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    Low Level Challenge FAQ by JustStep25

    Version: 3.1 | Updated: 07/16/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    {________                       {__
    {__       {_                    {__
    {__         {__ {__     {__     {__
    {______  {__ {__  {__ {__  {__  {__
    {__      {__ {__  {__{__   {__  {__
    {__      {__ {__  {__{__   {__  {__
    {__      {__{___  {__  {__ {___{___
    {________                     {__                            
    {__                           {__                            
    {__         {__    {__ {__  {_{_ {_   {__     {____ {__   {__
    {______   {__  {__  {__  {__  {__   {__  {__ {__     {__ {__ 
    {__      {__   {__  {__  {__  {__  {__   {__   {___    {___  
    {__      {__   {__  {__  {__  {__  {__   {__     {__    {__  
    {__        {__ {___{___  {__   {__   {__ {___{__ {__   {__   
    {__      {__{__{__    _                     _                 _  
     {__   {__  {__{__ \_|_)                 \_|_)               | | 
      {__ {__   {__{__   |     __              |     _        _  | | 
        {__     {__{__  _|    /  \_|  |  |_   _|    |/  |  |_|/  |/  
      {__ {__   {__{__ (/\___/\__/  \/ \/    (/\___/|__/ \/  |__/|__/
     {__   {__  {__{__
    {__      {__{__{__   ___  _            _   _                       
         _ _  _  _  _   / (_)| |          | | | |                      
    aka/| ) ) _) _) _) |     | |     __,  | | | |  _   _  _    __,  _  
        |/_/_ _) _) _) |     |/ \   /  |  |/  |/  |/  / |/ |  /  | |/  
                        \___/|   |_/\_/|_/|__/|__/|__/  |  |_/\_/|/|__/
    Final Fantasy XII Low Level Challenge (aka 122333 Challenge) FAQ
    Guide written by JustStep25
    Last Revision: Friday, July 16, 2010
    Current Version: 3.1
    Copyright 2008 JustStep25
    Email: juststep25@gmail.com
    This document may only be posted on www.GameFAQs.com
      ______      __    __              ____
     /_  __/___ _/ /_  / /__     ____  / __/
      / / / __ `/ __ \/ / _ \   / __ \/ /_  
     / / / /_/ / /_/ / /  __/  / /_/ / __/  
    /_/  \__,_/_.___/_/\___/   \____/_/     
       ______            __             __      
      / ____/___  ____  / /____  ____  / /______
     / /   / __ \/ __ \/ __/ _ \/ __ \/ __/ ___/
    / /___/ /_/ / / / / /_/  __/ / / / /_(__  ) 
    \____/\____/_/ /_/\__/\___/_/ /_/\__/____/  
    Use the Find feature (Ctrl+F) with the bracketed letters
    to quickly jump to the different sections of the guide.
    [INT] Introduction
    [GAM] Gameplay
          - [GMO] General Movement
          - [GBA] General Battle Tips
    [WAL] Walkthrough
          - [CH01] Chapter  1: Mr. Irrelevant
          - [CH02] Chapter  2: Dustia the Friendly Ghost
          - [CH03] Chapter  3: Save the Queen? Not This Time
          - [CH04] Chapter  4: A Mine in the Clouds? I **** You Not
          - [CH05] Chapter  5: Reunited
          - [CH06] Chapter  6: The Art of Running Away
          - [CH07] Chapter  7: Entombed
          - [CH08] Chapter  8: Nothing But Countryside and Chocobos
          - [CH09] Chapter  9: More Mines
          - [CH10] Chapter 10: Shrine part 1
          - [CH11] Chapter 11: The Grind
          - [CH12] Chapter 12: Shrine part 2
          - [CH13] Chapter 13: Follow the Yellow Brick Road
          - [CH14] Chapter 14: Big City of Dreams
          - [CH15] Chapter 15: You Are a Pirate!
          - [CH16] Chapter 16: The First Unnecessarily Huge Dungeon
          - [CH17] Chapter 17: The Second Unnecessarily Huge Dungeon
          - [CH18] Chapter 18: The Epic Finale
    [END] Endgame
          - [OVE] Overview
          - [HUN] Unfinished Hunts
          - [ESP] Espers
        ____      __                 __           __  _           
       /  _/___  / /__________  ____/ /_  _______/ /_(_)___  ____ 
       / // __ \/ __/ ___/ __ \/ __  / / / / ___/ __/ / __ \/ __ \
     _/ // / / / /_/ /  / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / /__/ /_/ / /_/ / / / /
    /___/_/ /_/\__/_/   \____/\__,_/\__,_/\___/\__/_/\____/_/ /_/[INT]
    Welcome to my guide to the FFXII Low Level Challenge! I have completed low
    level challenges (henceforth referred to as LLC) for all the 3D FF's, but this
    is my first FAQ for one, and my second guide overall. My goal for this FAQ is
    to present a collection of strategies that will help you beat every storyline
    boss, every hunt, every esper, and every optional boss in the game. This FAQ
    only has information pretaining to the challenge. I am not going to go into
    storyline details in the main walkthrough because you should have already
    beaten the game if you are using this FAQ.
    The only rule in a LLC is to refrain from leveling up your characters. Now,
    this rule has a few exceptions. There are two points early on in the game where
    EXP is unavoidable, but it is not enough to level up any characters if it is
    allocated correctly. Another exception is when Penelo first joins your party at
    the beginning of the game. When she leaves and returns on the Leviathan her
    level is reset. This can be abused to make enough money to last through the
    first half of the challenge (until you get your first Firefly).
    The LLC is far from impossible. In fact, it is quite easy if you know what you
    are doing (or if you have a good FAQ ^_^). What makes this challenge reasonable
    is the Firefly accessory. With one equipped, your character will not receive
    EXP for killing enemies. The first Firefly is available in the Stilshrine of
    Miriam, and they are first sold at the Phon Coast. Before the first Firefly, we
    have to get a little creative to get by.
    In FFXII, LP is much more important than EXP. For example, with licenses you
    can have 1000 extra HP added to your base. With the best light armor and a
    Bubble Belt equipped, your characters can have over 4000 HP. With all the
    Potion licenses, X-Potions will be curing 2500 HP. The LLC is not a difficult
    challenge, especially compared to its sister challenge, the NLB (No License
    Board) challenge, or when you combine the two (not my cup of tea).
    You can complete everything there is in FFXII in a LLC.....except one thing.
    You cannot get the highest Clan Ranking in the game, Order of Ambrosia. The
    only thing preventing you from obtaining this is getting Ashe in the Sky
    Pirate's Den, which requires an average party level of 50. Sorry
       ______                           __           
      / ____/___ _____ ___  ___  ____  / /___ ___  __
     / / __/ __ `/ __ `__ \/ _ \/ __ \/ / __ `/ / / /
    / /_/ / /_/ / / / / / /  __/ /_/ / / /_/ / /_/ / 
    \____/\__,_/_/ /_/ /_/\___/ ,___/_/\__,_/\__, /  
                             /_/            /____/[GAM]   
    This section will detail how I believe a LLC should generally be played.
    Included are tips and strategies that I will expect you to know and will refer
    to in my walkthrough. These strategies reflect my style of play, which is to
    use everything available to you to make things as easy as possible. This
    includes things that some may consider cheap, such as leveling Penelo, abusing
    Dustia, kiting, Immobilized characters, etc. Feel free not to use any of these
    techniques if they offend your sensibilities.
    |General Movement|[GMO]
    There is no reason to engage random enemies as you run through zones. This FAQ
    will detail the best ways to get gil, LP, and equipment. For this reason, run
    through areas holding down the R2 button. Set Battle Speed to slow and only
    have one character out at a time. When you enter a new zone, stop to revive any
    dead. As you progress through the game, you'll gain access to the Immobilize
    spell, which can be abused to make running through areas easier.
    The Immobilize Glitch involves abusing the PS2's aging processing ability. When
    you enter a zone, bring out a character and cast Immobilize on them. Switch to
    another character and run through the zone. When your runner is engaged by
    enemies, quickly switch to your immobilzed character and then back. The enemies
    will have disappeared! This glitch only works in large zones when there's a lot
    of space between your two characters. A great place to use this glitch is in
    the Stilshrine of Miriam while obtaining your first Firefly.
    In smaller areas with powerful enemies where the Immobilize glitch is
    uneffective, equip a single character with the Main Gauche and the Ensanguined
    Shield. This is helpful in the upper levels of Pharos.
    I highly recommend using ff12maps.com 
    throughout the challenge. Its maps are
    superb. It really shines in places like the Great Crystal.
    |General Battle Tips|[GBA]
    Let's throw everything you know about fighting in FFXII out the window right
    now and start fresh, shall we? Most of the tactics used in a normal playthrough
    of the game are worthless in a LLC.
    Damage dealing is accomplished almost entirely through the use of guns. This is
    because their damage formula doesn't take level or enemy defense into account.
    A Fomalhaut used at level 50 does the same damage as one used at level 1. With
    Bravery, Berserk, and the right ammo at the right time, you can dish out as
    much damage as the average leveled party can.
