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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MGreen

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    This is the Parappa The Rapper 2 FAQ ver. Prelim2
    By Mark Green 
    Email address for submissions/comments:
      mark [at] antelope [dot] demon [dot] co [dot] uk
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    **************************** LEGAL BITS ******************************
    Neither the author of this FAQ, nor any person who distributes it in
    any way, shall be responsible or liable for anything that results from
    using this FAQ for any purpose, including but not limited to
    damage to your Playstation 2, controllers, hands, eyes, controllers,
    or a sudden loss of your appetite for noodles.
    This FAQ may be freely distributed provided that it is kept unmodified
    and in its entirity.  This FAQ may not be sold, or included as part
    of a publication that is sold (including a website to which a
    subscription is charged), without the author's express permission.
    Parappa The Rapper 2, Um Jammer Lammy, all the characters therein,
    and all the rap lyrics included in the game are (c) and (tm) Sony
    Computer Entertainment 2001.  The use of any trademarks within this
    FAQ is not intended to be a challenge to their validity.
      There is no need for any translation in this game, since there is
    a language switch option available.
      Start the game.  Press circle on the first building (town hall).
    In the town hall, turn one space to the left, then press circle
    for the options menu, which is in English, and where you can set
    the main language setting to English.
      There are one or two Japanese words that crop up in the English
    dialogue, though.  "Omedeto" means "Congratulations", and "Tamanagi"
    means "Onion".
                                 THE BASICS
    The Map
      The Map is effectively the main menu.  It's displayed when you first
    start the game, and reappears every time you clear a stage.  It
    consists of 9 squares which fill in gradually as you complete stages
    in the game.  You start with two squares, the center (City Hall) which
    opens the options menu, and the middle right (Stage 1).  Completing
    any stage unlocks the next stage on the map - they form a spiral,
    around from the middle right to the bottom right.
      Once a stage is unlocked, you will be able to move to its square.  What
    is on the square tells you the status of the stage.  If there is no
    building there, the stage is open but hasn't been completed yet.  If
    there is a building there, the stage has been completed at least
    Difficulty Levels
      The game runs at a number of different difficulty levels.  These are
    represented by the colour of Parappa's hat.  The colour of the hat
    Parappa wears tells you what level you're currently playing, and the
    colour of each master's icon on the map tells you what level you've
    completed their stage at.  To advance to a new difficulty level you
    must complete THE ENTIRE GAME at the previous level.  (You can't just
    complete one stage and then play that stage at the next level.)
    Every time you complete the game, you see the ending animation.
      The colours are as follows:
           Red    - Level 1
           Blue   - Level 2
           Purple - Level 3
           Yellow - Level 4
      The basic themes of the stages will remain the same at each level, but
    the patterns of words will alter (sometimes very subtly).
      Once level 4 is complete, you can change Parappa's hat to whatever
    colour you like.  To do this, press X from the map to return to the intro
    sequence (where Parappa bounces around and sprays characters onto the
    screen).  Note that ALL the characters now appear on the sides rather than
    just a few.  By moving the right analogue stick, you can change the colour
    of Parappa's hat as he bounces around.  HOLD the analogue stick in
    position as you press START, and Parappa's hat will remain that colour
    during the game.  However, the game difficulty will NOT change.
    The Record Shop
      Once you have completed Level 4, a record shop will open on the map,
    allowing you to listen to songs from the game once they are unlocked.  You
    can listen to any of the stage songs, Sunny's music from the intro to
    stage 8, or one unknown song.  There is no animation with them; they will be
    accompanied by a pan around the map screen.
      Each of the stage songs will unlock when you clear the stage with a COOL
    rating.  Sunny's intro music is unlocked as soon as the Record Shop becomes
    available.  Beating every stage on Vs. CPU at Level 4 will unlock the
    final song.
    Basic play
      Every stage starts with an animated intro.  Partway through the intro,
    the Box Boy will pop up and let you practice.  He will play one or two
    lines of the upcoming rap over and over again, and you can keep trying on
    them until you get them right.  At any time you can press START to skip the
    practice, which is probably a good idea.  You can also press START
    to skip the animated sections.
      Just when you thought it was safe.. they changed the interface again! :)
    Parappa 1 had a single line which switched between player and computer.
