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"A New Fighting Game for the PS2?"

Graphics: 9/10
This is one of the best games for ''graphics'' or ''eye-candy'' that the PS2 has to offer. If you bought your PS2 because of the ''graphics'', this is your best bet. The graphics are smoothly running at constant 60 FPS. There are occasional jaggies, but other than that, this game is sheer bliss. This game may not have as good graphics as DOA3 for XBOX (that is where the -1 point comes from), but the gameplay makes up for it.

Gameplay: 10/10
What more can you say about the gameplay other than ''This game rox0rz j00!!''??? Some hardcore Tekken or DOA fans may not completely agree, but this is truly one of the best fighters out there. I personally like the ''trainable AI'' feature in the game. It adds a more ''taste'' and ''flow'' to the gameplay other than just fighting. Also, the fighting in VF4 is alot more comprehensive and complex (in a good way) than its predecessors, Tekken and DOA. There are loads of characters to choose and experiement moves from, and extra modes to keep you up till the break of dawn.

Controls: 6/10
Although most of the controls run smoothly and easily, Sega forgot the most important thing in a fighting game: the damn JOYSTICK!!! They did NOT let you use the PS2 DualShock JOYSTICK in this edition of this awesome fighter. You only can use the gay, button-crunching D-PAD. This really made me mad, especially when SEGA could have taken the few extra weeks to add this feature in the game. Other than that, like I said, the controls run smoothly with the characters moves. The DualShock vibrates very realistically (different sides) for hits and blows. If you arcade-purists and hand-hurting basterds need some relief, get a Arcade Stick for the PS2 (I think it is produced by Namco, but I am not sure.) I have only exprienced un-responsive controls a couple of times.

Sounds: 8/10
Crisp, clear voices (Japanese and English), funky J-POP and Techno beats blast through the speakers while you crunch your opponent while you hear a hard, blasting noise, confirming that you hit your opponent. Not the best audio, but I basically surpassed this step in playing the game. None the less, it still has nice, crunching sounds when attacking and moving around.

Story: 5/10
This is the only part where VF4 fails (other than controls); the story-line. Besides a basic-intro about the character, there is virtually no other FMVs or scripts explaining the background or mission of the character. What also pissed me off was that their is NO ENDINGS!! Kumitae is the main story mode of this fighter. I personally do not like arcade mode. I think its just like a ''practice mode.''

Final Verdict: 9/10
Again, the sheer gameplay of this game FORCES me to give this review a 9/10 for it. The gameplay makes up for all its weaknesses, like the story and the controls. If the story-line was tweaked up a little more, and/or the joystick feature was installed, this review would get a sure 10 points. This game is a must buy for the Spring Season. Save up that money!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/25/02, Updated 03/25/02

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