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    Vanessa by DashXero

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 04/26/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Subject: Vanessa Character FAQ
    Author: Dash-X
    E-mail: dash_x@msn.com
    Version: 2.5
    1. Version History
    2. Introduction
      A. Legend
      B. Set-Up
    3. About Vanessa
    4. General Tips
    5. Moves List
    6. Items List
    7. Vs. Whomever
    8. Second, Third, Fourth, etc., Opinions
    9. Credits
    1. Version History
    3/26/02: ver. 1.0- First version of this FAQ. Only found eight items out 
    of ???. 
    3/28/02: ver. 1.1- Added vitals info to "About Vanessa" section.
    4/2/02: ver. 1.5- Got it! I finally figured out how items are awarded.  
    I also found more items. Add to that a few corrections, additions to 
    interesting combos, and more "About Vanessa". Now, if only I could 
    figure out how to get those cool looking masks...
    4/11/02: ver. 2.0- Sorry about the long wait. I had been busy. Anyway, I 
    think I have a couple more items to find (Overdrive, I am gunnin' for 
    you...). Other additions include expanded "General Tips", a new section, 
    and more credits.
    4/25/02: ver. 2.5- Another long wait, another busy couple of weeks...
    That just means that YOU, the reader, get a lot more in this update! 
    It's a Super Fantastic Update EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Uh, wait, just give me a 
    second...(counting e-mails)... PLEASE, tell me that more than five 
    people read this FAQ! Awww, C'mon! Now that I think of it, this is the 
    only Vanessa Move List on this site (at the time). Hmmm... Maybe I 
    should have done an FAQ on Aoi or Sarah... Just joking. As an old rule 
    of show-business states, ("Cater to your audience. No matter how big or 
    small."), I will do the same. Besides, it's not about getting a big 
    audience, or {sobbing} winning any contests. But, it is about helping 
    people. That's what counts! Updates include more advice, and a new 
    "twist" on Vanessa's story.
    2. Introduction
    Hey! How are you?
    As you can see, this FAQ is supposed to be about playing as Vanessa. 
    But, I'm just going to complain about the local traffic... Just kidding.
    Let's begin with how commands will be represented in this FAQ.
    A. Legend-
    Directional Commands-  up = u; down = d; forward = f; backward =b; up-
    forward = uf; down-forward= df; up-backward = ub; down-backward = db;
    Special Directional Commands- half-circle forward = hcf; half-circle 
    backward = hcb; full-circle forward = fcf; full-circle backwards = fcb;
    Please note, in the case of full-circle forward/backward commands, a 
    starting point will be issued (example: fcf{from up}, fcb{from down}, 
    Action Commands- punch = P; kick = K; guard = G;
    Please note that simultaneous button presses will be noted with a "+" 
    (example: P+K, K+G, P+K+G, etc.).
    Positional Notations- note:  Not commands, per se, but important 
    (back) = opponent's back is facing you.
    (BACK) = your back is facing your opponent.
    (wall) = opponent is against a wall.
    (WALL) = you are against the wall. 
    (low) = opponent is crouching.
    (side) = you are at your opponent's side.
    (During...) = second command is issued immediately after initial 
    (While rising) = command is performed on the way up.
    (While jumping) = command is performed while in the air.
    (Before landing) = command is performed right before the fighter lands.
    Hit Locations- 
    High = H; Low = L; Middle = M; Hold = hld
    B. Set-up-
    The moves list will be set up like this:
    Name              Commands   Pos.Info.
    React Round Kick [f,P+K+G (BACK, WALL)]-
    Description                     Damage   Location
    Wall bounce and aerial round house. 30 _  M
    The move's name will be displayed.  Followed by the command inputs and 
    position info. Then, a short description, damage counter, and location.
    3. About Vanessa
    Vanessa's story as told in instruction manual:
    Vanessa Lewis
    Country: ???
    Sex: Female
    Blood type: AB
    Job: Security Officer
    Hobby: Singing
    Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
    Weight: 121 lbs.
    B/W/H: 37/22/37
    Fighting Style: Vale Tudo
    Held by "J6" at a young age, Vanessa developed very powerful physical 
    abilities.  She was later rescued by a special forces officer named 
    Lewis during his assault on "J6". Lewis adopted Vanessa, but was 
    murdered by terrorists on her 20th birthday. Learning that the 
    terrorists were targeting VIPs, Vanessa became a security officer and 
    vowed to find her father's killer. Years later, Vanessa learned that a 
    woman named "Sara Bryant" was being targeted by "J6". She immediately 
    contacted the Bryants and entered the Fourth World Fighting Tournament 
    to protect Sara from harm.