    Lammy had a continuous scrolling score.  Parappa 2 has a split interface:
    one half shows Parappa's sequence, and one half shows the instructor's
    sequence.  This is handy, except that they don't scroll anymore - they
    switch.  IMHO this is a step backwards, because it has the same switching
    problem as Parappa 1 did, although it's only really apparant on the final
    stage.  Also watch out: when Parappa starts to play, the instructor's
    display is showing the instructor's *NEXT* line.  Don't get confused!
      If you've never played a NanoOnSha game before: the aim is, initially,
    to copy the sequence of buttons and timing given to you by the teacher.
    The teacher will play first; then you must play back the same sequence
    of buttons with the same timing.  Doing well continues the stage; if you
    do badly, the status gauge in the bottom-left will drop.  If it drops
    twice, you are "Bad"; if it drops two more times from there, you are
    "Awful"; and if it drops two more from that, the stage will end.
    Fortunately, doing a line correctly will make it go up a step if it's
    currently not at "Good".  If the difficulty is not at "Good" by the
    end of the level, you will lose.
      Once you have done this, the next goal is to improvise and improve on
    the teacher's sequence.  Only by doing this can you make the status gauge
    rise from the default position.  If it rises twice, you will become
    "Cool", and the teacher will leave, leaving you to freestyle.
      When improvising (and possibly only having completed the game to a
    certain point), you can hold LEFT on the digital stick to force Parappa
    to repeat the first word associated with the buttons you're pressing
    instead of following through.  For example, if the line is "Cook those
    burgers" and you try to improv a bit at the beginning, you might wind
    up saying "Cook those, cook, burgers" which sounds kinda silly.  By
    holding left for the first two presses, you'll instead get "Cook, cook
    those burgers".  It makes no difference to the scoring, though.
      One big difference from the original Parappa is the "improv meters" at
    the bottom of the screen.  They rank your play in three different ways.
    However, they will only be fully active once you have completed the game.
    Each meter bears the faces of two masters, representing its upper and lower
    bounds.  These faces won't appear until you've cleared the appropriate
    master's stage, and the meter won't fully function until both faces
      The Blue meter represents your adherence to the given sequence.  The low
    position is indicated by Master Beard, who makes everyone whatever they
    like to eat.  The high position is indicated by Colonel Noodle, who wants
    everyone to conform with him.
      The Yellow meter represents the level of original material you included.
    The low position is indicated by Chop Chop Master Onion, who teaches the 
    ancient style.  The high position is indicated by the psycho original
    Hairdresser Octopus.
      Finally, the Purple Meter shows the quality and energy of your rapping.
    The low position is marked by the super-smooth, relaxed Guru Ant, and the
    upper position is indicated by the motivating, pushing Instructor
    Versus Play
      A new addition to Parappa 2 is the Versus Play mode.  Any stage that
    is available for Single Play is available also for Versus Play, either
    against another player or against the computer.  The computer can
    play at 4 levels, but you must beat it at level 1 before you can play
    any other level.
      In Versus Play, the Box Boy will initially give you a simple line to
    play.  When it's your turn, you must play that line, or improv around it,
    as best you can.  Your score (positive or negative) will be added to
    the running total; in addition, if you improv'd a line which scored more
    highly than the original line would have, then your line will replace the
    original line in both your and your opponent's sequence displays.  Then,
    it's your opponent's turn to try and better the line you just played.
    And so on.
      When any player goes below a score of 0, or a certain number of lines
    have been played, the round ends.  If one player has a higher score, they
    score a win, otherwise nobody wins and the next round begins.  When one
    player has three wins, they win the match overall.
      A cheesy way to beat the computer is to _never_ improv and to just
    concentrate on playing the given line perfectly.  The reason is this:
    The computer will improv occasionally, and if it does better than you,
    then its new line will replace the old one and you must then play _that_
    perfectly.  If you do, you will be getting the extra points for the
    better line, so you'll only have lost out on a few points on the occasion
    when the new line was first played.
      However, often the computer will screw up on improv, in which case it
    will lose points, whereas you will never lose points because you never risk
    improv.  As a result there's a good chance that the round will end with
    your score higher than the computer's.  You can beat the computer on level
    4 quite easily this way, although it's really boring.
    Bonus Game
      Another addition is the Bonus Game.  The Bonus Game will occur every
    two stages you play.  It takes place in the Karate dojo from the first
    game.  Parappa is in the dojo surrounded by Master Onion's students.