    Spell casting is restricted to a few buffs only. Even with three Quickenings,
    the most base MP any character will have is around 130. Cure spells are gimped
    at such a low level so potions are the way to go. Black magic, while being
    relatively weak normally, is a joke in a LLC, and is only used at the beginning
    of the game. Items like Alarm Clocks etc. are used to both cure and inflict
    status effects, thanks to the Nihopalaoa accessory.
    As for armor, only the best light armor available should be worn. HP is much
    more important than defense. The most base HP any character will have is around
    1130, and this is a huge issue. It makes me sad that there are only two Dueling
    Masks available in the game.
    Except for a few exceptions which will be mentioned in the FAQ, always have the
    Battle Speed set to slow during fights. This helps because items have a CT
    (charge time) of 0, so Battle Speed doesn't affect them, while it does affect
    enemy attacks. Also, the slow speed means that the damage caused by mistakes
    won't be as severe.
    Whenever a character completes an action, go into the Equipment menu and
    unequip then re-equip their weapon. Doing this removes the delay time after an
    action. Be sure the command has been completed before you change equipment
    though. You don't really have to do this at the beginning of the game, but the
    farther along you go the more effective this technique becomes. I know it takes
    time to go into the menu after every attack, but you're actually killing your
    enemies faster. Killing enemies faster means less healing, which means less
    potion use, which means less farming time. Think about it. Note that a faster
    alternative to this is to put an active member into the reserve and back out
    quickly to reset delay, but this only works if that character is not being
    When you get the Decoy spell you can start utilizing a tank character. With a
    Main Gauche and a good shield, you can save a lot of potions. Farming money is
    annoying, so any way to save some money must be used. Since the tank will not
    be shooting a gun, he should be the one recasting Decoy and playing more of a
    supportive role. However, there are many enemies towards the end of the game
    that ignore evade.
    For enemies that have a short range physical attack, you can kite them around
    in small areas and not take any damage. In order to set it up, have two
    characters without gambits and one damage dealer with a gun. Control the
    targeted gambitless character and run in circles around the gunner. The other
    gambitless character will follow and slow down the enemy. This is a technique
    that can be utilized very early in the game. It may require some practice to
    perfect, so you might want to load up a normal save and try it against some
    Estersand wolves.
     __    __      _ _    _   _                           _     
    / / /\ \ \__ _| | | _| |_| |__  _ __ ___  _   _  __ _| |__  
    \ \/  \/ / _` | | |/ / __| '_ \| '__/ _ \| | | |/ _` | '_ \ 
     \  /\  / (_| | |   <| |_| | | | | | (_) | |_| | (_| | | | |
      \/  \/ \__,_|_|_|\_\\__|_| |_|_|  \___/ \__,_|\__, |_| |_|[WAL]
    |Chapter 1: Mr. Irrelevant|[CH01] (Why did I even bother tagging this?)
    Reks is a pretty cool character. Too bad he is WHOAMG SPOILIARZ! Nothing you do
    here matters, so hurry through.
    |Chapter 2: Dustia the Friendly Ghost|[CH02]
    Here we have the first of two instances where EXP is unavoidable. Take it like
    a man and move on. Complete the Rogue Tomato hunt while avoiding all the other
    enemies in the Estersand. Don't forget about the reward from Tomaj! Go down to
    Dalan's to get the uncharged stone, then run down to the Nomad Village in the
    Giza Plains. Here you will find Penelo (mark I). Charge up the stone then head
    over to the Westersand after saving in Rabanastre.
    An interesting opportunity presents itself here. Any EXP Penelo gains during
    this part of the game will be reset when we get her back on the Leviathan.
    However, she will keep all the LP obtained. This means we can abuse Dustia with
    no consequenses. Kill off Vaan and enter the Corridor of Sand. Make sure the
    Battle Speed is set to slow. Have Penelo attack herself until she is below 10%
    HP. When Dustia appears, quickly throw a Phoenix Down at him. If he drops an
    item grab it and zone out before the EXP and LP received appear on screen. Re- 
    enter the Corridor of Sand and Dustia will attack you again. Repeat until you
    run out of Phoenix Downs. You only start off with a few Phoenix Downs, so reset
    if Dustia doesn't drop any Books of Orgain. Run to the trader in the Western
    Divide to sell your drops and buy more Phoenix Downs. The run there is
    difficult, but it should be easier with a leveled Penelo. Your goal should be
    to make at least 100000 gil. This sounds like a lot, but it's better than
    killing Werewolves.
    *NOTE* Some people don't like the idea of leveling Penelo. When you get her
    back later in the game there's no way to tell that she's been leveled and it
    has no effect on future battles (unlike the Marcus/Eiko glitch in a FFIX low
    level game). It's up to you if you want to do this or not, but let me just say
    that stealing from Werewolves later on SUCKS. Big time.
    Another thing to do before heading down into the Waterway is what I call the
    Giza Circuit. There are four chests in the Giza Plains that contain Ethers.
    Starting off at the village save crystal, head west to the Toam Hills. Grab the
    chest on the bridge in the middle then head south to the Starfall Field. The
    second chest is by the black rock in the south east corner. Zone east twice to
    Gizas South Bank and open the chest in the middle by the bridge. The last chest
    is on the south west wall of Gizas North Bank. Head west back to the village
    and repeat the circuit. You're going to want at least 30 Ethers.
    Back in Rabanastre, buy Cure, Blizzard, and 99 Potions, then return to Dalan's.
    Part ways with Penelo and head down into the Garamsythe Waterway. Run through
    the sewers to the palace. Do the shouting minigame and watch the cool
    cutscenes. When you're back at the Waterway run to the crystal and save.
    You'll be attacked by some Imperials. Focus on whatever one "Amalia" attacks.
    If she kills any of them you won't get the LP, so reset if she deals the final
    blow to any. Save again at the crystal and continue on.
    BOSS FIGHT: Flans
    - Ally: HP < 70% -> Potion
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    Control Fran and use Blizzard manually while regaining MP by running around.
    Focus on Flan B and Flan C first, as they have lower HP than the other two.
    Continue running to the Central Waterway Control and save at the crystal.
    BOSS FIGHT: Firemane HP 3571
    - Ally: HP < 70% -> Potion
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 70% -> Potion
    Control Fran and cast Blizzard while running around. Use Phoenix Downs manually
    and keep Balthier and Fran far away from him to avoid its special. This
    shouldn't be a tough fight, but it might require a few tries.
    |Chapter 3: Save the Queen? Not This Time|[CH03]
    This is a fun little place. Have Vaan learn White Magic 1 and save at the
    crystal. There are four chests in this room containing Knots of Rust. Grab all
    four then save. They're needed to charge Dark Matter later on. Don't sell them.
    Head on into the pit and fight the seeqs. Focus on Gwitch first because he can
    heal. Cure if either character's HP gets below 40, and make sure you run around
    to regain MP. You can get your gear back after you kill them. In the Black
    Watch, you'll see a chest to the right of the stairs directly in front of you.
    This chest might contain an Aero Mote. Reset until you get one because you'll
    need it soon. Run through the rest of the area and try not to die.
    You're now in Barheim Passage. Turn around and go back up the stairs for some
    quick cash in the chests. Talk to the Bangaa and turn the power back on, then
    buy three Headguards and Leather Breastplates from him.
    Run through the next two areas. In the third, turn right and go up the stairs
    to Op Sector 37. You have to kill a Battery Mimic here. Attack the closest one
    and lure him back to the zone line. Take Vaan out of the party and beat him
    down. When he runs away to recharge quickly throw the Aero Mote at him to
    finish him off before he can heal. This is the last time you’ll be getting EXP
    in this challenge. If you did this right, your EXP totals should look like
    Vaan - Level 1, 42 EXP to level
    Balthier - Level 2, 63 EXP to level
    Fran - Level 2, 63 EXP to level 
    Basch (Guest) - Level 4
    *NOTE* You end up with quite a bit of exp needed for your next level, which can
    be used to gain some LP in the Giza Plains killing bunnies, but I find it
    unnecessary. I think it looks better to have the lowest possible EXP received.
    If it does, joy! If it doesn't, you messed up somehow. Reload and try again.
    Hit the switch at the end of the room and run back to the third area where the
    gate has been opened. Continue running through and save at the crystal at the
    BOSS FIGHT: Mimic Queen HP 4073
    - Ally: HP < 70 -> Potion
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Ally: HP < 70 -> Potion
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    * Equip: Goddess's Magicite
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 70% -> Potion
    *NOTE: You can't kill the minions because they give EXP.*
    Control Fran and stay behind it while casting blizzard and running in circles
    to regain MP. Manually revive your dead with Phoenix Downs. This is another
    fight that you can let the gambits take care of. If it uses its special, be
    ready to heal/revive. If it targets Fran, kite it around the circle and shoot
    it with her bow.
    |Chapter 4: A Mine in the Clouds? I **** You Not|[CH04]
    You're back in the Estersand. Head over to Nalbina. We're going to farm some
    Aero Motes. Zone west into the Yardang Labyrinth. The chest we want is in the
    southeast corner. Run back into Nalbina to respawn the chest. Do this until you
    have 15 motes. Go back to Rabanastre and head over to the Westersand. In Galtea
    Downs, farm Water Motes from the chest in the southeast corner. Get 15 of these
    motes too.
