Urutan-Yensa
    Lv : 11-14          Lv : 10-14          Lv : 11-13        Lv : 13-14
    HP : 615-694        HP : 966-1159       HP : 1095-1768    HP : 710-780
    Weak : Wind         Weak : Thunder      Weak : Fire       Weak : Wind
    Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal
    - Alarm Clock       - Bacchus's Wine    - Horn            - Dark Mote
    - Earth Stone       - Echo Herbs        - Water Stone     - Earth Stone
    - Handkerchief      - Fish Scale                          - Gold Needle
    - Mace              - Water Mote                          - Yensa Fin
    - Succulent Fruit   - Water Stone                         - Yensa Scale
    Lv : 13-15
    HP : 922-954
    Weak : Water
    - Alarm Clock
    - Fire Stone
    - Small Feather
    - Warp Mote
    If you are starting from the top, just head south 2 maps, and you'll 
    reach that "Tortoise" the Moogle was talking about. The Urturn Eater is 
    really difficult due to its impecible armor and attack. Before you do 
    anything, you can steal an Ancient Sword from the Urturn Eater which 
    would probably be the best sword you have so far. Anyways just chain a 
    lot of Quickenings together to kill off the Urturn Eater and any of the 
    Urutan-Yensa around it. Afterwards head back to the Moogle and talk to 
    him, then head back to the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea for a scene, and then 
    back again to the Moogle for another scene. Talk to the Moogle and go 
    to the Flower to get the Eksir Berries, then go to the next area of the 
    Nam-Yansa Sandsea. Head to the map where you fought the Urturn Eater, 
    and head to the map East. Here just go a bit South across the bridge to 
    find an Urn, which will give you the map of the Nam-Yensa Sandsea. Keep 
    heading West, and in the next map search around to the South for The 
    Gambit Foe: HP > 1000. Exit to the west again, and this time head to a 
    corner in the middle of the map , where you'll find Gambit Foe: HP > 
    500, and if you go to the end of the bridge which is close to the west 
    exit you can find yet another Gambit, the Gambit Foe: HP < 1000. Now 
    head to the Northern map and look for a chest that contains the Gambit 
    Foe: Hp = 100%, then head up the tower and go all the way to the end to 
    find The Gambit Foe: Flying. After scourging for all those Gambits, 
    just exit the whole place to the West. Also by the exit there will be a 
    merchant if you need to buy/sell anything. 
                           The Tomb of Raithwall  [3.6] 
    Lesser Chimera    Lich             Ragoh             Seeker
    Lv : 15-18        Lv : 18-20       Lv : 16-18        Lv : 15-16
    HP : 1014-1080    Hp : 1164-1180   HP : 1400-1440    HP : 773-794
    Weak : Water      Weak : Holy      Weak : Wind       Weak : Earth
    Drops/Steal       Drops/Steal      Drops/Steal       Drops/Steal
    - Fire Stone      - Aero Mote      - Earth Stone     - Antidote
    - Gold Needle     - Dark Stone     - Eye Drops       - Bat Fang
    - Handkerchief    - Glass Jewel    - Winged Helm     - Blood Sword
    - Hi-Potion       - Phoenix Down                     - Crooked Fang
    - Small Feather                                      - Smelling Salts
    - Taurus Gem                                         - Taurus Gem
                                                             - Wind Stone
    Tallow/Candle     Zombie             Zombie Mage       Lost Soul
    Lv : 16-17        Lv : 15-18         Lv : 15-18        Lv : 17-18
    HP : 1303-1317    HP : 870-880       HP : 970-980      HP : 970-980
    Weak : Water      Weak : Holy        Weak : Holy       Weak : Holy
    Drops/Steal       Drops/Steal        Drops/Steal       Drops/Steal
    - Broadaxe        - Alarm Clock      - Balance Mote    - Bone Fragment
    - Echo Herbs      - Antidote         - Dark Stone      - Dark Stone
    - Fire Stone      - Eye Drops        - Telepo-Stone    - Telepo-Stone
    - Green Liquid    - Kilimweave Shirt
    As you enter you will get into a boss fight. 
    Boss: Garuda 
    Hp: ???
    Lvl: ???
    This is where those mysterious Eksir Berries come into play, so use 
    them, and they will take out a bit of the Garuda's HP. It's best to 
    have someone with a gun or a bow in the party, since everything else 
    will just miss. After the scene use the Tomb Crystal, and there will 
    also be a merchant here with some nice new weapons and armor. Anyways 
    just head up and examone the Ancient Device which will teleport you 
    inside the place. Head straight and the Demon wall shall awaken and 
    start chasing you. You now can either decide to run to the exit or 
    Boss: Demon Wall
    HP: ~15,000+
    I decided to kill it with just constant chaining of my Quickenings. 
    Beware, the Demon Wall can cast Doom, and "Suck a character into the 
    void", meaning you wont be able to revive that character until the 
    battle is over. 
    If you killed it the Hidden Jewel in the wall where the Demon Wall was 
    initially, will be uncovered. Go back to the Tomb Crystal and 
    recover/save from that battle, because another boss is comming up. So 
    anyways just exit to the next room and you will have to fight yet 
    another Demon Wall, yes I know its really annoying fighting 3 bosses in 
    a row. Before running to the Demon Wall, examine the red glowings orbs 
    at the sides of the bridge, which will either stop the wall's movement 
    or speed it up. 
    Boss: Demon Wall 2
    HP: ~10,000-14,000
    I personally think this wall is easier than the one before it. Just do 
    the same things you did to the previous wall, and everything should be 
    just fine. (If you haven't noticed yet, Quickenings are the way to go 
    to defeat any boss quickly! That's why they're called QUICKenings..lol) 
    After that nuisance, just head up and through the door. Head down the 
    staircase, and open up the Urn for a map of the Tomb of Raithwall. 
    Touching the middle Way Stone here will transport you to the very 
    beginning of this dungeon as well as activate that Way Stone at the 
    entrance that wasn't active before. Also touch that Hidden Jewel that 
    you uncovered before to unlock two secret passages. The secret passages 
    have absolutely nothing inside, so just forget about them. 
    Go back to where that Urn was and take the staircase to the South, and 
    exit into one of the doors to the next room. In this area there is a 
    chest with a Gambit in it, The Gambit Foe: Item AMT > 10. In the area 
    of the Way Stone in this same room, touch the glowing green orb for the 
    Mystic Altar to sink halfway into the ground, and 3 Liches will appear 
    so defeat them. Use the Way Stone here to get back to the Urn area and 
    activate one of the Way Stones here. 
    This time go to the Northern stairs of the Urn area and head into the 
    Northern area. When you reach the Way Stone in this area activate the 
    red glowing orb nearby, for the Mystic Altar to completely sink into 
    the ground, and 3 Zombie Mages will appear, and defeat them. Again use 
    the Way Stone here to activate the final way Stone in the Urn area. 
    Now go through any one of the Unlocked/hidden passage ways, and 
    continue to the center of the room for a boss fight.
    Boss: Belias
    HP: ~20,000
    Keep attacking it and healing regularly, if you have any Water Motes in 
    your inventory, use them! Belias will also be Oiling your characters, 
    so watch out for his flame attacks. After a min or so of attacking, if 
    he still didnt kill one of your characters, use some Quickenings to 
    bring his hp to about half or below. Now if you just wanna finish this 
    battle off real fast just let your current party die, so then you can 
    bring in your other party and use their Quickenings right away to 
    finish Belias off (That's actually what I did...I just got too lazy and 
    didnt want to use up any items and wanted to finish this boring long 
    dungeon asap!). After the fight you will recieve your first Esper: 
    Belis, the Gigas!
    Continue forward 2 screens until you get to a scene, and you'll obtain 
    the Dawn Shard. Now head down the steps and use the Way Stone, which 
    will bring you to the very entrance of the dungeon. Exit the dungeon 
    and head down the steps to view a scene. After the scenes you will be 
    on the Airship Shiva, and through more scenes get into a boss fight.
    Boss: Vossler
          3x Imperial Swordsmans
    HP: ~10,000 
    Stupid Vossler, and he was such a good guest character. Anyways, I just 
    used Quickenings, and did very close to 10,000 damage, and the battle 
    was automatically over, so Vossler could possibly have less than 10K 
    hp. If you have Fran in your party, she will be on Berserk and won't 
    listen to you. After the fight, just watch the rest of the scenes. 
                           Rabanastre - Extras  [3.7]
    The main thing to do here, is check out the shops here for all the new 
    stuff. You'll most likely not have enough money to buy everything you 
    want, but dont go blowing everything at once. 
    If you go into the Sandsea there will be 3 new mob hunts, so accept 
    them, they are: the Flowering Cactoid, Wraith, and Nidhogg. Also don't 
    forget to claim your prize for the Thextera if you killed it already; 
    the guy is right next to the board. You can easily defeat the Wraith 
    right now by going down into the Garamsythe Waterway, where you killed 
    those rats in the very beginning of the game. The Flowering Cactoid is 
    also very easy to kill, just head over to the small settlement in the 
    Dalmasca Eastersands, to talk to the petitioner, and then head to the 
    North map where the Cactoid is at, and kill it. Talk to the petitioner 
    for the Flowering Cactoid to give you your bounty, and then once more 
    for him to tell you to take the flower to his wife, which we will do 
    very soon if you read through these Extras. 
                            Bhujerba - Extras  [3.8]
    Anyways head back to Rabanastre and head over to the Clan Hall and talk 
    with Montblanc, who will give you some money and items for your 
    accomplishments. You can also accept 2 more Mob Hunts here: Cluckatrice 
    and the Rocktoise. You can do 2 more hunts in Bhujerba, so head over 
    there now. Talk to the petitioners for the Nidhogg and the Rocktoise, 
    and then head over to the Lhusu Mines. Find both the Nidhogg and the 
    Rocktoise and make the kills quick by just chaining your Quickenings. 
    As soon as you kill the Nidhogg go all the way back to the Save Crystal 
    in Bhujerba to recover and save, because the Rocktoise will be the 
    hardest boss you faced so far! The Rocktoise's HP is very high and on 
    top of that he is under haste and regen. Your only hope of defeating it 
    is by quickly chaining Quickenings with one party, then killing them 
    off asap to bring in your next party and doing quickenings with them. 
    Head back to the petitioners to get your bounties, but talk to Pilika 
    again, who will ask you to get his Diary for him. So go to the Magick 
    Shop and get it (it doesnt matter if you read it or not), now if you 
    want the better reward, when Pilika asks you if you've read it, chose 
    that "You done nothing" to get a Shepherd's Bolero. If you picked that 
    you read it, you will get a weaker piece of armor.  
                         Nalbina Fortress - Extras  [3.9]
    There is also something you are able to do in the Nalbina Fortress, so 
    go there either by walking, Aerodrome, or teleporting through Gate 
    Crystal. Start of by going up to the 2 gaurds blocking the path and 
    watch the scene. If you notice, their names are Anagrams of the famous 
    Wedge and Biggs series that are usually in all the Final Fantasies. 
    Anyways go talk to July, who won't say much, then head over to the 
    Chocobo Stable and rent a Chocobo for 800 gil. Then while on the 
    Chocobo head over to the gaurds, and both of the gaurds will run away. 
    July will then explain what she was doing, and head to Archades to get 
    her reward. You will have to go to Archades later on to get a reward 
    from her. 
    While your still on the Chocobo, quickly ride it to the second 
    settlement in the Dalmasca Eastersands, which is only like 3 map ride 
    from Nalbina Fortress. Here find and talk to the wife of the guy who 
    petitioned for the Flowering Cactoid. After giving ger the Cactus 
    Flower she will give you a Bundle of Needles. Then talk to the 
    villagers here to find out that there's trouble at the North bank of 
    the river, but since we can't get there now, we'll leave it for later. 
    Then use the Gate Crytal here to get out of this place, or just walk 
    all that way back to Rabanastre if you don't have a teleport Stone. 
    In the Sandsea of the Rabanastre, there should be 3 more mob hunts to 
    accept: Wyvern Lord, Enkelados, and Croakadile. The petitioner for the 
    Wyvern Lord is in the Rabanastre weapons shop, so you can easily go 
    there and talk to him. You can do this hunt on your own free time, and 
    be sure to have 2 teleport stones to get to it. 
                         Giza Plains - Extras  [4.0]
    Gigantoad         Hyena           Ichthon              Wooly Gator
    Lv : 19-20        Lv : 18-19      Lv : 19-21           Lv : 21-22
    HP : 1469-1489    HP : 940-960    HP : 1304-1326       HP : 2233-2263
    Weak : Fire       Weak : Water    Weak : Thunder       Weak : Earth
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal      Drop/Steal           Drop/Steal
    - 50 gil          - Cotton Cap    - Eye Drops          - Alarm Clock
    - Horn            - Fire Stone    - Fish Scale         - Braid Wool
    - Lambent Hat     - Green Beret   - Light Woven Shirt  - Hi-Potion
    - Potion          - Potion        - Phoenix Down       - Smelling Salts
    - Water Stone     - Wolf Pelt     - Water Stone        - Wind Stone
    After that just exit Rabanastre through the Southgate into Giza Plains, 
    we have another hunt to accept. Go to the Settlement here and find the 
    petitioner, and do the Croakadile hunt now, which could be found at the 
    bridge to the South of Giza Plains. If your having any problems just 
    run over to the nearby Save Crystal to recover and try again. After you 
    kill it, head back to Sadeen, the petitioner to get your bounty, and 
    talk to him again for him to ask you to deliver the ring you got to his 
    wife, and also in the settlement area look around for a Withered Tree 
    to chop down, which will float to the Southeast. In fact if you search 
    good enough throughout Giza Plains you will find a couple of other 
    Withered Trees that can be cut down, and will all drift to the same 
    area, due to the current. So search the area and cut down all the 
    Withered Trees, which will form a small bridge to cross in the 
    Souheast, right next to the bridge leading to the Eastersands. The tree 
    bridge will lead you to a secret area where there are Silicon 
    Tortoises, and the best way to beat them is to attack them with the 
    Ancient Sword to Stone them, and each easily gives you over 1000 exp! 