    Ever-so-often, they will hold up a piece of material for him to break with
    a kick, a chop, or a punch. You have to hit the appropriate button which
    corresponds to the location of the student (square = student on left =
    kick, circle = student on right = punch, cross = student at bottom =
    chop, triangle = student at back = jump).  This will break the material.
      The students never take the material away - they'll wait as long as it
    takes Parappa to break it - but if you don't break it in good time, you'll
    be able to break less in total (because they also won't put any new
    material up while an unbroken one remains).  If you hit the button for a
    student who is NOT holding up material, you will instead punt the student
    across the dojo, and they'll have to come back over.  While they're coming
    back over, they're not holding up material, so again you're losing
    opportunities to score points.
      Just to confuse you, the students will sometimes make the motion of
    getting out material and not actually do so.  They will also usually
    say "Hai!" when they have new material ready, but not always. (On the
    other hand, AFAIK, they never say "Hai" if they have NOT put out new
      If you're sick of the bonus game, you can skip it by hitting START
    while Master Onion is speaking at the beginning.  If you just want to
    skip Master Onion's starting speech, hit R1 as he's speaking.
                                STAGES AND PLOT
    INTRO PLOT:  Parappa won a huge stack of free noodles, so he's had to
      eat loads of noodles all the time at home.  Because of this he's sick
      of noodles.  Parappa went to Sunny Funny's house for dinner, and she
      made noodles, and Parappa refused to eat them, which offended Sunny.
      Parappa is now worried that Sunny thinks he's a "baby".
    MISC. EGGS:  The cinema sequence is in every one of the NanaOnSha games
      (except VibRibbon).  The guy in the City Hall for the options menu is
      Pilot Fusenpepper from Um Jammer Lammy.
    In the stage lyrics, material in []'s is said by the master only.
    All other lines are said by the master then repeated by Parappa.
    These are the lyrics for Level 1; they may change on higher difficulty
    Stage 1 - Beard Burgers, A Parappa Town Tradition! (Master Beard)
    PLOT:  Parappa goes to the local burger bar for some burgers, but all
      the burgers have turned into noodles.  The burger bar is run by the
      son of the original founder who says there's nothing he can do, but
      the ghost of the founder returns to help Parappa make some authentic
    [That's right,
    I'm in the house,
    Here we come!
    <Lesson 1>
    Extra extra, read all about it,
    The best burgers in town from all around!
    People from around the world come and get it,
    The line goes around like a merry go round!]
    <Lesson 2>
    [Burgers to fries, a shake or a friend,
    If you're hungry simply line up at the end.
    Come all your people, gathering round
    We got everything you want from all around!]
    Cut the lettuce,
    Heat the grill,
    Toast the buns,
    Cook the patties,
    Serve the drinks [Serve them!]
    Melt the cheese [Ow!]
    French the fries [French them!]
    Sweep the floors.
    <Lesson 3>
    [The ketchup, the mustard, the salt and the pepper,
    Pour it on cos we got no extras,
    Yo, watch the grill, control the flame guys,
    Follow the rules, stay productive and wise.]
    Cook those burgers,
    Turn the patty over!
    Watch them fries,
    Better execute sooner!
    Bring on the ketchup,
    Get the cheese,
    Bring on the mustard,
    Handle it with ease!
    <Lesson 4>
    [Burgers, burgers, is all we got in mind
    We cook the best, tastes better than wine
    Put it on the tray, is it for here or to go?
    Any which way it tastes good you know.]
    Cook those burgers, turn the patty over!
    Cut the lettuce, don't forget the cheese!
    Toast the buns, don't forget the fries!
    Bring on the ketchup, sweep the floors!
    2 - Strictly for Adults (Chop Chop Master Onion)
    PLOT:  All over town, food (and other things) are turning into noodles.
      The police have been called into stop it, and they're consulting with
      Parappa's father ("Parappa Papa"), who is an inventor who "used to do
      research on noodles" (!?).  He constructs a machine to reverse the
      noodling process, but when he fires it, it shrinks him and the police
      inspector.  Parappa comes in and turns on the TV, and they see
      Chop-Chop's workout show on the TV.  Chop-chop says it's for "adults
      only", so Parappa figures doing it will be a good way to prove
      he's not a baby.