    Advance the storyline up to before you first go to Bhujerba. Buy Immobilize
    from the Magic Shop. You can do the Immobilize Glitch to run through big areas
    easier once you license it with someone (probably Fran). Test it out on the
    Leviathan. Other things to buy are Dark and all the available gambits from the
    You need to complete the Flowering Cactoid and Thextera hunts. Talk to
    Monteblanc afterwards to receive two Warp Motes. You'll need them for some
    sticky situations later.
    Flowering Cactoid HP 755
    Location: Dalmasca Estersands (Yardang Labyrinth)
    Strategy: Afflict Immobilize.
    Thextera HP 380
    Location: Dalmasco Westersands (Galtea Downs)
    Strategy: Just beat him down.
    Head on up to Bhujerba. You'll get "Lamont" as a guest character here. Save in
    front of the Lhusu Mines and enter. Run all the way through to the end and meet
    up with Ba'Gamnan and his buddies. You can abuse them to get some LP.
    Run down the Shunia Twinspan and zone to Transitway 1. Run around the wall and
    hide while Ba'Gamnan and crew zone in. Throw an Aero Mote and zone to the other
    side after the damage shows up for all four. Run around the wall, throw a
    potion if needed, and repeat until the three minions are in critical HP. Now
    you want to use a Water Mote on Rinok and Bwagi. With only Gijuk left, we can
    start chaining. Bring out Balthier and another character. Control Balthier and
    wait for an attack to charch on Gijuk, then switch to the other character and
    wait by the zone line. Balthier will kill Gijuk and you can zone out before the
    LP appears. Gijuk will appear on the other side with you but don't attack him.
    Instead zone back and run around the wall to repeat.
    You want enough LP for Black Magic 2, Time Magic 1+2, Arcane Magic 1,
    Accessories 8, a Gambit and a Quickening for each character at the minimum. If
    you want to be on top of the game, get three Quickenings for each character and
    all of the HP augments. Leave the Quickenings in the Accessory section alone
    for Penelo and Ashe. Exit out of the mines when you're done. Buy Reflect from
    the magic shop then do the shouting minigame to talk to the Marquis.
    |Chapter 5: Reunited|[CH05]
    On the Leviathan, run all the way to the Central Brig Access.
    BOSS FIGHT: Judges + Imperials
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> Potion
    - Self -> Reflect
    - Self -> Dark
    Gather all the enemies together and use a Warp Mote to take out all the
    Imperials. From here you can either Reflect Dark to kill the Judges or use
    Now you get Ashe and Penelo. Give Ashe the Quickening above Accessories 4 and
    Penelo one as well. Now every character should have at least one Quickening.
    Run back to the beginning of the Leviathan.
    BOSS FIGHT: Judge Ghis HP 4120
    Quickly run up with three characters and start a Quickening on Ghis. One
    finisher should be enough to kill him. You must be fast or else the finisher
    will kill the Imperials and you'll get EXP.
    |Chapter 6: The Art of Running Away|[CH06]
    Here we have the most boring part of the game. First of all you should go back
    to Rabanastre and buy Warp and Berserk. Head back to the Westersand and into
    the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea. Run south west through the zones to find the Gate
    Crystal. You'll get Vossler back on the way. In the Nam-Yensa Sandsea, talk to
    the Moogle with the Urutan. This triggers the Eskir Berries sidequest. Continue
    running west until you come across the Urutan Eater fighting a bunch of
    Urutans. Wait until it kills them all off and use a Quickening on him. Return
    to the moogle to complete the sidequest. Make sure you grab the Eskir Berries.
    Head west again past the traders. Save when you're prompted.
    BOSS FIGHT: Garuda HP 6754
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> Potion
    - Self -> Reflect
    - Self -> Dark
    Throw the Eskir Berries at it then reflect Dark to kill it.
    |Chapter 7:Entombed|[CH07]
    Buy a Vega, Water, Aero, 99 Hi-Potions, and some Phoenix Downs from the trader.
    Cast Reflect on all your party members and save before you head on in. Go down
    and you'll encounter the first Demon Wall. We don't want to fight him, so go
    through the big door.
    BOSS FIGHT: Demon Wall (second) HP 10332
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> Hi-Potion
    - Self -> Reflect
    - Self -> Aero
    Status magic shouldn't be a problem because of Reflect. Reflect Aero or use
    Quickenings to kill him. Activate the torches to slow down the Demon Wall. If
    he teleports someone just replace them with a reserve.
    Continue on to the main room. You can teleport back to the entrance to save if
    you want, bypassing the first Demon Wall. Head north from here and take the
    high entrance to reach the first switch. Teleport back to the main room and
    head south, taking the low entrance this time. Once again hit the switch and
    teleport back to the main room. Head back to the entrance to save, then go to
    either side and take the opened path by the switch to reach Belias' area. Look
    around for two chests containing Elixirs and head on down to meet the big boy.
    BOSS FIGHT: Belias HP 15943
    - None
    - Self -> Berserk
    * Equip: Vega
    - None
    Belias can be kited around the arena quite easily due to his lack of speed. You
    shouldn't get hit at all if you kite him right, but it takes some time. Another
    way to kill him is by casting Water. It's a single target spell so don't bother
    reflecting it.
    Run back out and save. Don't worry about the Belias license for now.
    BOSS FIGHT: Vossler HP 9318
    Aero Reflecting Setup
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> Hi-Potion
    - Self -> Reflect
    - Self -> Aero
    Kiting Setup
    - None
    - Self -> Berserk
    * Equip: Vega
    - None
    If you have a Warp Mote left use it on the Imperials. Just cast it normally if
    not. With his friends gone Vossler is a joke. Reflect Aero or kite him. He uses
    Enrage at low health, but both strategies will render it useless.
    |Chapter 8: Nothing But Countryside and Chocobos|[CH08]
    Here we have the second most boring part of the game. Starting off in
    Rabanastre once again, grab a chocobo from the Southgate Gurdy and head south
    through the Giza Plains and past the Ozmone Plains to Jahara. You'll get Larsa
    again. Tiamat requires some preparation. Outfit your characters like so:
    Balthier (Teach him Light Armor 5)
    Sirius, Red Cap, Brigandine, Manufacted Nethicite
    Basch (Teach him Light Armor 5)
    War Hammer, Ice Shield, Red Cap, Brigandine, Dawn Shard
    Ashe (Teach her Light Armor 5 and a Gambit)
    Lohengrin, Bronze Shield, Red Cap, Brigandine, Orrachea Armlet
    Advance the storyline here and grab a chocobo. Head west to the Eruyt Village
    through the Golmore Jungle. Buy 20 Bacchus' Wines from the moogle then advance
    the storyline again. Head back to the Ozmone Plains and into the Henne Mines.
    The entrance is hidden in the southeast corner of the Shred. You'll need to be
    riding a chocobo to enter.
    |Chapter 9: More Mines|[CH09]
    You start out in the North Entrance. Run south and hit the switch on the left
    to open the door. In the Phase 1 Shaft, hit the switch and run through to grab
    the map then hit the switch again to continue. Run south through the Phase 1
    Dig and take the second left and go straight to Crossover A. Run north to
    Crossover B and hit the switch then circle around back to Crossover A to reach
    the Staging Shaft. Save here and give Balthier a Bacchus's Wine and put him in
    the reserve before entering the arena.
    BOSS FIGHT: Tiamat HP 49993
    - Self -> Bacchus's Wine
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> Hi-Potion
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> Hi-Potion
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Bacchus's Wine
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    Everyone Else
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    Enter with Vaan, Basch, and Ashe. Ashe will throw a Bacchus's Wine at Tiamat,
    and have Vaan start a Quickening. After that swap out Vaan for Fran and start
    another Quickening, then swap out Fran for Penelo and start a third. Swap
    Penelo for Balthier and control Ashe. Have Basch throw an ether at Ashe and
    start another Quickening. Continue doing this for the fight.
    The idea is to have Balthier pick away at Tiamat's health with his gun while
    Ashe and Basch use Quickenings. Berserk will keep Tiamat from using his more
    deadly attacks.
    |Chapter 10: Shrine part 1|[CH10]
    Back at the Eruyt Village, teleport to Jahara and grab a chocobo. Elder Wyrm is
    not worth the trouble to fight at this point. He's basically Tiamat with 20000
    more HP and crazy status effects.
    Ride back to the Golmore Jungle. Go south down to the Needlebrake and the
    Rustling Chapel. In the Feywood, just hug the northeast wall in the Walk of
    Flitting Rifts to the Paramina Rift. From there just keep going northeast to Mt
    Advance the storyline at the temple then head back south through the Paramina
    Rift to the Stilshrine of Miriam. Make sure you take the second left in the
    Frozen Brook to the Path of the Firstfall.
    Save at the entrance and equip your runner with the Dawn Shard. Enter and use
    the pedestal to reach the next area. You'll end up in the Ward of Velitation.