    This new "twist" comes from a fellow who calls himself Zero-chan^_^. His 
    contribution comes from the Japanese VF4 Red Book as well as the 
    Japanese PS2 VF4 Official web page:
    Vanessa, known among the SP for her silver-white hair, and a coldness in 
    her eyes, was held by J6 and trained in their military research facility 
    until she was about 10 years old. Which was when Lewis and his special 
    forces rescued her. Because of her experience in captivity, her heart 
    had become closed. However, Lewis gave her his warm love, and she began 
    to open up to his affection. When he was killed in duty shortly after 
    she became an adult, she became emotionally cold again. Vanessa became 
    an SP after she learned that the terrorists were attacking VIPs, and 
    also to find her "father's" murderer. Several years later, she learns 
    that Sarah is being targeted by the terrorists, and contacts the Bryant 
    family so that she can protect her. She joinst the Bryant family as her 
    Atrib. Def.     MT.
    Power: |||        ||
    Speed: |||      ||||
    Defend: ||        ||
    Vanessa is a complicated character with two stances and a ton of moves.  
    An awful lot of her moves have a spin to them. Which means that it is 
    nearly impossible to evade them. Add a wide variety of reversals and 
    throws, and you will soon find that Vanessa is a character to be 
    reckoned with.
    Vanessa's equipped with two stances; Defensive and Muay Thai. 
    The Defensive stance has decent speed, power, and defense, and is pretty 
    standard. Her most devastating moves are done from this stance. 
    Defensive stance is (probably) aptly named because while in this stance, 
    she can automatically grab high/mid punches.
    The Muay Thai stance sacrifices power and defense for speed. While in 
    this stance, she cannot automatically grab punches. In exchange, she can 
    attack with blinding speed.
    The key to effectively using Vanessa is knowing when to use the two 
    stances (well, that, and finding enough time to set-up the stances...).
    Unfortunately, Vanessa's combos don't switch-up enough, which makes them 
    pretty easy to block or counter.
    The instruction manual says that Vanessa is recommended for advanced 
    players. As most of her moves are situational, and require one to 
    remember which moves are best for certain situations. I disagree. 
    Vanessa should be used by beginners (Believe me. I haven't picked up a 
    VF game since Virtua Fighter Remix.). Why? Since her moves require one 
    to match them with situations, using her encourages quick, strategic 
    action, and a good memory. As one would notice, these are skills that 
    can be used to good effect when playing as other characters. 
    4. General Tips
    Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, here are a few tips.
    Strategy To Go- Learn to devise strategies quickly. Always try to keep 
    your mind on what you are doing, and pay attention. 
    Going Through Trials...- Before you do anything, go to the Trial mode 
    (you'll find it in the "Training" Menu). Trial mode shows you some 
    strategies that you'll need at some time. Sure, some of them may seem 
    complicated, and some of the strategies may not be immediately useful, 
    but with (much) practice, you will be well equipped for just about 
    anything that is thrown at you.
    Taking a Gamble- Throwing your opponents is something of a crapshoot. To 
    throw your opponent, he/she must not be performing a strike, or they 
    must be guarding. There are several moves that all characters have 
    called "Guaranteed Throw Moves". This means that if a character does 
    this move, and for some odd reason it misses, that character is left 
    open to be thrown. Remember; "good things come to those who wait, but 
    not to those who wait too long".
    Revenge...- Try not to attack every time you have to get up from being 
    knocked down. Sooner or Later, your opponent will get wise and begin to 
    Bouncing Back- The side-roll recovery is better than the bounce-back 
    recovery. With the side roll, you end up in a better position to fight 
    Like an Eel- Learn to evade and reverse quickly. That way, you will be 
    able to deal with just about anything.
    Back-Up Plan- In case your initial course of action doesn't work, you 
    will need an all purpose contingency plan. This plan is usually a 
    reversal, parry, or evade.
    Keeping a "Spotless" Record- If you want a 100% win rate, simply pause 
    when you are about to lose. Go back to the main menu. This is great for 
    when things go sour, and one more hit could mean that you lose.
    Dont Think of it as Losing...- Sometimes, the best way to figure out how 
    to win is to learn from losing. Don't be ashamed to lose (to people) as 
    long as you learn from your loss. 
    This is not "Oprah", but...- When using Vanessa, it helps to know when 
    to let things happen and when to make things happen. In some instances, 
    it is best to let your opponent attack first. In other instances, it is 
    best ot get them. Only experience will allow you to discern when.