    EGGS:  The reporter on the scene at the beginning is called "Rodney
      Greenblat", which is the real-life name of the animator responsible
      for Parappa Town.
    [Yes, it is time to get romantic!
    <Lesson 1>
    Time to get romantic, yes indeed that's for sure,
    Da kick punch style remains very secure.
    Never pending, always the first, to make a move,
    This time we get down nice and smooth!]
    Love kick!
    Love punch!
    Love duck!
    Love turn!
    Love chop!
    Love twist!
    Love pose!
    Love hug!
    Smooth kick!
    Nice punch!
    Sweet chop!
    Love fight!
    <Lesson 2>
    [Because I'm smooth with a groove so new,
    I wish everybody had the same point of view.
    Meet me at the corner, I'll pick you up at 7,
    Wear your best dress and I'll take you to heaven.]
    Hold hands,
    Face to face.
    Get romantic,
    Let's get it on.
    Love style,
    You and me,
    Together forever,
    Never to part.
    Look up in the sky,
    See the stars?
    I hold you tight,
    Lovers we are.
    <Lesson 3>
    [I'm da sensei, and you're my student,
    But before that, you and I are friends.
    We lean on each other, any way we can,
    We all need love, no matter woman or man.]
    Smooth like butter,
    Caress your lover,
    Enjoy the moment,
    Won't last forever!
    Love punching,
    Soft chopping,
    Sweet kicking,
    It's all about the mind.
    Tamanegi flava,             
    Wish I was a playa,
    I'm a tax payer,
    Need a good lawyer.
    <Lesson 4>
    [And so it goes, yes, this is the final chapter,
    I hope that all your questions were answered,
    Cuz i'm majestic, now romantic,
    I know love will be the key to save our planet.
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
    24/7, each and every single day,
    This is how we do the last lesson,
    L O V E, your brand new prescription.]
    Kick, kick, punch, jump, pose,
    Smooth chop, love with rose!
    Duck, twist, twist, turn, punch,
    Hug, kiss, love then chop.
    Ta, ma, negi sensei,          
    Here he comes so make way!
    3 - Hey! Grab that remote control! (Guru Ant)
    PLOT:  Parappa Papa and the police inspector are still shrunken and
      running about on the floor.  Parappa tries to help them but he screws
      up and gets shrunk instead.  Then they meet Guru Ant, who lives in
      the house, and says he can help them get bigger.  He does, but at
      first he makes them get too big, and gets frightened.
    You wanna be big?
    You wanna grow big?
    <Lesson 1>
    Revolution all the time,
    People changing the world with crime,
    With violence and anger, hunger, whatever.
    I find that ridiculous if not meticulous,
    I do my best to guard my own premises.]
    What's your name, what's your name fool?
    What's the sound? Who dat be huh?
    Where you come from? Where you come from?
    You think you're big? You think you're big, kid?
    Is your desire to grow back again?
    You came to the right place, I'll make you big.
    <Lesson 2>
    [What's this, what's this, what's this?
    A trick with a twist,
    Somebody do something, call somebody and make it quick,
    I'm sorry, I lied, just wanted to guide
    Everybody through this and go with the ride!]
    Pull the lever or whatever, right now, right now,
    Better make it quick, hey hey, look down!
    Get me out of this and now push the button,
    Come on, come on, I'm big all of a sudden!
    What's going on, what's going on, I'm really scared,
    SOS, SOS, please handle me with care,
    <Lesson 3>
    [Kick it, stick it, lift it, pick it,
    You'll never see me scared, I'm straight up legit.
    Always in control, I patrol my hood,
    Taking care of business, stopping crime for good.]
    I wasn't scared, you must have been dreaming -
    Better believe it, my mind is like a demon.
    I am the lord, everybody knows my name,
    I got it all, cash, money and fame.
    Now back to business - you want to grow big right?
    Let's not waste no time, here we go, aaaai?
    <Lesson 4>
    [Ho, ho, yeah you see,
    I am the only micro masta that guarantees, and sees
    The final plot coming, no denying, so beware,
    But let me tell you son.. I'm scared]
    It'll never happen again, I promise, I promise,
    I'll do anything, a hug? A kiss?
