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    No Rare Game Tournesol Guide by EbeneezerAl

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    TOURNESOL GUIDE - No Rare Game
    By: EbeneezerAl
    Email: EbeneezerAl@fullsail.edu 
        I. Table of Contents
        II. Legal Stuff
        III. Introduction
        IV. The Bazaar
        V. The Tournesol
            i. Stats
            ii. Recipes
        VI. Getting Started
            i. The Monographs
            ii. The Canopic Jar
            iii. The Thief's Cuffs
        VII. Gemsteel
            i. Reward Gemsteel
            ii. Damascus Steel
            iii. Hell-Gate's Flame
            iv. Scarletite
        VIII. Empyreal Soul
            i. Reward Empyreal Soul
            ii. Soul Powder
            iii. Wargod's Band
        IX. Serpentarius
            i. Reward Serpentarius
            ii. Snake Skin
            iii. Serpent Eye
        X. High Arcana
            i. Reward High Arcana
            ii. Arcana
            iii. Soul of Thamasa
            iv. Feystone
        XI. Making the Tournesol
        XII. Helpful Tips
        XIII. Closing
    Basically, if you want to post this on your site, or use the 
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    As for my sources, I made this guide because I could not find a 
    guide online that had the information I wanted. All my 
    information comes from personal experience, and the official 
    Final Fantasy XII strategy guide. And finding the information in 
    that guide took a lot of work scouring the individual bestiaries to 
    find the items I needed to make this when I did it. I figured I'd 
    save someone else the trouble and post what I found. 
    If anything in this FAQ looks like it's copied, it is a coincidence,
    and one which I appologize for. If something in here looks like 
    your work, let me know, and I'll edit it. If anyone has anything to 
    add, let me know and I'll include your information and credit you
    with it.
    This guide is to aid in obtaining the Tournesol from the Bazaar.
    The Tournesol is one of the games best weapons and requires a 
    complex process of obtaining and selling loot in multiple stages.
    Many of these items can be stolen with frequency from Rare 
    Game. Indeed many online FAQ's give instructions that deal 
    almost exclusively with Rare Game. However, in the case of 
    Rare Game tied to the Hunt Club side quest, once it's been 
    defeated and the trophy for it has been obtained, you can no 
    longer encounter it. Therefore, if you have gone a long way in 
    this side quest, like I did, you will have to find another way to 
    obtain the neccessary items. This is what this FAQ will explain.
    As the Tournesol is obtained from the Bazaar, it makes sense to 
    first provide a little bit of information on the Bazaar itself. I'm 
    sure most people reading this are familiar with the Bazaar, but 
    may not know all of the details of how it works. It is vital when 
    trying to obtain this weapon that you do understand exactly how 
    the bazaar operates, as it can save you a lot of time and effort.
    When you defeat an enemy, it will often times drop one or more 
    loot items. Loot items are items with no uses. Thier purpose is 
    simply to be sold for Gil. Selling certain items in the correct 
    amount will unlock a package in the Bazaar. Once an item or 
    package has been bought from the Bazaar, it is gone and can not 
    be bought again at that time. Some of these packages can be 
    obtained multiple times by selling the correct loot in the correct 
    quantities again. Others can only be obtained one time. 
    Each package that can be bought in the Bazaar has a "recipe". 
    This recipe is nothing more than a list of items that must be sold 
    to the Bazaar, and how many of each of those items must be 
    sold, in order to obtain that package. For instance, the Triage 
    Kit, a package containing 12 Phoenix Downs and 3 Hi-Potions,
    is obtained by selling 3 Giant Feathers. Many other recipes, such 
    as the Tournesol's, are more complex, requiring more than one 
    item, each item needing to be sold multiple times.