    The chest behind you contains a megalixir. Keep running through the area. In
    the Walk of Torn Illusion, run up and use the pedestal again. Keep on running
    through and you'll be back at the Ward of Velitation. Run to your right down
    the stairs to the Walk of Reveltation. Ignore the crystal. In the next area,
    turn left and run down to the giant sword. Check it then run back to the room
    that opened up. Use the Waystone here to get back to the entrance. Go out and
    Now it's time to get your first Firefly. Enter the dungeon and take the stairs
    on the right. Take the only door in this room and you'll be in the Walk of
    Prescience. Keep an immobilized character at the entrance and run down the
    north-most hall. Use the Immobilize glitch when you get to the corner of the  
    area. Run to the next area. Keep your immobilized character at the entrance to
    this zone and run through the two doors. Turn right and run up the stairs, then
    go to the center of this room. Use the Immobilize glitch again to remove the
    enemies and open the middle chest. There's a 55% chance of the chest showing
    up, 55% chance of it having an item, and a 50% chance of it being a Firefly,
    for an overall 15% chance of getting a Firefly, so it'll take around 7 tries to
    get the Firefly. If you don't, just reset and try again. When you finally do
    get it, turn the statue in this room counterclockwise so that it faces north
    and return to the entrance to save.
    |Chapter 11: The Grind|[CH11]
    With a Firefly at your disposal, you can (and should) fill out the License
    Board for each character. Teleport to Nalbina Fortress and talk to the guards
    and July until the Mosphoran Highwaste becomes available. Buy a chocobo and
    ride north to the Babbling Vale and buy 5 Golden Amulets and 99 Phoenix Downs.
    Teleport to Rabanastre and buy out the Gambit Shop. Head to the Westersand.
    Remember Dustia? Well you're about to get reacquainted. Equip one character
    with the Firefly and the other 5 with Golden Amulets. Give the Firefly
    character a *Foe: Undead -> Phoenix Down* gambit and have him attack himself
    until he's under 10% HP to spawn Dustia. When you've accumulated 99 Books of
    Orgain sell them off at Rabanastre or the Westersand trader. Rotate the Firefly
    character to evenly distribute the LP. You need about 13000 LP to max out the
    License Board, which means 24 rounds of Dustia killing. I can do a round in
    about 25 minutes. You certainly do not have to do all of this grinding at once,
    but from now on in the FAQ I'm going to assume that you have all licenses, as
    well as all available gambits, spells, techs, and healing items.
    Teleport to Mt. Bur-Omisace to buy 3 Betelgeuses, Headbands, and Jujitsu Gis.
    Also go to the Mosphoran Highwaste and buy 99 Remedies. Remedies are expensive,
    so use individual status curing items on your characters unless they’re
    affected by multiple ailments, and if you only need one status ailment on a
    boss, use the curing item instead. Save your Remedies.
    It's worth noting that Balthier and Penelo shoot guns .2 seconds slower than
    the other four characters. For this reason, you may want to avoid using them in
    damage dealing roles. Besides the point about attack speed, the six characters
    are interchangable for the rest of the game. I happen to use Fran, Basch, and
    Ashe as damage dealers.
    You can take this opportunity to do quite a few easy hunts. You only need seven
    more to unlock the Headhunter rank and be able to buy Nihopalaoas and Reverse
    at the Clan Shop. I believe the following hunts are the easiest to do:
    Wraith HP 5146
    Location: Garamsythe Waterway (Overflow Cloaca)
    Strategy: Afflict Disable.
    Cluckatrice HP 7509
    Location: Giza Plains (Gizas North Bank) during the Dry
    Spawn Requirements: Kill everything and enter again.
    Strategy: Afflict Disable.
    Rocktoise HP 17548
    Location: Lhusu Mines (Site 2)
    Strategy: Afflict Immobilize, or just kite him for practice.
    Nidhogg HP 6079
    Location: Lhusu Mines (Transitway 1)
    Strategy: Afflict Immobilize. The Great Serpentskin is a unique item that you
    shouldn't sell.
    Wyvern Lord HP 18669
    Location: Nam-Yensa Sandsea (Simoon Bluff)
    Strategy: Afflict Immobilize.
    Croakadile HP 19449
    Location: Giza Plains (Starfall Field) during the Rains
    Strategy: Afflict Immobilize.
    Enkelados HP 18709
    Location: Ozmone Plains (The Shred)
    Spawn Requirements: Kill everything inside and enter again.
    Strategy: Afflict Disable.
    |Chapter 12: Shrine part 2|[CH12]
    Buy 3 Nihopalaoas, Reverse, and 99 Teleport Stones from the Clan Shop. When
    you're all set with everything, return to the Stilshrine. Take the same route
    you took to get to the Firefly chest. This time, go south past the statue you
    turned last time in here and take the north exit. Head into the east room.
    BOSS FIGHT: Vinuskar HP 15138
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> Hi-Potion
    - Self: Haste
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    Support Character
    - None
    * Equip: Nihopalaoa
    Enter with your support character and throw Eye Drops at Vinuskar to afflict
    Blind. Swap in your damage dealers and beat him down. He shouldn’t be a
    problem as long as you kite him with the targeted character. He tends to get
    stuck a lot in the gaps in the room. Use this to your advantage.
    Move the last statue to face west and go back to the fake save point. Kill it
    this time and save. Use a reserve to run to the room with the giant sword.
    BOSS FIGHT: Mateus (HP 34259) and some Ice Azers
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> Hi-Potion
    - Self: Haste
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    Support Character
    - None
    * Equip: Ice Shield and Nihopalaoa
    Run in with your support character and throw a Remedy at each Ice Azer to
    afflict Immobilize. If the support gets killed swap in a reserve and give him
    the Ice Shield and continue. When all the Ice Azers are afflicted run to one of
    the edges of the room and bring out your damage dealers. Kite him around the
    perimeter of the room. Blizzaja does good damage and afflicts sap, but your
    Remedies and Hi-Potion gambits will suffice.
    Head back to the temple in Mt. Bur-Omisace.
    BOSS FIGHT: Judge Bergan HP 17200 + 3 Imperials
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> Hi-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    Support Character
    - None
    * Equip: Nihopalaoa
    Enter with your support character and two damage dealers. Control your support
    and throw Remedies at the Imperials, and Chronos Tears at Bergan. It's easy to
    kill Bergan after they've all been neutralized. Doom will take care of the
    three Imperials, and Bergan will be frozen with Stop.
    |Chapter 13: Follow the Yellow Brick Road|[CH13]
    Teleport back to Rabanastre. Accept the Antlion Hunt from Monteblanc. You
    should also take this time to get all the Monographs. Here's how:
    Talk to Gatsly in the Muthru Bazaar.
    Talk to the Magic merchant 30 times.
    Talk to the Armor merchant 20 times
    Talk to the Weapon merchant 35 times.
    Buy all the Forgotten Grimoires in Bazaar Goods.
    Keep talking to the Weapon merchant until another Forgotten Grimoire shows up.
    Go to the Hunt Board in the Sandsea and read it 50 times
    Buy the rest of the Forgotten Grimoires that show up in Bazaar Goods.
    The last one is the Canopic Jar, which can be obtained once you kill the Gil
    Snapper, Orthros, and Trickster, and sell their prizes.
    Head north from the Mosphoran Highwaste to the Salikawood. Help the moogles out
    to get to the Phon Coast. Run down to the Hunter's Camp and buy 3 Aldebarans,
    Officer's Hats, and Barrel Coats. You can also buy 5 more Fireflies here.
    Teleport to Bhujerba and talk to Lady Niray. Run through the Lhusu Mines to the
    Gate Crystal and save. Continue on and kill the Antlion.
    Antlion HP 106499
    Location: Lhusu Mines (Site 9)
    Strategy: Use Quickenings on the Antlion. After every finisher quickly use an
    Ether on one of your characters and start one up again. You shouldn't need more
    than 15 Ethers.
    Run back to the crystal and save. Go back to where the Antlion was and look for
    a chest. Open it and if it’s a Fomalhaut run back to the crystal and save and
    reset. If not, just reset. Do this until you have a least 3 Fomalhauts. 6
    Fomalhauts would be optimal. Equip them on your damage dealers for all of the
    remaining Storyline Bosses.
    Teleport back to the Hunter's Camp and run east to the Sochen Cave Palace. Run
    in through the double doors.
    BOSS FIGHT: Mandragoras HP 9069 each
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> Hi-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    With Fomalhauts this battle will not last long. Just use Dispel to remove their
    Haste and chase each of them down one by one.
    Continue on, kill the Crystalbug and save. Make sure you have a decent amount
    of items stocked up and head to the next area. Stay on the east side through
    the next three areas and turn left and up when you get to a dead end. Head
    through a bunch of doors.
