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    Vanessa Combos by Lady Valvinas

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    Vanessa Lewis Combo FAQ				     Monday, April 01, 2002
    By: Lady Valvinas - Valvinas@Earthlink.net		         5:06:21 PM
    This FAQ is an original work & may not be used by anyone without the 
    permission of the author. (I dont really care what you do with this FAQ.  
    Read it, burn it, use it for bird cage liner. Just give me credit if you 
    use this FAQ anywhere on the internet.  TY & have fun!)
    Version 1
    1 - Introduction
    2 - Theories
    3 - Combo Lists
    4 - Credits
    5 - Anything else that I can think of.
    1 - Introduction
    Hi everyone.  My name is Valvinas & this is my first FAQ. Yes I am a woman 
    & im a video game fanatic.  I decided to make this FAQ because I didnt really
    see anyone giving my Favroite character any attention.  
    This is NOT A MOVE LIST FAQ!!!!!!! If you want to learn Vanessa's moves, you
    should really turn on your PS2 & go to Practice/command training. This Faq 
    is to inform you of various combos that various friends over the net/real 
    life and myself have discovered.   
    I hope that after reading this FAQ you become a better Vanessa player.
    That said, lets get crakin!
    2 - Theories
    Vanessa is a moderately complex character to get a hold of at first. 
    To competely master her I STRONGLY recommend starting & completing two of 
    the three training modes.   Training/Command is good to get a feel of all of 
    her moves & learn the crucial timing of her hit-throw combos such as 
    (From DS)F,F+K+G to F+P+G.  Training/Trial is a must to learn the 
    complexities of the controls of VF4.  If you dont complete the Trial mode, 
    you wont stand a chance against a seasoned player or one of the Title 
    holding Characters, (Subjugator, Stormlord, Shadowlord, High King, ect...) 
    in Kumite.  If youre serious about learning Vanessa, or any character for 
    that matter, COMPLETE THE TRIAL MODE.
    Her Defense Stance (DS) is her default stance.  From here she has a neutral 
    High (H) & Mid (M) Punch Parry/hold.  This is very useful against button 
    mashers that have no reason or rhyme to their fighting style.  While in DS, 
    vanessa can counter High, & Mid Punches & Kicks.  She can counter in DS 
    ONLY. Remember that.  Theres nothing worse than trying to do a reversal 
    from Muai Tai Stance & only getting a punch.  Not good.  Also her most 
    damaging throws come from DS.  The Heavens gate, (D,DF,F,UF,U,UB,B+P+G), 
    Hells gate, (F,D+P+G), and the Army Combination, ( B,DB,D,DF,F+P+G), are 
    all excellent moves that you should condition yourself to use at a moments 
    notice, because a moment is all that you have.  Her hit throws are available 
    in DS also.  The easiest ones to pull off consistantly IMO are the Leg Cut 
    Low - Takedown, (F,F+K+G to F+P+G), and the Stomach Crush - Front Sleeper, 
    (DF+K+G to F+P+G), the timing must be pinpoint to pull these move off.  
    If you cant seem to get them to connect, keep practicing until they flow 
    like water Grasshoppa!
    Her Muai Tai Stance, (MT), is all offense.  She has very few defensive moves
    from this stance & IMO when you switch to MT you shouldnt be defending anyway.  
    MT is meant for constant attacking & Max damage.  From the MT stance she 
    has a nice number of combos & floaters.  One floater that should definitely 
    be in your arsenal is, (F+P+K). This elbow is fast & will knock down your 
    opponent for an immidiate bounce combo.  The thing is, youve got to know 
    what combo you want to do in advance before you land the elbow.  It comes out
    so darn fast that you have to really be on your toes to make this work for 
    Time for the Combos PPL!
    3 - COMBO LIST
    Initially I thought of just listing combos, but Now Im listing them in order 
    of difficulity IMO.
    F - Forward
    D - Dowm
    B - Back
    U - Up
    (Combinations of the directions should be 2nd nature to you ppl, otherwise 
    you wouldnt be reading this faq, youd be reading the instruction manual.)
    P - Punch
    G - Guard
    K - Kick
    (Combinations are the same as above :P)
    Moderate Combos 
    1 - K+G,(guard break),F+P,K,K,U+P
    2 - B,B+K+G*(guard break),F+P,K,K,U+P   *Can be charged for 14 more damage
    3 - DB+P+G,(wall throw needed),DB+K+G,f+P,K,K,DF+K
    4 - DB+P+G,(Wall throw needed),DB+K+G,P,P,P,K,DF+K
    5 - DB+K+G,P,P,P,K
    1 - K+G(guard break),DF+P,F+P+K,D+K,P,K,U+P
    2 - DB+K+G,B,F+P,P,P,K
    3 - F+P+K,F+P,P,K,DF+K
    4 - DB+P+G(wall throw needed),DB+K+G,P+K,P,K,DF+K
    5 - F+K+P,DF+P,K,U	+P or DF+K
    Advanced Combos
    These combos are no joke.  They deal massive amounts of damage & are hard as 
    heck to pull off.  Do these without confident practice at your own risk.
    1 - Back against the wall ~ DB+P+G, (wall hit)	F,F+P+G, F or B+P+G. 
    This combo is very hard to do because of the percise timing of the FF Grab.   
    You have to wait until they hit, then begin to stand up to catch them with 
    the grab.
