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"One reason for the score: Kumite mode."

In my life, I've played very few Virtua Fighters. I've played Virtua Fighter 1 in the arcade, which I absolutely despised due to the slow-mo effects within everything you did. I also played Virtua Fighter 2 once in TRU. I did relatively good, but I can't remember that well. After I did so, I didn't like Virtua Fighter. The fighting system was alright, but the gameplay simply blew. I ended my days of playing Virtua Fighter games.
Then comes Virtua Fighter 4. A friend of mine tells me it's awesome. Sounds cool, I guess. So as the release comes closer and closer I read more about it and watch more movies. It looks great! Then... comes D-Day (3/21/02). I purposely get sick so I can take the day off and go to the store early and get it. I do so, and when I get home pop in the disc.
I start playing Training mode as Kage and it seems pretty cool so far. Time moves on and I think the game sucks. Was it a waste of $50? No.
After I'm done playing Training mode for a bit, I try out Kumite mode. Wow! The fast-paced action mixed in with skill and strategy is just fantastic! Not to mention the system of which you gain ''levels'' and unlock items to customize your character. Kumite mode has to be one of the greatest modes ever to be in a fighting game.
Arcade mode, IMO, sucks. I'm expecting an ending (I play Tekken a lot and DOA a bit), and get jack.
VS mode is fun, fun, fun but only with your customized Kumite characters.
A.I. mode is a bit odd, and I pretty much don't give a damn about it.
The only thing really worth the $50 I spent on this game is Kumite mode.
With the inclusion of a Story mode, this game could've been much, much more.
Another thing I like about this game is the realism. It actually depicts the ''grim'' reality of being buff. Not everyone has washboard abs, able to lift 400, and still manage to be skinny yet built at the same time. I think it's very cool.

Graphics: 9
Absolutely beautiful. The Main Menu is incredible, and you HAVE to see Sarah's stage!!!

Sound: 8
Very cool music, but some characters voices are a bit odd... and some aren't well done.

Gameplay: 10
Much faster than the old VFs, and a TON of moves!
If you were to ask if it relates more to Tekken or DOA, I'd say DOA. It's a LOT like DOA but requires more skill, rather than just mashing the buttons.

Value: 6
Nothing much out of Kumite mode.

Overall: 8
I recommend this game if you have the time to get everyone to 1st dan. Otherwise, stay away cuz there's really nothing in there for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/23/02, Updated 10/14/02

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