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"Relatively good"

This game is part of the final fantasy series yet it is so different. It has been changed in so many ways but these changes just displease me. I was amused at the beginning but once I reached about 15 - 20 hours in I just grew more and more bored. The gameplay gets very tiresome, most enemies can simply be defeated with all you having to do is open the battle menu and select attack, meanwhile the battle takes care of itself due to the gambits system. The gambits system is what truely ruins the game for me, I can deal with the fact I can outrun any enemy just by holding R2 down, but when the combat is altered in such a way it just disappoints me. Once you have sophisticated gambits that allow you to heal and destroy in such a manner is there any point playing? I think not.

I may not be a FF veteran, I've only played 4 final fantasy games prior to this game but even I can see that the essence of Final Fantasy is missing. It has gone from a religion to just another game series. Sure there are the games before this but if the games continue in this manner than this surely is the end to a great series. The first game I played on PS2 was Kingdom Hearts and I just found this so similar, too similar. I may have no idea who worked on this game or any of the previous but if they're trying ''modernise'' Final Fantasy for younger players it may do the job but they will lose legions of older players who know what to expect.

The graphics were brilliant and the music was great but the plot was extremely lacking as it just fell apart once you reached the stage when you had 2 summons.

The weapon system and the license grid I found to be quite confusing. I mean if you know how to use one type of a weapon than why not all types does it really take that much more knowledge to use a weapon of a higher standard? This fact just annoyed me as I had obtained the Zodiac Spear yet could not use it although I could use a holy lance. But I do not wish for you to think of this review as purely cynical if this gameplay system was refined and the license grid altered to make it more useable - I had nothing against having to learn technicks and magicks but having to learn how to use weapons just frustrated me. I would like the license grid to be taken back a step and made more similar to the sphere grid in Final Fantasy X now that made sense!

6/10.... Not good enough Square

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/08/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy XII (AU, 02/22/07)

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