    A few pieces of information on selling items. Items needed for a 
    single Bazaar package do not need to be sold at the same time, 
    nor even to the same merchant. For instance in the above 
    example of the Triage Kit, each of the 3 Giant Feather's required 
    to make the package could be sold to a different merchant in a 
    different location and at different stages of the game and you 
    would still recieve the package. However, if you sell more than 
    the required number of items, you will still onl recieve one 
    package. Excess items do not roll over into other recipes. So if 
    you sold 6 Giant Feathers, you would not recieve 2 Triage Kits.
    You would still only recieve one, and the other three would have 
    been wasted. 
    However, if an item is shared between recipes, it can be used for 
    multiple recipes at the same time, if all of the neccessary items 
    are sold at once. For instance, if another package required 1 
    Giant Feather, you could make both the Triage Kit and the other 
    package with the same 3 Giant Feathers, as opposed to needing 
    4, provided that you sold the other items required for this second 
    package at the same time you sold the 3 Giant Feathers. If you 
    sell all of the other items and only one Giant Feather, you will 
    make the second package, but will have to obtain another Giant 
    Feather for your Triage kit. If you sell all three Giant Feathers 
    before selling th other items needed for the second package, you 
    will have to obtain another feather for the second package.
    All of this information will come up again at the end of this 
    FAQ, when I describe how to sell the loot.
    As the purpose of this guide is to explain how to obtain the 
    Tournesol, it makes sense to explain what it is your going 
    through all this trouble to get. This section will descirbe the 
    weapon as well as give the recipes required to obtain it.
    (i). Stats
    If, like many of us who started playing this game without 
    looking at a guide, you missed the Zodiac Spear, than the 
    Tournesol is the game's most powerful weapon. If you did get 
    the Zodiac Spear, than this is the games second most powerful 
    weapon. Either way, it's a very nice weapon to have. Technically, 
    the Zodiac Spear is still obtainable, even if you did open one of 
    the 4 forbidden chests. However at a chance of 0.1% to get it 
    from it's chest in the Henne Mines, your chances of gaining the 
    Tournesol are much better.
    The Tournesol is a Greatsword. It's license, located in the very 
    bottom-right corner of the License Board, costs 250 LP to 
    aquire. The Bazaar package, when obtained, costs 600,000 gil to 
    purchase. And this does not count the prices of the items that 
    must be purchases to create it. The Tournesol has an attack 
    power of 140 and provides a +25 boost to evasion. It has no 
    element and causes no statuses to either wielder or target.
    (ii). Recipes
    As has been said, the Tournesol is obtained as a Bazaar 
    package. There is no other way to aquire it. The Bazaar Package 
    is called "The Sunflower" and has the following recipe:
    The Sunflower (Tournesol) = Gemsteel x3, Empyreal Soul x3, 
    Serpentarius x3
    Those items must be sould in those quantities in order to obtain 
    the Tournesol. Sounds easy enough, but it isn't. Each of those 
    three items is also created in the Bazaar, and while many of 
    them may be obtained as rewards for completing various tasks, 
    you will have to make at least one of each item. Thier recipes are 
    as follows:
    Matchless Metal (Gemsteel) = Damascus Steel x2, Hell-Gate's 
    Flame x2, Scarletite x1
    Jewel of Creation (Empyreal Soul) = Soul Powder x1, Wargod's 
    Band x2, High Arcana x1
    Jewel of the Serpent (Serpentarius) = Snake Skin x4, Serpent 
    Eye x2, High Arcana x1
    And if that wasn't enough, you may have to make the High 
    Arcana in the Bazaar as well, though you may potentially have 
    enough of them in your possession already. If you haven't 
    already sold them that is. The recipe for the High Arcana is as 
    Life Crystal (High Arcana) = Arcana x10, Feystone x1, Soul of 
    Thamasa x1
    However, since the High Arcana is used in both the Empyreal 
    Soul and the Serpentarius, you can make both with a single High 
    Aarcana, effectively halving the number of them you need. 
