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    Monster List by Megatron

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                   Monster Rancher 3 Monster List Ver 10.09.03
                          Written By: Adrian McDaniels
                         Additional Contributions from:
                              Getcheffy - home - com
                         mr_socko_316_69 - hotmail - com
                             DrSnotspill - aol - com
                 Nathan Storberg:  golden_slayer - hotmail - com
                                 BldOmn - cs - com
                                DMX1467 - aol - com
                        No longer accepting contributions
    This document Copyright 10-08-2001, 10-11-2001, 10-13-2001, 10-15-2001,
    10-19-2001, 11-08-2001, 10-09-2003 Adrian McDaniels.  I am obligated to mention
    that stealing copyrighted work for personal gain is illegal, so please,
    if you want to reproduce my work here, please be honest about it,
    at least keep the original contributors' (including myself) list intact
    so credit will go to those it is due.
    In the best case scenario, this FAQ will only be posted at
    and my website
    (All nice and spiffy because it's all in html with nifty pictures :)
    until I get a request from someone who wants to post it somewhere else.
    I could go on, but why bother.  I wrote this because of the depressing
    lack of many other lists like it, so take any information you need:
    Copy it, paste it, print it out, download it; but if you re-post it, again,
    please give credit where credit is due and list all of the pages contributors
    including myself.  Hopefully, there will be at least a few people out there
    that this may help.
    10.09.01:  If you do contribute, please specify how you want to be
               identified in the contributor list; thanks much.
    10.10.01:  If you would like to contribute a monster list to be included
               please make sure that the format is as follows:
    Monster                       Band:Album/DVD name/Game Name(version)
               The monster needs to be either a description of the monster
               or the monster's genotype and geographic attribute ie:
               Zan/Ocean - Dragon/jungle - Durahan/Desert - Pixie/Forest
               Henger/Tundra - Zan/? (If you are submitting a question mark
               monster, please provide a description as well.  It is not a
               requisite, just helpful.)
    10.09.03:  No longer accepting contributions.
    Dedicated to My Best Friend Shana, without whose patience (at letting me
    hog the game all of the time ~_^) this list would not be possible;
    and Dave, for his help in finding a few nice monsties.
    i.        Introduction
    ii.       List of monster genotypes
    iii.      List of monsters found on CDs
    iv.       List of monsters found on DVDs
    v.        List of monsters found on Game CDs
    vi.       Miscellaneous other info you may or may not find useful
    vii.      Frequently Asked Questions (sort of)
    viii.     Version history and propers given for updates
    Although it may be safe to assume that most who read this have played
    Monster Rancher 1 & 2, I must (for argument's sake) take it as read that
    quite a few of the readers have not.  If you have, please skip past.
    The Monster Rancher Series, called Monster Farm in Japan, was one of
    the first (if not THE first) monster raising games, predating even
    Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) if I remember correctly.  It was made wholly
    unique by the fact that a new interactive spin (no pun intended) was
    included into the play of the game.  The 'spin' I am referring to is the
    ability to generate monsters from any data disc small enough to fit into
    the drive of your Playstation.  I'm still not sure on what the game reads
    from the discs, but it seems to include the number of tracks, the unique
    number assigned to certain music/DVD/game titles encoded into the disc's
    data tracks and (in the previous games at least) the size of the data
    tracks.  You then took the monster home and raised it as you do in the
    third installment of the game.  That is where the similarities end
    (aside from keeping some of the originals games' monsters).
    In MR1 and 2,you trained in one area, your farm, and your creature had its
    very own barn to sleep in, while you and your assistant (a role taken over
    by Fleria in MR3 as your "mentor") stayed in a housein the background.
    Whenever you built up enough money, your assistant would let you know that
    you could build your house or barn bigger.  The advantage being that a
    bigger house let you keep many more items in your inventory, and a bigger
    barn let you raise bigger monsters such as Golems, Beaklons, and Baku.