    BOSS FIGHT: Ahriman HP 62148
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> Hi-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Foe: Highest Max HP -> Attack
    Support Character
    - None
    * Equip: Nihopalaoa
    Enter with your support and two damage dealers. Throw a Remedy with the support
    and swap him out. Ahriman will now have Slow. Ahriman is gun resistant so you
    won’t be taking HP in big chunks. Your damage dealers will only hit the real
    Ahriman because of their Gambits. When his health gets to 20%, he’ll summon six
    copies. At this time use a Quickening on the real one. If he’s still alive
    quickly use an Ether and repeat.
    |Chapter 14: Big City of Dreams|[CH14]
    Run through the rest of the Palace to Old Archades. Here’s the order of events
    here: Talk to the guards, pay Jules, talk to the Lucky Man, talk to Jules
    again, then Beasley, and finally back to Jules, who will be sitting on a couple
    Buy 3 Chakra Bands and Power Vests from the Weapon shop. Talk to the Cab Guide
    in Nilbasse and pay Jules again. Head north to Molberry. You can get the 9
    needed Chops here. Here's who you need to pair:
    Ardent Woman to Ardent Man
    Avid Traveler to Traveling Gentleman
    Daughter-in-Law to Man from Giza
    Look-alike to Look-alike
    Poor Husband to Poor Wife
    Proud Mother to Tutor
    Reminiscing Lady to Family-minded Girl
    Talented Woman to Akademician
    Would-be Judge to Judge's Wife
    If you want to take the time to get the Sandalwood Chop, here are the pairs in
    the other areas:
    Aspiring Starlet to Faded Star
    Athletic Woman to Avid Reader
    Determined Researcher to Ex-Researcher
    Gentleman Onlooker to Eager Crier
    Senior Researcher to Failed Researcher
    Worried Husband to Materialistic Woman
    Good Brother to Waiting Woman
    Greenseller to Vegetable Seller
    Lazy Profiteer to Researcher's Wife
    Lucky Man to Romantic Lady
    Philosopher of Cuisine to Dangerous Chef
    Tarot Reader to Happy Novelist
    Tour Leader to Bhujerban Lady
    Boutiquere to Moneyed Gentleman
    Builder to Artisan Architect
    Farce-Goer to Girl on an Errand
    Historian to Perceptive Man
    Music Appreciator to Lutenist
    Smitten Man to Smitten Woman
    Head back to the Cab Guide and head to Tsenoble. Head forward for a cutscene,
    then talk to the Cab Guide again and go to Draklor. In Draklor, use the
    elevator to get up to the 67th floor. Enter the C.D.B. room to the northeast
    and grab the keycard, and then enter Room 03 to change the door color to red.
    Fight your way to the elevator.
    On the 68th floor, go to Room 03 on the east side. Change the color to blue
    here, and then head west to Room 04 and change the color to red. Finally, head
    to Room 11 in the south and change the color back to blue. Take the elevator to
    the 70th floor. Save at the crystal.
    BOSS FIGHT: Cid (HP 72989) and 4 Rooks
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> Hi-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    Focus on Cid until he becomes invincible. Kill his Rooks at this time. They 
    give EXP, so have Fireflies equipped when you kill them. When he's vulnerable 
    again finish him off. Make sure to use Dispel to get rid of any buffs the Rooks
    give Cid.
    |Chapter 15: You Are a Pirate!|[CH15]
    In Balfonheim, buy Ninja Gears and Thief’s Hats at the Weapon shop. Buy 99 X- 
    Potions from the Item vendor. Update your Potion Gambits.
    You need to be a Riskbreaker to buy Bravery and Bubble Belts. These are the
    Gil Snapper HP 86956
    Location: Giza Plains (Tracks of the Beast) during the rains after you examine
    the six withered trees. Exit and re-enter the area until Bansat tells you that
    it has appeared.
    Strategy: Afflict Immobilize, Blind, and Silence.
    Ring Wyrm HP 128648
    Location: Dalmasca Westersands (Windtrace Dunes)
    Strategy: Afflict Immobilize and Blind.
    White Mousse HP 69469
    Location: Garamsythe Waterway (West Sluice Control)
    Strategy: Spam Gil Toss.
    Orthros HP 87141
    Location: Garamsythe Waterway (Southern Sluiceway)
    Strategy: Same as White Mousse. Make sure you steal a Slime Oil.
    Marilith HP 54921
    Location: Zertinan Caverns (Invitation to Heresy)
    Spawn Requirements: Wait by the big area with the bright white light until it
    Strategy: Afflict Silence and Blind.
    Buy 6 Bubble Belts and 2 more Nihopalaoas. Also buy Faith, Bravery, and Bubble.
    You should equip Bubble Belts on your damage dealers for all the remaining
    storyline bosses.
    Now that you have Bubble Belts, be sure to always have one equipped when you
    use a Phoenix Down on a character. This will make the raised character come
    back with twice as much HP as they would otherwise.
    Teleport to the Estersand. Complete the Bank Village sidequest to unlock the
    Barheim Passage. Here's how:
    Talk to Dantro's Wife
    Talk to Tchigri
    Talk to Dantro
    Talk to Tchigri
    Talk to Tchigri's father
    Talk to Dantro's Wife and examine the flower behind her house
    Talk to the big cactoid
    You’ll also get a Wyrmfire Shot for reuniting the Cactoids. Remember though,
    the Great Serpentskin is a unique item, and the only reward for giving it up is
    another Golden Amulet.
    Teleport to Balfronheim and save at the crystal. Exit out to Cerobi Steppe and
    open the chest in the middle of the area directly west from the entrance on the
    path for a Wyrmfire Shot. You need two from here because you already got one
    from the Cactoid sidequest. Save and reset until you get two.
    Teleport to the Phon Coast and talk to the Huntmaster. He wants you to kill
    Thalassinon. Head east to the Vaddu Strand and run all the way east to the
    cliff overshadowing the beach. Face the beach to the west from the tree and
    wait for Thalassinon to spawn. Throw an Alarm Clock at him with a Nihopalaoa
    and steal an Adamantite from him before you kill him. Talk to the Huntmaster
    after you get the trophy. I recommend giving all trophies to Stok. Now that
    you've killed Thalassinon, all the other Trophy mobs will become available. 
    It's time to check out Nabudis. Teleport to the Salikawood.
    BOSS FIGHT: King Bomb HP 27596 + Bombs
    Support Character
    - None
    * Equip: Nihopalaoa
    First thing to do is cast Dispel on King Bomb, then throw a Remedy with
    your support character. The Remedy will give King Bomb Disease, so you won’t
    have to worry about Renew. He’s resistant to guns, so spam Quickenings until he
    dies. Make sure you have Fireflies on when you do so you don’t get EXP from his
    Run back and save, then run to the Corridor of Ages and enter Nabudis. In the
    Hall of Effulgent Light, run to the northwest area and look for a ??? in the
    small room. This is the Baknamy Merchant. Buy as many Ethers as you can and run
    back out of Nabudis. Heal up and run back in when you’re ready. Run south to
    the Cloister of Distant Song. Run northeast to the Cloister of the Highborn.
    Run east into the room with all the chests. The Zodiac Spear is the one in the
    closest row second from the left. Get out of there when you're done.
    Back in the Salikawood, run north to the Piebald Path and enter the Nabreus
    Deadlands to the north. Continue on to the Muted Scarp and save. Head east
    through the Vale of Lingering Sorrow and north through Echoes of the Past and
    the Slumbermead and you’ll come across a crystal. It’s really a Crystalbug, and
    it’s a lot tougher than the ones you’ve fought before. Activate it and quickly
    start up a Quickening, then run out of its range and use an Ether. Repeat this
    until it's dead and activate the Gate Crystal.
    |Chapter 16: The First Unnecessarily Huge Dungeon|[CH16]
    Teleport to Eruyt Village and run south to the Feywood. Head south down to
    Antiquity's End.
    BOSS: Rafflesia HP 73393
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    Support Character
    - None
    * Equip: Nihopalaoa
    This battle really shouldn't last more than a minute or two. Start off by
    throwing a Remedy at him with your support character. This will pretty much
    cripple him. The MP drain is irrelevant because of how fast this battle is.
    Continue south and hug the east wall in White Magick’s Embrace all the way down
    until you come across the map for this area. Exit to the south. Here you’ll
    come to the shrine puzzle. Examine the glyph in the first shrine, then swing
    the camera around and go through the exit that looks like a forest.
    Complete the second shrine puzzle and summon Belias to open the door. Save at
    the crystal and run back to the Feywood. Cast Libra and run directly northeast
    from the closest shrine and look for a chest with a trap on top of it. Open the
    chest for an Ensanguined Shield. Reset until you get one and run back to
    BOSS FIGHT: Daedalus HP 65644
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    Support Character
    - None
    * Equip: Nihopalaoa
    Enter with Protect on your damage dealers. Throw a Remedy at him quickly with
    your support character before he can cast Haste. This battle is easy as long as
    you kill him before he can get any serious damage out.
    Use the new Way Stone to enter the dungeon. Zig-zag west through the next two
    areas while activating all the Gate Stones. Save at the third area and continue
    through. Run up the ramp to your left and hug the right wall to activate the
    trail of light.
    BOSS FIGHT: Tyrant HP 180428
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    You can't use Techs in this battle, but that doesn't affect anything. Dispel
    his Protect and separate your characters to cut down the damage taken from his
    area affect spells. He hits pretty hard, but you'll be alright with Bubble
    Belts and X-Potions. Tyrant tends to focus all his efforts on a single
    character, so use that to your advantage.
