"Great Game!! Coming From A Tekken Fanboy!!!"

I'll admit I'm a Tekken fanboy, but this is a really good game. It's probably one of the greatest 3D fighters in history. If not the best. I really enjoy it's smooth graphics and simple gameplay. I was skeptic about buying this at first, but after i rented it and played it, I have now made it a permanent part of video game collection. There is so much about this game that you can enjoy. The extremely challenging AI makes it one of the most difficult fighters in history. I could sit here and go on and on about the graphics and gameplay, but I'll get on with my review.

The graphics on this game are very good. Could be some of the best on the PS2 right now. The characters models are very detailed and the fighting areas are near perfection.

The gameplay on this game is what makes it extremely fun. The fighting system is very detailed. The main factor in the fights is that your have almost perfect timing, if not you may not last long against the competition. I think my favorite part of this game how challenging it is. It's not like most fighters, you can't go through it and win all the time. Some people hate that but it's my favorite part of the game.

The sound in this game is average. It's pretty good, but then again it has it's flaws. The music has a huge improvement over the Virtua Fighter. The music is probably the best part of VF4.

Kumite mode is IMO the best multi player game out right now. It's really fun, I have yet to grasp the whole idea of the mode, but what I do know makes it extremely fun. The mode lets you go through a long fighting streak and for winning streaks you'll unlock alternate hair styles and different masks. You will also get items for a long losing streak, so if you can't get on a roll, you will still get benefited. And we all know how fun the versus modes on these games can be, it is equal to endless replay ability.

After you get done playing this game you will be very impressed. Most people think that Dead or Alive 3 towers over Virtua Fighter 4. But I think that although both have there down falls, both are very strong. But in the end I believe that VF4 is the king of fighters right now. But like I said I am a huge Tekken fan. So VF4 can be king for now until Tekken 4 comes out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/30/02, Updated 03/30/02

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