"Welcome to the world of Quake III Revolution, it’s as beautiful as it is deadly...."

You sit there, while your PS2 huffs and puffs like it’s about to explode. Your wondering how good a game must be to justify loading times this long. Then suddenly and loud booming voice says “FIGHT!” Your eyes light up with the sear beauty and detail on the screen. You stare and the textures dripping off the walls.....BAM! Your entrails are now bouncing off the wall you were once admiring. Welcome to the world of Quake III Revolution, it’s as beautiful as it is deadly....

Wow, just, wow! Although this game has been out for a while it’s still one of the best looking on the console. Everywhere exudes detail, textures and color. From the gothic, twisted spires to the scorched, cracked walls of dripping dungeons. Even health and ammo pick-ups look great. You’d think all this detail = 30 fps. Wrong. The game runs at a silky smooth 60 fps, without the slightest hint of slow down. And unlike most games, where the frame rate is cut in half for the multi-player, this game keeps up, a fast, 50 fps!
Your probably thinking well there must be very few bots of low intelligence then. Wrong again. The only draw back is the loading times, but they are bearable.

Suits the atmosphere of the game to-a-tee. The loud, deep voice of the commentator, who says things like “Fight!”, “Excellent!”, “Humiliation!” and also states your position, adds perfect atmosphere. There are also the grunts and groans of the characters.
The music is also great, it gives a brooding and eerie atmosphere.

Fast, responsive and gore-filled. Filled with fast chaotic shoot-outs and big guns, this game is addictive.
Single-player offers a beefy challenge of taking five characters through many deathmatch orientated levels, in a fight for your freedom. After each battle, depending on your performance, you are given points to build up stats for health, armor, attack power and speed. But arena mode is where the fun is had. You can pick from 8 game modes
-Team Deathmatch
-Single Weapon Deathmatch
-Team Single Weapon Deathmatch
-1 Flag Capture the Flag
-Capture the Flag
-Team Possession
All these modes are fun, some more than others. Bots can also be added to liven things up. You can have 5 bots in single player, 4 bots in two player, 1 bot in three player but no bots in four player. This might seem like a big step down from Timesplitters ten bots, on any player, but it’s not. The bots are WAY more intelligent than Timesplitters, with five difficulty settings that go all the way up to Nightmare, this game is sure to cattier for everyone.
The levels are just the right size. They’re not so big that you wonder around aimlessly looking for someone to kill but they’re also not so small that that you have no where to run. They also contain secrets like Kamikaze pick-ups and the BFG.
Multi-player with your mates is fantastic. The big guns, fast shoot outs and many game modes are sure to justify you purchasing that multi-tap.

-42 playable characters.
-32 arenas.
-8 game modes
-large single-player, with 5 difficulty settings.
-Stats for health, armor, attack power and speed to be maxed.
-Secrets pick-ups.
-Fantastic multi-player, for up to 4 players.
-2 unlockable characters.
-1 unlockable arena.
There is plenty here but it still won’t last as long as Timesplitters.

PS2 Exclusive Features
-The single-player campaign.
-Being able to build your character up in single-player game.
-Play as or against your enhanced character(s) in multi-player.
-New game modes including Possession.
-And more...

Fast, frantic, action-packed and beautiful First Person Shooter, that you should own NOW!

Buy. You can pick it up really cheap. Rent if you’re not sure.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/04/02, Updated 09/04/02

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