    5. Moves List
    Jab [P]- 
    What does it sound like? 10_H
    One Two [PP]-
    Two punches. 10,20_H,H
    One Two Low [PPK]-
    Two punches and a kick to the knee/shin. 10,20,17_H,H,L
    Shadow Combination [PPP]-
    Jab, cross and uppercut. 10,20,17_H,H,M
    Shadow Combo High Kick [PPPK]-
    Jab, cross, uppercut, and roundhouse to head. 10,20,17,20_H,H,M,H
    Feint Body [P,df,P]-
    Jab and cross to below belt area... 10,17_H,M
    Crush Jaw [P while rising from crouch]-
    Rising uppercut. 18_M
    Leg Guard Crush [d,P]-
    crouching jab to leg. 9_L
    Back Knuckle [f,P]-
    Spin-in backhand. 15_M
    Back Knuckle High [f,PK]-
    Spin-in backhand and roundhouse. 15,21_M,H
    Back Knuckle Stream [f,PKK]-
    Spin-in backhand, roundhouse, and thrust kick. 15,21,24_M,H,M
    Back Knuckle Toe Kick [f,P,df,K]-
    Spin-in backhand and front kick. 15,23_M,M
    Back Knuckle Toe->Front Sleeper [f,P+G (During BKTK)]
    Spin-in backhand, front kick, and headlock. 15,34,40_M,M,hld
    Ducking Body Blow [f,f,P]-
    Lunging cross. 18_M
    Ducking Body Smash [f,f,PP]-
    Lunging cross and uppercut. 18,20_M,M
    Heavy Impact [b,P]-
    Stepping uppercut to body. 28_M
    Cut Upper [df,P]-
    Swift uppercut. 8_H
    Intrude Combo [df,PP]-
    Swift uppercut and body blow. 8,15_H,M
    Defensive Elbow [db,P]-
    Slow elbow to knee. 18_M
    Front Kick [K]-
    Front kick. 17_M
    Switch Left/Right Slicer [K,u,K or K,d,K]-
    Front kick and hook kick. Quick succession. 17,20_M,H
    Half Moon Kick [K while rising from a crouch]-
    Rising turn kick. 20_M
    Stopping Low [d,K]-
    Low skip side thrust kick. 13_L
    Stopping Low Combo [d,KP]-
    Low skip side thrust kick and jab. 13,10_L,H
    Stopping Low Smash [d,KPP]-
    Low skip side thrust kick, jab, and hook. 13,10,20_L,H,H
    Sit Down Low Kick [hold d,K]-
    Low side thrust kick. 17_L
    Cut-in Knee Kick [f,K]-
    Knee assault. 27_M
    Cut-in Knee Kick->Front Sleeper [f,P+G (During Cut-in Knee)]
    Knee assault and front headlock. 27,40_M,hld
    Shadow Slicer [f,f,K]-
    Swift turning roundhouse. 25_M
    Counter Strike [b,K]-
    Front kick performed while jumping backwards. 26_M
    Parrying High Kick [b,f,K]-
    Roundhouse to head. 20_H
    Parrying Combination [b,f,KP]-
    Roundhouse to head, step-in backhand. 20,35_H,H
    Right Angle Toe Kick [u,K]-
    Jumping front kick. 25_M
    Bone Crush Middle [df,K (charge)]-
    Skip-in side thrust kick. 23-30_M
    Heavy Hook [P+K]-
    Left hook. 25_M
    Heavy Hook Combo [P+KP]-
    Left hook and spinning step-in upper. 25,37_M,H
    Bomber Strike [d,P+K]-
    Spinning overhead strike. 30_M
    Takedown [f,f,P+K]-
    Running tackle. 25_hld
    Pass Guard Knuckle [P (During Takedown)]-
    Running Tackle and punch to head. 25,25_hld,hld
    Lightning Smash [b,f,P+K]-
    Running swinging punch. 30_M
    Lightning Combination [b,f,P+K]-
    Two running swinging punches. Quick succession. 30,14_M,M
    Cut-in [b,df,P+K]-
    An evade of sorts.0
    High Angle Fist Drop [df,P+K]-
    Hook punch. 23_M
    Guard Crush Tornado [K+G]-
    Spin-in and butterfly kick. 35_M
    Low Spin Slicer [d,K+G]-
    Low sweep kick. 24_L
    Heel Kick [f,K+G]-
    Spinning ax kick. 25_M
    Leg Cut Low [f,f,K+G]-
    Low hook kick. 17_L
    Leg Cut Low->Takedown [f,P+G (During Leg Cut Low)]-
    Low hook kick and leg tackle, followed by blow to head. 17,47_L,hld
    Switch Back Middle [b,K+G]-
    Back kick. Exposes back. 20_M
    Back Charge Kick [b,b,K+G]-
    Skip out, skip in, and side thrust kick. 24_M
    Step Out [b,b,K+G(hold K)G]-
    Skip out.
    Step In [b,b,K+GG]-
    Skip out, skip in, and fake out.
    Leg Bomber [db,K+G]-
    Jump spin ax kick. 30_M
    Stomach Crush [df,K+G]-
    Front kick. 20_M
    Stomach Crush->Front Sleeper [f,P+G (During Stomach Crush)]-
    Front kick and headlock.20,40_M,hld
    Intrude Hook [(hold G) u,P]-
    Dodge and body hook. 20_M
    Intercept Body Blow [(hold G) d,P]-
    Dodge and body hook. 20_M
    Gliding Slicer [(hold G) uf,P]-
    Dodge and high backhand. 19_H
    Gliding Back Knuckle [(hold G) df,P]-
    Dodge and high backhand. 19_H
    Gliding Toe [(hold G) ub,K]-
    Dodge and kick. 28_M
    Gliding Toe->Hold [f,P+G (During Gliding Toe)]-
    Dodge, kick, and arm grab. 28,0_M,hld
    Gliding Middle [(hold G) db,K]-
    Dodge and kick. 28_M
    Gliding Middle->Hold [f,P+G (During Gliding Middle)]-
    Dodge, kick, and arm grab. 28,0_M,hld
    Set-up [P+K+G]-
    Vanessa assumes Muay Thai stance.
