Review by Arschrammen

Reviewed: 01/24/07

Out of all the "most realistic fighting games" this one is the least realistic

When the critics (or should I say the advertisements, and then the critics blindly assumed it was true) claimed that this was the most realistic fighting game ever to be made, I was interested to see if it would live up to its reputation (that was created by Sega in an effort to boost its poor sales of late). I wasn't surprised to find that Virtua Fighter 4 was in fact one of the worst fighting games ever to be made. I know al ot of people will want to argue that this game is indeed realistic, and even though it's not, it's not the most important point; even if we pretend just for a second it is realistic, it doesn't make up for the fact this game is boring.

STORY. 0.5/10
I'm starting to find these 'combat-championship-funded-by-large-corporation' story lines tedious. Other stories with this style manage to succeed in not boring the general public by bringing in interesting characters with different motivations... VF4, on the other hand, has absolutely no interesting characters whatsoever. What's worse is that it has the cliched blonde ball-breaker, the Bruce Lee wannabe Jeet Kune Do fighters, the annoying wrestlers and so on... think of every cliche and they're probably in this game. And even then, there's only about 13 characters. And they are boring and dimensionless. I can't begin to express how boring these character are!!!

Slow, unresponsive, boring. Press a button, wait a while, then finally your character does something. Being "the most realistic fighter," I at least expected fights to be... how shall I say?... realistic!!! I know for a fact that when I jump in the air, I don't float around as if independent from the effects of gravity like all the characters in this game do. How a) people claimed this was realistic and b) other people believed them, I just don't know. Just because there are hundreds of 5+ string combos doesn't mean that this is realistic.

There is one enjoyable aspect of this game and that is that the environments are often multi-leveled, and you can knock your opponent through windows and off heights. Some levels have limits such that if you "ring-out" your opponent (eg knock them off a cliff) you will win by default. There is also an amusing glitch whereby your character will follow an opponent off a level to continue the fight. However, this includes the "ring-out" levels, so essentially you defeat your opponent then jump to your own death. Pretty extreme way to celebrate a victory but I like it.

GRAPHICS. 8.5/10
The graphics are easily the best aspect of this game, but still nothing to get excited about because they in no way make up for the lack of action. The environments are pretty, and the weather effects such as the footprints in the snow and hair blowing in the wind are very cool.

Pretty standard, but surprisingly average. Like I mentioned, the controls are unresponsive, and its very difficult to perform some moves and movements.

SOUND 5/10
Adequate, but uninteresting. Boring music, standard run-of-the-mill punch noises made by bashing cabbages or hitting bits of steak with a baseball bat. The worst aspect is definitely the fact that before every fight the characters have their cringe-worthy catch cries that are very poorly acted.

VALUE. 4/10
I wanted to give this zero because if you like fighting games it truly is a waste of money. I don't even think its worth hiring. But if you like this game after hiring it, you will definitely find some replay value out of it. There is a "kumite" mode wherein there is complicated ranking and scoring system, that will take you possibly months to complete if you want to unlock all the characters and collectible items for your characters. But once you realise how boring the gameplay is and how all the modes are pretty much the same (ie boring) and there's pretty much nothing to unlock, I imagine you will get very bored with it.

Leave this one well alone.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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