    I don't know what to do, it's all because of you,
    I enjoy my size, my charm too,
    Put me back son, come on I gotta go,
    Or I'm gonna miss my favourite TV show,
    4 - We'll Turn You Into A Real Man (Instructor Moosesha)
    PLOT:  The noodling has been performed by an evil group called the
      Noodle Gang.  The army are sent in to fight them, and Parappa
      signs up.  But because he's new, he gets sent for training.
    EGGS:  Moosesha's sister, mentioned in the rap, is evidently the
      driving instructor from the first Parappa game.
    [Attention Attention!
    Come on everybody let's go!
    I'll do it!
    One two, let's go, come on!
    <Lesson 1>
    Fancy cars, gold chains don't mean a thing,
    Word to your brain, fame is my game,
    Through the terrains, smooth with no crane,
    I come from the streets, no such thing as pain.]
    Do the jump!
    Do the flip!
    Double Dutch,
    Don't lose the grip!
    To the right,
    To the left,
    Side to side,
    I'm the ref!
    Jump the ropes now!
    Get up high now!
    To the limit now!
    Right now!
    <Lesson 2>
    [Like my sista said, my sista said, it's not as easy you say,
    Remember that phrase again?
    When I say boom boom boom you say bam bam bam,
    No pause in between, come on, let's jam.]
    Kick, kick, kick, kick,
    Slide, slide, slide,
    Do it slick, do it, do it slick,
    And ride, ride.
    Lean it to the left,
    Lean it to the right,
    Crouch down for speed,
    Just obey your needs.
    <Lesson 3>
    [Double dutch, inline skate or rock climbing,
    Don't forget the rhythm, groove and keep rhyming,
    Gain is accomplished only through pain,
    Always keep it goin' and get wild like Jane!]
    Up the ramps we go, all the way,
    Come on now, we ain't got all day.
    On the rails or just on the trails,
    Crave for speed and let your body go.
    Need for speed will keep your body tight,
    Remember, never go down without a fight.
    <Lesson 4>
    [1, 2, 1, 2, it's just me and you,
    We're gonna give it the best and the rest is on you,
    Enjoy the music and keep up the flow,
    The end is near, come on, let's put up a show.]
    Climb the rock, step by step,
    Right, left, right, right, left,
    Phew! I'm tired, let's take a break,
    Come on, please, for old times' sake?
    I gotta do this every single day,
    Tell you the truth, my hair's turning gray.
    <Lesson 5>
    [You may be old, bold, and with teeth of gold,
    It really really doesn't matter to me,
    If you come this far I know you got it down,
    Come on, let's do a recap, yes, from the ground.]
    Where's the ropes? Where did I put it?
    I thought you had it, I gave it to you,
    Oh well, then, why don't you get your skates?
    Where's mine? Can you please wait?
    You wanna just forget it and just take a picture?
    I carry a camera for all my adventures.
    5 - You don't want her to go through this, do you? (Hairdresser Octopus)
    PLOT:  Now that Parappa has finished his training he is sent to sort
      out a situation at the hair salon.  The stereo there has driven the
      hairdresser crazy and he's making everyone's hair into a noodle
      afro that grows bigger and bigger.  The hairdresser says he'll put
      everyone's hair back if Parappa can cut hair better than him.  Parappa
      is nervous, but the patrons point out that since this is the hair salon
      that all the girls use, if Parappa doesn't try then Sunny could have
      *her* hair turned into noodles.  
    EGGS:  When the afro's are first seen, they engulf a cafe sign which
      reads "Rodney's Cafe" - Rodney Greenblat again.
    Introducing the new flava!
    <Lesson 1>
    Cutting hair can be fabulous,
    So don't just stand there,
    Come on inside, have a seat, and relax!
    I promise you everything will be alright,
    Ok baby let's go, we're gonna go like this..]
    Snip snip
    Trim trim
    Cut cut
    Shave shave
    Snip trim cut
    Shave cut snip
    Trim shave dye
    Cut snip trim
    <Lesson 2>
    [Simple, simple, just like that,
    I do braids and afros, crew cuts and more
    Always energetic, smooth with a kick,
    Listen to the music and keep up the mix.]
    Snip snip snip snip snip
    Cut cut cut cut cut
    Trim trim trim trim trim
    Shave shave shave [Check it out!]
    Cut the cut, snip the snip
    Trim the trim, shave the shave
    Trim the cut, shave the snip
    Cut the snip, shave the trim
    <Lesson 3>
    [You see now, I don't have time to lose,
    My customers keep coming in and out.
