Review by Jacky Bryant

"The crown has returned! To SEGA"

Graphics 10/10
The games graphics are nothing short of awe inspiring. The sheer amount detail is unmatched by any game to date not even anything on X Box can compare. The arenas are truly magnificent Sega have added minute details such as the leaves blowing in the wind and by the swift movements made by the equally graphically stunning fighters. The grounds are improved greatly by the backdrops, which are well textured and have a high polygon count. These are brought to life by the true to life weather effects. As I mentioned earlier the fighters are breath taking as they are filled with so much detail that you wouldn’t believe. The fighters clothes have creases that move along with their moves, their mouths are morphed perfectly to the c’mon’s and hay ya’s that the fighters make, their bodies change along with the lighting and many more things besides. Sega have done a stellar job of making the arcade virtua fighter 4, port over to not so powerful PS2.

Gameplay 10/10
The game plays fantastically and with the excursion of the awful dodge button the game handles well. Do not think that because the dodge button has been kicked off that the game is no longer 3D as it is the first ‘proper’ 3D version of virtua fighter to date as it has the soul calibur style 8 way run. This game is also now user friendly so a beginner can pick up and play and have fun – but by no means does this say that a beginner can beat a pro because this game is so deep that there is tons to do before you can even call yourself experienced. Honestly just try the training mode and see how far the rabbit hole goes (sorry matrix talk!).

Multiplayer 10/10
The multiplayer of this game is also wonderful my friend and I were playing versus and we couldn’t get of the PS2 in fact we only stopped for diner!!! And that was only because my mum was getting annoyed. (I’m only a beginner and I was hooked so imagine what it would be like to play it when my mate and I are experienced)

Sound 9/10
The sound is your standard affair with the normal cracks and whooshes, although in this game it is executed amazingly it’s so satisfying to kick your opponent’s rear end. All of the sound tracks are cool and some of them are memorable to say the least (Jacky’s soundtrack is my favourite)

Longevity 10/10
The game will last a lifetime because there’s simply so much to achieve and do. Like master the characters, test your skill in Kumite mode, train up your character in A.I mode, get new items of clothing for the characters, complete all the tasks in training mode and finally play forever with a mate. Trust me you won’t get bored!

This game looks fabulous, plays great, sounds cool and its going to last forever. In other words it’s amazing! This is coming from a die hard Tekken fan

What do you think! BUY!

Overall: 9.8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/02/02, Updated 02/02/02

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