    Flicker Jab [P]-
    Quick jab. 10_H
    Flicker Combination [PP]-
    Quick jab and backhand. 10,9_H,H
    Flicker Combo Strike [PPP]-
    Quick jab, backhand, and cross.10,9,9_H,H,H
    Defensive Elbow [d,P]-
    Slow downward elbow strike. 22_M
    Elbow [f,P]-
    Step-in elbow strike. 13_M
    Double Elbow [f,PP]-
    Step-in elbow strike and vertical elbow strike. Quick. 13,13_M,M
    Elbow Storm [f,PPK]-
    Step-in elbow strike, vertical elbow strike, and knee attack. 
    Heavy Straight [b,f,P]-
    Quick cross. 10_H
    Body Straight [b,f,PP]-
    Quick cross and hook. 10,10_H,H
    Chopping Right [b,f,PPP]-
    Quick cross, hook, and downward straight punch. 10,10,15,_H,H,M
    Assault Combination [b,f,PPPK]-
    Quick cross, hook, downward straight punch, and knee attack. 
    Uppercut [df,P]-
    Slide-in uppercut. 20_M
    Upper Heel Sword [df,PK]-
    Slide-in uppercut, and spinning ax kick. 20,23_M,M
    Stopping Knee [K]-
    Knee attack. 18_M
    Stopping High Kick [KK]-
    Knee attack and roundhouse kick. 18,12_M,H
    Stopping High Combo [KKP]-
    Knee attack, roundhouse kick, and jab. 18,12,10_M,H,H
    Smash Out [KKPP]-
    Knee attack, roundhouse kick, jab, and hook. 18,12,10,10_M,H,H,H
    Stopping Knee Bomber 2 [KKPK]-
    Knee attack, roundhouse kick, jab, and knee attack. 18,12,10,15_M,H,H,M
    Half Moon Kick [K while rising from crouch]-
    Rising turn kick. 20_M
    Stopping Low [d,K]-
    Low skip-in side thrust kick. 13_L
    Stopping Low Combo [d,KP]-
    Low skip-in side thrust kick and jab. 13,10_L,H
    Stopping Low Smash [d,KPP]-
    Low skip-in side thrust kick, jab, and hook. 13,10,10_L,H,H
    Stopping Low Knee Bomber [d,KPK]-
    Low skip-in side thrust kick, jab, and knee attack. 13,10,15_L,H,M
    Knee Kick [f,K]-
    Knee attack. 20_M
    Double Knee Kick [f,KK]-
    Knee attack and knee attack. 20,15_M,M
    Knee Kick Combination [f,KKP]-
    Knee attack, knee attack, and uppercut. 20,15,18_M,M,M
    Step-in Knee [f,f,K]-
    Knee attack. 18_M
    Step-in Knee High Kick [f,f,KK]-
    Knee attack and side thrust kick. 18,22_M,H
    Step-in Knee Low Kick [f,f,K,d,K]-
    Knee attack and low side thrust kick. 18,15_M,L
    Step-in Knee Combination [f,f,K,d,KK]-
    Knee attack, low side thrust kick, and high side thrust kick. 
    Slicer High [b,f,K]-
    Spinning roundhouse. 20_H
    Slicer Hurricane [b,f,KK]-
    Spinning roundhouse and turn side thrust kick. 20,25_H,M
    Short Jump Middle [df,K]-
    Quick hopping roundhouse. 23_M
    Heavy Hook [P+K]-
    Quick hook. 25_M
    Heavy Hook Knuckle [P+KP]-
    Quick hook and backhand. 25,12_M,H
    Heavy Hook Combination [P+KPK]-
    Quick hook, backhand, and knee attack. 25,12,15_M,H,M
    Lightning Elbow [f,P+K]-
    Spin-in augmented elbow strike. 20_H
    Step-in Back Knuckle [f,f,P+K]-
    Spin-in vertical backfist. 18_M
    Heavy Hook Combination [f,f,P+KP]-
    Spin-in vertical backfist and hook. 18,16_M,H
    Heavy Hook Tornado [f,f,P+KPP]-
    Spin-in vertical backfist, hook, and hook. 18,16,20_M,H,M
    High Angle Fist Drop [df,P+K]-
    Body hook. 20_M
    Guard Crush Tornado [K+G]-
    Spin-in and butterfly kick. 35_H
    Low Spin Slicer [d,K+G]-
    Low sweep kick. 24_L
    Heel Kick [f,K+G]-
    Spinning ax kick. 25_M
    Neck Slicer [f,f,K+G]-
    Spinning roundhouse. 22_H
    Switch Back Middle [b,K+G]-
    Back kick. Exposes back. 20_M
    Back Charge Kick [b,b,K+G]-
    Skip out, skip in, and side thrust kick. 24_M
    Step-Out [b,b,K+G(hold K)G]-
    Skip out.