    So I strongly suggest if you want to gain a few lvls level up on them 
    for maybe an hour or so. Also in this secret area if you go all the way 
    to the East there is an Urn which gives you the Feather of the Flock. 
    As for the guy's wife who your supposed to give the ring to, she will 
    appear at the Giza village after the rain stops. Anyways just continue 
    with the story and go South of Giza Plains.
                            Ozmone Plains  [4.1]
    Black Chocobo     Hybrid Gator        Mesmenie          Red Chocobo
    Lv : 19-23        Lv : 21-22          Lv : 20-22        Lv : 19-22
    HP : 1116-1180    HP : 2233-2253      HP : 1528-1568    HP : 1116-1164
    Weak : Thunder    Weak : Water        Weak : Ice        Weak : Thunder
             Water    Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal               Water
             Holy       - Aries Gem       - Alarm Clock           Holy
    Drop/Steal          - Bacchus's Wine  - Storm Magicite Drop/Steal
    - Chocobo Feather   - Braid Wool     - Tanned Hide    - Chocobo Feather
    - Dark Magicite     - Fire Stone                      - Fire Stone
    - Gysahl Greens     - Gold Needle                     - Gysahl Greens
                        - Pebble                          - Taurus Gem
    Viper             Wu                 Zoghal            Zu
    Lv : 20-21        Lv : 20-22         Lv : 23-24        Lv : 21-22
    HP : 1410-1430    HP : 1689-1729     HP : 3157-3179    HP : 1880-1896
    Weak : Holy       Weak : Wind        Weak : Wind       Weak : Earth
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal
    - Alarm Clock     - 40 gil           - Dark Magicite   - Aero Mote
    - Dark Magicite   - Aries Gem        - Earth Magicite  - Large Feather
    - Pebble          - Earth Magicite   - Gemini Gem      - Remedy
    - Quality Pelt    - Eye Drops        - Hi-Potion       - Rod
    - Tanned Hide     - Large Feather    - Quality Hide    - Pebble
                      - Kogarasumaru     - Vanish Mote     - Wind Magicite
    When you get here be wary of the monsters, for they are stronger than 
    that of the monsters in Giza Plains. Anyways just continue on your way 
    to the South into the second area. Here if you'll notive there is this 
    spiraling "S" shaped area on the map, and it leads down to the Zertinan 
    Caverns, which I strongly advise to avoid that area for now, since the 
    monsters there are mosty all lvl 30+, and we will tackle this area 
    later. Also if you head East for 2 maps to this small map, called The 
    Shred, there is a Gambit Ally: item AMT >10. Well just keep heading to 
    the South and you'll be in Jahara.
                       Jahara - Land of the Garif  [4.2]
    Right ate the entrance here there is a Gate Crystal for you to 
    save/recover, as well as a Moogle from the Cartographer's Guild who 
    will offer to sell you a map of Ozmone Plains for 1700 gil and map of 
    Jahara for only 30 gil, I suggest get them. And the Chocobos here are 
    extremely cheap, for only 30 gil!!! Just talk to the Garif Warrior to 
    proceed. Now just run around the town a little talkin wit everyon until 
    someone asks you to take a Java Stick to the war-chief, so do that. The 
    items here are pretty expensive, so if you feel like spendin go ahead. 
    Proceed to the next area for a scene, and then Larsa will join you as a 
    guest characer. Before you leave you will be given a Bowgun and Bolts, 
    as well as a free Chocobo ride.  
                           Ozomone Plains  [4.3]
    If you want rent the free Chocobo, I chose not to for the experience 
    and Loot. Anyways this time head all the way to the East where you will 
    enter a series of scenes, and will then be at a Save Crystal. The 
    proceed to the Golmore Jungle. 
                           Golmore Jungle  [4.4]
    Gargoyle           Great Malboro      Malboro         Panther
    Lv : 23-24         Lv : 22-23         Lv : 22-23      Lv : 21-23
    HP : 1436-1494     HP : 1630-1750     HP : 1573-1693  HP : 1299-1519
    Weak : Ice         Weak : Wind        Weak : Wind     Weak : Ice
    Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal      Drop/Steal
    - Demon Eyeball    - Bucchas's Wine  - Earth Stone    - Coeurl Pelt
    - Hi-Potion        - Earth Stone     - Elfin Bow      - Libra Gem
    - Storm Magicite   - Virgo Gem       - Remedy         - Storm Magictie
    - Vanish Mote                        - Smelling Salts - Vanish Mote
    This place has monsters that cast alot of status problems. The Panthers 
    cast Petrify so be sure to have Stona, and the Malboros mostly cast 
    slow with their breath. Be sure to steal Courel Pelets from the 
    Panthers for some gil, and if you really lucky you can swipe an Elfin 
    Bow from a Malboro. At one of the triple intersections at the very 
    beginning of this place there is an Urn which will give u a map of the 
    Golmore Jungle. Keep heading East, until you reach a scene, and find 
    out your path is blocked. After the scene head into the newely opened 
    area, and you will find your self in the Viera home, of the Eruyt 
                           Eruyt Village  [4.5]
    Buy a map of Eruyt Village from the moogles, and then check out their 
    wares. He has the up-to-date accessories, and some really good magicks 
    too. Anyways this is practically a one way path, so keep heading 
    forward and then up the stairs and then across the bridge for a scene. 
    Now head all the way back and out of Golmore Jungle and return to 
    Ozomone Plains. 
                            Ozomone Plains  [4.6]
    When you get out talk to the injured soldier, and give him a potion, in 
    return he will let you use his chocobo. Get on the chocobo and head to 
    the next screen, and look around right as you enter for some chocobo 
    tracks that will lead you to the Henne Mines area. In the next area 
    you'll see some dead bodies in front of a cave, so just enter that 
                             Henne Mines  [4.7]
    Jelly              Nightmare         Redmaw            Seeker            
    Lv : 19-25         Lv : 24-25        Lv : 23-24        Lv : 22-23
    HP : 1813-2018     HP : 1630-1688    HP : 1134-1202    HP : 1094-1110
    Weak : Fire        Weak : Holy       Weak : Earth      Weak : Earth
    Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal
    - 500 gil          - Dark Magicite   - 100 gil         - Antidote
    - Pebble           - Hi-Potion       - Crooked Fang    - Bat Wing
    - Telepo-Stone     - Remedy          - Ice Shield      - Crooked Fang
    - Water Magicite   - Smelling Salts  - Pebble          - Smelling Salts
    - Yellow Liquid    - Grimoire Togail - Red Fang        - Wind Stone
                       - Snowfly         - Taurus Gem      - Bloodsword
                                         - Wing Magicite
    Thunderbug          Tyranorox
    Lv : 23-24          Lv : 26-27
    HP : 2083-2193      HP : 4073-4413
    Weak : Ice          Weak : Wind
    Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal
    - Red Fang          - Alarm Clock
    - Remedy            - Earth Magicite
    - Storm Magicite    - Pebble
    - Iron Scraps       - Tyrant Hide
    - Charged Gizzard   - War Hammer
    Head forward and press the switch here to open up a door, then head 
    through that door. Press the switch again to open up 2 gates, and head 
    through one of them. Here there will be an Urn with a map of Henne 
    Mines as well as a hell lot of bats that will masacre you. Head back 
    and press the switch again to go through the door on the right. BTW be 
    careful for at that four-way intersection are a lot of Jellies, and 
    they keep on respawning like crazy. What I did was have all my 3 
    characters use Aero to hit all of them at once, this gets rid of them 
    quick. Just Head South and check your minimap to not get lost in that 
    maze area, and head Esat. This part is a bit tricky so hang in there. 
    First just head all the way straight up and go in the next area. Here 
    go around and to the South to a tiny map with a switch in it. Activate 
    the switch and get ready to be mobbed by a ton of Jellies, so either 
    chose to fight them or just run to the Esat. Go back up and enter 
    Crossover B again, but this time exit to the North for a scene. There 
    will be a Gate Crystal here, so I suggest saving up for the upcomming 
    boss fight. 
    Boss: Tiamat
    Tiamat isn't that hard, just keep hacking at him and healing. If you 
    want you can start off by reducing his HP by a lot using some 
    Quickenings. Be careful for Tiamat can cast Confuse and Sap(mostly 
    After the fight you'll end up back in Eruyt Village and get Lente's 
    Tear, which lets you finally pass through that barrier in Golomore 
                            Golmore Jungle  [4.8]
    Gargoyle          Great Malboro       Malboro          Panther
    Lv : 23-24        Lv : 22-23          Lv : 22-23       Lv : 21-23
    HP : 1436-1494    HP : 1630-1750      HP : 1573-1693   HP : 1299-1519
    Weak : Ice        Weak : Wind         Weak : Wind      Weak : Ice
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal       Drop/Steal
    - Demon Eyeball   - Bucchas's Wine   - Earth Stone     - Coeurl Pelt
    - Hi-Potion       - Earth Stone      - Elfin Bow       - Quality Pelt
    - Storm Magicite  - Virgo Gem        - Remedy          - Storm Magictie
    - Pebble          - Foul Liquid      - Smelling Salts  - Warp Mote
    - Gilt Measure    - Malboro Vine     - Malboro Vine
    Coeurl             Diresaur           Hellhound        Treant
    Lv : 36-38         Lv : 28            Lv : 37-39       Lv : 23-24
    HP : 4240-4466     HP : 6941          HP : 3570-3790   HP : 4284-4384
    Weak : Ice         Weak : Wind        Weak : Water     Weak : Wind
    Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal       Drop/Steal
    - Coeurl Pelt      - Earth Magicite   - Alarm Clock    - Balance Mote
    - Quality Pelt     - Float Mote       - Dark Mote      - Earth Magicite
    - Storm Magicite   - Hi-Potion        - Fire Magicite   - Lumber
    - Warp Mote        - Tyrant Hide      - Red Cap         - Phoenix Down
                                          - Remedy
                                          - Tanned Hide
    Head out of Eruyt Village and head forward through the barrier you 
    couldn't get through before and continue on the path till you get to a 
    Gate Crystal. I strongly reccomend save/recover and get everytin 
    organized because the next boss is extremely hard. 
    Boss: Elder Wyrm
          2x Treants
    This boss is tough, not in the sense that it's powerful, it just has a 
    hell lot of HP. Quickenings will only do little for you in this battle 
    and would sap your MP which you need and get yourself killed. Even if 
    you do manage to pull off at least 2 long chain Quickenings by changing 
    up your party after the first one, u'll probably just come close to 
    half of his hp. Also you gotta watch out for one of Elder Wyrms special 
    spore attacks, which can inflict Confuse, Slow, Silence, Blind, Poison, 
    Oil, and Sap all at once on any or all of your characters, so save up 
    your MP to use lots of Esunas. Your characters will mostly die a lot as 
    well so use Raise continuously. Start off the battle by getting rid of 
    the 2 Treants to make things easier. Just keep hacking and healing a 
    lot and after like 20 min you should kill him. The only bad thing about 
    this fight is that it will be extremelly long and you have to be on 
    your toes at all times.
    After the fight just keep heading to the East and exit this place.
