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"Forget every NBA game and remember only one NBA game: NBA Street"

The people who made SSX are back and better than ever. However, this time it is not snowboarding it is basketball. Street Basketball. That's right Street Basketball, that means no fowls and most importantly no coaches to piss you off. EA Big, who made this game and SSX have really outdone themselves and proved that NBA related games can actually be good. NuFx, the developers of this game also outdid themselves.

In NBA Street you can pick from a wide and broad selection of NBA teams or you can pick the Street Legends. Some of these NBA teams include from the Lakers to the Hornets. Note that the players on these teams were players of that team between the days of March 9,2001 and lower.

NBA Street offers up tons of modes. First there is ''Street School. Here the game's main announcer who is Joe the Show teaches you the art of playing Street Basketball. Then there is the main game where you the Street Legends take on tons of NBA teams and then on the end you will fight a boss. There is also a 2 player mode, but sorry NuFx did not make the game multitap compatible.

NBA Street also offers up a lot of secrets. Not only can you unlock teams for your roster, but you can also unlock the SSX team and you can even unlock the band called 3LW who are responsible for songs like Baby I'm a Do right and many other ones that I consider to be bad songs.

The graphics in this game are really good. The graphics are on par to game's like Twisted Metal Black and yes even SSX. The backgrounds are nicely done too. The backgrounds really take advantage of this game's urban environment. The soundtrack is really good. Many of the songs are mostly hip hop and many of the beats that occur really fit with this game's style. Also sound effects like the dunks glass exploding are nicely done.

The controls are also simple. Now the Directional Cross Key will move your character around, while pressing the shoulder buttons will make you run faster. The X button is used to pass the ball, while the O button will make you shoot the ball, and the Square button which will make you steal the ball away from your opponents.

All in all I'd have to say that NBA is worth a purchase and a rent. This is because this game will fill you in on an experience that may never happen again and that's all that counts.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/31/01, Updated 09/03/02

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