    Therefore a full recipe for the Tournesol will require you to first 
    obtain the following items in the following quantitites:
    Damascus Steel x6
    Hell-Gate's Flame x6
    Scarletite x3
    Soul Powder x3
    Wargod's Band x6
    Snake Skin x12
    Serpent Eye x6
    Arcana x30
    Feystone x3
    Soul of Thamasa x3
    This may be less than you need if you have one or more of the 
    reward items in your possession. If you do not have them in your 
    inventory and are unsure whether you have sold any of them, 
    play it safe and get everything. 
    Before you go off looking to obtain the Tournesol, you will need 
    a few things. This section will go over what you should have and 
    how to obtain those things.
    (i). The Monographs.
    If you're far enough into the game to be trying this, you likely 
    already have a few of these. The monographs are all items that 
    can be bought from the Bazaar, each in a package called 
    Forgotten Grimoire. If you see this package name one or more 
    times in the Bazaar, you should be trying to save up Gil to buy 
    it. They are well worth the high price tag on them. Monographs 
    will increase the frequency of rare loot dropped form certain 
    types of enemies. As much of the loot you will be looking for to 
    make the Tournesol's componants is rare, you will want these.
    Unlike most Bazaar packages, the Monographs are not obtained 
    by selling loot. Each Monograph has a special condition you 
    must meet in order to obtain it. The monographs, thier costs, 
    their effect, and the condition needed to unlock them are:
    Hunter's Monograph (18,000 gil) - Better loot from Beasts and 
    Avions: After beating the Thextra hunt, talk to Gatsly in the 
    Muthru Bazaar
    Knight's Monograph (19,000 gil) - Better loot from Giants and 
    Insects: Talk to any weapon merchant over 30 times
    Warmage's Monograph (20,000 gil) - Better loot from Amorphs 
    and Undead: Read the Hunt bulletin board more than 20 times
    Mage's Monograph (21,000 gil) - Better loot from Fiends: Talk 
    to any magick merchant over 25 times.
    Scholar's Monograph (22,000 gil) - Better loot from Constructs: 
    Talk to any armor merchant over 15 times
    Dragoon's Monograph (22,000 gil) - Better Loot from Dragons 
    and Plants: read the hunt bulletin board over 40 times.
    Sages Monograph (25,000 gil) - Better loot from Elementals: 
    Talk to any merchant more than 100 times. 
    The Thextra hunt is the second hunt available to you. The 
    petitioner, Gatsly, can be found in the Sandsea, sitting on the 
    floor near the hunt board. The Thextra itself is in the Dalmasca 
    Westersand, in the first area you come to when leaving 
    Rabanastre. After beating it, return to Gatsly to obtain your 
    reward and he will tell you to come see him in Muthru Bazaar.
    Go there and speak to him to open the Hunter's Monograph in 
    the Bazaar. 
    A note on the other conditions. You do not have to speak to the 
    same merchant or read the same hunt board the required number 
    of times. Speaking to the magick merchant in Rabanastre 18 
    times and the weapon merchant in Bhujerba 7 times will still 
    unlock the Mage's Monograph. 
    (ii). The Canopic Jar
    The Canopic Jar is another Bazaar item. When you buy it, it will
    make Arcana a common drop from all enemies. This makes sure 
    that if you need to create any High Arcana in the Bazaar, you 
    will not have to worry about getting the 10 Arcana needed to 
    make it. You'll have it several times over.
    The Canopic Jar costs 250,000 gil and requires the following 
    Morbid Urn (Canopic Jar) = Phobos Glaze x1, Horakhty's Flame 
    x1, and Deimos Clay x1
    Each of these items is a reward for completing a hunt. The 
    Phobos Glaze is for completing the Gil Snapper hunt, located on 
    the Giza Plains during the rains. Hoakhty's Flame is the reward 
    for completing the Orthros Mark, found in the Garamsythe 
    Waterway. And the Deimos clay is the reward for completing the 
    Trickster hunt, located in Paramina Rift. For more details on 
    these hunts, consult a  guide or a hunt FAQ.