    Step-In [b,b,K+GG]-
    Skip out, skip in, and fake out.
    Leg Bomber [db,K+G]-
    Jump spinning ax kick. 30_H
    Intercept Body/Intrude Hook [(hold G) u,or,d,P]-
    Dodge and body hook. 20_M
    Barrier Kick [P+K+G (During evade)]-
    Dodge and kick. 25_M
    Set-up [P+G+K]-
    Vanessa assumes a Defensive stance.
    Canyon Dive [P+G]-
    Hip toss. 40
    Replace Throw [db,P+G]-
    Switch places. 0
    Elbow Rush [f,P+G]-
    Three elbow strikes to mid-section. 43
    Arm Crush Throw [df,df,P+G]-
    Overthrow and arm break. 58
    Army Combination [hcf,P+G]-
    Elbow to back of neck, uppercut to face, and palm strike to face. 60
    Hell's Gate [f,d,P+G]-
    Mid-section punch, leg grab overturn, and flipping ax kick. 53
    Heaven's Gate [fcf{from up},P+G]-
    Grab, backhand, sleeper lock, knee collapse, and neck snap. 58
    Leg Breaker [fcb{from up},P+G]-
    Grab, knockdown, leg break. 70
    Wall Kiss [f,f,P+G (wall)]-
    Elbow slash foe into wall. 35
    Stomach Crusher [f,P+G (wall, During Wall Kiss)]-
    Elbow slash foe into wall, punch to mid-section, knee to mid-section, 
    and backhand. 70
    Judgment: Guilty [b,P+G (wall, During Wall Kiss)]-
    Elbow slash foe into wall, sweep, and knee attack to head. 75
    Takedown Blow/Head Divider [P+G (side)]-
    Arm lock and arm break. 40
    Rock Crush Throw [P+G (back)]-
    Suplex of sorts. 60
    Rib Crush Body [d,P+G+K (low)]-
    Grab, lift, and three body uppercuts. 40
    Rib Crush Knee [d,P+G+K (low)]-
    Grab, lift, and three knee attacks. 55
    Elbow Slash [P+G]-
    Grab and slash foe with elbow. 30
    Replace Throw [db,P+G]-
    Switch places. 0
    Triple Heavy Smash [f,P+G]-
    Grab and three body uppercuts. 45
    Double Knee Strike [df,P+G]-
    Grab, knee strike, and rising knee strike. 50
    Chinook Strike/Head Divider [P+G (side)]-
    Jump off of opponent's side. Opponent goes flying in opposite direction. 
    Rib Crush Body [d,P+G+K (low)]-
    Grab, lift, and three body uppercuts. 50
    Rib Crush Knee [df,P+G+K (low)]-
    Grab, lift, and three knee attacks. 55
    Right/Left Hand Hold [(don't press anything)]-
    Grab punching hand, don't press anything. H/M
    Hold High/Toe Kick [ K (after R/L Hold)]-
    Kick to middle. 20
    Hold Low/Shin Kick [d,K (after R/L Hold)]-
    Kick to shin. 20
    Right Arm Breaker [P+G (after R/L Hold)]-
    Arm lock and break. 30
    Prison Arm Lock [b,P+K (high P reversal)]-
    Grab, takedown, and arm break. 55
    Prison Arm Lock [db,P+K (mid P reversal)]-
    Grab, takedown, and arm break. 60
    Leg Hold/Catch Throw [b,P+K (high P reversal)]-
    Grab leg and overthrow. 47
    Leg Hold/Catch Throw [db,P+K (mid P reversal)]-
    Grab leg and overthrow. 47
    Leg Hold Smash [db,P+K (mid K reversal)]-
    Grab leg and punch to head. 47
    |Aerial Attacks|
    Double Knuckle [P (while rising)]-
    Aerial pound. 25_M
    Step Straight [P (while jumping)]-
    Lunging straight. 25_M
    Step Hook Kick [K (while jumping)]-
    Jumping roundhouse. 25_M
    Step Heel Kick [K (before landing)]-
    Side thrust kick. 20_M
    Elbow [P (while rising)]-
    Aerial elbow pound. 25_M
    |Down Attacks|
    Soccerball Kick [df,K]-
    Low brush kick. 13
    Rolling Leg Drop [u,P]-
    Twirling, falling ax kick. 25
    Soccerball Kick [df,K]-
    Low brush kick. 13
    Bryants' Knee Stamp [u,P]-
    Flying stomp assault. 25
    |Back Attacks|
    Back Slash [P (BACK)]-
    Backhand. 12_H
    Turn Straight [P (BACK)]-
    Turn and cross. 12_H
    Half Moon Turn Kick [K (BACK)]-
    Blind turn kick. 20_H
    Stopping Fall Kick [d,K (BACK)]-
    Blind side thrust kick. 14_M
    Face Crush Elbow [P+K (BACK)]-
    Blind elbow to face. 19_H
    Turn Low Spin Slicer [d,K+G (BACK)]-
    Leg sweep. 20_L
    React Round Kick [b,P+K+G (BACK,WALL)]-
    Wall bounce and aerial roundhouse. 30_M
    Wall Back Roll [ub,P+K+G (BACK, WALL)]-
    Switch places.
