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"Parappa The Rappa 2 Simply Rocks!”"

Get to it! Pen up some smooth-hitting flows because that li’l freestyling pup from his 1997 debut has returned to the PS2! Togged up in his claret beanie, some big ol’ baggy pants, and a pair of funky red shoes, Parappa The Rappa must prevent his hometown from being dominated by the infamous Noodle Gang! Suffusing burger joints with their noodles, the folks at Rappa’s town fight back to regain their beloved, high-in-saturated-fat, heart-attack-causing cow patties. Okay, so the third story in the series is not as charming as the first lovey-dovey one, but hey, the reasons why so many have hailed the first Parappa game as a brazen title is completely unbroken third time around (including Um Jammy Lammy). Parappa The Rappa 2 simply rocks despite its lack of reconstruction or wave of advancement to its genre.

The first one in the series was a landmark of beaming personality with its vivacious character designs and dainty backgrounds. Its retrospective of colors and paper-thin models were something to stare upon and talk about. Parappa the Rappa 2 looks almost indistinguishably equal as the first but better. Reintroducing all the attitude along with spiffier character visuals, the game runs smoother and juicier with a rich audio eminence. Parappa’s transposable charm is all rendered in the graphical ambiance as with the affluent scenarios found throughout.

Although fairly undersized in length, with only eight levels, Parappa The Rappa 2 tenders what previous attempts have bided. The saying, “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it,” perfectly suits the nature of this game. Basically, the player must tap in specific buttons in a rhythm in simon-says style. Several buttons will appear on the screen and its up to the player to correctly hit the buttons displayed or commanded. At the right bottom of the screen, the player’s rating level determines how well the player is performing. Obviously getting a good rating will advance players onto the proceeding stage. The rating ranges from the lowest of “Awful” to “Cool” as the best groove. Should the player mess up on the button tapping, his rating will plunge from “Good” to “Bad” and finally “Awful.” Perfectly clocked in rhymes will have the player ascending on his rating. If the player wishes to reach “Cool,” then he must freestyle in between the commands given on screen by pushing any button as long as it goes with the flow and does not interfere with imperative commands. Offering a two player battle mode and loads of button-smashing humor, Parappa The Rappa 2 doesn’t shed anything quite new, but casts all the fun as a splendid pastime.

Of all the elements in Parappa The Rappa 2, the return of imaginative characters and their remarkable voice-overs is unsurpassed. The music throughout the game drifts like a brilliant rap, presenting an appealing and positively inane (in a good way) tunes.

In short, Parappa The Rappa 2’s abrupt end left me ravenous for much more play. Quite possible to be finished in one sitting, the game just begs for additional levels and challenge. The overall quality in the game gleams, shimmers, shines, and what not, but the quantity of the game is the weakest constituent. Even with its two player battle of the best freestyling spin-off, Parappa The Rappa 2’s biggest quibble is the question of buying or renting it. But don’t let its shortage cloud your judgment because the game is just one of those games that’ll you find yourself visiting over and over. Though, next time around, Sony should flesh out a solid line-up of challenges and different play modes. Boil it down and what you have is another fantastic party game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/23/02, Updated 01/23/02

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