                            The Paramina Rift  [4.9]
    Dark Skeleton     Emperor Aevis      Garuda-Egi         Lizard
    Lv : 26           Lv : 27            Lv : 26-27         Lv : 24-26
    HP : 1548         HP : 5900          HP : 2997-3065     HP : 2342-2562
    Weak : Holy       Weak : Thunder     Weak : Dark        Weak : Water
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal
    - Burgnet         - Ice Magicite     - Gold Needle      - Fire Magicite
    - Dark Stone      - Ice Stone        - Taurus Gem       - Float Mote
    - Dark Magicite   - Horn             - Holy Magicite    - Horn
    - Death's Head    - Leo Gem          - Holy Stone       - Pebble
    - Sturdy Bone     - Wyrm Carapace    - Kogarasumaru     - Pointed Horn
    - Capricon Gem                       - Large Feather
    Skull Knight      Slaven Warder       Twintania         White Wolf
    Lv : 25-28        Lv : 27-28          Lv : 27-28        Lv : 24-25
    HP : 1873-1933    HP : 2623-2743      HP : 4917-5257    HP : 1498-1608
    Weak : Holy       Weak : Ice          Weak : Thunder    Weak : Thunder
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal
    - Capricon Gem    - Fire Magicite     - Blue Fang       - Crossbow
    - Dark Magicite   - Gemini Gem        - Ice Magicite    - Ice Stone
    - Hi-Potion       - Gold Needle       - Ice Stone       - Ice Magicite
    - Remedy          - Slaven Harness    - Smelling Slats  - Phoenix Down
    - Sturdy Bone     - Tanned Giantskin  - Wyrm Catapace   - Quality Pelt
                     - White Rang                          - Tanned Hide
    Wild Onion         Yeti              Ice Elemental    Bartinine Croc
    Lv : 26-27         Lv : 27-29        Lv : 25          Lv : 27-28
    HP : 1616-1736     HP : 4237-4477    HP : 14830       HP : 4588-4668
    Weak : Earth       Weak : Thunder    Weak : Thunder   Weak : Earth
    Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal       Drop/Steal
    - Antidote         - Arctic Wind     - Feystone       - Wind Magicite
    - Phoenix Down     - Demonsbane      - Ice Crystal    - Broken Sword
    - Succulent Fruit  - Ice Magicite    - Ice Magicite   - Fine Wool
    - Wind Magicite    - Remedy          - Ice Stone       
                       - Tanned Giantskin                 
                       - Telepo-Stone
    Use the Save Crystal and just head up. In the first monster map, if you 
    exit to the North you will get a scene. And then head to the North exit 
    again to get to Mt Bur-Omisace. I suggest you explore this whole area, 
    and get a few levels and tons of loot. The monsters here are not hard, 
    but make sure to stay away from the Ice Elementals, for they can wipe 
    out your party. Also search around for chests, you can get some good 
    weapons and some new Gambits primarily, Ice-vulnerable and Ice-weak 
                            Mt Bur-Omisace  [5.0]
    There is a Gate Crystal here, as well as shops with lots of good 
    Magicks, Accessories, Weapons and Armor. I suggest getting most of the 
    Magicks, and buy a Thief's Cuffs for stealing rare stuff, which you 
    could sell for greater gil, and 6 Golden Amulets so your characters can 
    complete the License Board faster and especially get all the Magicks, 
    Augments, and Technicks. Equip a Golden Amulet to each of your 
    characters, and if a character doesn't have that accessory slot on the 
    licence board yet, consentrate on building up your LP and getting that 
    square on the License Board ASAP. I know it's a lot of money, but you 
    can get it all back easily over time. Also if you haven't yet noticed 
    characters not in your current party also get LP from the monsters you 
    kill, so it's good to just have this accessory always equiped for 
    everyone. Just keep heading up, on this one-way path and into the 
    Temple for a few scenes. After the scenes Larsa will leave your party, 
    and you will recieve your next destination: The Stilshrine of Miriam.
                         The Stilshrine Of Miriam  [5.1]
    Blood Gigas        Balloon           Darkmare          Dragon Aevis
    Lv : 28-29         Lv : 28-29        Lv : 31           Lv : 29-30
    HP : 2729-2849     HP : 1878-1936    HP : 4739         HP : 5479-5819
    Weak : Wind        Weak : Water      Weak : Holy       Weak : Ice
    Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal
    - Antidote         - Bomb Ashes      - Chronos Tear    - Antidote
    - Earth Magicite   - Chronos Tear    - Dark Magicite   - Goggle Mask
    - Festering Flesh  - Fire Magicite   - Demon Mail      - Storm Magicite
    - Gemini Gem       - Handkercheif    - Gilmoire Togail - Wyrm Carapace
    - Phoenix Down
    Facer              Ghast              Miriam Guardian  Miriam Facer
    Lv : 28            Lv : 27-29         Lv : 28          Lv : 29
    HP : 3246          HP : 1706-1826     HP : 6827        HP : 5540
    Weak : Wind        Weak : Holy        Weak : Wind      Weak : Wind
    Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal
    - Aquarius Gem     - Dark Magicite
    - Earth Magicite   - Festering Flesh
    - Lumber           - Paramina Crossbow
    - Potion           - Smelling Salts
    Redmaw             Zombie             Zombie Warrior      Crystalbug
    Lv : 26-27         Lv : 26-28         Lv : 27             Steal
    HP : 1617-1738     HP : 1924-2044     HP : 1878           - Feystone
    Weak : Earth       Weak : Holy        Weak : Holy
    Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal
    - Crooked Fang     - Dark Magicite    - Dark Magicite
    - Ice Shield       - Dark Stone       - Festering Flesh
    - Red Fang         - Festering Flesh  - Handkercheif
    - Wind Magicite    - Foul Flesh       - Icebrand
                                          - Capricorn Gem
    Just head back to the Paramina Rift, and then head ALL the way to the 
    South and you'll get to The Stilshrine Of Miriam. Head inside and go to 
    the pedestal. Before approaching it, have a character equip the Dawn 
    Shard, and with that character activate the pedestal. After you get 
    teleported destroy the Miriam Gaurdian, and head up running past the 
    group of Dragon Aevis and the Miriam Facers, and into the next area. 
    Here touch the second pedastal with the character who has the Dawn 
    Shard equiped, which will reveal to hidden passages. Head to the 
    previous area but this time take one of the hidden passages, while 
    being careful to avoid the Dragon Aevis. In the next area you will see 
    a green save crystal, which is actually a Crystalbug in disguise, so 
    kill it and the real Save Crystal will appear. Head to the next area 
    and make your way to the Giant Sword while defeating the Blood Gigas on 
    the way as well as the Darkmare. Examine the giant sword which will 
    open the next door, then head inside and examine the Way Stone to be 
    teleported back into the Main Hall. Take the stairs to the West door 
    and just follow the path from here until you get to a Statue of a 
    Warrior, and rotate it so that it will face the East and its eyes are 
    glowing. Head forward into the giant-maze like area and head to the 
    Southeast of that area to the second warrior statue, and rotate this 
    one till it faces the giant sword in the distance, or until you see 
    that its eyes are glowing. From this large area exit to the North and 
    then head to the East for an easy boss fight.
    Boss: Vinuskar
    HP: anywhere between 15,000-20,000
    This boss is really easy, if you just chain like 6-10 quickenings that 
    should kill it right away. If you chose just to hack and heal, it won't 
    take that long. This boss emitts a magnetism slowing down any of your 
    characters with heavy armor or any other metal equips. On top of that, 
    he can also cast Slow, Sap and Confuse on your characters.
    After that's done with, head into the door and get the Urn with the map 
    of the Stilshrine of Miriam and also turn the last warrior statue to 
    face the West, and check that its eyes are glowing. If you turned all 3 
    statues to face the right direction then you should get a message 
    saying something has changed, or something like that. That giant sword 
    from before has been lifted, and creates another path for us to go 
    through. So head back to the Main Hall and use the Way Stone to 
    teleport to the Sword-area, but before going on save up for the next 
    boss fight. 
    Boss: Mateus
          5x Ice Azer
    HP: ~30,000
    At the start of the battle there will be a lot of Ice Azers, which cast 
    Sleep, Slow, and Sap on all your characters like every second(Sleep is 
    the main spell they cast!), which lets Mateus float around freely 
    attacking and killing your characters. After a couple of mins of 
    irritation of having my characters being put to Sleep and killed, I 
    grouped as many of the Ice Azers around Mateus as possible, and then 
    did a chain of quickenings, killing like 4 of them as well as taking a 
    good portion of Mateus' HP. Also watch out for Mateus' special ice 
    attack which does a lot of damage to your whole party. Ice Shields work 
    well in this battle, so if you have any I strongly recommend to equip 
    them. If you want to take the rest of her HP, just switch up your 
    party(if the other party is not dead yet), and have them do their 
    Quickenings which should either finish Mateus off or have her down to 
    extremely low hp, which you can then take out easily.
    After the fight you will obtain Mateus, The Corrupt. Then head up the 
    stairs and into the next room to watch a scene in which you will get 
    the Sword of the Kings. 
                            Mt Bur-Omisace  [5.2]
    Now head out of this place and use a teleport stone to go back to Mt 
    Bur-Omisace, or just take the long walk back there, and head back 
    inside the Temple for an easy boss fight. 
    Boss: Judge Bergan
          3x Judges
    HP: ~15,000
    After the fight talk to the Acolyte walking around by the stairs 
    outside the temple to get the Stone of the Condemner. This item reveals 
    a secret passage back at the Stilshrine Of Miriam, where you can fight 
    and obtain the hidden Esper, Zeromous, but I recommend you do not 
    attemt this now, since Zeromous is extremelly powerful, and even if you 
    do 2 sets of like 15-chain Quickenings that won't get even half his HP. 
    So attempt this later on in the game. Anyways we have to now head to 
    Nalbina Fortress. The easiest way to get there is by teleporting 
    through the Gate Crystal, though I suggest heading to Rabanastre first 
    just to check everything that is new there, especially the shops.
                             Rabanastre  [5.3] 
    Check out the shops and buy what you need, and also head into the 
    Sandea to accept any new Mob Hunts that are available. There are alos 
    quite a few things you can do one of those things is a little love 
    quest, in where you can get a good bow. 
    Viera Lover:
    Start off by going to the South gate, and talk to the Viera there. Then 
    head to the fountain area and talk to a man who is by the fountain. Now 
    go to the Gambit shop and talk to the Viera again there, then head over 
    to the Sandsea, and up the stairs to talk to her there again. Now go 
    back and talk to the man by the fountain, then return to The Sandsea 
    and talk to the Viera, and she will leave. Lastly head back to the 
    central section and you will see both of them together, just talk to 
    them and you will get your reward for uniting them together. The reward 
    is a Loxley Bow and 2x Hi-Potions.
    Another thing that you can currently do, which involves an optional 
    boss in the game is getting the Windvane, in order to enter that 
    sandstorm part of the Westersands, which connects the Westersands and 
    the Eastersands. Anyways to start go to the Westgate, and talk to a 
    Green Bangaa there, then head to the fountain and talk to Cortez. Now 
    go to Lowtown, and Northon should be at the very northern part of it. 
    Northon will tell you where the windglobe is, so now just go to the 
    Westersands and dig it up, it is under one of those giant cactusus, in 
    the dead end area Northwest of Shimmering Horizons. Now go to the 
    Westgate(i think), and talk to the green bangaa there again, and you 
    will recieve the Windvane. Now if you want you can go into that 
    sandstorm area of the Westersands, and fight the Earthtyrant who is 
    really easy.
    If you are doing some mob hunts right now, like the White Mouse or the 
    Orthos, the easiest way to defeat them is by casting reflect on your 
    party. Also in order to encounter Orthos, you have to have only females 
    in your party. You can also cast berserk on White Mouse, so he will 
    stop spamming his magic attacks on you, and you can beat him even 
    faster that way. In the Westersands, you can do the Marilith and Ring 
    Wyrm mob hunts, though Ring Wyrm gave me a really tough time.
    If the Giza Plains is dry again for you, then you can do a few things. 
    First you can give the Toad Ring to the old lady in the Giza 
    settlement, and also the Ecculuptus flower to this other lady.
    Anyways after your done with all of this, just continue to the 
    Mosphoran Highwaste. If you've been to Nalbina before, you can just 
    teleport there and go to the Highwaste straight from there.
                         The Mosphoran Highwaste  [5.4]
    Fire Elemental      Humbaba                  Python
    Lv : 25             Lv : 32-33               Lv : 29-32
    HP : 14830          HP : 5403-5523           HP : 3016-3346
    Weak : Water        Weak : Ice               Weak : Earth
    Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal               Drop/Steal
    - Feystone          - Beastlord Horn         - Great Serpent's Fang
    - Fire Crystal      - Echo Herbs             - Bone Helm
    - Fire Magicite     - Sledgehammer           - Quality Hide
    - Fire Stone        - Storm Magicite         - Tanned Hide
                        - Tanned Gaintskin       - Wind Magicite
    Seeq Cateran        Slaven Wilder            Vulture            
    Lv : 32-34          Lv : 30                  Lv : 30-31           
    HP : 3770-3920      HP : 3218                HP : 4022-4090
    Weak : Fire         Weak : Wind              Weak : Earth
    Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal               Drop/Steal
    - 116 gil           - Earth Magicite         - Black Cowl
    - Pebble            - Firefly                - Bundle of Feathers
    - Phoenix Down      - Gemini Gem             - Eye of the Hawk
    - Six-fluted Pole   - Pebble                 - Giant Feather
    - Water Stone       - Tanned Giantskin       - Wind Magicite
                        - White Fang             - White Fang
    Ash Wyrm            Clay Golem               Worgan
    Lv : 45             Lv : 32                  Lv : 29-31
    HP : 32579          HP : 6393                HP : 2011-2231
    Weak : Eart         Weak : Wind              Weak : Water
    Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal               Drop/Steal
    - Koga Blade        - Chronos Trea           - Fire Magicite
    - Leo Gem           - Earth Magicite         - Libra Gem
    - Wind Crystal      - Iron Pole              - Quality Pelt
    - Wyrm Scale        - Solid Stone            - Smelling Salts
                                                 - Steel Poleynes
                                                 - Throat Wolf Blood
    Just keep heading North, and you should come to a resting are with some 
    people. Save and shop here, then just continue North. In the end of 
    Trail of Sky-flung Stone, you can attack a Weathered roch there, in 
    order to create a small shortcut to the Rays of Ashen Light. Anyways 
    just keep on heading north until you reach the Salikawood.
