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"Not a newbie friendly game"

This is the 3rd review from me. I heard about Virtua Fighter 4 and I was interested in it. I loved playing VF 2 for my Saturn and I thought I would love this game too. And I was right, I love this game.

Graphics: 9/10 The graphics on this game are great. The characters look cool, especially with items you can get them. There are some jaggies but I hardly notice them. The execution of the moves are also good.

The backgrounds are good. I prefer VF3 backgrounds but these ones were also good. My favorites have to be the snow, water, and Colosseum. You fight in the snow and water in those two levels and they both splash up whenever someone falls and come up if you jump. I also like it in the snow level is that you can tell where you have been because there would still be snow there. I also like the Colosseum because of the seeing the lightning destroy the statues and buildings in the background. There are also Autum leaves, birds, even a whole audience in the background in other levels.

Sound: 6/10 One of the only bad parts of the game. The sound effects are good but the voices and music is bad. I prefer the music of VF2. Also, some voices can get annoying coughcoughlioncoughcoungh.

Gameplay: 9/10 There are 4 ways you can choose to play: Arcade, VS, Kumite, AI, and Training. In arcade, you choose a fighter and go through levels fighting a certain character. After you beat that, the credits roll and you can see a cool movie. VS is where you can fight a friend. Kumite has to be the most used thing in the game. In it, you have to make a player file. There you can choose who you want to be and name them whatever you want. After that, you enter that fighter into kumite where you will start at the first rank 10th kyu. From there, you constantly fight battle after battle to raise your rank and win items you customize your character. Then theres AI where you make your own AI file. With that, you can coach you own AI character. You'll have to teach it its moves and then enter it into arcade or kumite. You'll have to tell if its did something good or bad. Once your AI has reached the highest rank, try fighting it yourself. Then in training, you train learning your characters moves.

Like the title, this game isn't newbie friendly. You can't button mash, well you can but it won't work as well a planed. During fights, the main controls are: X-punch, Square-guard, Triangle-Punch, O-kick. Combine them with a direction(s) to make other moves. Combine the buttons together with or without a direction(s) to get other moves or throws. Then you'll have to know when to evade. You tap up or down to evade. You'll have to tap those directions when your opponent is about to attack. It might be hard at first but you'll get the hand of it. Then you'll have to know when to guard, yes I said it guard. You'll have to use it if you plan to win.

I also like it that each fighting styles are different. The only ones that are somewhat the same are Jacky/Sarah and Pai/Lau. Other than that, you can easily tell the difference between Shun's drunken kung fu form Wolf's pro wrestling. They each also have there own strengths and weaknesses.

Story: 5/10 The storys aren't that bad. Kage wants to save his mom, Akira just wants to fight, Jeffery still wants to get that Devilshark. The storys also never come into the game. But who cares, this is a fighting game, if you want story, then play and RPG.

Replay Value: 9/10 Replay is good. You'll always want to raise your characters rank or get cooler items. Kumite might get to start get boring for some people. You can also try to fight friends or family. Or you can try to make the ultimate AI and fight through the ranks. And then fight your creation.

Rent or Buy I would definitely buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/30/02, Updated 07/30/02

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