    Another change in the MR series is that in MR2, you could send your monster
    off to train for a month in a different land, where they would raise their
    stats dramatically and learn new attacks.  This, of course, cost your character
    a nice piece of change.  The main change; the most disappointing one so far,
    is that the ability to breed your monsters has been removed.  Instead of
    letting your monsters die, as in MR3, you froze them and raised another
    monster until it was also ready to die.  When you had two monsters that you
    wanted to breed (preferrably two that you have actually raised) you would
    tell the gentleman at the hibernation facility to breed the two monsters.
    This was like giving a monster heart to you monster in MR3, except for the
    fact that you ended up with a new monster that took the primary trait from
    the first monster you selected, and the sub trait from the second to form a
    new monster (or was that vice versa) giving you a completely new monster
    (maybe), because one of the other changes to the game was to exchange the
    subtraits of your monster (land of origin in this game, monster type in the
    old games).  For example a Zuum's traits were Zuum/Zuum, while a translucent
    blue Zuum's traits would be Zuum/Gel.  Likewise the removal of many of my
    favorite monster types is also a bummer, the addition of the Raiden and
    (especially) Zan makes up for it.
    I have so far beaten everything in the game, all four big 5 tourneys, and
    the strongest of the monsters. (a few times actually), so if you have a CD
    that you don't know what is on, e-mail me with a description of the shadow
    that appears and I will tell you the monster associated with it if you
    really want to know.
    On to the Monster List.  Monsters you see listed here in Ver 1 are only the
    ones I felt like writing down:  just the interesting ones. ; )
                            List of Monster Genotypes
    Suezo:     A yellow ball with a tail, one BIG eye and a big
               mouth...  If it were purple with a horn.......
    Mocchi:    A nauseatingly cute monster whose name literally refers to
               the ball of sticky rice wrapped in seaweed that it is named
    Jell:      A blob of clear, blue gel/liquid.
    Octopee:   It sort of looks like they took Q-bert, stuck long floppy
               ears on him, and gave him a blobby body with four blobby
               little legs.
    Momo:      An anthropomorphic squirrel that carries a walnut
    Golem:     A colossal man made of stone.
    Zoom:      A medium sized Dromaeosaur (Deinonychus and Velociraptor
               were Dromaesauridae) sans the eviscerating sickle claw.
    Tiger:     A wolf with horns (?).... Why it is called tiger, I do not
    Hare:      An anthropomorphic hare...  Kind of like a fat Bugs Bunny...
               A fat -brown- Bugs Bunny.
    Mew:       Why did they have to pick this name?  Were they trying to
               confuse my friend who plays Pokemon?  In the previous games,
               they were called Cat Dolls.  They are basically little
    Beaklon:   A cool big Stag Beetle.. Or Rhinoscerous Beetle....  Anyway,
               it is called Kabuto in Japanese.  I'm not sure who came
               first, Beaklon from MR2 or Megakabuterimon from Digimon, but
               who cares?
    Dragon:    Dragon. 'nuff said, huh?  (you need to be A rank to breed
               these, though, so get to work. ; )
    Dakkung:   Acompletely rediculous monster left over from MR2 (why, god,
               why?) that seems to be a duck made of colorful round(ish)
               blocks.  (egg shaped body)  (why did they have to omit the
               worm and leave this atrocity in the game?)
    Baku:      A giant furry dog (Saint Bernard?)
    Pixie:     A small (bat) winged girl with horns and a barbed tail. (I
               do miss all of the different variations of her from Monster
               Rancher 2)
    Durahan:   A ghostly suit of armor.  In my humble opinion, one of the
               coolest monsters in the games.  It is a suit of armor with a
               cape and sword and no one inside.
               Rank A is needed to raise this monster.
    Naga:      A humanoid torso on a serpentine lower body.  Nowhere near
               as cool as they used to be, but hey at least they kept them.
               (My favorite is the Aspis, the desert/egyption Naga)
    Color-     A trio of... creatures that used to be a caterpillar-like
    Pandora:   monster in the previous game that only broke into its
               component pieces during special attacks or after getting
               hit.  But.... One of its new animations has it in a very
               compromising position with one of its siblings.... ew.
               Just... ew.