    (iii). The Thief's Cuffs
    The Thiefs Cuffs are an accessory that allows the theft of rare 
    items from enemies. Some of the items you are after can be 
    stolen from the very enemies that are dropping them. Stealing 
    can potentially double your chances of getting the item you need.
    The Thief's Cuffs are easy enough to obtain. Buy them at Mt.
    Bur-Omisace for 3,000 gil.
    Of the three items needed to Obtain the Tournesol, this is the 
    most risky. It's the only one of the three items that is actually 
    used in another recipe. So unlike the Empyreal Soul, if you are 
    careless in selling it, you can be forced to get them all over. That 
    being said, this should be firly easy to obtain. Two of the three 
    items needed are not all that rare, and they drop for enemies that 
    are not all that difficult.
    (i). Reward Gemsteel
    There is only one of these to my knowledge. Talk to Montblanc 
    in the Clan Centurio Hall after obtaining 8 Espers and he will 
    reward you with a Gemsteel and 2 Teleport Stones
    (ii). Damascus Steel
    This will most likely be the most difficult piece of loot to obtain 
    for the Gemsteel. It drops from the Bune enemies in the Pharos 
    Lighthouse. On your first visit to the Pharos, they can be found 
    on the Second Ascent. But if you've already beaten this part of 
    the game, climbing all the way up to that point is a pain, and 
    getting out is just as bad. My suggestion is to fight them in the 
    Upon returning to the Pharos, you will find an elevator on the 
    bottom floor. This elevator will take you to the Subterra, a 3 
    floor segment below the Lighthouse that must be completed in 
    order to fight the Shadowseer Mark. If you have already 
    completed this hunt, this will be easier. If not, you will have to 
    fight in the dark initially.
    Penumbra is the first floor in the Pharos Subterra. This consits 
    of a central ring and 4 wings of rooms branching out from each 
    corner. The Bune can be fought here inside the wings. However,
    when you first arrive here, the rooms are dark. Each wing has an
    altar just inside its entrance. Filling this altar with Black Orbs 
    will cause the light in the rooms to grow. Filling the altar 1/3 of 
    the way will cause the light to grow a small amount, while filling 
    it all the way will cause it to light even more. Each wing's altar 
    requires a different number of orbs to fill it. Those numbers are:
    Northeast: 18 orbs
    Northwest: 9 orbs
    Southeast: 3 orbs
    Southwest: 6 orbs
    I suggest filling each altar 1/3 of the way first so that you can 
    light each wing enough to see what you are doing, and then 
    going back to fill them the rest of the way. Defeat the enemies in 
    the wings to obtain the orbs. And then just keep fighting here, 
    retreating to the save crystal on the first floor for healing when 
    neccessary, until you have obtained the neccessary amount of 
    Damascus Steels.
    (iii). Hell-Gate's Flame
    These are easy enough to get. They're a fairly common drop 
    from the Cerberus enemies in the Feywood. The easiest place to 
    fight them is in the Walk of Stolen Truths area (the area just 
    northeast of the save crystal). If you are unsure of the location, 
    go to the Feywood, open the map, and highlight each of the 
    areas. The map will tell you what the name of the highlighted 
    area is.
    Once there, just fight them. You should have the neccessary Hell 
    Gate's Flames in no time. The Cerberus aren't difficult to fight 
    and they regularly drop Hell-Gate's Flames.
    (iv). Scarletite
    There are a couple of ways to obtain this item. It is a rare drop 
    from Emeralditan enemies in the Nabreus Deadlands. The 
    Emeralditans are not overly difficult, but the Deadlands can be. 
    However, you do not need many of them, and there are several 
    other pieces of loot you need from the Deadlands and the nearby 
    Nechrol of Nabudis, so you may concider fighting these here and 
    going after several pieces of loot at once.