    You have no map to rely on in the Great Crystal. Here's how to get through:
    a. Keep taking down paths to Waystone VII.
    b. You're at Waystone VI. Go up to the next area then down the other path to
    the Cancer Gate Stone. Return to Waystone VI.
    c. Now take the down path to the right of the up path and the next down path to
    Waystone V. Teleport to Waystone IV.
    d. Here take the up path and then up again to reach the Aries Gate Stone. Hit
    it and return to Waystone IV. Go down this time.
    e. Continue down to reach the Pisces Gate Stone. Hit it and take the other path
    up to Way Stone III. Hit it for a scene.
    f. You're now at Way Stone II. Run down and save. Hit Way Stone I for a boss.
    BOSS Shemhazai HP 91136
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    Dispel her Haste first. Her strongest attack, Flare, will do around 3000
    damage. When she gets to critical, your guns will start to do very low damage.
    You may want to finish her off with Gil Toss.
    |Chapter 17: The Second Unnecessarily Huge Dungeon|[CH17]
    Teleport to Rabanastre and buy 6 Renewing Morions and Mirage Vests from the
    Traveling Merchant in the South Sprawl (Lowtown). Teleport to the Estersand and
    buy a Diamond Armlet from the Unlucky Merchant.
    Talk to Reddas at Balfronheim and take the Strahl to the Ridorana Cataract.
    Reddas is useless and he'll mess up your Phoenix Down Gambits. My advice
    is to either turn them off or throw a Gold Needle at him with a Nihopalaoa
    Run east through the Ridorana Cataract and save at the crystal.
    BOSS FIGHT: Hydro HP 203800
    - Self -> Decoy
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Dispel
    - Self -> Protectga
    * Equip: Main Gauche, Ensanguined Shield
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    * Equip: Wyrmfire Shot
    Support Character
    * Equip: Nihopalaoa
    Throw a Handkerchief at him with your support character and Dispel his Haste.
    This is the first boss that you can really abuse with Oil. You’re shots will be
    doing 1.5x damage in this fight (because he halves fire damage and Oil triples
    it). His attacks can be blocked, making this a very easy fight.
    Save at the crystal inside. Take the south exit in this first area and run
    towards the east exit and go up the stairs next to it. In these square rooms go
    right, right, left, and right to reach a long rectangular room. Run to the end
    for the map.
    You need to kill enemies for three Black Orbs. Use them on the altars at the
    south, southeast, and north parts of the main room. Head on over to the east
    BOSS FIGHT: Pandemonium HP 116678
    - Self -> Decoy
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Dispel
    - Self -> Protectga
    * Equip: Main Gauche, Ensanguined Shield
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    Enter the battle three damage dealers. Although you can afflict Oil on
    him, he's immune to Fire damage. Keep your party spaced apart to minimize area
    effect damage. His attacks will do around 1000 damage. He'll use Perfect
    Defense at around half health. Bring out your tank at this time to eat his
    physical attacks until his Perfect Defense wears off, then finish him off.
    Return to the entrance and use the crystal to teleport to Balfronheim. Make
    sure you're full on all items. Pharos is a long dungeon, and you don't want to
    run out of X-Potions while fighting Cid. Learn from my mistakes.
    In the next area you must kill the Brainpans to make bridges. Brainpans have 63
    VIT, meaning if you cast Death on them with a character with 27 MAG or less it
    will have 100% accuracy. Continue up the next three flights killing the
    Brainpans. You need to kill enough Deidars on the way so that you make red
    bridges on the 35th floor and the 25th floor.The 35th floor has the Dueling
    Mask and either the Muramasa or the Zeus Mace. The 25th floor has the Holy Rod.
    If the chests aren't there return after you've saved.
    Save at Horizon's Break, then continue up the stairs.
    BOSS FIGHT: Slyt HP 92661
    - Self -> Decoy
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Dispel
    - Self -> Protectga
    * Equip: Main Gauche, Ensanguined Shield
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    * Equip: Wyrmfire Shot
    Support Character
    * Equip: Nihopalaoa
    Throw a handkerchief at him with your support character. Your tank will Dispel
    him and you'll be doing crazy damage with your Wyrmfire Shots.
    Activate the Way Stone to reach Second Ascent. Save on the west side of this
    room then activate the south east altar and enter the door behind it.
    You don’t have your Mini-Map, but you still have the Select map. Head up the
    stairs to the 61st floor. Go west until you see some stairs pointing north. You
    don't even have to go into the main area on this floor.
    On the 62nd floor, you need to go into the main area and then to the north west
    area. The big door can't be opened from this side, so turn right and run down
    the hallway until you can turn left and run back. This room contains the map
    for the Second Ascent. The big door can be opened from this side, so use it.
    The stairs are in the south east area of this floor. You can see them with your
    newly acquired map.
    The stairs on the 63rd floor are in the northwest area, but you can only access
    them from the north east area. Look for them on your map. Save at the crystal
    and head up the stairs.
    BOSS FIGHT: Fenrir HP 189992
    - Self -> Decoy
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Dispel
    - Self -> Protectga
    * Equip: Main Gauche, Ensanguined Shield
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    Enter the battle with a tank and two damage dealers. Dispel his Haste with
    your tank. Fenrir can be Oiled, but he is immune to Fire damage. The tank won’t
    be hit by Fenrir because of the shield. I only had to use one X-Potion in this
    battle, and that was because of Poison and Sap.
    Go to the southeast altar to get your mini-map back. Use the Dias to get to the
    67th floor. Save here and use the Way Stone to get to Third Ascent.
    If you mess up here you're toast. Start off with the Black Sigil to your left.
    Next head east and touch the Green Sigil. After the green run up and hit the
    Red Sigil. Finally hit the purple Sigil of Sacrifice.
    Head north and break the Fool's Facade. The Way Stone will teleport you to
    another area with another Way Stone behind you. Go south and grab the map and
    use the Way Stone again then use the Dias.
    BOSS FIGHT: Hashmal HP 209060
    Controlled Damage Dealer
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self -> Float
    - Self -> Haste
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Self -> Protectga
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    Other Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    Like Pandemonium and Fenrir, Hashmal can be Oiled but is immune to Fire damage.
    Float will protect you from Quakeja and Roxxor. Hashmal’s physical attacks
    can’t be blocked so a tank isn’t needed. As long as you keep Protect and Float
    up you'll be alright.
    Save on the 98th floor and head up.
    BOSS FIGHT: Gabranth HP 64049
    - Self -> Decoy
    - Self -> Protectga
    * Equip: Main Gauche, Ensanguined Shield
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    * Equip: Wyrmfire Shot
    Support Character
    * Equip: Nihopalaoa
    Wait for him to cast Protect then Dispel him and throw a Handkerchief with your
    support character. At half health you'll need to Dispel him again and throw
    another Handkerchief. You’re guns will be doing 9999 damage and Gabranth won’t
    last long
    BOSS FIGHT: Dr. Cid HP 82093 + Famfrit HP 149060
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    * Equip: Wyrmfire Shot
    Support Character
    * Equip: Nihopalaoa
    Dispel his magic and throw a Handkerchief at him with your support character.
    His attacks can't be blocked so a tank isn't needed. When Cid summons Famfrit
    Dispel them both and throw a Handkerchief at Famfrit. Cid becomes resistant to
    guns after you kill Famfrit, so you can either tough it out or kill him quickly
    with Gil Toss.
    |Chapter 18: The Epic Finale|[CH18]
    Buy 6 Crowns of Laurels from the armor shop at Balfronheim. Don't sell your
    Renewing Morions. Restock on items and fly to Bahamut. Run through the
    Imperials to the elevator.
    BOSS FIGHT: Gabranth HP 70719
    - Self -> Decoy
    - Self -> Protectga
    * Equip: Main Gauche, Ensanguined Shield
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    Support Character
    * Equip: Nihopalaoa
    You can’t Oil him this time, but throw a Remedy at him for Blind and Slow. You
    can keep him occupied with your tank while your damage dealers take him out.
    Dispel him again when he uses Renew.
    This is the only break time you get. Use it wisely.
    BOSS FIGHT: Vayne HP 76755
    - Self -> Decoy
    - Self -> Protectga
    * Equip: Main Gauche, Ensanguined Shield
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Ally: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self -> Haste
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    * Equip: Wyrmfire Shot
    Support Character
    * Equip: Nihopalaoa
    Dispel him and throw a Remedy. Keep Lure up on your tank for an easy fight.
    This is just a warmup.
    BOSS FIGHT: Vayne Novus HP HP 104210
    Same Setup
    Dispel him and throw a Remedy with your support character for Oil and Slow.
    Vayne and his swords will all attack your tank for no damage. His specials
    aren't that big of a deal with X-Potion Gambits.
    BOSS FIGHT: The Undying HP 228299
    Same Gambits, Unequip the Wyrmfire Shots
    Dispel him then beat him down until he uses Perfect Defense. At this time turn
    off your Haste and Bravery Gambits because he'll just Dispel them. Wait out
    Perfect Defense with your tank. Some of his attacks do over 2000 damage, but
    with X-Potions and Bubble Belts, this fight is nothing more than an annoyance.
    Endgame [END]
    *NOTE* I never got around to finishing this section as I stopped playing. There
    are plenty of Youtube videos explaining how to beat Shadowseer, Yaizmat, and
    So you've just killed the Undying. Congratulations. Not to spoil your moment,
    but a quarter of the hunts are harder than him, as are a few of the Espers.