    Plant:     A Large bulb with leaves and roots and a huge flower.
    Henger:    A Transforming Robot!  Too cool! Another of my favorites.
    Zan:       Possibly the coolest monster of the entire game, maybe even
               the entire series.  I'll leave the description out because
               it is a secret monster that you need to release from a disc
               stone and I don't want to ruin it for you.
               I'll tell you how to do it at the end of the FAQ.
    Lesione:   A small blue (sort of cute) Plesiosaur.  The name could
               possibly be taken from Nessie, the fabled Loch Ness Monster.
    Suzurin:   Another impossibly cute monster.  This one seems to be made
               of small bells.  (hotel front desk)bell hat, bell arms, bell
    Psiroller: A cutesy blue rhinocerous that rides around clutching onto
               a large tire.  It does have a pretty devestating attack
               called cannonball in which it tears off and zips around the
               world before ramming you.
    Pancho:    A Pumpkin... A clamshell pumpkin with a cute little monster
               For some reason, you need to be Rank B to raise this thing.
    Mogi:      Snoopy?  With a cone shaped drill hat and huge front paws
               with big claws.
    Raiden:    Another of my favored monsters, referred to as a Gryph in
               some mythos, as a tengu in others. It's not either actually,
               rather an anthropomorphic eagle.  Some of its other forms
    Gitan:     The only cute monster I like.  Sort of a floating.. well...
               to me, it looks like a purple floating, cannibalistic devil
               bunny with a beaver-like tail.
    Ogyo:      Another neat monster.  An incredibly feminine, pink, dolphin
               with long blond pigtails.
    Joker:     Another very cool monster I shall with-hold the description
               of.  I will reveal the basics of how to unlock it at the end
               of the FAQ.
                              Monsters found on CDs
    As stated before, these are not all of the monsters unlocked from my CD
    collection, just the interesting ones I wrote down before I decided to
    write an FAQ on them (and before I knew that you could pull them out of
    the Encyclopedia ;) I will also list monsters by their description, not
    their proper name, because unless you have already unlocked the monster,
    you will have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, or what the
    monster is.
    And now, in no particular order except the order I wrote them down in. ;)
    Eagle Armor Durahan:          AC/DC: Blow up your video
    Humanoid Griffon:             AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
                                  Offspring: Americana (Thanks Nathan)
    Multi-colored Dolphin:        AC/DC: For those about to rock
    Snow-Patrol Henger:           AC/DC: High Voltage
    Ogyo (Pink Dolphin):          AC/DC: Highway to Hell
    (Panzer) Dragoon (sorta):     AC/DC: Let there be Rock
    Dragon:                       AC/DC: Who made Who
    Pancho (pumpkin):             KISS Alive 2, Disc 1
    Faerie (grey, spiky hair):    KISS Alive 3
    Egyptian Asp Plesiosaur:      KISS Greatest
    Green Dolphin:                The Mask (movie soundtrack)
    Knight (Durahan):             Chico and the Gypsies: Vagabundo
                                  Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space
    Monkey Suezo (w/big ears):    The Who: Tommy Disc 1
    Arctic Squirrel:              The Who: Tommy Disc 2
    Shark Naga:                   Beatles Anthology 1 Disc 2
    Pelican man (raiden):         Dr. Demento (either 20th or 25th
                                  anniversary, sorry, for some reason
                                  I didn't write down which one.)
    Ice Beetle:                   Jane's Addiction: Ritual de la habitual
    Scorpion Beetle:              George Carlin Classic Gold disc 1
    Ice Naga:                     Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits
    Bunny Suezo:                  Kid Rock: Devil without a cause
                                  Monty Python Instant CD collection disc 1
    Phoenix:                      Monty Python Instant CD collection disc 2
    Ice Golem:                    Monty Python Instant CD collection disc 3
    Nordic Armor:                 Sarah McLachlan: Fumbling towards ecstasy
    Old Grandpa Zoom:             Wierd Al Greatest Hits 2
    Pixie:                        Enya The memory of trees
    Bear Roller:                  Cranberries (The Couch picture CD)
    Ocean Golem:                  Cranberries To the faithful departed
    Fawn Kitty:                   Carpenters Singles 1969-1973
    Wooden Bell Girl:             10,000 Maniacs Unplugged
    Beetle:                       No Doubt: Tragic Kingdom
    Raiden:                       Cranberries: Everybody else is doing it...
