Review by destructive_13

"A great game with a letdown"

When I got this game, I had high hopes that it would be the greatest game I'd ever played, and it was oh so close. the only real problem was the large amount of side quests running rampant throughout the game. I'm one of those players who wants to get everything in the game, and let me tell you; if you want to waste countless hours trying to beat the game completely, Final Fantasy is the right game for you.

Storyline: 9/10
The story was pretty good, a bit more political than most Final Fantasy games, but it was still really great. It made sense, and it all tied together in the end. The story line was definitely a benefactor that helped Square Enix recover from their previous FFXI letdown.

Gameplay: 6/10
I personally enjoyed the new style of turn-based fighting in FFXII because it saved a lot of time and it was able to make battle a little more interesting while keeping the same rpg feel. fighting was fun, and you didn't have to wait for the battle to load as you ran through the maps. The new ability grid, called the license board, is also a nice touch, seeing how you can obtain every single ability, unlike Final Fantasy 10's sphere grid. The downer on the gameplay was the repetitious fights. Its fun for a while as you hack through enemies and destroy bosses, but man. A guy can only fight for so long! I guess what really got to me were the bosses for the side quests, such as the harder marks, like Omega Mark XII (over 100,000,000 HP) and the Yiazmat (50 million HP). These bosses were ridiculously hard, as your strategy is to run away from time to time just to heal your party and run back in to fight for another three hours. After you beat them, you don't even have the energy to be excited. Enemies like this aren't supposed to exist.

Difficulty: 10,5/10
The difficulty depends on how you play the game. If you're like me and want to beat every side quest, the difficulty is super hard. If you're going through just the storyline, you'll be fine. the final boss in the game is supposedly level 50, while the Yiazmat is like level seventy (note that it doubles its level to 140 when its HP gets low.) I got through the final stage in about half an hour, while fighting the Yiazmat CORRECTLY should take a few days. If you have a bad battle tactic( making all your guys jump him at the same time) like me, you're cursed to lose hope and stop playing the game for a couple of weeks until you have the courage to fight another long battle.

Graphics: 10/10
Its Final Fantasy, dude. Of course there is going to be amazing graphics.

Worth: 10/10
It's definitely worth the money, but is it worth the time? This game is really fun, despite some drawbacks ( impossible to get ultimate weapons, rough bosses, etc.) If you want a challenge, I suggest this game.

Definitely, buy. There's no way you're beating this game in less than a week.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/30/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy XII (Collector's Edition) (US, 10/31/06)

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