                            The Salikawood  [5.5]
    Antares          Bakamy            Brown Chocobo       Green Chocobo
    Lv : 33-46       Lv : 35-36        Lv : 32-35          Lv : 33-34
    HP : 6458-7888   HP : 4501-4576    HP : 3718-3922      HP : 3786-3854
    Weak : Wind      Weak : Ice        Weak : Thunder      Weak : Thunder
    Drop/Steal       Drop/Steal               Water               Water
    - Earth Magicite - 133-139 gil            Holy                Holy
    - Insect Husk    - Antidote        Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal
    - Molting        - Diamond Armor   - Antidote         - Chocobo Feather
    - Vanishga Mote  - Storm Magicite  - Chocobo Feather  - Gysahl Greens
                     - Vanishga mote   - Earth Magicite   - Smelling Salts
                                       - Gysahl Greens     - Wind Magicite
    Malboro King      Pumpkin Head      Sprinter             Wyrdhare
    Lv : 34-35        Lv : 32-33        Lv : 33-34           Lv : 34-35
    HP : 4501-4621    HP : 2739-2859    HP : 4070-4138       HP : 2849-2959
    Weak : Holy       Weak : Ice        Weak : Water         Weak : Fire
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal           Drop/Steal
    - Dark Magicite   - Balance Mote    - Astrakhan Hat      - Aries Gem
    - Malboro Fruit   - Handkercheif    - Blue Fang          - Fine Wool
    - Thorned Mace    - Black Cowl      - Bundle of Feather  - Magoroku
    - Virgo Gem       - Storm Magicite  - Fire Magicite      - Stardust
                      - Succulent Fruit - White Fang       - Water Madicite
                      - Screamroot
    *Note - If you accepted the Mob Hunt for Carrot do not kill any 
    monsters in the Salikawood before you actually see it. Carrot can be 
    found at the Sun-dappled Path. Though I doubt you'll be able to beat it 
    at your current level.
    Head North to the little platform withe the Save Crystal, and heal up, 
    then just to the next area. Search here around the Southeast area of 
    the map to find an Urn with a map of the Salikawood. Now go all the way 
    to the East and talk to the Moogle Boss and he will tell you that you 
    have to find his 9 missing Moogle workers who are all somewhere in the 
    Salikawood. Open up the minimap, and all those (!) marks are the 
    missing moogles you have to track down. So now lets get the fun 
    started, and track down these 9 moogles. After you find all 9 and go 
    back to the Gate, the moogles will finish their repairs and you will 
    now have access to the Phon Coast. Then talk to the Moogle Boss again 
    to get a pair of Quasmodo Boots. 
    There is something else we can do in the Salikawood right now. If you 
    head to the Northwest, you will get to a platform with a Gate Crystal 
    on it, so I suggest use it, and then head through the exit right next 
    to the Gate Crystal, where you will get into a boss fight.
    Boss: King Bomb
          x Bomb
    King Bomb has low HP, but can hurt you, if your not careful. It casts 
    fira a lot so its good to have some flame shields, and after you get it 
    down to like half hp it will start summoning a lot of bombs. If you 
    don't kill it after a while it will use a skill to replenish all of its 
    hp, so after you get it down to like half hp just use a lot of 
    quickenings to finish it off. If your having any trouble with it, just 
    exit the area and use the Crystal to recover, then just come back and 
    start all over.
    Killing King Bomb will open up a pathway to the very Northwestern parts 
    of the Salikawood. Also if you accepted the Braegh Mob Hunt, it can be 
    found in the Corridor of  Ages, the very Northwestern area. Anyways 
    just continue to the Phon Coast, the very Eastern exit of Salikawood. 
                           The Phon Coast  [5.6]
    Air Elemental    Archaeosaur       Bagoly             Mandragora 
    Lv : 25          Lv : 36-38        Lv : 37-38         Lv : 34-37
    HP : 14830       HP : 12251-12591  HP : 4610-4720     HP : 2739-3099
    Weak : Earth     Weak : Ice        Weak : Earth       Weak : Fire 
    Drop/Steal       Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal 
    - Feystone       - Gold Needle     - Aries Gem        - Pebble
    - Wind Crystal   - Leo Gem         - Bent Staff       - Platinum Sword  
    - Wind Magicite - Storm Magicite - Bundle of Feathers - Succulent Fruit 
    - Wind Stone    - Tanned Tyrant   - Telepo-Stone      - Vanishga Mote    
                                      - Wind Magicite     - Water Magicite   
    Piranha           Pyrolisk             Silver Lobo       Iguion
    Lv : 35-37        Lv : 36-37           Lv : 34-35        Lv : 36
    HP : 4305-4469    HP : 6262-6330       HP : 3131-3241    HP : 5002
    Weak : Thunder    Weak : Ice           Weak : Earth      Weak : Thunder
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal           Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal
    - Antidote        - Bundle of Feathers - Eye Drops       - Aries Gem
    - Chronos Tear    - Gold Needle        - Libra Gem       - Eye Drops
    - Eye Drops       - Storm Magicite     - Quality Pelt    - Frogspawn
    - Ichthon Scale   - Taurus Gem         - Telepo-Stone    - Ice Magicite
    - Pisces Gem      - White Fang         - Wind Magicite   - Pointed Horn
    - Water Magicite  - Vanishga Mote                        - Phoenix Down
    The Phon Coast is a very large area with easy monsters that give good 
    exp, so if your at low levels, this place should be a good place to 
    level up. When you enter there will be a Save Crystal, so use it and 
    then head to the next area. Just keep heading Southeast and you'll 
    witness a scene. Buy a map of the Phon Coast from the Cartographer's 
    Guild near the Northwest exit and then just use the Gate Crystal here 
    and check out the shop. There is also a board here where you can check 
    out some Mob Hunts. Anyways just head Northeast, till you reach a Save 
    Crystal, then exit into the Tchita Uplands. 
                            The Tchita Uplands  [5.7]
    Bellwyvern        Coeurl             Lizard            Malboro Overking
    Lv : 38           Lv : 36-37         Lv : 36-37        Lv : 36-38
    HP : 8267         HP : 3944-4264     HP : 5191-5411    HP : 4775-5255
    Weak : Water      Weak : Ice         Weak : Water      Weak : Holy
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal
    - Fire Crystal    - Coeurl Pelt      - Blue Fang       - Dark Magicite
    - Reflectga Mote  - Hi-Potion        - Fire Crystal    - Malboro Fruit
    - Remedy          - Quality Pelt     - Fire Magicite   - Putrid Liquid
    - Spiral Incisor  - Storm Crystal    - Pointed Horn    - Vanishga Mote
    - Pebble          - Storm Stone      - Pebble          - Virgo Gem
    Earth Elemental     Serpent             Feral Croc
    Lv : 25             Lv : 35-36          Lv : 39
    HP : 14830          HP : 4982-5302      HP : 9713
    Weak : Wind         Weak : Earth        Weak : Earth
    Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal
    - Earth Crystal     - Aries Gem         - Antarctic Wind
    - Earth Magicite    - Bacchus's Wine    - Aries Gem
    - Earth Stone       - Quality Hide      - White Fang
    - Feystone          - Wind Magicite     - Wind Magicite
                                            - Blood Wool
    This is probably an even bigger area than that of the Phon Coast. 
    Anyways keep heading East, and you'll reach an area with a Gate 
    Crystal. Talk to the boy, he will ask you to take on an unofficial Mob 
    Hunt, you should accept and he will give you the Soul Ward Key, to 
    enter that cave. So now just head East into the Highlands and then exit 
    to the North into the Fields of Eternity. Just keep heading North and 
    enter the cave.
                         The Sochen Cave Palace  [5.8]
    Focalor          Gorgimera             Iguion           Imp
    Lv : 36-37       Lv : 38-39            Lv : 36          Lv : 37-39
    HP : 4513-1687   HP : 4266-4386        HP : 5002        HP : 4390-4710
    Weak : Ice       Weak : Water          Weak : Thunder   Weak : Ice
    Drop/Steal       Drop/Steal            Drop/Steal       Drop/Steal
    - Dorsal Fin     - Bundle of Feathers  - Aries Gem      - 130 gil
    - Ichthon Scale  - Fire Magicite       - Eye Drops      - Antidote
    - Pisces Gem     - Pebble              - Frogspawn      - Blue Fang
    - Power Rod      - Telepo-Stone        - Ice Magicite   - Demon Feather
    - Storm Magicite                       - Phoenix Down   - Scorpio Gem
                                           - Pointed Horn  - Storm Magicite
    Pit Fiend         Striker           Wendigo            Zombie Knight
    Lv : 37-39        Lv : 37-38        Lv : 37-38         Lv : 36-38
    HP : 4390-4710    HP : 5129-5549    HP : 5458-5878     HP : 3693-4053
    Weak : Earth      Weak : Wind       Weak : Thunder     Weak : Holy
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal
    - Eye Drops       - Earth Magicite  - Gemini Gem       - Capricorn Gem
    - Demon Feather   - Maggoty Flesh   - Forbidden Flesh  - Dark Magicite
    - Remedy          - Kagenui         - Ice Magicite     - Hypnocrown
    - Scorpio Gem     - Pebble          - Kiku-Ichimonji   - Maggoty Flest
    - Wind Magicite   - Telepo-Stone    - Maggoty Flesh    - Pebble
    Keep heading North until you get to the door, and use the Soul Ward Key 
    to enter. Upon entering you will see a very funny scene, and then be 
    forced into a boss battle. 
    Boss: Mandragora Prince
          Alraune King
          Onion Queen
          Pumpkin Star
    HP: ~6,000-10,000 each
    This will be an extremely annoying boss fight. They will constantly mob 
    your characters killing them very quickly. Aside from that they do this 
    attack where they inflict Slow, Sap, Poison, Blind and Sleep to your 
    characters. They will run away from time to time to heal themselves and 
    cast Protect and Shell on each other. My best recommendation for 
    winning this fight fast and easy is to group them together and unleash 
    as many Quickenings as possible to kill more at once. The only monster 
    here that might give you some trouble is the Onion Queen, when I fought 
    her all my attacks missed and magic attacks did barely any damage, so I 
    had to recharge my MP and give a couple Quickenings just for her. 
    If you want you can go back to the boy and get your reward, he will 
    give you 1000 gil and 3 remedies (He should have given us 1000 gil for 
    each monster!). That is if you dont mind walking all the way back 
    there. Anyways just take one of the doors in the room of the boss 
    fight, and proceed North to the Save Crystal. The Save Cyrstal is 
    actually a Crystalbug, so you should puit reflect on all your 
    characters, since it casts a lot of magicks. After you defeat it, the 
    real Save crystal will appear, so use it and then proceed to the exit 
    in the East. In this area, the Mirror of Souls map, to the East there 
    is an Urn with a map of the Sochen Cave Palace, so don't miss it. There 
    is actually a hidden chest you can get in this area, but you have to do 
    a little puzzle to get it. This is how:
    Credit on solving this puzzle and the little map below goes to 
    Reference map:
      (_  ___  ___  ___  ___  _)
        1N   2N   3N   4N   5N
         |    |    |    |    |
       (                       )
       (                     S )
         |    |    H    |    |
         |    |         |    |
      (                        (M)
    (M)= where you get the Map
     S = start here
     H = hidden treasure
    -The hidden treasure at H is blocked by a waterfall.
    -So once you visit the central section from the right (Eastern) path 
    you've reached S.
    -From S follow this route:
     S -> 5S -> 1S -> 1N -> 4N -> 4S -> 2S -> 2N -> 3N -> H
    -If you follow in this order, you should get messages telling you the 
    waterfalls have changed, and in the end the waterfall which blocks the 
    central bridge will disappear.
    -Enter to H for your treasure, you will get either Koga Blade, Iga 
    Blade, an Elixir, Dark Matter or gil.
    (I got an Iga Blade when I did this, so I don't really know about the 
    other things you can get)
    After that's done with exit to the Destiny's March area from the East, 
    there is another puzzle we can to here.
    Refrence map of Destiny's March:
               _[2]_              The numbered area is the diaginal which 
             /   |   \            makes up most of the map. Enter this area
           [3]___|___[1]---/      from the East and enter [1], and then
             \   |   /     |      move to each of the others in a
              \  |  /      |      clockwise motion like this:
               -[4]-       |      [1] -> [2] -> [3] -> [4]-> [1]
               /    \  ____|      After doing this you should get a message
            __/      \/ \  \      saying a door opened up somewhere.
           |  \      /  |   \
    Anyways exit this area to the North, and get ready for a boss fight.
    Boss: Ahriman 
    Hp: ~60,000-65,000
    This should not be a hard fight, since this boss doesnt't have that 
    much HP. Just hack away at it, and heal regularly. Ahriman can poison, 
    immobolize, and Confuse your characters. Aside from that it goes around 
    the room making clones of itself, which disapear after a little while. 
    I'm sure if you chain a bunch of Quickenings at the very beginning with 
    all 3 of your characters having full MP, then I would say you could 
    come close to killing it, or just leave it with a little bit of hp 
    After the fight, just head on the one way path, and at the end of it, 
    activate the lift to go to the upper level. Here use the Gate Crystal 
    and then finally get out of here to watch a scene. 
                             Old Archades  [5.9]
    Here there's a shop merchant, selling an extremely valuable accessory, 
    the The Embroidered Tippet! The accessory gives you double the exp from 
    monsters, letting you level up a lot faster. I highly suggest you buy 6 
    of them (30,000 gil) and equip one to all of your characters. *Note: if 
    you have the 6 Golden Amulets I recommended you to buy before, equip 
    those to the characters not in your current party, so while the active 
    3 characters get double exp, the inactive 3 characters get double LP at 
    least (inactive characters don't get exp!). And if you switch up your 
    party, just switch up the accessory equipment for everyone (Yes it's 
    annoying to do this but at least your characters benefit a lot in the 
    long run). 
    Anyways just head all the way to the end and talk to the gaurds, only 
    to be rejected. You will then enter a scene with Jules, so jus pay him 
    the 1,500 gil and go find a guy named Beasly. After that go find Jules 
    and talk to him, and you'll find yourself in Archades.