    Cat in Giraffe suit:          Natalie Merchant: Tigerlily
    Angel (Pixie):                Dire Straits: Money For Nothing
    Pixie:                        Metallica: Load
    Genie Pacho in Lamp:          Guns N Roses: The Spaghetti Incident?
    Leafy Plesiosaur:             Guns N Roses: Appetite for Destruction
    Sand Jell:                    Bubble Gum Crisis: Best Collection
    Green Forest Wolf:            Bryan Adams: So far so good (Don't ask)
    Camel Baku:                   Sting: Best of 1984-1994
    Unidentified Zan:             Men in Black Soundtrack (Thanks mr_socko!)
    Arctic Naga:                  Cheryl Crow: The Globe Sessions
    Pineapple Mocchi:             Pharoah Soundtrack: Music to build
                                  Pyramids By
    Green Zan w/Blades on arms:   Men in Black Soundtrack
                                  (Thanks BldOmen - cs - com!)
    Red Zan w/Chitin:             Millenium Love Songs (BldOmen - cs - com)
    Locomotive Henger:            Train: Drops of Jupiter (Thanks Joy!)
               (Section below contributed by Dr. Snotspill)
    TV Shaped Plant (? attrib):   Parlophone
    Golden Golem:                 Robbie Robertson
    Unidentified Zan:             Crash Test Dummies: God shuffled his feet
    Assassin Henger:              Natalie Imbruglia: Left of the middle
    Pharoah Dakkung:              Ginger Baker Trio: Going back home
    Very powerful Ice Naga:       Run Lola Run Soundtrack
          (Section below contributed by Nathan Storberg and Jordan)
    Ice Golem:                    Prince the hits 1
    Orange Pancho:                Go Fish: Part of the Proof
    Pineapple Mocchi:             Go Fish: More than a story
    Mogi:                         Worship: Green Disc 1
    Ice Golem:                    Worship: Green Disc 2
    Beaklon:                      Worship: Offerings
    Tiger (wolf):                 Green Day: Insomniac
    Jell:                         Mortal Kombat soundrack
    Bell Girl:                    StaticX: Wisconsin Death Trip
    Wolf King:                    StaticX: Machine
    Girl Dolphin:                 Ozzy Ozbourne: The Ozzman Cometh
    Brown Colorpandora:           Black Sabbath: We sold our soul for
                                  Rock and Roll
    Pixie:                        ICP: Great Milenko
    Durahan:                      Alien Ant Farm (?)
    Brown Jell:                   Limp Bizket: Nookie
    Morx Suezo:                   Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe
                             Monsters found on DVDs
    Special Red Henger:           Galaxy Quest
    Hotrod Zoom (Black & Red):    Heavy Metal 2000 (Thanks Aarong!)
    Special Pixie: Priss from-    Blade Runner (Widescreen side)
    Shark Dragon:                 KISS The Second Coming
    Dragon:                       Godzilla
    Tiger Dragon:                 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
                                  (Thanks BldOmen - cs - com!)