    Before starting the Endgame, you'll need a few pieces of equipment.
    4 Demon Shields (Buy from the Baknamy Merchant)
    3 Black Masks (Buy at Balfronheim)
    3 White Masks (Buy at Balfronheim)
    3 Rubber Suits (Buy at Balfronheim)
    3 Mirror Mails (Buy at the Phon Coast)
    3 Indigo Pendants (Buy at Airship Flight from Balfronheim to Bhujerba)
    Indigo Pendants will make all Status Magic hit nearly 100%. With it you can
    save Remedies and other items by using magic to aflict statuses. It is also
    helpful in landing Decoy and Reverse.
    3 Sage's Rings (Steal from Arioch)
    Sage's Rings are useful for casting Renew and Arise out of battle to save
    items. Arioch is a Trophy Mob located in the zone south of the Nabreus
    Deadlands Gate Crystal. Follow the eastern wall south until you see him. He has
    a 40% chance of spawning, so just zone back if he isn't there.
    Your Dustia surplus is undoubtedly running thin by now, so a new way of making
    money is needed. In past versions I advocated Mom Bomb farming, but
    unfortunately getting in and out of the Great Crystal wastes a lot of time.
    Chaining Dark Lords in Zeromus' room is an easier method. You can make about
    400k an hour like this, and you don't have to go deep into the Great Crystal to
    do it. You should use the teleporter a few times every 25 kills or so to reset
    the spawn rate.
    Balance Motes are a great asset for bosses that like to use Palings. They can
    be farmed at the Ridorana Cataract. Starting at the save point, zone into the
    next area and use the Immobilize Glitch. Run forward to the middle area and
    grab the chest in the northwest corner. Head to the southeast and zone into the
    next area, and grab the chest in the dead end path on the right.
    You'll need Dark Matter for a few fights. Charging in the past would take
    forever and require a crap load of Knots of Rust. The Anti-Waste method changes
    that (well, it still takes forever). Take two characters and give them a Ally:
    PARTY LEADER -> Knot of Rust gambit. Give them both Bubble Belts and the best
    light armor to increase their HP. Now find a zone line and activate the
    gambits. Similar to chaining Dustia, zone out before you see the damage show up
    on your leader. Continue on for a while. It still takes hours to get to 60000,
    but now at least you can watch TV or something while you do it. To check how
    much damage you've charged, save before using it on yourself, then reset.
    In Nabudis, Cloister of the Highborn, every chest besides the Zodiac Spear
    chest will yield a Dark Matter with a Diamond Armlet equipped. This is enough
    to last you the rest of the game.
    The Excalibur 
    This is the order you should go about Endgame:
    - Get the Site 9 key from the Hunter's Camp (near the Gate Crystal)
    - Kill Zeromus so you can farm Dark Lords
    - Kill the rest of the normal hunts
    - Kill all the Espers (Give Zodiark to either Balthier or Basch)
    - Kill Shadowseer
    - Kill Yiazmat
    - Kill Omega Mk. XII
    |Unfinished Hunts|[UNF]
    Ixtab HP 22562
    Location: Henne Mines (Phase 1 Shaft)
    Strategy: Afflict Stop.
    Feral Retriver HP 22559
    Location: Paramina Rift (Spine of the Icewyrm)
    Strategy: Afflict Immobilize.
    Trickster HP 61321
    Location: Paramina Rift (Frozen Brook). You have to exit and re-enter until
    Monid tells you that it has appeared. Clear out all the other monsters before
    you attack it.
    Strategy: Afflict Blind. Keep your party spread out to minimize damage from
    Choco Comet. You have to wait out its Paling.
    Vorpal Bunny HP 20010
    Location: Golmore Jungle (The Rustling Chapel)
    Strategy: Afflict Berserk and Blind.
    Atomos HP 40020
    Location: Mosphoran Highwaste (Northern Skirts)
    Strategy: Afflict Immobilize.
    Mind Flayer HP 31161
    Location: Henne Mines (Phase 1 Dig)
    Spawn Requirements: Must have full MP when you enter.
    Strategy: Afflict Berserk and Blind.
    Braegh HP 43283
    Location: Salikawood (Corridor of Ages)
    Strategy: Afflict Disable.
    Bloodwing HP 41171
    Location: Barhiem Passage (West Annex)
    Strategy: Afflict Blind, Disease, and Immobilize.
    Carrot HP 110842
    Location: Salikawood (Sun-Dappled Path)
    Spawn Requirements: Don't kill anything in the Salikawood until you get to the
    spawn area.
    Strategy: Afflict Slow and Silence. His status magic is annoying but can be
    mitigated by spreading out your party.
    Roblon HP 177365
    Location: Nabreus Deadlands (Overlooking Eternity)
    Strategy: Equip Rubber Suits to protect against Roblon's Thundara. Set your
    Attack Gambits to *Foe: Highest Max HP* and give one of your damage dealers a
    Nihopalaoa and another an Indigo Pendant. When you enter the area throw
    Chrono's Tears at all of the Dead Bones. Work your way up to Roblon and cast
    Slow on him with the Indigo Pendant user. Control the Nihopalaoa user and
    continue to throw Chrono's Tears at the Dead Bones as they recover from stop.
    Darksteel HP 111331
    Location: Sochen Cave Palace (Temptation Eluded)
    Strategy: Afflict Blind and Slow then cast Decoy on a damage dealer and kite
    him around the room.
    Vyraal HP 106616
    Location: Cerobi Steppe (the Northsward)
    Strategy: Afflict Blind and Slow.
    Lindwyrm HP 228468
    Location: Tchita Uplands (Garden of Life's Circle)
    Spawn Requirements: Must be cloudy weather.
    Strategy: Afflict Blind, Silence, and Slow then beat him down. Dispel him after
    he casts Greater Barrier.
    Overlord HP 64325
    Location: Sochen Cave Palace (Doubt Abandoned)
    Strategy: Afflict Blind, Slow, and Confuse, then just beat him down with your
    damage dealers.
    Belito (Ba'Gamnan) HP 115659
    Location: Nam-Yensa Sandsea (Withering Shores)
    Spawn Requirements: You have to enter through the Zertinan Caverns.
    Strategy: Afflict Sleep on the three minions and Slow on Ba'Gamnan. Use a tank
    to keep him under control and pick them off one at a time.
    Goliath HP 224294
    Location: Necrohol of Nabudis (Hall of Slumbering Might)
    Strategy: Afflict Slow and use a tank with Mirror Mail equipped.
    Deathscythe HP 125601
    Location: Necrohol of Nabudis (Cloister of the Highborn)
    Spawn Requirements: Lower a character's HP below 10% while in the area.
    Strategy: Afflict Berserk and Slow and use a tank. He ignores evade at critical
    so just afflict Blind and finish him off. Some Reverse tanking may be needed.
    Gilgamesh pt. 1 HP 123103
    Location: Lhusu Mines (Tasche Span)
    Strategy: Afflict Slow on Gilgamesh and Sleep on Enkidu. Use a tank and steal
    from him at the beginning of every phase.
    Gilgamesh pt. 2 HP 472346
    Location: Lhusu Mines (Site 7)
    Strategy: Afflict Sleep on Enkidu. I recommend using three characters with
    different levels to minimize the effect of his Lv 2 Sleep and Lv 3 Disable.
    This is probably the most difficult regular hunt and involves a lot of skillful
    kiting. Set up a small area kite and keep a character with an Indigo Pendant
    out to keep Enkidu afflicted with Sleep. His specials are the biggest problem,
    with Monarch Sword one-shotting characters when he's in critical. He'll use a
    Paling that will wear off after two specials. Just keep kiting him around in
    circles and picking off his health.
    Deathgaze HP 184000
    Location: Airship
    Spawn Requirements: Keep taking rides and talking to the kid until he spawns.
    Strategy: Dispel him, then cast Reverse on him and Renew. While Renew is
    casting cast Cure so that when he gets hit with Renew he's hit by Cure
    immediately afterward. That way he won't be able to use Restore in time.
    Diabolos HP 93551
    Location: Lhusu Mines (Site 11)
    Strategy: Afflict Slow and use a tank until he uses Force Barrier, then kite
    him until you can kill him.
    Piscodaemon HP 49660
    Location: Giruvegan (Gate of Fire)
    Strategy: Afflict Blind and Slow. He's gun resistant so use Gil Toss.
    Wild Malboro HP 110842
    Location: The Feywood (Redolent Glade)
    Strategy: Afflict Blind, Slow, Silence, and Oil. Use Wyrmfire Shots to kill
    him. Try to focus on him only and kill him before he can use Soul Etude. If not
    just outlast him.
    Catoblepas HP 187991
    Location: Zertinan Caverns (Hourglass Basin)
    Strategy: Afflict Blind and Slow then tank him.
    Fafnir HP 1390378
    Location: Paramina Rift (Silverflow's End)
    Spawn Requirements: Must be a snowstorm. You have to go around Frozen Brook
    from Mt. Bur-Omisace because the snowstorm will go away if you enter that area.
    Strategy: Stay behind the big rock on the southeast corner and shoot him with
    your guns. He can only hit you here with spells, which can be reflected.
