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Reviewed: 03/02/02 | Updated: 03/02/02

Kick, Punch, it's all in the mind...wait a minute...this is VF4!


This game is great

I've been playing fighting games my whole life (2d fighting games) and I wasn't into 3d fighting games as much...Now when Sega released VF on Saturn I was amazed. A fighting game where it's more than just kick punch fireball...When Virtua Fighter 2 came out it was even better better than the first .Better graphics, more characters, more balanced gameplay. VF3 was pretty rushed and focused more on graphics than added gameplay (still great though but VF2 was better)

Now VF series has been quiet for like Soul Calibur and Tekken over shadowed this series...especially Dead or Alive series

Finally Yu Suzuki released VF4 and damn this is one of the best and deepest 3d fighting games ever made!

Graphics: Graphics in this game are FANTASTIC! The detail in some levels are truly astonishing and the PS2 does a great job from it's Naomi 2 brother. Character polygons are very close to Dead or Alive 3 quality. Now this isn't all arcade perfect as if you played the arcade you will notice some minor set backs like reflections on water not quite up to par with the arcade and textures have been blurred and one level has 2d backgrounds in the distance but the level still has 3d objects like buildings (rooftop stage). This is only in some certain levels but what truly make this game shine in graphics are the Temple stage, the snow stage, and the great wall of china stage. These levels either have lots of things going at once with superb lighting effects, far view distance with no pop up or fog, and amazing level detail. The temple stage has a flock of birds flying around with great animation, tiles exploded when character hits the ground, lighting is superb. The snow stage has snow falling and when characters move or gets hit you can see the mess in the snow...Sega has done a great job on detail and this shows that the PS2 can handle a lot more than what people seem to think. 10/10

Sound: The sound here is very well done especially the music. The music in some levels get stuck in your head as you play and actually fit in with the stage you are playing. The speech in this game is a mix of English and Japanese which is pretty cool since theres some American fighters in this game and it would be silly if these character spoke Japanese 10/10

Control: If you have the arcade stick the control is even better. If your using the controller it may be hard to pull off some combos or moves but overall both arcade stick and controller is good for this game 9/10

Gameplay: What can I say...this game is VERY deep..characters have tons of moves, game offers tons of extra will keep you busy for a while and you will have alot of fun at the same time 10/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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