                         Imperial City of Archades  [6.0]
    In tech shop is Cartogropher's guild for maps of Tchita Uplands and 
    July in Magick Shop will give you Salamand Halcyon
    Head South to the cab, and view a scene, Jules will come to your rescue 
    again, so pay him 2500 gil this time. Now we have to go and do some-
    what of a match-making thing to get ourselves some Pinewood Chops.
    Pinewood Chops: (Contributed by sephirosuy)
    Nilbasse section
      Determined Researcher --> Ex-Researcher
      Gentleman Onlooker --> Eager Crier
      Senior Researcher --> Failed Researcher
      Aspiring Starlet --> Eaded Star
      Worried Husband --> Materialistic Women
      Athletic Women --> Avid Reader
    Molberry section
      Reminiscing Lady --> Family-minded Girl
      Daughter-in-Law --> Man from Giza
      Talented Woman --> Akademician
      Would be Judge --> Judge's Wife
      Avid Traveler --> Traveling Gentleman
      Ardent Women --> Ardent Man
      Poor Husband --> Poor Wife
      Proud Mother --> Tutor
      Look-alike --> Look-alike
    Rienna section
      Philosopher of Cuisine --> Dangerous Chef
      Lazy Profiteer --> Researcher's Wife
      Green Seller --> Vegetable Seller
      Good Brother --> Waiting Women
      Tarot Reader --> Happy Nolist
      Tour Leader --> Bhujerba Lady
      Lucky Man --> Romantic Lady
    Trant section
      Music Appreciator --> Lutenist
      Smitten Man --> Smitten Women
      Farce-Goer --> Girl on an Errand
      Boutiquere --> Moneyed Gentleman
      Historian --> Perceptive Man
      Builder --> Artisan Architect
    It's really annoying ot keep running back and forth, but anyways if you 
    happen to do all of these, you should have 28 in total. Now head to any 
    shop and trade them in for a Sandalwood Chop. Anyways just head back to 
    the cab and you'll be taken to the next area. Try to go in the Northern 
    area, and you'll end up watching a scene with Jules. Now select the 
    second option, the one Jules told you to pick, and you'll be taken to 
    Draklor Laboratory.
                          Draklor Laboratory  [6.1]
    Hecteyes              Imperial Hoplite      Imperial Pilot    
    Lv : 36-37            Lv : 36-37            Lv : 38           
    HP : 8285-8515        HP : 4308-4548        HP : 4367         
    Weak : Ice            Weak : -              Weak : -          
    Drop/Steal            Drop/Steal            Drop/Steal        
    - Sagittarius Gem     - 88, 94, 98 gil      - Hi-Potion       
    - Silver Liquid       - Hi-Potion           - Phoenix Down    
    - Storm Crystal       - Phoenix Down  
    - Unpurified Ether
    - Yellow Liquid
    Imperial Swordsman     Judge               Lab-Rat 
    Lv : 37                Lv : 39             Lv : 36-37
    HP : 3829              HP : 4846           HP : 3627-3647
    Weak : -               Weak : -            Weak : Water
    Drop/Steal             Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal
    - 88, 94, 98 gil       - 100 gil           - Antidote
    - Hi-Potion            - Hi-Potion         - Fire Magicite
    - Phoenix Down         - Phoenix Down      - Rat Pelt
                                               - Rat Tail
    This place is a bit like a maze, so just navigate around and exit to 
    the elevator to the North, and take it to the 67th floor. On the 67th 
    floor head to the Northeast room and enter for a quick scene, in which 
    you will obtain the Lab Access Card and a map of Draklor Laboratories. 
    The map will now be scrambled, and the adjecent room, Rm 6704 has a 
    Save Crystal in it. Go into room 6703, and you can change the bulkheads 
    here. There are some chests to the room in the Southwest, but you will 
    have to change the bulkheads a few times. Anyways just head back to the 
    elevator and take it to the 68th floor.
    As you enter go to room 6803, and change the bulkheads here. You will 
    now have to move in a counter clockwise motion, going to room 6804 next 
    to the west of the elevator, and then to room 6811 in the very 
    Southwest. Also be advised that some of the other rooms contain enemies 
    in them. After room 6811, just head to the next elevator and take it to 
    floor 70. Go around the corner to room 7002 and get the treasure here 
    in which you can get either a Pheasant Netsuke, an accessory or a 
    Hestega Mote, then Save up before heading up the stairs for a boss 
    fight with Balthier's dad.
    Boss: Doctor Cid
          4x Rook
    HP: ~60,000
    This will be a hard boss fight. This is primarily due to the 4 floating 
    Rooks around him, who will cast protect, shell, regen, and heal Cid, as 
    well as shoot lasers at you. Your first objective is to take down all 
    four of the Rooks before actually defeating Cid. Second the battle 
    starts have your characters chain a lot of Quickenings to do some 
    damage to all the enemies. MP doesn't really help you in this battle 
    since the Rooks can drain all of it straight from your characters, but 
    you will need at least a bit of it later to heal some. Mostly just use 
    healing items and if you should have Charge technick on all your 
    characters if you want some more MP. Bring in your second party and do 
    all of their Quickenings. The battle gets harder after only 2 Rooks 
    remain, so take them out ASAP! After all the Rooks have fallen, just 
    keep attacking Cid and he should go down easy.
    After the battle watch the long chain of scenes, and you'll find 
    yourself at:
                           Balfonheim Port  [6.2]
    Check out all the new stuff in all the shops, though I think it's all 
    really expensive. If you go to the Tavern and check the board, there 
    will be 6 new Mob Hunts you can accept, and the petitioner for one of 
    them is right in that Tavern. Anyways just head to the Northeast where 
    there is a Gate Crystal, and one of the Cartographer's Guild selling 
    maps for Cerobi Steppe and Balfonheim Port. In this area the man on the 
    Chocobo will sell Teleport Stones and Gysahl Greens. Just use the Gate 
    Crystal to teleport to you next destination, but at this point I 
    suggest to take some time off to do a lot of the side quests, Mob 
    Hunts, get some of the hidden Espers, getting any of the rare loot and 
    bazzar weapons, etc. Anyways head to the Faywood, to continue through 
    the story line. To get to the Feywood you can either go there through 
    the Golmore jungle or the Paramina Rift.
                              The Feywood  [6.3]
    O --- Enemy/Monster --- O
    Basilisk                Behemoth                Cerberus
    Lv : 42-43              Lv : 42-45              Lv : 38-40
    HP : 5429-5749          HP : 10026-11286        HP : 4419-5059
    Weak : Thunder          Weak : Ice              Weak : Water
    Drop/Steal              Drop/Steal              Drop/Steal
    - Antidote              - Behemoth Steak        - Fire Crystal
    - Chronos Tear          - Gemini Gem            - Francisca
    - Ice Crystal           - Prime Tanned Hide     - Hell-Gate's Flame
    - Prime Tanned Hide     - Red Fang              - Libra Gem
    - Serpent Eye           - Storm Crystal         - Prime Pelt
    Deadly Nightshade   Giruveganus         Golem           Holy Elemental
    Lv : 39-41        Lv : 47             Lv : 42-43        Lv : 25
    HP : 3167-3647    HP : 13686          HP : 11280-11550  HP : 14830
    Weak : Water      Weak : Holy         Weak : Wind       Weak : Dark
    Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal        Drop/Steal
    - Chronos Tear    - Broken Greataxe   - Aquarius Gem    - Feystone
    - Fire Crystal    - Dark Crystal      - Earth Crystal   - Holy Crystal
    - Pebble          - Leo Gem           - Mystletainn     - Holy Magicite
    - Succulent Fruit - Prime Tanned Hide - Pebble          - Holy Stone
    - Virgo Gem       - X-Potion          - Remedy
                                          - Quality Lumber
    Mirrorknight       Mu               Preying Mantis      Tartarus
    Lv : 40-42         Lv : 40-41       Lv : 43-44          Lv : 38-40
    HP : 5202-5842     HP : 3167-3487   HP : 7465-7705      HP : 3619-4259
    Weak : Earth       Weak : Water     Weak : Holy         Weak : Holy
    Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal       Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal
    - Aries Gem        - Aries Gem      - Cancer Gem        - Dark Crystal
    - Mirror Mail      - Blood Wool     - Dark Crystal      - Libra Gem
    - Mirror Scale     - Eye Drops      - Insect Husk       - Prime Pelt
    - Wind Crystal     - Fire Crystal   - Reflectga Mote    - Pebble
    - Windslicer Pinion - Moondust      - Sickle-Blade      - X-Potion
    The best way to get here is to teleport inside the Golmore Jungle and 
    exit to the South of it into the Feywood. Almost all of Feywood, the 
    map will not be viewable so you should be pressing the Select button a 
    lot. The map for this area is in the north of Walk of Stolen Truths. 
    Anyways just head south and you should get to a small area with a save 
    crystal. When you walk up to the Mist and it'll disappear. Proceed for 
    a boss fight.
    Boss: Rafflesia
    This boss will constantly drain your MP until your characters have 0 
    MP, so I suggest just using Quickenings at the very begining of the 
    battle. Aside from that this is a very easy fight. Be sure to cast 
    dispel on it and then just hack at it for a minute and it'll die. It 
    can also cast some bad status effects such as disable, sap, disease, 
    confuse, poison, and some others on your characters, so be sure to heal 
    that. After the fight you can just run back to the save crystal and 
    Continue heading South until you get to the first area with some star 
    shapped circles. What you have to do is just step in the center of them 
    and move the camera on each window, until you see like a different 
    picture, and that is the way you should head. Do this for all of them 
    and it should lead you to the next area in the Southwest. Here is a lot 
    like the previous area. If you dont want to do the whole thing with the 
    circle area, i'll just tell you that the gate to Giruvegan is in the 
    Sothwest corner. In order to open this gate JUST SUMMON BELIS "THE 
    GIGAS," and proceed to Giruvegan. 
                                 Giruvegan  [6.4]
    O --- Enemy/Monster --- O
    Behemoth               Gargoyle Baron          Mythril Golem
    Lv : 45                Lv : 42-43              Lv : 43-44
    HP : 12619             HP : 6071-6231          HP : 17733-17973
    Weak : Ice             Weak : Holy             Weak : Water
    Drop/Steal             Drop/Steal              Drop/Steal
    - Behemoth Steak       - Dark Crystal          - Aquarius Gem
    - Gemini Gem           - Demon Tail            - Fire Crystal
    - Prime Tanned Hide    - Doom Mace             - Gaia Gear
    - Red Fang             - Scorpio Gem           - Iron Ore
    - Storm Crystal        - X-Potion              - Mythril
    Vivian                 Diakon Entite
    Lv : 42-44             Lv : 45
    HP : 6526-7006         HP : 48042
    Weak : Holy            Weak : Dark
    Drop/Steal             Drop/Steal
    - Dark Crystal         - Diakon Halcyon
    - Malboro Flower       - Electrum
    - Telepo-Stone         - Feystone
    - Virgo Gem            - Holy Crystal
    Head over to the Gate Crystal and save up, then just use the Way 
    Stones, and you wil lend up in a boss fight.
    Boss : Daedalus
    This fight will be a bit harder than the previous boss. This boss will 
    mostly just attack and from time to time do a an Ice Crystal attack on 
    your party. Just keep attacking him and heal regularly. When you get 
    him down to low hp he will go crazy and combo your characters to death 
    so be sure to use Pheonix Downs or Raise. Finish him off and a Way 
    Stone will appear. 
    Use the Way Stone, and you will be in a dungeon area. This will be a 
    little annoying so prepare yourself. In order to open up those barriers 
    there are switches around, so you will have to locate the switches 
    first, and those are usually gaurded by 2 Mythril Golems. Just keep 
    heading down the ramps, until you get to what looks like a dea end, 
    whihc is really not, so just walk off the ledge into the invisible path 
    to the next area. This area is a lot like the previous one, so just 
    activate the switches, and head all the way down the ramps, to another 
    ledge that looks like a dead end, so just head to the next area over 
    the green walkway. Save at the Crystal here and then continue to the 
    next area. Find the platform in the middle and continue straight ahead 
    for a boss fight.
    Boss: Tyrant
    This boss fight is a tough battle because Tyrant has tons of HP, 
    relentlessly attacks and uses really powerful magicks. In this battle 
    you won't be able to use any Technicks either. Start off by casting 
    Dispel on him, and then have all your characters cast Haste and Protect 
    on each other (preferably before the battle). Just keep attacking him 
    and use Quickenings if you want to (Quickenings won't do that much 
    damage anyways to him), and heal/raise anyone when you need to. Also be 
    sure to constantly be aleart in your hp and recast protect and haste 
    when it wears off. The boss mostly just attacks and uses Blizzaga and 
    somtimes Darkga.
    After the battle a Way Stone will appear so use it to continue to the 
    The Great Crystal.