    Many demands for people alike,
    I know what cutting hair is all about.]
    Trim trim cut, cut trim trim
    Perm perm cut, cut perm perm
    Cut cut perm, perm cut cut
    Snip snip dye, dye snip snip
    Dye dye snip, snip cut cut
    Trim trim dye, dye snip snip
    <Lesson 4>
    [Give it my best shot to keep myself red hot,
    'Cos I'm the one to bring out the original
    Flava flava for my people people,
    Come on my kids, let's shoot for the final!]
    With the shampoo, I'll give it to you all
    Rinse ya good, I made you look tall.
    Dry your hair, blow up and down,
    Come on son, it's time to get down.
    Keep the line, keep the line moving,
    I'm non stop, my body's just groovin'
    Cut your hair, flat back and up front,
    Give you a perm now, and we're done.
    6 - Parappa Papa's Pastime is Perfected! (Food Court Game)
    PLOT:  Parappa Papa dismantles the noodling machine from the
      hair salon, and finds a video game cartridge inside.  He recognises
      the game: he has heard a rumor that the game never went onto the
      market, because anyone who fails to clear the game will wind up with
      their internal organs mangled so they can only eat noodles -
      it's the only food they'll be able to process.  The game needs to
      be cleared, but whoever tries takes the risk of a hideous fate if
      they fail.  Parappa Papa is intending to try it himself, but Parappa
      wants to prove his manliness and steps up to try.
    <Note: No matter how well you're doing, Parappa always gets hit by
    the noodle "missiles" in the game.  If you are failing, the game will
    gradually degrade in technology level!  (Normally it looks like a
    C64, at Bad it looks like an VCS2600, and at Awful it looks
    like an LCD display.)>
    [Hey everybody! Watch out for those flying noodles,
    'Cos if you don't do well here, all you get to eat are noodles.
    Here we go.
    <Lesson 1>
    Extra, extra, read all about it,
    I'm back for more because my store's a bore,
    I travel shore to shore, door to door,
    Looking around for the perfect store.]
    Cut the lettuce (THROW) toast the buns!
    French the fries (THROW) cook the burgers!
    Serve the patties (THROW) heat the grill!
    <Lesson 2>
    [Come on kick punch, do as you please,
    The chop chop master come to your knee,
    Romantic, dramatic, but never panic,
    Original sensei write rhymes in the attic!]
    Hug kiss, love and chop, (HAI), hold hands and kick!
    Bring on da funk (HAI) don't forget punch!
    Da masta, da masta is original, (HAI) kick punch style is unforgettable!
    <Lesson 3>
    [Revolutions all the time, people changing the world with crime,
    With violence, anger, hunger or whatever,
    I never get scared, you all know the deal, 
    I patrol my hood keeping things for real.]
    Pull the lever or whatever, right (NOW) better make it quick, come on get
    I am the lord, you all know my name? (NOW) I got it all, cash money and fame.
    Put me back son, come I gotta go (NOW) I'm gonna miss my TV show.
    <Lesson 4>
    [Double dutch, inline skate or rock climbing,
    Don't forget the rhythm, groove and keep rhyming,
    One in a million, I know that's me,
    Can you dig it? Hmm, come on, let's see.]
    Kick kick kick kick (DO IT!) Slide slide slide slide slide,
    Lean it to the left, lean it to the right (DO IT!) crouch for speed and
      obey your needs!
    Up the ramps we go, all the way (DO IT!) come on now we ain't got all day.
    <Lesson 5>
    [Give it your best shot,
    To keep yourself red hot
    Cuz you're the one to bring out the original
    Flava flava for my people people,
    Come on kids, here comes the final!]
    Trim trim cut trim trim (YEAH) dye dye snip snip dye!
    Trim dye snip cut (YEAH) perm cut shave shave trim!
    With the shampoo I'll give it to you all (YEAH) Rinse you good, I make
      you look tall!
    7 - Noodles are the flow, noodles are the groove! (Colonel Noodle)
    PLOT:  <Spoiler sections in the plot for this one are ROT13.>
      Now that the game has been cleared, Parappa Papa can use it
      to complete his anti-noodle ray.  A Noodle Gang tank is attacking the
      town, and Parappa and friends go to fight using the anti-noodle
      ray.  They also noticed that, in the game, the enemies threw noodles
      and the player countered with sweets, so they figure to try
      attacking with sweets in real life too.  