    |Interesting Combos|
    From Muay Thai:  Flicker Tornado Trap [K+G,PPP,repeat,repeat,repeat]-
    This is an interesting combo because if you use it on the computer, the 
    computer will almost always block the first hit, but take the next 
    three. Oddly enough, if the first move of the combo (Guard Crush 
    Tornado), is used in defensive stance, and it connects, you can use the 
    opponents recovery time to get into the Muay Thai stance. Sure it's 
    cheap, but it works. Before you ask, yes, I made the combo name up 
    myself. NOTE:  This move will not be as effective vs. high-level CPU 
    opponents (namely Aoi, Pai, and Vanessa). In these cases, (every once 
    and a while) switch the "PPP" for "KK" or a throw.
    By allowing this, the people at AM2 may have (advertently or 
    inadvertently) created another (albeit, more attractive) Eddie Gordo.
    From either stance:  [b,b,K+G(hold K)G,K+G]-
    Using the Step-Out technique allows for a quick retreat. The Guard Crush 
    Tornado allows for a quick and powerful retaliation.
    |Good Openers|
    From either stance:  Leg Bomber->Cut Upper/Uppercut [db,K+G,df,P]-
    This is a good opener because if the first hit connects, one can use the 
    second hit to send the opponent sky ward. This is a good set-up for 
    juggle/bounce combos.
    From Defensive:  Takedown->Pass Guard Knuckle [f,f,P+K,P]-
    Heh, heh, heh... I don't necessarily recommend this one for constant 
    use. This move is good for the "shock factor".
    |Back to the Wall|
    From Defensive:  Switch Back Middle->React Round Kick [b,K+G,f,P+K+G]-
    This move has to be performed when you are right next to a wall. The 
    Switch Back Middle turns your back and attacks the opponent. Quickly use 
    the React Round Kick to knock down the staggering opponent.
    6. Items List
    Items are won after you defeat certain opponents. Until the 5th Dan, 
    items are can be earned from just about anyone. After that, items can 
    only be aquired from similar characters of equal or higher rank (example 
    5th dan Vanessa vs. 9th dan Vanessa, as opposed to 5th dan Vanessa vs. 
    Conqueror Jacky). Although, there is a small chance of not recieving an 
    item from the look-alikes. After Vanquisher, you will notice that you 
    are facing High Kings. Defeat these High King opponents, and you should 
    recieve an orb. Collect seven of these orbs (black, orange, blue, white, 
    green, crimson, and purple), and you will recieve an item. These are 
    High King Items (Yes, I made that name up myself.), or HK Items. Soon 
    enough, you will notice that you are running out of High Kings (with 
    orbs) to defeat. That's where Dural comes in. Every 10-20 matches you 
    win, you face Dural. Win, and you will receive an orb. Lose, and you 
    will lose an orb (if you possessed any before you fought Dural). These 
    are the items I have acquired so far. I will include more as I find 
    Crossbow- from Shuriken
    Hemp Cap- from ??? (I forgot the name before I could write it down...)
    Short Hair- from Ugly Shun
    Gold Circlet- from Krazy Kage (green)
    Knit Cap- from Krazy Kage (red)
    Pink Tuft Earring- from Brutal Aoi
    Goggles- from Striker
    Medal Necklace- from Roadkill.
    Rifle- from Scrappy
    Army Beret- from Snakebite
    Walkie-talkie- from Hi Voltage
    Dragon Tatto- from Hi Voltage
    Spear Insignia- from Hi Voltage
    Eagle Tatto- from Destroyer
    Victory Insignia- from Destroyer
    Black Beret- HK Item
    Black Sunglasses- HK Item
    Butterfly Tattoo- HK Item
    Basilisk Insignia- HK Item
    Long Ponytail- from Mutant Lau
    Bazooka- HK Item
    Arabesque Tatto- from out2lunch
    Crescent Insignia- from out2lunch
    7. Vs. Whomever
    This is the part of the guide that should give you an idea of how to 
    beat other characters in the game.
    This guy has decent strength and speed, not to mention a pretty sizeable 
    amount of evasion techs and reversals. Try to be careful. Use the Muay 
    Thai stance, and use reversals and evasive moves.