                           The Great Crystal  [6.5]
    O --- Enemy/Monster --- O
    Mom Bomb             Mythril Golem        Necrophobe 
    Lv : 45-46           Lv : 45-46           Lv : 46-47  
    HP : 6384-6544       HP : 17733-17973     HP : 8511-8691
    Weak : Water         Weak : Water         Weak : Holy
    Drop/Steal           Drop/Steal           Drop/Steal 
    - Bomb Shell         - Aquarius Gem       - Ambrosia 
    - Diamond Armlet     - Fire Crystal       - Bacchus's Wine
    - Fire Crystal       - Gaia Gear          - Capricorn Gem
    - Pebble             - Iron Ore           - Dark Crystal
    - Scorpio Gem        - Mythril            - Sky Jewel 
    Ose                  Reaper
    Lv : 44-45           Lv : 46
    HP : 6739-7059       HP : 10111
    Weak : Holy          Weak : Holy
    Drop/Steal           Drop/Steal
    - Coeurl Whisker      - Book of Orgain-Cent
    - Dark Crystal        - Capricorn Gem
    - Libra Gem           - Dark Crystal
    - Morning Star        - Pebble
    - Prime Pelt          - Vaccine
    Unfortunately there is no map in thise area, so I suggest to refer to 
    this map:
    You'll eventually get to a platform with with a Way Stone on it and a 
    Save Crystal, so save up since a boss fight is comming up.
    Boss: Shemhazai
    This boss is actually your next esper. Be sure to buff yourself up 
    before and during the fight and cast dispel to remove his Haste. This 
    fight is actually really easy, he will mostly attack your characters 
    and from time to time casts Flare and Silencega. When you get him down 
    to really low HP, you'll notice that your makin barely any damage to 
    him, but don't worry just have a little patience and you'll kill him. 
    After the fight you'll get him as your next esper. Just continue to the 
    next room and use the Empyrean Way Stone there, and then view a long 
    scene in which you will receive the Treaty-Blade. Touch the Way Stone 
    again and you'll be at the entrance of Giruvegan. Head back to the Gate 
    Crystal and teleport to Balfonheim Port.
                              Balfonheim Port  [6.6]
    Go to the "X" on the map and talk to Manse Watch there, which will take 
    you to Reddas and have you view a scene. After the scene Reddas will 
    join you as a guest character and your next destination will be known. 
    And you will also get the Strahl back, which awaits you in the 
    *Note*: Now that you have Reddas, this is a really good time to do most 
    of the Mob Hunts in the game, since you have an additional person. Also 
    some mob hunts will already provide you with an extra ally, so along 
    with Reddas, you could have 5 people fighting that mark!!!
    Anyways do any extra things that you want, and after that head to the 
    Aerodrome, and take the Strahl to the Ridorana Cataract.
                            Ridorana Cataract  [6.7]
    O --- Enemy/Monster --- O
    Cassie                Deathclaw
    Lv : 46               Lv : 48
    HP : 8840             HP : 13162
    Weak : Wind           Weak : Ice
    Drop/Steal            Drop/Steal
    - Bacchus's Wine      - Cancer Gem
    - Earth Crystal       - Charger Barding
    - Ketu Board          - Pebble
    - Malboro Flower      - Storm Crystal
    - Virgo Gem           - X-Potion
    Above you will be a Save Crystal, so use it and head to the next area. 
    The map for this place is in the Colosseum area, but beware that there 
    are a lot of traps on the ground, so i advise to use Float. Just keep 
    heading Northwest, to the Lighthouse area, and prepare for a boss 
                         The Pharos at Ridorana  [6.8]
    Boss: Hydro
    First of all, cast Dispel to stop his Haste, and you can even Slow him 
    down. Once he get slowed, he would be slow for the entire battle, so 
    make sure you had successfully send him Slow status as early as 
    possible. The boss can send you Sap, Disease and more bad statuses, the 
    tail has Poison tough, prepare the items or Esuna to cure these 
    statuses. Use your Quickenings before it has hit your MP away, just 
    make sure you have enough of healing items after you spent your MP. Set 
    one character stay behind for healing and support the spells
    when necessary. Hydro is like Daedalus, the boss that you fought in 
    Giruvegan, you can use healing spell to deal damage on him, but only do 
    this if you have enough of MP, or else you better save the healing 
    spells for your own team. Also remember don't use Dark elemental attack 
    on this boss.
    After defeating the boss, get close to the entrane to trigger a scene, 
    then will enter the pharos automatically.
                              First Ascent  [6.9]
    O --- Enemy/Monster --- O
    Aeronite         Brainpan           Chimera Brain       Deidar
    Lv : 50          Lv : 46            Lv : 45-46          Lv : 46
    HP : 18684       HP : 15358         HP : 9992-10112     HP : 15358
    Weak : Thunder   Weak : Holy        Weak : Holy         Weak : Holy
    Drop/Steal       Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal
    - Dragon Helm    - Aquarius Gem     - 60 gil            - Antares
    - Ice Crystal    - Chronos Tear     - Chimera Head      - Aquarius Gem
    - Leo Gem        - Dark Crystal     - Dark Crystal      - Dark Crystal
    - Wyvern Fang    - Quality Stone    - Hi-Potion         - Orichalcum
    - Wyvern Wing    - Smelling Salts   - Taurus Gem        - Quality Stone
                                        - Windslicer Pinion
    Mimeo/Presenter    Mistmare             Undin Entite
    Lv : 47            Lv : 45-47           Lv : 45
    HP : 46-48         HP : 12180-12500     HP : 48042
    Weak : Holy        Weak : Fire          Weak : Fire
    Drop/Steal         Drop/Steal           Drop/Steal
    - 500 gil          - Chronos Tear       - Electrum
    - Cancer Gem       - Grimoire Aidhed    - Feystone
    - Dark Crystal     - Pebble             - Water Stone
    - Iron Ore         - Reflectga Mote     - Undin Halcyon
    - Pebble           - Scorpio Gem        - Ether
    - Zeus Mace        - Water Crystal
    Keep defeating monsters here so that they will drop Black Orbs, and you 
    need like 3 in order to activate the altars in the central circle area. 
    Also there should be an urn in the Southern area of the circle area, 
    with a map of this place. You would need to go through the maze areas 
    in order to get to the other sections on the circle area and to 
    activate the other altars. After you activate all the altars, head into 
    the most Eastern room, and you'll come out into a desert area, just 
    head Northeast, and u'll encounter the boss.
    Boss: Pandaemonium
    Cast dispel on him to get rid of the Protect and Shell. Just keep 
    attacking him, after a while he will put a barrier on himself, making 
    himself immune to physical as well as magical attacks. You should 
    consentrate on healing and defending, and the barrier will go away in a 
    little while, and then you can finish him off.
    After the fight head back to the main hall, save up, and then use the 
    Way Stone to be transported to the next area. 
    In the next few areas, you will need to defeat all of the Brainpans in 
    order to form the green walkway and proceed to the other sides. 
    Also as a note on floors 26 and 35, there are hidden treasures, where 
    in order to make the walkways for them, you will need to defeat lots of 
    Deidars, who look a lot like the Brainpans, and can be found on the top 
    floors. On floor 26 it is a Holy Rod, and on the 35th floor, the first 
    chest contains a Duel Mask, and the second inner treasure can contain 
    either a Zeus Mace or Muramasa. 
    Anyways just keep heading all the way up, until you get to a Save 
    Crystal area, in whihc you should save. Head to the top floor, and get 
    ready for a boss fight.
    Boss: Slyt
    Just keep attacking it and healing. If you have good Fire magick, then 
    use it. This boss is fairly easy and should go down fast.
    After the battle, open the door in front and then use the Way Stone in 
    the end to get to the Second Ascent.
                            Second Ascent  [7.0]
    O --- Enemy/Monster --- O
    Abaddon              Bune                 Crusader
    Lv : 47-48           Lv : 48-49           Lv : 47-48
    HP : 13239-13879     HP : 13239-13659     HP : 10592-10772
    Weak : Holy          Weak : Water         Weak : Holy
    Drop/Steal           Drop/Steal           Drop/Steal
    - Aries Gem          - Damascus Steel     - Blood-darkened Bone
    - Dark Crystal       - Fire Crystal       - Capricorn Gem
    - Solid Horn         - Forbidden Flesh    - Crown of Laurels
    - Telepo-Stone       - Gemini Gem         - Dark Crystal
    - Vaccine            - Gungnir            - X-Potion
    Dragon Lich          Necrofiend           Reaver
    Lv : 49-50           Lv : 48-49           Lv : 49-50
    HP : 22241-22921     HP : 12709-12889     HP : 22771-23191
    Weak : Holy          Weak : Holy          Weak : Earth
    Drop/Steal           Drop/Steal           Drop/Steal
    - Charger Barding    - Capricorn Gem      - Bacchus's Wine
    - Corpse Fly         - Dark Crystal       - Beastlord Hide
    - Dark Crystal       - Lifewick           - Golden Axe
    - Hastega Mote       - Sky Jewel          - Pebble
    - Hi-Potion          - Vaccine            - Wind Crystal
    In this section, use the Save Crystal at the far back part of the room, 
    and then chose your altar wisely. Each altar will disable a certain 
    ability. The altar to North-West seals magic, South-West seals normal 
    attack, South-East seals mini map, North-East seals items. I really 
    suggest to seal the mini map, since you can easily refer to the whole 
    map with the select button. Head through the door opposite that altar 
    that you chose, and head upo into the next area. 
    The map to the Second Ascent is in the Station of Suffering, in the top 
    left corner.
    Here is the way you should go:
    61F, just reach South-West corner to next floor.
    62F, the stair to above in South-East corner.
    63F, move to North-West, hit the wall there will see the passage to 
    next floor.
    64F, a Save Crystal here, the way to following level at South-West.
    65F, go forward to the door, choose second option to enter for a boss 
    Boss: Fenrir
    At the start of the fight, cast Dispel on him. This really isnt a hard 
    fight. Have your characters buffed, and consentrate on attacking and 
    healing when needed. There is also actually a cheap quick way to kill 
    him off, but requires lots of MP. First you would have to kill off 
    Reddas, and set your gambits for your party Foe: Nearest Visible - Bio, 
    instead of attacking in order to do this trick. First cast sleep on 
    him, and then just let your characters continue casting Bio on him. The 
    reason to kill off Reddas is so he wouldn't attack and Fenrir won't 
    wake up. If he wakes up just cast sleep on him again, and have your 
    characters continue with the casting of Bio, and he should soon die. 
    Anyways just continue to the 66th floor, and unseal the altar that you 
    sealed on the 60th floor. On the top floor, save up and take the Way 
    Stone to the Third Ascent. Also be sure taht you have lots of vaccines 
    and the Arise magick, for the next area.
                              Third Ascent  [7.1]
    O --- Enemy/Monster --- O
      Aeronite            Cataract Aevis        Dead Bones
       Lv : 50             Lv : 50               Lv : 49-50
       HP : 18684          HP : 23241            HP : 11302-11482
       Weak : Thunder      Weak : Thunder        Weak : Holy
       Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal            Drop/Steal
        - Dragon Helm       - Caldera             - Ancient Bone
        - Ice Crystal       - Charger Barding     - Blood-darkened Bone
        - Leo Gem           - Holy Mote           - Dark Crystal
        - Wyvern Fang       - Ice Crystal         - Eye Drops
        - Wyvern Wing       - Pebble              - Golden Skullcap
      Necrofiend           Purobolos            Zombie Warlock
       Lv : 48-49           Lv : 49-50           Lv : 48-50
       HP : 12709-12889     HP : 9531-9691       HP : 7598-7958
       Weak : Holy          Weak : Holy          Weak : Holy
       Drop/Steal           Drop/Steal           Drop/Steal
        - Capricorn Gem      - Bomb Shell         - Alarm Clock
        - Dark Crystal       - Dark Crystal       - Capricorn Gem
        - Lifewick           - Handkerchief       - Dark Crystal
        - Sky Jewel          - Mallet             - Forbidden Flesh
        - Vaccine            - Scorpio Gem        - Pebble
    In this section, you must choose the right medallion in order to reach 
    the upper levels, if you took the wrong one, either you will be warped 
    back to the previous area or 79F. The monsters in 79F are very 
    annoying, you might need alot of time and items for this fight, and you 
    have to defeat certain amount of these monsters to unlock the ancient 
    door. Also the map to this area is on the 79th floor, so get it if you 
    want, but i dont thin going through very long and difficult battles is 
    worth it. Just follow the steps below to safely reach your destination.
    80F, take the Black medallion
    81F, head to South-East, you're able to hit the wall (Fool's Facade), 
    just hit it away run into the secret area, inside there is a Green 
    medallion, use it to 83F. On the secret area way to Green medallion, a 
    random treasure with Rubber Suit might appear, but beware of traps.
    83F, evade some traps here. Go hit the wall to outside, take the Red 
    84F, make sure you take the treasure behind the two Aeronites, it's a 
    Circlet, which is a really good headgear, and you can equip it till the 
    end of the game. Now here you have to remember the color of the altar 
    that you sealed in the Second Ascent, and you have to pick the 
    medallion with that same color.
    86F, go North and hit the wall there, inside there you can find a 
    medallion, use it to get to the upper level.
    88F, Here, just take the lift to the 90th floor and get ready for a 
    boss fight.
    Boss: Hashmal
    Make sure you set your Gambits to heal Disease with Vaccine. Dispel his
    protection and Haste whenever he casts. Use Arise for the KO'd 
    characters, and Vaccinces on any character that gets Diseased. The boss 
    will also send you Slow effect from his Quakeja, so just use Haste to 
    recover it. After his Quakeja, just use Curaja to reheal your party. 
    When his life is down to 20%, he will build the full barrier which 
    block all attack and magic, while waiting for the the barrier to 
    disapear, heal and cure you characters, prepare to finish
    off him after his barrier has gone.
    After you defeat him, you will get Hashmal as your next esper. 