    Behemoth King HP 1668491
    Location: The Feywood (The Edge of Reason)
    Spawn Requirements: Kill everything in the Edge of Reason, then everything in
    the Icefield of Clearsight, then return to the Edge of Reason.
    Strategy: Equip your damage dealers with Rubber Suits, Bubble Belts, and switch
    on White Masks when he casts Holy, and Black Masks when he casts Darkga. He can
    still damage you with Fire and Ice attacks so be sure to have Shell up at all
    times. Because you get healed by Holy and Darkga, I suggest setting your
    healing Gambits to HP < 30% instead of < 50%. This is a long, drawn out battle
    and you don't want to run out of X-Potions. He won't chase you around the area
    so if something goes wrong just run out of range. Don't spend too much time out
    of range or else he'll start recovering. When he uses his Paling turn off your
    Bravery Gambits until it fades.
    Pylraster HP 493513
    Location: Pharos - First Ascent (They Who Thirst Not)
    Strategy: Equip your tank with a Main Gauche and the Ensanguined Shield and
    your two damage dealers with Indigo Pendants. He's weak to Fire so equip
    Wyrmfire Shots. You can also afflict Slow on him with a damage dealer. As long
    as you keep Lure on your tank he can't touch you.
    Ixion HP 306559
    Location: Pharos - Subterra (Penumbra)
    Spawn Requirements: Keep using the elevator until there are no monsters around.
    - Self: MP < 50% -> Ether
    - Self: Bubble
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Gil Toss
    * Equip: Rod of Faith, Dueling Mask, Rubber Suit, Indigo Pendant
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Arise
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Self: HP < 50% -> X-Potion
    - Self: MP < 20% -> Ether
    - Self -> Bravery
    - Foe: Party Leader's Target -> Attack
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Attack
    * Equip: Fomalhaut, Wyrmfire Shot, Crown of Laurels, Mirage Vest, Hermes
    Dispel him right away and afflict Oil and Berserk. Control your tank during the
    fight. Cast Reverse manually with your tank and Decoy manually with a damage
    dealer. (Equip an Indigo Pendant when you do). Lure will wear off every ~25
    seconds and Reverse will wear off every ~12 seconds. Battle Speed doesn't
    affect status durations so set it to Fast. When Berserk wears Ixion will use
    Purify. At this time switch your Attack Gambits to Gil Toss and finish him off.
    Adrammelech HP 39330
    Location: Zertinian Caverns (Arthroza Quicksands)
    Strategy: Afflict Slow. You might want to steal 3 High Arcanas from him if you
    want the Tournesol.
    Zalera HP 72248
    Location: Barheim Passage (Terminus No. 7)
    Strategy: Afflict Slow.
    Cuchulainn HP 126165
    Location: Garamsythe Waterway (No. 1 Cloaca)
    Spawn Requirements: In the Central Waterway Control, close the No. 3 and No. 10
    Waterway Controls then close the No. 1 South Waterway Control in No. 3 Cloaca
    Spur. Open No. 3 and No. 10 back up and close No. 4 and No. 11 then close the
    No. 1 North Waterway Control in No. 4 Cloaca Spur. Finally, open No. 11 and
    close No. 3 to open up the battle area
    Strategy: Equip Main Gauches, the Zodiac Escutcheon, and Demon Shields. Spam
    Gil Toss while throwing Remedies to cure his status effects. You have to wear
    Fireflies because Foobars give EXP.
    Exodus HP 119060
    Location: Mosphoran Highwaste (Empyrean Seat)
    Strategy: Afflict Slow and and tank him after you Dispel his Protect. He gets 0
    CT at critical but you should be able to outlast his Paling and finish him off.
    Zeromus HP 166888
    Location: Stilshrine of Miriam (Throne of Veiled Gods)
    Strategy: You can't dispel his buffs, and tanking is hard without the use of
    Decoy. I recommend just entering the battle with all the buffs you need and
    just beating him down with three damage dealers. Gil Toss is effective after he
    uses Greater Barrier.
    Chaos HP 208966
    Location: Necrohol of Nabudis (The Crucible)
    First make sure you have at least 220000 gil. Go to the Nabreus Deadlands (The
    Muted Scarp) and talk to the three Nu Mous then go to Overlooking Eternity from
    the Slumbermead through the Fog Mutters. Take the three Medallions from the
    shrine. Enter the Necrohol of Nabudis and go through the Hall of the Ivory
    Covenant. Open the Door of Loathing to fight Fury. He has 69710 HP so afflict
    slow and beat him down quickly. Next open the Door of Horrors to fight Humbaba
    Mistant. He has 314086 HP so afflict Slow and Silence then tank him. Finally
    open the Door of Despair.
    Strategy: Afflict Slow and spam Gil Toss to counteract the Attack seal. The
    Chaos Jets will be taken out by the AoE attack. All of his attacks can be
    survived with X-Potions and Remedies.
    Ultima HP 258001
    Location: The Great Crystal (Crystal Peak)
    Strategy: Equip Dark Shots, White Masks, Mirage Vests, and Bubble Belts.
    Afflict Blind and Dispel her then just keep shooting. Be sure to turn off your
    healing Gambits if anyone is Reversed. When she blocks the Attack command just
    spam Gil Toss.
    Zodiark HP 336847
    Location: Henne Mines (Special Charter Dig)
    Your tank and damage dealers must have Protect, Shell, and Haste. Your tank
    must have Decoy and Reverse. As for items, a fully charged Dark Matter and ~20
    Balance Motes are needed.
    You should have a reserve backup tank for this fight. Just give them the same
    stuff as your first tank (Holy Rod and Crown of Laurels being the exceptions)
    and keep them in reserve in case your first dies. 
    - Self: MP < 50% -> Ether
    - Self: Bubble
    - Foe: Nearest Visible -> Gil Toss
    * Equip: Rod of Faith, Dueling Mask, Mirage Vest, Indigo Pendant
    Damage Dealers
    - Ally: Any -> Arise
    - Ally: Any -> Phoenix Down
    - Self: HP < 60% -> X-Potion
    - Ally: Status = Petrify -> Gold Needle
    - Ally: MP < 20% -> Ether
    - Foe: Highest Max HP -> Gil Toss
    * Equip: Demon Shield, Crown of Laurels, Mirage Vest, Bubble Belt
    - Foe: Highest Max HP -> Gil Toss
    * Equip: Demon Shield, Crown of Laurels, Mirage Vest, Bubble Belt
    Zodiark is fought similarly to Ixion. Enter with Balthier and cast Dispel. This
    will prompt a Darkja from Zodiark, which might kill him. If not, spam Gil Toss
    until he dies. Balthier is level 2, which will make Zodiark waste some turns
    trying to sleep him.
    Bring out your tank and damage dealers, controlling your tank. Just like Ixion,
    you need to keep yourself Decoyed and Reversed manually. Decoy lasts ~25
    seconds, and Reverse lasts ~12. Battle speed should be set to fast to take full
    advantage of the spell durations.
    As you spam Gil Toss, Zodiark will cast Greater Barrier. Do not try to Dispel
    it, or else you'll get some nasty retaliation.
    There's a specific time you HAVE to throw the Dark Matter. Watch the BOSS HP
    bar. Right when it gets to the "G" in "COMBAT LOG" throw it. Wait too long and
    Zodiark will use Battle Cry, turning this mildly difficult fight into a
    grueling marathon. Don't mess up. If the Dark Matter hits and he still has a
    little health left it's not as bad.
    If he's still alive and under his Paling you need to switch up your tactics.
    Swap your Gil Toss gambits for Balance Motes, then re-equip your Hat + Armor to
    halve your HP. Spam Balance Motes for the remainder of the fight.
    |Omega Mk. XII|[OME]
    Section 7: Closing
    [CL01] Version History
    1.0 01/06/07
    Full Storyline Walkthrough with lots of mistakes and bad strategies.
    2.0 07/15/07
    Complete rehaul of FAQ with new strategies for over half the bosses.
    2.1 07/21/07
    Some minor revisions and additions.
    2.2 08/16/07
    Now that I have a TV card I can use my own videos instead of relying on others.
    3.0 05/25/08
    SURPRISE! Total rewrite with new strategies. Everything is finished except the
    last three (or four) optional bosses.
    3.1 7/16/10
    I haven't touched the game or this guide in a couple years. I just wanted to
    make some quick fixes and add a bit the the Introduction. Unfortunately I never
    got around to typing up strategies for the last few optional fights, but
    there's plenty of info online and if you've made it that far you probably have
    a good idea of how to play a LLG. Cheers!
    [CL02] Credits
    CJayC - For making GameFAQs
    Square Enix - For making FFXII
    Ashe10 - Strategies for some optional bosses.
    flak76e (Youtube) - Immobilize Glitch
    penelo060316 (Youtube) - something I forgot
    Split Infinity - FAQ/Walkthrough (Tons of information. His FAQ is the best.)
    Maltzsan - Game Mechanics FAQ (Technical information)
    trowabartan - Mark Hunting Guide (Locations and information for Hunts)
    sephirosuy - Maps
    Giruvegan01 - Balance Mote farming
    www.ff12maps.com - More Maps
    If you think you deserve credit, contact me.

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