    She is much faster than you. Hope you can evade well. Watch for her 
    guaranteed throw moves and capitalize. All else, use the Muay Thai 
    stance for a fighting chance.
    Lau is not much faster than you are, but he can do a lot of damage in a 
    small amount of time. Learn his series attacks, and how to block them 
    and you will do fine.
    For an old man, he is not too fast, but confusing. I'm not necessarily 
    sure how many reversals or stances he has. Whatever you do, don't give 
    him time to take a drink! Try to mix high and low attacks. If he is not 
    moving, throw him.
    He is really quick, and, chances are, he won't give you a chance to 
    breathe. If you can, use the Step-Out technique to make time for a set-
    up to the Muay Thai stance.
    Ah, the obligatory ninja. As one would expect, he is quite agile, and 
    has a lot of evasion techs. Try to learn his series attacks and block 
    them. If he evades something, be prepared to either block, or evade.
    She isn't especially strong, but with that many reversals and evasive 
    techs, who needs to be? Not much I can help you with here. Watch out for 
    her "all-purpose" reversal.
    Jacky has quick attacks, but his combo ability doesn't seem to be all 
    that great. Learn to identify his attacks and where they land.
    Sarah has quick attacks and high combo ability, but her attacks seem to 
    lack power. Don't get me wrong, though. Remaining on the business end of 
    her series attacks and combos long enough will pile on damage in a short 
    amount of time. Moves like the Intrude Hook and Gliding Toe definitely 
    come in handy.
    The typical bruiser; slow with strong attacks and throws. Most hits from 
    this guy will knock you down, so learn to roll to the side rather than 
    bounce back. 
    He is a little faster than Wolf, and, as a result, a lot more dangerous. 
    Stay on this guy, and try not to use any guaranteed throw moves.
    Whoa! This fella moves like Jet Li! He's pretty quick, and his attacks 
    don't seem to let up. The best advice I can provide is to get him before 
    he gets you.
    Because her combo attacks mostly land in the same place (middle), she is 
    really easy to counter using reversals. Since evasion is almost useless, 
    try to use your reversals. Using the poke strategy helps. Stay away from 
    8. Second, Third, Fourth, etc. Opinions.
    In case you hadn't noticed, this is a new section. Why? Because the 
    opinion of just one person isn't enough. I have added this section 
    because I have recieved e-mails from people with all-around (VF4 
    related) good advice. Right now, there aren't many. But with time, and 
    perhaps a little help from you, we can make this the best danged VF4 FAQ 
    ever (maybe not THE best, but pretty close...)!
    Here are a few ground rules, before we get started.
    1. DO NOT E-MAIL ME WITH NONSENSE!!!- This is pretty self-explanatory 
    and does not require any detail. I personally try the tips given before 
    I put them here. It's no use trying to pull a fast one on me. I will 
    find out.
    2. Flattery gets you nowhere.- Sure, everyone loves a kind word, now and 
    then. But, just because you compliment me doesn't mean that you will get 
    your e-mail into the next version of the FAQ.
    3. Be sure to include any special names/alias'.- In other words, tell me 
    how you wish to be addressed in the FAQ.
    4. Give me permission to use some or all of your e-mail.- For legal 
    reasons. Well, not necessarily, but just in case.
    5. I won't include something that is already here.- Repitition is good 
    for memory, but it is practically useless if the text is right in front 
    of you. In the case that I get a repeat, only the first person 
    (time/date-wise) gets the credit.
    Off and On...
    This first piece of advice comes from a cool cat who calls himself 
    The side-roll recovery IS punishable by a low throw, and Vanessa herself 
    can capitalize on this. Punish the bounce back recovery and rising 
    attacks with [f,f,K] or [b,f,K(from MT stance)]. Catch rising mid 
    attacks with mid reversals, (easy to time) and block low rises with low 
    Some of Vanessa's attacks can auto-parry during animation. Her [b,f,K] 
    from the Defensive is one such move, parrying most high and some mid 
    during the initial animation into the kick (as she puts her hands up), 
    which guarantees a hit if the parry is successful. Moves like [b,f,K] 
    are great as a safety tactic in place of evades after pushback guards 
    like [f,f,K] from defensive.
    And, if you really want to cheeze the CPU, the Crush Tornado guardbreak 
    guarantees a [f,PKK] combo to float if the stagger isn't struggled. So, 
    [K+G, f,PKK, b,b(dash)] over and over... In a in a 2 to 2 kumite against 
    my first hero rank opponent, I decided I wasn't going to lose, and I 
    cheezed them out with this to win with a perfect!
    Safe Times to Switch to Thai
    After [f,P+K]- If guarded, the knock back gives enough distance to 
    switch. If it hits, you have less distance, but enough frame advantage 
    to switch.
    After a [f,f,K]- Same as above, but a hit will knockdown.
    Oddly enough, after a [b,P]- hit or guard frame advantage is just enough 
    to switch, but make sure you get right on guard or break out a very fast 
    Flicker Jab.