      The gang successfully defeat the tanks, <gur tnat qvfpbire gurl jrer
      erzbgr-pbageby qhzzvrf naq sbyybj gur pbeqf> to locate Colonel Noodle,
      leader of the gang.  Turns out that he is in fact <gur orneq ohetre
      sbhaqref fba.  Ur yvxrq abbqyrf jura ur jnf n xvq, ohg ur arire tbg
      gb rng gurz - ur nyjnlf unq gb rng ohetref orpnhfr uvf sngure jnf
      qbvat urnil erfrnepu vagb gurz.>  Colonel Noodle tries to convince
      Parappa that noodles must rule the world, while Parappa tries to tell
      the Colonel that there's no need for one food to rule.
    <In this one, Noodle and Parappa sing different lines.  Noodle's lines
    are marked N, and Parappa's are marked P.>
    [N: Yea, yeah, we're gonna bring it down like this, y'all!
    I'm gonna let my man Parappa know that noodles rule the world!
    Yea, that little slippery thing that tastes so good all the time,
    Yea, yea, that's right, 
    It goes a little something like this, stay with me now, here we go..
    <Lesson 1>
    In parenthesis let me stress the fact clearly,
    No matter what the deal I crave for this dearly.
    The so-called noodles that you find in spaghetti,
    Are sweeter than idols, do damage like machetes!
    Without a doubt I got the flow, coming at ya live,
    Bring the place alive, every single day I jive,
    With the thought comes my direct actions,
    Ask my followers, they'll say it's an addiction.]
    N: Slurp it, suck it, I know you all like it.
    P: Slurp it, suck it, I know you all like it.
    N: Smell it, taste it, pasta in a market!
    P: Smell it, taste it, fruit in a basket!
    N: Chinese, Italian, Thai or Jamaican,
    P: Mexican, Egyptian, English, Korean,
    N: Anything goes, even Hawaiian!
    P: Anything goes, even Alaskan!
    <Lesson 2>
    [Long and chewy, occasionally gooey,
    The best things in life taste good like chop suey,
    8 minutes to boil and 2 minutes to eat,
    Admit it kid, you know noodles can't be beat!]
    N: Roll it on your spoon, create your own boon!
    P: Roll it on my spoon, create my own boon!
    N: I betcha didn't know, noodles the rules!
    P: I betcha didn't know, there *are* no rules!
    N: Sushi, burgers - they all taste good.. 
    P: Pizza, burritos, they all taste good.
    N: .. as long as they got noodles, the king of all foods!
    P: .. as long as they love food, then anything's cool!
    <Lesson 3>
    [Hip hop music with an old school twist,
    I keep the place intact and do a rap like this.
    You can use a spoon, fork, knife, or even chopsticks,
    Come on kid, get down with the mix.]
    N: N, double O, D, L, E, S!
    P: C, double O, K, I, E, S!
    N: Great tasting pasta, blow to your chest!
    P: Great tasting sweets, blow to my chest!
    N: Ramen, udon, soba, you name it,
    P: Brownies, a pie, a shake, you name it,
    N: Any type of noodles you like, yes I got it!
    P: Any type of sweets you like, yes I got it!
    <Lesson 4>
    [Whatever your thoughts may be, I'm bound to be,
    The king of all foods with my noodles as the key.
    Full of pride and glory, way up above,
    'Cos here I come y'all, full of noodles and love.]
    N: Noodles are the best, no doubt, can't deny, tastes better than water,
         but don't ask me why!
    P: Noodles are the best, no doubt, can't deny - but better than water!?,
         don't ask you why.
    N: But then again, many things can be tasty - corn bread, potatoes, rice
         and even pastries.
    P: But then again, many things can be tasty - corn bread, potatoes, rice
         and even pastries.
    N: Then why *do* I love noodles so dearly? It makes no sense, I must've
         sounded real eerie!
    P: Then why do you love noodles so dearly? It makes no sense, you must've
         sounded real eerie.
    N: Thanks brother, for letting me understand, that a man must understand
         to keep his options open.
    P: Welcome brother, for letting you understand, that a man must understand
         to keep his options open.