    Now on the 90F, run up to 92F to watch some events. After that, head up 
    to the 98F for a Save Crystal, you're going to have some tough fights, 
    so make sure to cast all the support spells on your team and save your 
    game here. Continue on, and use the Way Stone in the end to watch some 
    Boss: Gabranth
    HP: around 60,000
    This is quite easy, cast Dispel at the beginning of the battle before 
    anything. Just use normal attacks to take him down. He has a move, 
    which is quite powerful, but it only targets one character. If you want 
    to beat him really fast, just cast Berserk on like two of your party 
    Boss: Doctor Cid
    HP: 90,000
    Boss: Famfrit
    HP: around 160,000
    First of all, Dispel all his support spells, recast Haste on your party 
    when necessary. After getting down Doctor Cid's HP to half, he will 
    summon an esper, Famfrit. Now you can't hurt him, but he still 
    attacking you, you should focus on the esper first, take it down as 
    soon as possible, and then only will you be able to fight Cid again. 
    His esper is around 160,000 HP, make sure you heal your character all 
    the time, and watch out for the Wateraja which deals around 1,000 
    damage to all your characters. Also Dispel his esper when he casts any 
    support spell to it. Fire elemental deals slightly more damege to the 
    esper since it's a Water elemental. Just keep your party over 50% HP, 
    and watch out for Cid's special shooting moves. After finish off the 
    esper, focus to your main target, becareful his special attack which 
    can damage all your characters.
    After those 3 consecutive bosses, you will get Famfrit, and then just 
    watch the scenes. 
                            Balfonheim Port  [7.2]
    You will end up back here after the scenes, and you won't have Reddas 
    in your party anymore. Now this is the part of the game right before 
    the very last section of the game, and you should get anything you 
    missed, do any side quests, mob hunts, get espers, etc. If your looking 
    for any magicks that you havent gotten yet, check every single shop in 
    the game, since new magicks will appear in places you dont really think 
    of, such as Ardor(the second best magick in the game) in the Barheim 
    Passage. I suggest also, if you want some good weapons and armor to do 
    lots of loot hunting, to get all those good bazaar items, though if 
    you're trying to get Tournesol, its a giant pain in the ass getting all 
    the items, and took me like at the least 10 hrs to collect all items. 
    And if you are going loot hunting then I also suggest to have all the 
    Grimoires and the Canopic Jar. 
    Note: Once you proceed to the final stage, there is no comming back!!
                          Sky Fortress Bahamut  [7.3]
    O --- Enemy --- O
    Helm-Rook       Imperial Beastmaster   Imperial Gunner  ImperialPilot
    Lv : 47         Lv : 49-50             Lv : 47-48          Lv : 48-49
    HP : 12286      HP : 3458-3698         HP : 4219-4459      HP : 4219-
    Weak : -        Weak : -               Weak : -            Weak : -
    Drop/Steal      Drop/Steal             Drop/Steal          Drop/Steal
    - Knot of Rust  - 137-144 gil          - 80 gil            - 90 gil
                    - Hi- Potion           - Hi-Potion         - Hi-Potion
                    - Phoenix Down         - Phoenix Down
                    - Reflectga Mote       - X-Potion
    Imperial Swordsman   Judge            Sphere-Rook      Spinner-Rook
    Lv : 48              Lv : 49-50       Lv : 47          Lv : 47
    HP : 3669            HP : 4953-5193   HP : 10286       HP : 13286
    Weak : -             Weak : -         Weak : -         Weak : -
    Drop/Steal           Drop/Steal       Drop/Steal       Drop/Steal
    - 133-153 gil        - Hi-Potion      - Knot of Rust   - Knot of Rust
    - Hi-Potion          - Phoenix Down
    - Phoenix Down       - Vaccine
    - X-Potion
    After some scenes, take either bulkhead to the next area. Defeat some 
    enemies in the passage, but they're unlimited, so just keep running 
    when you have the chance of escape. Take the middle path from the 
    junction to leave the current area. Next section, run down the circle 
    area and cross it as soon as possible, only kill the enemies who're 
    really blocking your way. Reach to the elevator area, examine the panel 
    for a scene.
    Boss: Gabranth
    Cast Dispel to stop his Haste. Not too tough, just the physical attack 
    battle. Cast Regen and Protect to your characters, use Berserk or 
    Bacchus's Wine if you want, but don't use to all characters in once. 
    When his HP is down to half, he will fully restore his HP and change 
    some little fighting style, nothing much different actually, just leave 
    an ally with a Gambit to heal when anyone down to 50% HP. You can send 
    him Blind and Slow for an easier fight, but you should know this status 
    effect will miss for sometime. Also use Expose skill if you have. I 
    thought this boss fight was really easy, and i defeated him in only a 
    few minutes. 
    After that, prepare for another boss fight, cast all support spells on 
    your party. Operate the panel when you're ready.
    Boss: Vayne
    Larse will help healing your character, so you can just focus on 
    attacking, but make sure to revive your characters if anyone is KO'd. 
    Dispel the boss when he has any support spells. Also recast the support 
    spells like Protect and Haste on your party.
    Boss: Vayne Novus
    Again, Dispel the boss at the beginning. You can see six flying weapons 
    around, you actually can destroy all of them. Since the weapons are 
    flying, you have to use range weapon or magic if you want to destroy 
    them. Slow does work on the boss. Beware his special attack which can 
    deal over 1,000 damage to the party, before he perform this move, you 
    can see the flying weapons will surrounding him. One way to kill him 
    faster is use Expose and normal attack, Berserk a character if you 
    Boss: Immortal One/The Undying
    Dispel his support spell first, also recast the support spells on your 
    party characters, always build Haste on everyone. This is the final 
    battle, no need to save your items anymore, just use the Elixir, 
    Megalixir, X-potions to heal, use Gil Toss if your got gil remaining. 
    Later, the boss will builds physical barrier or magic barrier randomly, 
    pay attention on your attacks. Perform your best Quickenings to send a 
    large damage, and make sure he is not in the physical barrier. Cast the 
    strongest spell when the physical attack barrier is builded. If the 
    boss in magic and physical barrier in the same time, the only thing you 
    can do is wait, and heal your characters.
    After all these long battles, you have beaten the game, enjoy the 
    Personally I didn't think the ending was good at all, unlike some of 
    those from past final fantasies. 
    IV. Bazaar Item List
    This is only a list of the the items needed to make those Bazaar items, 
    and this does not list how and where to get those loot items. So here 
    is a link to a really good Bazaar item guide that I myself used:
    ***One-Hand Sword***
    Iron Sword = Earth Stone(3) + Iron Scraps(3) + Foul Flesh(2)
    Blood Sword = Dark Stone(5) + Solid Stone(2) + Glass Jewel(2)
    Flametongue = Fire Stone(6) + Lumber(2) + Malboro Vine(2)
    Diamond Sword = Fire Magicite(7) + Maggoty Flesh(4) + Bundle of 
    Deathbringer = Dark Crystal(10) + Solid Horn(4) + Demon Tail(5)
    Stone Blade = Taurus Gem(3) + Orichalcum(2) + Chimera Head(2)
    Durandal = Leshach Halcyon(1) + Emperor Scale(2) + Lifewick(3)
    ***Two-Hand Sword***
    Save The Queen = Holy Crystal(10) + Sky Jewel(7) + Quality Stone(4)
    Ultima Blade = Gnoma Halcyon(1) + Adamentite(2) + Death Powder(2)
    Tournesol = Serpentarius(3) + Empyreal Soul(3) + Gem Steel(3)
    Wyrmhero Blade = Godslayer's Badge(1) + Lu Shang's Badge(1) + Omega 
    Ame-no-Murakumo = Water Crystal(9) + Iron Ore(5) + Screamroot(7)
    Masamune = Mallet(2) + Orichalcum(3) + Gem Steel(2)
    ***Ninja Sword***
    Kagenui = Dark Magicite(5) + Giant Feather(5) + Festering Flesh(4)
    Orochi = Cancer Gem(3) + Sickle-Blade(2) + Coeurl Whisker(2)
    Javelin = Wind Stone(3) + Horn(2) + Foul Flesh(2)
    Trident = Wind Magicite(6) + Pointed Horn(4) + Maggoty Flesh(5)
    Gungnir = Mystletainn(2) + Kuto Board(2) + Broken Spear (2)
    Cypress Pole = Earth Stone(4) + Bone Fragment(5) + Succulent Fruit(3)
    Iron Pole = Fire Magicite(7) + Sturdy Bone(5) + Demon Eyeball(3)
    Ivory Pole = Wind Crystal(7) + Blood-darkened Bone(8) + Demon 
    Whale Whisker = Aquarius Gem(4) + Corpse Fly(3) + Mythril(3)
    Parallel Arrow/Short Bow = Dark Stone(2) + Bat Fang(1) + Rat Pelts(2)
    Firey Arrow/Long Bow = Fire Stone(4) + Crooked Fang(2)
    Bamboo Arrow/Loxley Bow = Water Magicite(3) + Yellow Liquid(1) + Bat 
    Perseus Bow/Lightning Arrow = Ice Crystal(7) + Spiral Incisor(4) + 
    Antarctic Wind(2)
    Artemis Arrow = Gemini Gem(3) + Vampyr Fang(2) + Dorsal Fin(2)
    Artemis Bow = Sylphi Halcyon(1) + Great Serpent's Fang(2) + Moondust(2)
    Sagittarius = Sagittarius Gem(4) + Beastlord Horn(3) + Moon Ring(3)
    Long Bolt/Crossbow = Ice Stone(1) + Crooked Fang(4) + Yellow Liquid(2)
    Recurve Crossbow/Stone Bolt = Ice Magicite(5) + Festering Flesh(2) + 
    Bundle of Needles(1)
    Hunting Crossbow/Black Bolt = Dark Crystal(3) + Spiral Incisor(3) + 
    Silver Liquid(3)
    Penetrator Crossbow/Time Bolt = Holy Crystal(9) + Ancient Bone(3) + 
    Wyvern Fang(4)
    Grand Bolt = Capricorn Gem(3) + Wrath of the God(2) + Ring Wyrm 
    Capella/Silent Bullet = Dark Stone(3) + Fish Scale(2) + Green Liquid(1)
    Aqua Bullet/Vega = Water Stone(5) + Yenza Scale(2) + Green Liquid(3)
    Aldebaran/Mud Shot = Earth Crystal(3) + Silver Liquid(3) + Ichichon 
    Windslicer Shot/Spica = Wind Crystal(7) + Ring Wyrm Scale(4) + Silver 
    Arcturus = Salamand Halcyon(1) + Yenza Fin(2) + Wyvern Wing(2)
    Stone Bullet = Libra Gem(3) + Tyrant Bone(2) + Mirror Scale(2)
    Francisca = Wind Magicite(6) + Pointed Horn(2) + Malboro Fruit(4)
    Gold Axe = Mardu Halcyon(1) + Broken Greataxe(2) + Electrum(2)
    Scorpion's Tail = Scorpio Gem(4) + Wyrm Bone(3) + Charged Gizzard(3)
    Zwill Crossblade = Wind Crystal(9) + Malboro Flower(7) + Windslicer 
    Cloud Staff = Storm Crystal(7) + Demon Feather(6) + Quality Lumber(4)
    ***Handy Bomb***
    Water Bomb = Water Crystal(10) + Book of Orgain(3) + Putrid Liquid(3)
    Fumarole/Poison Bomb = Fire Crystal(3) + Bomb Shell(1)
    Tumulus/Oil Bomb = Fire Crystal(3) + Bomb Ashes(3) + Book of Orgain(2)
    Castellanos = Aries Gem(3) + Frog Oil(2) + Bomb Fragment(3)
    Caldera/Chaos Bomb = Fire Crystal(7) + Book of Orgain-Cent(3) + Bomb 
    B. ARMOR
    Chromed Leathers = Earth Stone(1) + Wolf Pelt(2)
    Red Cap/Brigandine = Dark Magicite(3) + Coeurl Pelt(3) + Quality 
    Headband/Jujitsu Gi = Ice Magicite(4) + Coeurl Pelt(4) + Tyrant Hide(2)
    Adamant Hat/Adamant Vest = Storm Magicite(5) + Coeurl Pelt(6) + Tanned 
    Tyrant Hide(2)
    Chakra Band/Power Vest = Fire Crystal(3) + Quality Pelt(6) + Tanned 
    Gigas Hat/Gigas Chestplate = Dark Crystal(7) + Prime Pelt(8) + Prime 
    Tanned Hide(7)
    Crown of Laurels/Rubber Suit = Fire Crystal(8) + Prime Pelt(9) + 
    Forbidden Flesh(7)
    Escutcheon = Fire Stone(1) + Molting(1)
    Leather Plate/Leather Headgear = Dark Stone(2) + Wolf Pelt(2) + Tanned 
    Gold Helm/Gold Armor/Gold Shield = Dark Magicite(3) + Tanned Hide(2) + 
    Iron Carapace(3)
    Burgonet/Shield Armor/Ice Shield = Earth Magicite(4) + Quality Hide(2) 
    + Wyrm Carapace(2)
    Demon Shield = Leamonde Halcyon(1) + Destrier Barding(8) + Aged Turtle 
    Venetian Shield = Udin Halcyon(1) + Ancient Turtle Shell(2) + Ring Wyrm 
    Magepower Shishark = Feystone(1) + Chimera Head(2) + Charger Barding(5)
    Maximillion = Pices Gem(3) + Split Armor(2) + Charger Barding(4)
    Platinum Helm/Platinum Armor/Platinum Shield = Storm Magicite(6) + 
    Insec Husk(2) + Tanned Gianskin(6)
    ***Mage Hats/Robes***
    Feathered Cap/Traveler's Vestment = Water Stone(5) + Braid Wool(2) + 
    Tanned Hide(2)
    Lamia's Tiara/Enchanter's Habit = Ice Magicite(4) + Fine Wool(3) + 
    Tyrant Hide(1)
    Black Cowl/Black Garb = Fire Magicite(5) + Fine Wool(4) + Tanned Tyrant 
    Black Mask/Black Robes = Dark Crystal(8) + Blood Wool(9) + Prime Tanned 
    White Mask/White Robes = Holy Crystal(8) + Blood Wool(9) + Beastlord 