    However, if you want a break from hunting monsters for loot, 
    there is another method of obtaining the Scarletite. You can fish 
    for it. In the last location of the Nebra Fishing Game, Den of the 
    River Lord, it is one of the prizes for getting a perfect round. The 
    odds of getting it are 50/50. If you're good at fishing or just want 
    a break from monster hunting, you may choose to use this 
    method of aquiring the Scarletite.
    This is, for me anyway, the most difficult item to obtain. 
    Between tough enemies and rare drops, this one was what had 
    me despairing the most. But if I can do it, you can do it. It just 
    takes some patience, luck, and rather high levels.
    (i). Reward Empyreal Soul
    Again, as with the Gemsteel, there is one Empyreal Soul that 
    you can be given, lessening the amount of loot hunting you must 
    do. If you obtain the rank of High Guardian in Clan Centurio, 
    Montblanc will reward you with an Empyreal Soul and 3 
    Teleport Stones. In order to reach the rank of High Guardian, 
    you must defeat 28 marks and aquire 300,000 points.
    (ii). Soul Powder
    The item itself is not the problem here. It drops form the Etem 
    enemies found in the east section of the Henne Mines. The Soul 
    Powder isn't even that uncommon of a drop and the Etem 
    enemies can be fought in large numbers, so you're bound to get 
    them just due to sheer numbers.
    However, in order to get into the east section, you must complete 
    several prerequisites. First you must complete every hunt for 
    which the petitioner is located in Jahara. These are Ixtab, 
    Mindflayer, and Catoblepas. Once these hunts are finished you 
    will be told that Geomancer Yugelu wishes to speak to you. He 
    will tell you of a hidden power in the Henne Mines, and tell you 
    that you must aquire great power to access it. Obtain at least 10 
    espers and speak to him again. He will send one of the Garif to 
    unlock the east section of the mines. Use a  teleport Crystal to go 
    to the Henne Mines. Follow the north path to the Ore Separation 
    area where you fought Tiamat. then Take the East path out of 
    the area.
    This is where things really become tough. The enemies here are 
    difficult. Just because you were strong enough to get to the east 
    section does not mean you are strong enough to survive it. They 
    Abysteel enemies come first. They're fast and are at the 
    creatures' highest levels. Just because you were able to beat them 
    elsewhere in the game does not guarantee victory here. They are 
    tougher, able to drain thousands of health from you at one time. 
    This becomes more problematic due to thier numbers. 
    Next are Hecteyes. These are flan-like enemies with resistances 
    to physical attacks. Blizzard magic works well against them, but 
    it still takes a while. The status effects they can cause become 
    even more problematic. My suggestion, buy a lot of Warp Motes 
    form the clan provisioner in Muthru Bazaar. When you 
    encounter them, use the motes right away. The item makes them 
    more or less instantaneous, and if it works, all of them are gone 
    in one shot. The Warp Motes won't work on anythign else in 
    here, but they can eliminate that threat. 
    The next problem is that of Necrophobes, ghosts that will spawn 
    after you defeat an enemy. If you have gone through Penumbra 
    after the Damascus Steels then you have encountered this effect 
    already, but concidering the capabilities of the enemies here, it is 
    a much more serious threat. The status effects the Necrophobe is 
    capable of inducing are very crippling, and the fact that the 
    Hecteyes can also cause stauses makes this even more 
    Finally you will manage to fight your way through all of these to 
    the Special Charter Shaft, where after an initial section filled 
    with Hecteyes, you will encounter Etem's. The only enemies you
    will encounter here are Etems and Necrophobes. The 
    Necrophobes will appear almost every time you defeat an Etem,
    and you will also occassionally encounter them on thier own.