    Snow Patrol Henger:           Pink Panther Strikes Again (Widescreen)
    Snow Plesiosaur:              Young Lesbians (please don't ask)
    Bell Girl w/ Bat symbol:      Batman (Standard Side)(Thanks Jacjr476)
    Robo(?) Golem:                Robotech The Macross Saga Disc 4
    Zan:                          Matrix
                                  Resident Evil Code Veronica X Preview DVD
    Red Zan:                      Drunken Master (Hong Kong)
    Red Zan with Cast on arm:     Fight Club (Both Discs)
    Unidentified Zan:             Dungeons and Dragons (Thanks mr_socko)
    Unidentified Joker:           Batman (Widescreen Side) (Thanks Jacjr476)
    Prankster Joker:              Scary Movie (thanks Schombaliah,
                                  thanks mr_socko_316_69 - hotmail - com,
                                  thanks paranoid_supersaiyan - att.net)
               (Section below contributed by Dr. Snotspill)
    Joker:                        Fantasia 2000
    Bird Durahan:                 Gladiator
    Block Golem:                  Ghost in the Shell
    Angel Pixie:                  Baraka
           (Section below contributed by Nathan Storberg and Jordan)
    Cat in Giraffe suit:          Lethal Weapon 4
    Lesione:                      Happy Gilmore
    Tiger (wolf):                 Lost in Space
    Plant:                        Nightmare on Elm Street
    Ocean Bellgirl:               Stargate
    Mogi (Snoopy?)                Step Mom
    Joe Cool! (Mogi):             Lady and the Tramp 2
    Dakkung:                      Toy Story
    Totem Pole Dakkung:           Toy Story 2
    Desert Hare:                  Waterboy
    Turtle Kitty:                 Mummy Returns
    Ice Beaklon:                  Boogie Nights
                           Monsters found on Game CDs
    Zan Ninja:                    Tenchu 2
    Henger:                       Armored Core 2
    Durahan:                      Armored Core Master of Arena (both discs)
    White Mocchi:                 Monster Rancher (Thanks Dr Snotspill)
    Teranadon man:                Monster Rancher 2
    Sailor Moon Dolphin (sorta)   Tecmo's Deception
    Egyptian Naga:                Tecmo Superbowl
    Cold Pill Trio:               Tech Romancer
    Gitan (See list):             Wipeout 3
                                  Playstation Underground 3.1 Disc 1
    Golem:                        Warpath Jurassic Park
    Green Henger Red Kanji:       Official PS Mag #16
                                  Playstation Underground 4 Disc 2
    Black and Red Zoom:           Supercross Circuit Demo
    Dragon:                       Space Bunnies Must Die Demo
    Ocean Gitan:                  Panzer Dragoon (Saturn)
    Phoenix Raiden:               Playstation Underground 1 Disc 1
    Palm Tree Sapling (plant):    Playstation Underground 1 Disc 2
    Wolf with HUMONGOUS horns:    Playstation Underground 2 Disc 1
    Tiger Striped Mogi:           Playstation Underground 3 Disc 1
    Rhino w/ Wheel:               Playstation Underground 3 Disc 2
    Totem Pole Dakkung:           Playstation Underground 2.2 Disc 2
    Dakkung                       Playstation Underground 2.3 Disc 1
    Arctic Plesiosaur (Barney?):  Playstation Underground 2.3 Disc 2
    Pixie:                        Playstation Underground 3.1 Disc 2
    Shark Suezo:                  Playstation Underground 3.3 Disc 2
    Cold Pill Colorpandoras:      Marvel v Capcom2(DC)(Thanks Dr. Snotspill)
    Bird Durahan:                 Lunar SSS: Disc 2 (Thanks Dr. Snotspill)
    Jester Momo:                  Gauntlet Dark Legacy (Thanks Aarong!)
    Red Zan:                      Code Veronica X Demo (Thanks Schombalia!)
