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"A great game, but I think for the time being, I'll stick with Tekken."

Although what happened to the Dreamcast was a tragedy, it also produced a blessing. Now Sega is free to develop for other consoles. And people who have never had the opportunity to experience first hand a Sega or Sega first party developer game are in for a treat. Sega has always been know for great games (and bad marketing) and now, they’ll show you why no matter what console you have or what console is your favorite.

Graphics – 9
This game looks and plays pretty well, but the graphics just seem to have a little bit too many jaggies for being released this late in the PS2 timeline. Not as bad as the early PS2 games (could anything be that bad?) but still the jaggies are still noticeable. Other then that, these graphics are flawless. I really like the navigation of this game, it reminds you more of a menu-driven operating system then a video game, AM2 does a great job here. Also truly exhalent level and character design.

Sound – 10
Sega is and will always be the king of sound. Remember what I said about now Sega is showing their talent on other consoles? Well, this is one of them. Great and fitting music and unnaturally nice sound effects. The only thing that you may consider a bad point to this games sound is that when the characters give their victory pose, they speak in Japanese. But I feel that this is kind of a refreshing alternative to most all other fighting games currently on the US market. Although, it would be nice to know what their saying.

Characters – 9
In all, there are 13 of them. To my knowledge, there’s no way to unlock more. However, you can unlock different outfits and according to the manual “accessories”. Now, I’m not sure what kind of accessories, but I’m sure that guns or nuclear weapons aren’t some of them. Each fighter has a rather large list of moves and combos so those of you that love to memorize all characters moves (I can’t imagine) might want to just pick two or three characters.
Control – 9
This reminds me a lot of Dead or Alive 2 for the Dreamcast and PS2. There’s kick, punch and guard and combinations of the three. You can also map the controller to a style you like, so go at it.

Replay – 8
This score is totally unfair and I know it. Since I haven’t had the game long enough to truly do this category justice, I’m going to through it out the window and come back to it when I have a better idea.

Overall – 9
It’s a great game and sure to be a hit. For some people though, it might seem that the action in this game runs a little to slow. One thing I don’t like about this game is that there is no 4-player option. I just think that in the age of multiplayer online games and consoles coming with four controller ports standard, having a four-player tag team option in a fighting game is not unreasonable.
But, I think for the time being, I’ll stick with Tekken Tag Tournament.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/23/02, Updated 03/23/02

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