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"The campfire scene effect"

Final fantasy XII
This is a small review on how this game relates to other final fantasy games. I have talked to many final fantasy fans who say it's a good game but can't figure out why they feel it's lacking. Hopefully this will help you better appreciate this great game.

The World

I give square props for the world of Ivalice. It's a massive world that you can explore for countless hours and still not find everything. This is also a slight problem; while the world is massive it can make the game appear as though there is no objective. There are almost no linear qualities. You can go against boss's hours before the story line requires you too but you can go do what you want and gives you freedom. Overall it is a good system in my opinion because you can follow the “plan” of the game or branch out and do your own thing.

The Level up system

This Final fantasy uses something called the license grid. In short you choose the path each character can follow by activating a “chess” like board using LP (same as AP from previous games). That said it was a good “idea” but I was not a fan. All of the characters turned into the same type. There were no real differences because everyone can activate everything and often times needs to, to get to the squares that the character needs. The game can become pretty 2 dimensional if the characters all have the same stats.

The Camp Fire Scene

My friend and I were trying to think of what this game is missing. What could it be? …I've got it. There is no “campfire scene.” No where in this game are all of the characters together for the sake of being together, there is no pause from the story to get a detailed look at the individual characters themselves. When they are all together (which is seldom) it's all business. In my opinion one of the most powerful scenes in Final Fantasy history is the intro to Final Fantasy 10 where they are all sitting together and nothing is even being said between them. That being said this is not a character base game like most of the final fantasy games before it. This is an event based game. The characters do not develop into better or even different people their attitudes and feelings stay the same the entire time. What does change are the events. Without giving anything away, the things that happen with exterior characters (not your main characters) is what causes the reactions from your party.


This is a good maybe even great game these are just three things that I found different. Even though it may seem like I am against this game I am not, I enjoyed the freedom that the world of Ivalice offered, I liked that Square made this dramatically different than others in terms of how the story is played and told. My only disagreement is in the level up system which they could have tried harder on to make it more “Type/class” based.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/26/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy XII (US, 10/31/06)

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