    And if that wasn't enough, the Etems are no pushovers. They are 
    capable of inflicting stop status, so be sure to bring plenty of 
    Chronos Tears. They also cast death, so your party members 
    could be killed in a single hit. And they use annul, which drops a 
    party member's MP to 0. Add that to the fact that they attack in 
    large numbers and the Necrophobes will spawn when you kill 
    them and this is a very tough task indeed. But the Soul Powders 
    aren't too terribly uncommon drops, so you shouldn't have to 
    fight long to get the ones you need. 
    Just remember, there is no save point in here so you have to fight 
    your way in and out in one go. Make sure you're prepared.
    (iii). Wargod's Band
    These drop form the Leynir enemies in the Nabreus Deadlands. 
    They can only be fought in the area directly north of the orange 
    Save Crystal. If you teleport in and go one area to the north, you 
    should find them easily enough. The enemies in the deadlands 
    can be difficult, but you you're strong enough to get the Soul 
    Powders fro mthe Etems, this should be no problem. The issue 
    here is that the Wargod's Bands are a very, very, very rare drop.
    I fought these things for hours and couldn't get one. based on 
    sheer drop rate, this was one of the hardest, if not the hardest, to 
    obtain. It's a clsoe call between it and the Soul of Thamasa. 
    However, the enemies aren't that difficult by this point, so all 
    you need is patience and the Wargod's bands will be yours. 
    Eventually. It'll take a while, but don't give up. You'll get there.
    Zoe Van Dijk says:
    "I managed toget them very quickly, in about a half hour, by just 
    continuously maintaining a chain with my attacks on the Leynirs. 
    Yes it's a bit of a pain to chain them five at a time, turn around 
    and go back through the save point to respawn and then come 
    back, but after about 20 chained kills I started getting the bands. 
    I would say it took killing about 70-75 of them before I had all 
    six bands, with the bands being dropped every 10-15 chained
    kills. I would say it's just luck but I tried killing them, without 
    any chains involved, for a half hour before that without getting a 
    single armband!"
    I myself tried chaining them and my results were no different. Of
    course, I could have gotten bad luck just as easily as he was 
    having good luck. So you may try to chain them if you wish. It 
    can't hurt, after all.
    Of all the items needed for the tournesol, the Serpentarius was 
    the the easiest by far for me. The items you need are easy to 
    obtain form the enemies you obtain them from, and neither of 
    those enemies is very difficult at all, or even in an area where 
    you fight challenging enemies. After the difficulty of getting the 
    Empyreal Souls, this should come as a relief. You ought to have 
    the ingedients for these in no time.
    (i). Reward Serpentarius
    Ok, so while the ingredients for the Serpentarius are easy 
    enough to obtain, the reward ones are some of the more difficult. 
    Montblanc will give you a Serpentarius and 2 teleport stones as 
    a reward for obtaining all 13 Espers. This is not an easy 
    challenge. Many of the espers require you to solve complex 
    puzzles, and then the fights themselves are not always easy. 
    Ultima in particular is located in the Great Crystal, which is a 
    nightmare to navigate. And Zodiark, the most powerful Esper is 
    all the way at the end of the Henne Mines, and you have already 
    heard me describe that deathtrap. 
    However, if you are going to get the Espers anyway, you might 
    as well go ahead and kill two birds with one stone. Not to 
    mention that the process of getting the espers could be a nice 
    break form the monotonous hunting of monsters for loot. Not to 
    mention that should you choose to do this, you have a second 
    free Serpentarius coming to you. When you fight Zodiark, you 
    can steal one from him. When equipped with the Thief's Cuffs, I 
    have never failed to get this from him. 
    But if all you want is the Tournesol, and have not progressed 
    very far in the other sidequests, it would be far easier to just hunt 
    for the loot. It's very easy to obtain. 