    Feather Boots = Broken Sword(1) + Arctic Wind(1)
    Quasimodo Boots = Zombie Powder(1)
    Gillie Boots = Slaven Harness(2)
    Battle Harness = Troat Wolf Blood(1)
    Golden Amulet = Tattered Garment(1)
    Pheasant Netsuke = Stardust(2)
    Blazer Glove = Bent Staff(3)
    Firefly = Snowfly(1) + Tomato Stalk(2) + Magick Lamp(1)
    Amber Armlet = Gimble Stalk(2)
    Turtleshell Choker = Four-Leaf Clover(2) + Bomb Shell(2)
    Opal Ring = Frogspawn(2)
    Bubble Belt = BattleWyrm Carapace(2) + Adamantite(1)
    Hermes Sandals = Arcana(15) + Gysahl Greens(33)
    Nihopalaoa = Leo Gem(3) + Blood-Stained Necklace(3) + Death's-Head(2)
    Cat-ear Hood = Virgo Gem(7) + Einherjarium(2) + White Incense(2)
    D. ITEMS
    Potion×2 = Cactus Fruit(2)
    Potion×5/Handkerchief×3/Gold Needle×3 = Succulent Fruit(4)
    Hi Potion×10 = Rainbow Egg(1)
    X-Potion×10 = Behemoth Steak(1)
    Potion×30/Hi Potion×20/X-Potion×10 = Screamroot(3)
    Ether×1 = Unpurified Ether(2) + Calamel(3)
    Hi Ether×1 = Unpurified Ether(2) + Foul Liquid(2) + Slime Oil(1)
    Elixir×1 = High Arcana(1) + Demon Drink(3) + Ambrosia(3)
    Last Elixir×1 = High Arcana(2) + Rat Tail(3) + Onion(3)
    Antidote×3 = Drab Wool(2)
    Eye Drops×3 = Demon Eyeball(3)
    Hi Potion×4/Smelling Salts×2 = Malboro Vine(4)
    Phoenix Down×5/Alarm Clock ×5 = Chocobo Feather(4)
    Antidote×12/Eye Drops×12/Echo Herbs×12 = Malboro Fruit(4)
    Vaccine×8/Smelling Salts×16 = Malboro Flower(3)
    Chronos Tear×10 = Eye of The Hawk(1)
    Vaccine×10 = Demon's Sigh(1)
    Phoenix Down×2 = Small Feather(3)
    Phoenix Down ×2/Potion×2 = Large Feather(3)
    Phoenix Down ×12/Hi Potion×3 = Giant Feather(3)
    Phoenix Down ×10 = Jack-o'-Lantern(1)
    Phoenix Down ×25 = Bundle of Feathers(3)
    Phoenix Down ×50 = Windslicer Pinion(5)
    Bucchus Vine×3 = Tyrant Hide(2)
    Water Motes×5 = Festering Flesh(4)
    Holy Motes×1 = Diakon Halcyon(1) + Glass Jewel(8) + Sky Jewel(8)
    Scathe Mote×1 = Book of Orgain(8) + Book of Orgain-Cent(8) + Book of 
    Red Fang×5 = Pointed Horn
    Dark Matter×1 = Grimoire Togail(3) + Grimoire Aidhed(3) + Bat Wing(1)
    Pebble×99 = Quality Stone(5)
    High Arcana = Arcana(10) + Soul of Thamasa(1) + Feystone(1)
    Empyreal Soul×1 = High Arcana(1) + Soul Powder(1) + Wargod's Band(2)
    Sepentarius×1 = High Arcana(1) + Snake Skin(4) + Serpent Eye(2)
    Gem Steel×1 = Hell-Gate Flame(2) + Scarletite(1) + Damascus Steel(2)
    V. Sidequests                                               
    Barheim Key  [7.4]
    First you must complete the Cactuar Mob Hunt in order to get the Cactus 
    Flower, and be at a certain point in the game, in order to initiate 
    some of these events. When I first did this quest, it was right before 
    I went to the Feywood. 
    Go to the Dalmasca Eastersand South Bank village. Talk to Tchigri to 
    initiate a scene and chose to accompany Tchigri to the North Bank. Just 
    watch the scene here and you'll head back to the South Bank. Talk to 
    Dantro's Wife and she'll tell you that she threw the flower out at the 
    back of the house, so go around and examine the flower, to find out 
    that Dran regrew. Now go talk to Tchigri to take you back to the North 
    Bank, and return Dran back to his family and he will give you 1000 gil 
    and A puch of Wyrmfire Shot. Just head back to Tchigri, and he'll take 
    you back across to the South Bank again. Talk to Dantro's Wife and 
    she'll tell you that this time she needs some Senclam Shells. These 
    area really easy to get, some are found right by the water in the South 
    Bank Village, and more in the Banks of Nebra, which is one map south of 
    this village. All you really need are the ones you find right in the 
    village, and give them to her. She will now tell you that she needs 
    some Nebralim, which she thinks Dantro has, so now head all the way 
    South to the Outpost. Talk to Dantro and search the crates for a phial 
    of Nebralim, and head back to Dantro's wife. Talk to her to give her 
    the Nebralim, and then she'll ask you to get her some Valeblossom Dew 
    which can be found all the way at the Northern map of the Eastersands. 
    Just cross the river again (BTW just avoid the Cockatrice thing for 
    now), and head all the way North. At the Broken Sands area, go to the 
    cliffs and check the flowers for some Valeblossom Dew, and head back to 
    give it to Dantro's Wife. Leave for a while and come back to talk to 
    the Recovered Traveler, and he will give you the Barheim Key!
    Viera Lover  [7.5]
    Check section 5.3
    Windvane  [7.6]
    Check section 5.3
    Bhujerban Madhu  [7.7]
    They are the wine bottles in different locations of Bhujerba, obtain 
    and sell them to the appointed NPCs, each Bhujerban Madhu can be sold 
    for 1000 gil. All together are 14 Madhus, that's mean you could have 
    14000 gil here.
    You can start to collecting them after Tomb Of Raithwall event.
    Here are the Bhujerba Madhus location, you could get them randomly,
    1. Inside Airship Terminal, from the entrance head to right area. It's 
    on the traveller's bag.
    2. Inside Armor Shop, in the third left carbinet.
    3. Inside Weapon Shop, turn right from the first stairs. It's in the 
    4. Inside Magic Shop, turn left from the first stairs, It's on the 
    5. Outside Magic Shop, go South from there. It's behind the man with a 
    6. Inside Skill Shop, just beside the second stairs.
    7. Inside Gambit Shop, in the bookcase at left side.
    8. Outside Gambit Shop, it's on the crate at right side.
    9. West Item Shop, find the left side of it. It's on the crate along 
    with a moogle.
    10. Middle section inside the resident's house, it's in the right 
    11. Middle section, the right end crates outside the resident's house, 
    it's on the crate.
    12. Inside the Inn, on the middle table.
    13. In front of Lhusu Mines, find it at bottom of the water engine 
    14. South-East section, behind the blue seeq.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Of course, you do have to find the buyers to buy them. Here are the 
    buyers location, yoou can sell more than one to each of the buyers, 
    just exit and re-enter the area after selling it.
     1. Inside Airship Terminal, from the entrance head to right area.
        The man with blue hat.
     2. Inside Armor Shop.
        The old lady in front of the counter.
     3. Inside Weapon Shop.
        Female resident in green.
     4. Inside Magic Shop.
        The Informer at the left corner.
     5. Outside Magic Shop.
        The man opposite of the shop.
     6. Inside Skill Shop.
        The moogle in the middle.
     7. Inside Gambit Shop.
        The seeq staff by the left front corner.
     8. Outside Gambit Shop, head to South.
        The gray bangaa on the slope.
     9. West section.
        Female resident at Western most.
    10. Middle section inside the resident's house.
        Female inside, who's also the client of Antlion Mob Hunt (rank A).
    11. Inside the Inn.
        The seeq near the window.
    12. Outside the Inn.
        The man in front of the Inn. 
    13. In front of Lhusu Mines section.
        The Miners beside Item Shop.
    14. South-East section, go down to left area.
        Female resident looking to ouside.
    July, The Spy  [7.8]
    This event can only happen after Tomb of Raithwall event and before 
    story reaches to Mosphoran Highwaste.
    - First, head to Nalbina and find two guards who block the way to 
    Mosphoran. Talk to July sitting away in front of them knowing she is 
    undertaking a job, and she wants to end it and back to Archades.
    - Close to the guards and listen to their discussion. The Senior Guard 
    told The Junior Guard not to leave his post not ever what happen. But 
    the Junior Guard said he can't bear the smell of chocobo.
    - Hire a chocobo and drive this guard, he will scream and run away. 
    Junior Guard's family is Chocobo Gardener, and always get the smell, he 
    work hard and save the money to buy a perfume from Viera to cover this 
    disfavored and married his wife. This is the secret he keeps all the 
    time. That's why Julie was hired to search for.
    - After that, July turns to you and thank. She pursues you to come 
    Archades for the reward. When you reach to Imperial City of Archades, 
    find her in the magic shop and get your reward, which is Salamand 
    Halcyon. It's a treasure to trade for Arcturus (Atk +44) gun type 
    Fishing - Mini Game  [7.9]
    The main objective to play this Mini-Game is for the Lu Shang's Badge, 
    which is one of the three badges needed to get the Wyrmhero Blade. 
    After you get the Barheim Key (side quest above), and the story reached 
    to Port At Balfonheim,
    - Back to Dalmasca Eastersand Gate Crystal section, talk to the man 
    Ruksel who's looking at the river, knowing he wants to fishing. 
    - Return to Port At Balfonheim, the South-East section which is the 
    road to Aerodrome.
    - Find the fishing old man around the crates area and talk to him 
    twice, then choose the first option.
    - Now go further from the old man, but don't leave this section yet. 
    After awhile back to the same place, the old man has gone, examine the 
    fishing rod there to get Muramata.
    - Move to Dalmasca Eastersand and pass the Muramata to Ruksel to start 
    this Mini-Game.
    If you've completed Mysterious Man/Gilgamesh rank H Mob Hunt mission, 
    you would get Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Black Bottle during the 
    fishing one by one. With the hints from the Bottles, find five letters 
    from the locations below:
    Blue Bottle
    - Nabreus Deadlands, section South section from the Gate Crsytal.
    Green Bottle
    - Salikawood, section before to Nabreus Deadlands. Find the shack by 
    the middle trunk.
    Red Bottle
    - Mosphoran Highwaste, Gate Crystal section. Find the Wind Shrine at 
    North-West area, check it to get the letter.
    Yellow Bottle
    - Cerobi Steppe, Go turn on the windmill No.1, 2, 5, 7, 9, turn off 3, 
    4, 6, 8, 10. If you do so, you will get the letter automatically, make 
    sure double check to confirm all of them have been fixed right.
    Black Bottle
    - Garamsythe Waterway, central control section where the Save Crystal 
    by. Go South-East abit, where you can see some mice running round.
    After you got all five letters, move on to Barheim Passage to find 
    Gilgamesh. Go to the longest railway in the middle known as Zeviah 
    Span, you can see a small area at the South of this section, and you 
    can only reach there from the South. Enter that small area to watch a 
    scene with Gilgamesh and Enkidou.
    After that, you will obtain Matamune demon rod. Now return and pass 
    this rod to Ruksel in Dalmasca Eastersand, continue fishing until you 
    get to the Upper Reaches. At the beginning, you can only fish on the 
    Lower Reaches, get 5 or above perfect fishing (no mistake) to unlock 
    the Middle Reaches. 5 more perfect fishing on Middle Reaches to unlock 
    Upper Reaches.
    Now with the Matamune, you can obtain Bond Of Cactus (i forgot what 
    it's called) in the Upper Reaches with perfect fishing. Continue 
    fishing in the new fishing spot, Secret Reaches. With more perfect 
    fishing, you will get Cactus Crest(also forgot what it's called). Now 
    fish in the last fishing spot, Master Den. Try your best to get 9 
    successfully buttons press for the King Of Nebra, then lastly obtain 
    the treasure for Tolo Sword, Lu Shang's Badge.
    VI. Credits                                               
    I would like to give thanks to SquareEnix, for without them there would 
    be no Final Fantasy XII.
    To all those dedicated ppl who submitt their guides, you helped me a 
    lot with a ton of my games throughout the years.
    To sephirosuy (sephiroth_y@yahoo.com) for his helpful guide. 
    All the monster data is his! (except for a few corrections on some of 
    the loot drops i made, due to changes between the North American and 
    the Japanese versions of the game) Also a few other optional things is 
    also derived from his guide.
    To Aelo, for the quickenings setion in the Game Basics.
    To RnSDragon for the contribution on the Bazaar Item List.
    To my family and my girlfriend who put up with me playing everyday for 
    many hours.
    (c)Copyright 2006-2007 to Eduard Muchnik

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