    8 - Final Party! (Gangsta DJ)
    PLOT:  Desperate that the game should end with a concert because the
      last two games did, Nana-on-sha hack one in with the rather lame
      excuse that the recanted Colonel Noodle has set up a stage for Parappa
      and friends to perform on.
    <Be warned: some of the lines in this lesson are DOWNRIGHT UNFAIR.  The
    two lines "Say ho, ho" start on Parappa's side IMMEDIATELY after an
    animation cut, and have a button push IMMEDIATELY they start.  There is
    NO WAY of correctly hitting the button unless you've memorised the 
    animation.  Worse yet, if you fail and go to BAD on one of these lines,
    then the "getting worse!" animation will cause ANOTHER cut
    immediately before the repeat of the line, meaning you'll go down ANOTHER
    half-level.  (Which could well be death since these lines are near the
    end.)  Also, watch out for the L in "I've gotta believe", 'cos it's
    easily missed in the background.>
    [Yea, back once, again, the final party!
    Is everybody ready to do this?
    Say ho,
    Say ho ho,
    Say ho ho ho,
    Now scream.]
    <Lesson 1>
    It's party time, come on everybody, you can do it, shake your body
    Come on out on the floor, and rock until you want some more.
    Wave your hands from left to right, feel the rhythm, enjoy the ride.
    <Lesson 2>
    [Yeah, yeah, I know the people are rockin'
    The night is young and we go non-stoppin.
    People up front, people way back,
    Come on everybody, let's rock this shack.]
    1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, come on everybody look alive,
    6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, everybody dance hard till the end.
    <Lesson 3>
    [MCs, DJs, dancers and artists,
    We're all in the same big boat, let's shout, 
    Cuz I'm the MC and you're the crowd,
    You'd better enjoy it right about now.]
    He's back again, the young pup on the block, taking every problem one by one,
    Doesn't cut corners, he never gives up! That's why he's always the number one.
    <Lesson 4>
    [A hero lives in your neighbourhood,
    You ought to be proud 'cos he's a tough little kid.
    Always believing, never retreating,
    Parappa's the name, he'll give you a fix.]
    To all the brothers and the sisters,
    All the mothers and the fathers,
    We all have problems no doubt for sure, but tonite, let's forget and unite!
    People in the front, people in the back, side to side, let's all get down!
    <Lesson 5>
    [I see a party in front of me, that's what I like,
    Everybody happy doing what they like,
    The night's still young, so grab your partner,
    Here we go oh yea, all night long!]
    If you gotta problem, whatcha gonna do?
    Give it up? Or believe in yourself?
    If you gotta problem, whatcha gonna do?
    Like Parappa, you gotta believe!
    <Split Parts>
    D: Say Ho!
    P: Ho!
    D: Say Ho Ho!
    P: Ho Ho!
    D: Say Ho Ho Ho!
    P: Ho Ho Ho!
    D: Now Scream!
    P: <scream>
    <Parappa solo, no prompting>
    Say al-right,
    Say Oh Yeah!
    Whatcha gonna do?
    I gotta believe!
    Say al-right,
    Say Oh Yeah!
    Whatcha gonna do?
    I gotta believe!
                                  TO BE EXPLORED..
    It is expected that there may be some secrets that haven't been found
    yet.  ("Expected" as in, "There'd ****** better be.")  Thus:
    -  Can you knock Pilot Fusenpepper (on the Options screen) on the head
       somehow?  Those signs are right above him, and he puts his head down
       on the desk when you select an option..
    -  Rumors say that PJ may be playable - could that be to do with the
       (longish) time for which he blacks out Colonel Noodle's stage?
    -  Rumors say that Lammy may be playable - could that be to do with her
       appearance in the final lesson and the intro sequence on Hairdresser
       Octopus' stage?
    Main body of FAQ written by Mark Green, mark [at] antelope [dot] demon
    [dot] co [dot] uk.  Much information derived from the folks on the
    GameFAQS message board, especially Importaku and chickenbeanies.
    Ver. Prelim2:
      - Corrected error: changing Parappa's hat colour doesn't change the
        level. [Thanks: Vogue on GameFaqs Msgboard]
      - Inserted information on unlocking songs in the record shop [Thanks:
        Vogue on GameFaqs Msgboard]
      - Corrected inter-lesson lyrics.
      - Minor corrections and reorganisation to gameplay section.
      - Updated rumors.

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