    (ii). Snake Skin
    This can be dropped or stolen from the Wildsnake in the Giza 
    Plains during the dry. The hardest part about this is finding the 
    Wildsnake. There is only one of t hem in the entire plains, as far 
    as I can tell. It is located in the Toam Hills section. Head east 
    from the path to the Starfall Field aea (where the werewolves 
    are) and you will find a narrow side path leading to a dead end 
    and up to 3 chests. The Wildsnake is by the entrance to this 
    path. If you are wearing the Thief's Cuffs, stealing form him will 
    almost always yield a Snake Skin. And if you're lucky, he'll drop
    one as well, though this is less common. Once he's beaten, go 
    two areas away to reset the area and return and fight him again. 
    You'll have the neccessary Snake Skins in no time.
    (iii). Serpent Eye
    These are dropped by the Basilisks in the Feywood. The item is 
    easily dropped and the basilisks are easily found. They are 
    located in the White Magick's Embrace, Ice Field of Clearsight, 
    and Edge of Reason areas, the southern most 3 areas, just before 
    the entrance ot Giruvegan. Simply Warp to Giruvegan, exit to 
    the Feywood and keep going back and forth between these 3 
    areas, fighting the Basilisks wherever you find them. It shouldn't 
    take very long. They aren't the most common drop, but they 
    aren't so uncommon as to become frustrating.
    This can be almost as difficult as the Empyreal Soul to aquire, 
    depending on how low in level you are. However, it can also be 
    the one you need to worry least about, as it is possible to obtain 
    enough of them without hunting for loot. If you're watching for 
    it, you should have no trouble with this. If you unwittingly sold 
    them however, you could be in for a rough time.
    (i). Reward High Arcana
    You can actually get two of these from Montblanc. One for 
    reaching the Clan Rank of Paragon of Justice (24 Marks, 
    250,000 points) and one for controlling 4 Espers. The latter you 
    should have gotten through just the espers in the story. 
    In addition, you can also steal them from any Esper. I'm not sure 
    how the Thief's Cuffs affect this however, as I had already gotten 
    every Esper except for Zodiark by the time I started this. And 
    wearing the Cuffs I always got a Serpentarius from him. I would 
    pick one close ot a save point, and steal from it with and 
    awithout the Cuffs until you get the High Arcana. If you are still 
    able to use this method, I would suggest trying to stela them 
    from the Espers. Pick a couple of the easier ones to fight, like 
    Zalera, and get the High Arcana's that way. Between this and the 
    free ones form Montblanc, you may not have to hunt for loot at 
    (ii). Arcana
    If you got the Canopic Jar as suggested earlier, this will noty be 
    a problem. They drop from everything very, very frequently. You 
    likely have more than enough of them already, and if not, fight 
    anything, it doesn't matter what, and you'll get them fast.
    (iii). Soul of Thamasa
    This is the hard one. This item drops from the Oversoul enemies 
    in the Nechrol of Nabudis. The Oversoul will spawn throughout 
    the Nechrol as you defeat enemies. It will only appear a set 
    number of times per visit to the Nechrol. I'm not sure of the exact 
    number. Simply run from one end of the Nechrol to the other 
    exit to either the Salikawood or the Nabreus Deadlands, 
    depending on which end you're on, and re-enter. 
    The Soul of Thamasa drops very rarely. you could do this for 
    hours and not get one. However, if you're sufficuently leveled, 
    these are not difficult fights, and you should be able to do fine. 
    About the worst thing the Oversoul wil do is Annul, which 
    reduces MP to 0. It's mostly just very time consuming.
    (iv). Feystone
    This can be very difficult or very easy, depending on your luck 
    and your level. Feystones can be dropped or stolen from any 
    Entite. This widens the possibilities for where you can get this 
    item. However, if you're underleveled or unprepared, Entites can 
    be very dangerous enemies. Hopefully, however, by this point in 
    the game you are more than capable of dealing with them. The 
    other issue is that most Entites can only be fought in extreme 
    weather (sandstorms, heavy rain or snow, etc). Therefore, 
    encountering them could prove difficult.