    After [b,K]- A whiff puts you at enough distance to shift quickly, while 
    a connect puts enough distance between you to bake cookies and then 
    switch stance (NOTE: Do not attempt to bake cookies immediately after 
    the hit lands. He was using a figure of speech.- Dash.)
    It might be just me, but in close defensive, Vanessa's [df,P] by itself 
    is a great counter. Also, it is great for ending risky attacks that give 
    your opponent a window to throw or counter attack. The range is strictly 
    in-your-face, but it will usually counter-hit to give you time to press 
    the attack or go neutral for the agressive punch rush lock. If you're 
    mean, you can buffer the [fc (full-circle)] throws following this quick 
    upper to counter throw people and really mess 'em up.
    This next piece of advice comes from a nice person named Nakia P. (You 
    know who you are. I don't use people's last names on the "net". I hope 
    you understand.):
    Anyone trying to use Vanessa should remember one thing:  SHE HAS A MOVE 
    FOR ANY SITUATION! Whether your opponent is fast, powerful, or both, 
    Vanessa has the goods to deal with them. The problem most Vanessa users 
    will encounter is amnesia. Because to use her effectively, you need a 
    good memory. Her moves aren't complex to execute, mind you (Heaven's 
    Gate, and Leg Breaker might be the exception); the problem is 
    remembering the move for your current situation/strategy of attack. As 
    you know, the Guard Crush Tornado is her bread-and-butter opener, but if 
    you open with her Back Charge Kick [b,b,K+G] and immediately follow it 
    up with her Rib Crush Body or Knee, [df,P+K+G] or [d,P+G+K], you should 
    be able to knock off a pretty good chunk of energy (mind you, this works 
    even if the opponent blocks).{Note: for some reason, this combo doesn't 
    work too often in free training mode, but 9 times out of 9 1/2, it nails 
    a CPU/human opponent}. Also, the (blocked) Tornado, PPP combo can also 
    lead into Elbow Rush [f,P+G]. Another great technique to use when 
    guarding is her Intercept Body [d,P (hold G)] followed-up with her Rib 
    Crush Body/Knee. Keep in mind that all of these moves require decent(not 
    perfect) timing, so don't panic. With practice, you'll be amazed how 
    many of Vanessa's moves lead into one another. I ALWAYS follow every 
    knockdown move with her Rolling Leg Drop [u,P]. I find that this move 
    allows the smallest window for your opponent to connect with a rising 
    Note: The [b,b,K+G] move is pretty well known by now, so its 
    effectiveness depends upon the skill of the player you face. What I find 
    useful is to do the Step In move [press G as you're launching towards 
    the opponent to cancel the kick],then, immediately grab them for the 
    Elbow Rush, Hell's Gate, or Arm Crush Throw. Most people are blocking 
    when they see the kick coming so the throws are pretty easy to get in. 
    Any time you have your back against the wall, or are close to the edge, 
    REPLACE THROW!!! It's absolutely hilarious when your opponent goes 
    flying out of the ring. And, if there is a wall, grab them from behind 
    as soon as their face richochets off of the wall and they stumble back 
    towards you (should lead into her belly-to-back suplex throw <Read: Rock 
    Crush Throw.- Dash>, or whatever wrestling move it is).
    This may sound crazy, but don't ALWAYS block with Vanessa. Most people, 
    no matter what their skill level (IMO), will at some point, try to lead 
    off with a high/mid punch to start a combo. Just let the buttons rest,  
    watch Vanessa grab them, kick them in the back, chuckle a little,kick 
    them again, chuckle some more, and then hit P+G for a few more chuckles. 
    I've caused people to rely solely on their kicks because of my ability 
    to reverse punches, because people don't really try to execute low 
    strikes unless it's with a kick (in my experience, anyway). If people 
    can't learn to adapt, they deserve to get their butts kicked.
    Last, but not least, pay attention to your OPPONENT'S fighter when 
    playing. Any player worth his/her salt, should be able to read their 
    opponent without ever having to look at their character. At the risk of 
    sounding like a poor man's Mr. Miagi, you have to become one with your 
    character. Learn his/her NECESSARY moves. Because, to be honest, some 
    moves are absolutely useless. Would you believe that I fight in 
    Vanessa's Muay Thai stance about 5% to never?
    That's all for now. I will be back with more later.
    9. Credits
    These are the people I want to thank...
    Me. Yes, me. I have to put up with me everyday. I deserve some thanks.
    My employer. I really love my job.
    My mother. I'm here, and I probably wouldn't be here without her...
    The good people at AM2. This is a great game.
    My readers. Without you, I have no hobby.
    Special Thanks- Typhoon
                    Nakia P. 
                    Zero-chan^_^ (NOTE:Don't ask me. That's how the name
                                  reads, Okay?- Dash)       
    This document copyright Dash-X 2002.
    This document may not be used without the EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT of the 
    author. If it is, and I find out, be prepared to face litigation.

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