    2 - Rising from crouch ~ P,DF+K+G, F+G.
    Again, timing is key.   If the rising punch hits immidiately go into the 
    DF+K+G.  As soon as it hits, go into the F+G+P.  It should be a rising punch,
    mid kick, into her guillitene choke.
    3 - DB+P+G, F+K+G.   
    This next one isnt too complex, but I figured that you had to do something 
    when your back was turned to your opponent. :P
    4 - Back turned away from opponent ~ P+K, P+K, D+K+G.
    Rarely used, but if the first hit connects, then they deserve to catch the 
    2nd & 3rd!
    This combo is submitted by Soholy (soholy416@hotmail.com)
    5 -  B,B+K+G,DF+P+K+G,DF+K, immediately after soccer kick=>K+G,F+P,K,K,U+P, 
    as computer opponent is getting up=>K+G,F+P,K,K,U+P. "This is a 3 part combo 
    which will kill off most computer opponents in about 15 sec., however, some 
    wiser opponents will evade, reverse, or attack you at any of the 3 junctions
    in this combo."
    This combo is submitted by George Wang (George_Wang@Hotmail.com)
    6 - Neutral high/mid punch parry.  K,K,If kicks were to the back, F+P+G. 
    Otherwise P+G,F,F,K+G,F+P+G,D+K(x3),DF+K. This one is pretty hard to pull 
    off consistently. When you gain the grab, you can risk the initial 2 kicks 
    or go straight into the throw. You cant finish the combo if you dont do the  
    throw. *IMPORTANT* If you do choose to go with the kicks pay atention to how 
    she kicks.  If she kicks in the gut you have to use the P+G throw, if she 
    kicks in the back press F+P+G. You have to input the F,F+K+G connamd as soon 
    as you let go from the initial throw.  To connect with the last D+K's may 
    seem near to impossible, but can be done.  Keep practicing this one until 
    it flows like water.
    Again, from good ol' George Wang
    7 - Rising P,* any combo or throw.
    This move is great against poking players.  If they insist on using P,P,P,P,
    P,P,P,ect... *cough Lei Fei cough* you can hit with the rising P.  
    From there they belong to you. Simplistic, but excellent none the less.
    This combo is submitted by Bobby Kogos aka Solid Snake X's 
    1 - F+P,D+K(x5+),DF+K
    This one is just crazy.  With a wall bounce ive gotten at least 10 hits 
    with the D+K.  This one is just for show as it dosent really take off that 
    much energy as the damage decreases with every kick. Its just for showing off
    .  (& who said that this game wasn't balanced?)
    2 - F+P+K, F+K,*HOLD*D+K,D+K+G, DF+K
    This one has so many possibilities.  As above, after the F+K you can do D+K 
    up to 3 times if you wait a millisecond.
    3 - B,B+K+G,F+K,D+K(x2),U+P or DF+K.
    Pretty much same thing with diffrent starting move.  Starting to see a 
    pattern here?
    4 - B,B+K+G, (Gaurd Crush),F+P*,DF+P,K,DF+K or from *F+P,P,K,DF+K or U+P.
    The Back charge kick is one of Vanessa's best moves.  If it gaurd crushes, 
    you have the opportunity to do some really damaging combos & one very cheap 
    combo against the CPU.  Read below.
    5 - The "Cheap Combo" for Vanessa vs the CPU.
    After the CPU blocks or takes the kick, you can ALWAYS go for Vanessa's 
    low throw. Period.  
    A couple of players have discovered this combo & called it cheap.  I was 
    messing around & discovered it myself.  Here are a couple of theories.
    1 - Its considered cheap because you can always catch the CPU with it.
          Isnt it about time the CPU tasted its own medicine?
    2 - It dosent work against seasoned players.
          Thats why theyre called SEASONED PLAYERS. >duh<  ^_^
    Things to watch out for when using this technique.
    1 - Anyone with a reversal, especially Aoi.
          A blind man in a basement in the dark can see this kick coming.  
          If you expect that you will get reversed, press G just as soon as 
          you're about to connect with the charge kick. Otherwise, prepare for 
          some serious damage.
    2 - Evades.   You cant do anything but pray if you get evaded when using 
          this kick.  
    3 - The Recieving player screaming @ you for using this combo.
          Its a fighting game.  If Strider from MvC2 can be that darn cheap, 
          one little combo wont hurt Vanessa.
    Use this combo @ your own risk.  I take absolutely NO responsibility from 
    physical/verbal retaliation to you upon implementation. Oh, remember that PS2
    controllers are still @ $35. Make sure that your opponent isnt prone to throw
    down controllers on wodden/stone floors. (Carpet is ok)  :D
    4 - Credits
    I want to thank Sony for making the PS2. (X-Box dosent deserve a game as 
    great as this)
    Sega for having the good common sense for porting this great game over to the
    Everyone @ Gamefaqs Mesage boards for their support.
    Lady Valvinas
    George Wang
    Solid Snake X's
    5 - Anything else that I can think of.
    Thank you for reading this FAQ.  I can only hope that you gain a better 
    understanding of this great character inside of this great game.  
    If I/friends can think of any more combos ill make a revision to this FAQ.  
    As it stands now tho, this may be it. :P
    Thank you again.
    Lady-Valvinas (Valvinas@Earthlink.net)
    Character Vanessa 
    Ring name (E DUBB)
    Win/Loss %  914/21 97%
    Rank Emperor 

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