    While there are many Entites in the game, there are a few I 
    would reccomend. One is the Salamand Entite, which is found in 
    the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea. Go to the Primary Tank Complex or 
    the Central Junction. You will always encounter one. The second
    is the Gnoma Entite in the Dalmasca Westersand. If you have beaten 
    the Earth Tyrant, enter the sandsea from the Tyrant's Lair 
    to alwyas trigger a sandstorm. That way you will be sure to fight
    it. You will always encounter it in the southern-most area of the 
    The third, the Leamonde Entite will appear in the Nabreus 
    Deadlands in the area to the south of the orange Save Crystal. I 
    think there my be a weather condition of heavier fog, but I'm not 
    sure. If you do encounter it, you will do so nearly every time you 
    reset the area (walk to areas away and return). This is 
    convenient because you can hunt for the Feystone while getting 
    other pieces of loot (Wargod's Band, Scarletite, Soul of 
    Thamasa) and therefore hunt for several items at once. This 
    makes it seem like it's going better.
    Ok, now that you have all the items you need, go to any shop 
    and prepare to sell. However, don't just sell everythign at once, 
    or you'll waste it. Follow the instructions step for step to ensure 
    you don't mess up.
    First, if you do not have enough High Arcanas, you will need to 
    create them. Sell the following items to the merchant:
    Arcana x10, Feystone x1, Soul of Thamasa x1
    This will open the Bazaar package "Life Crystal". Buy it to 
    obtain a High Arcana. Repeat this process until you have 3 High
    Next, you will need Serpentarius and Gemsteel. Sicne you can 
    make them both sharing a High Arcana between recipes, you 
    should sell the following items to the merchant next:
    High Arcana x1, Soul Powder x1, Wargod's Band x2, Snake 
    Skin x4, Serpent Eye x2.
    This will open up the Bazaar packages "Jewel of the Serpent" 
    and "Jewel of Creation". Buy them to obtain a Serpentarius and 
    an Empyreal Soul. Continue this process until you have three of 
    each. If you get three on one before the other, then sell only 
    those items needed to obtain the item you still lack.
    Once you have those, you still need Gemsteel. So sell the 
    following items to the merchant:
    Damascus Steel x2, Hell-Gate's Flame x2, Scarletite x1
    This will unlock the Matchless Metal package. Buy it to recieve 
    a Gemsteel. Repeat this process until you have three Gemsteels.
    With that done there is just one last step. Sell the following items 
    to the merchant:
    Gemsteel x3, Empyreal Soul x3, Serpentarius x3.
    This will open the Bazaar package "The Sunflower". Buy it and 
    the Tournesol is yours.
    A few last tips before this ends. Firstly, while I did not mention 
    stealing form the majority of enemies, many of them may steal 
    have the item to steal. You could increase your chances of 
    getting a loot item by stealing form the enemy your are fighting 
    for it. It may not always work, but it can't hur either. Equip the 
    Thief's Cuffs and try it. Who knows? Yyou may get lucky.
    If you are having trouble getting a particular item, try chanining 
    the enemy it drops from. Killing the same type of enemy in a 
    row, without leaving the area, touching a save point, or killing 
    another type of enemy will build the battle chain. As the chain 
    increases, the chain level goes up. Higher chain levels increase 
    your chance of getting rare drops. Use this to your advantage.
    Lastly, if you are having trouble finding an enemy in the location 
    it should be in, try going two areas away and returning. You 
    may simply need to reset the area spawns. Some enemies will 
    respawn even if you don't leave the area. Others require you to 
    reset the area as I just described.
    I hope this has helped everyone. If you have anything to add, 
    please let me know. If my information is incorrect anywhere 
    please let me know. If you can clarify something I was unsure 
    of, please let me know. I will recognize your contribution to this 
    FAQ if you give me any info. If you need to contact me for any 
    other reason regarding this FAQ, please do so. My email address 
    is EbeneezerAl@fullsail.edu.
    Thanks for reading, and good luck.

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