                    (Section Below contributed by ShadowZX99)
    Tree Golem:                   The Bouncer
    Sumo Mocchi:                  Tekken Tag Tournement
    Henger w/Giant Cannons:       Zone of Enders
    Ninja Zan:                    Dead or Alive 2
    Samurai Armor:                Onimusha
    Zoom Jogger Girl:             Gran Tourismo 3
    Kabuki Suezo:                 Tenchu (Not the Greatest Hits version)
    Black Wolf:                   Chrono Cross (Both Discs)
    Nymph:                        Final Fantasy 8 (Disc not specified)
    Fantuger:                     Final Fantasy 8 (Disc not specified)
                  (Section below contributed by BldOmen - cs - com)
    Pancho inside an afro:        Unison
    Ninja Zan:                    Dead or Alive: Hardcore
    Honeybee Hare:                Tomba 2
    Psiroller in racing suit:     CD included with PS2 DVD remote
    Zan:                          Jade Coccoon Demo
          (Section below contributed by Nathan Storberg and Jordan)
    Arctic Hare:                  Sonic Adventure 2
    Lesione:                      Crazy Taxi
                                  Legend of Legaia
                                  Legend of Dragoon Disc 1
    Black and Red Zoom:           Sonic Adventure
    Mew:                          NFL Gameday 2001
                                  Um Jammer Lammy
                                  Legend of Dragoon Disc 3
    Hare:                         FF7 Disc 1
                                  Resident Evil 3
                                  Tony Hawk 2
                                  Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete Disc 1
                                  Xenogears Disc 1
    Ogyo:                         Warcraft 2: The Dark Saga
                                  FF7 Disc 2
    Zoom:                         FF7 Disc 3
                                  Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
                                  Parasite Eve Disc 2
                                  Wild Arms 2 Disc 2
    Colorpandora:                 FF9 Disc 1
    Baku:                         Parasite Eve Disc 1
                                  Parasite Eve 2 Disc 1
                                  FF9 Disc 2
    Tiger (wolf):                 FF9 Disc 3
                                  Final Fantasy Tactics
                                  Parasite Eve 2 Disc 2
    Raiden:                       FF9 Disc 4
                                  Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete Disc 2
                                  Legend of Mana
                                  Rival Schools Disc 1
                                  Rival Schools Disc 2
    Plant:                        Resident Evil 2 Claire
                                  Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
                                  Legend of Dragoon Disc 2
    Momo:                         Top Gun
                                  Tenchu (Greatest Hits)
    Jell:                         NFL Blitz 2k
                                  Need For Speed 3: Hot pursuit
                                  WWF War Zone
    Henger:                       Jade Cocoon
                                  Final Fantasy 5
                                  Road Rash 3D
                                  Wild Arms 2 Disc 1
    Naga:                         Mega Man X5
                                  Mega Man X4
    Snow Mocchi:                  Alien Trilogy
    Desert Plesiosaur:            Tekken
    Egyptian Naga:                NHL 2k
    Bird Colored Beaklon:         NFL 2k
    Snow Plesiosaur:              Nascar 98
    Turtle Mew:                   Rugrats in Paris
    Ocean Mogi:                   Summoner
    Joker:                        Monster Rancher Battle Cards: Episode 2
    Mocchi:                       Mega Man 8
    Durahan:                      Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete Disc 3
    Colorpandora:                 Need For Speed
    Psiroller:                    Need For Speed High Stakes
                                  Evil Zone
    Mexican Bell-Monster:         Nightmare Creatures
    Octopee:                      Front Mission 3
                                  Wild Arms
                                  Evil Dead: Hail to the King Disc 1
    Suzurin:                      Evil Dead: Hail to the King Disc 2
                                  Final Fantasy 6
    Farn (Morx Pixie):            Final Fantasy 8 Disc 1
    Mer-Pixie:                    Final Fantasy 8 Disc 2
    Fantuger (??? Pixie):         Final Fantasy 8 Disc 3
    Nymph (??? Pixie):            Final Fantasy 8 Disc 4
    Dakkung:                      Legend of Dragoon Disc 4
                                  Xenogears Disc 2
    King Tiger:                   Rampage World Tour
    Pancho:                       Road Rash (Greatest Hits)
    Viking Durahan:               Tail of the Sun
    Unknown:                      Tetris Plus
    Eggukung (??? Dakkung):       Tobal #1
    Takrama Mocchi:               WWF Attitude
    Ice Mocchi:                   WWF In Your House
    Golem:                        WWF Smackdown!
    Wrestler Golem:               WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role
                      Frequently Asked Questions (sort of)
    Nathan asks:
      I just got monster rancer 3, 2 days ago and I cant figure out how to
      get more training lands I have 2 the one you start out with and a
      sand one but I cant get any more. And I need to know how to get
      differnt trainging land it weird though I have 2 monsters of the fame
      of super hero and I still not get differnt training spots.
    Now, I can only speak for myself and two others here, but the areas
      seemed to open up as our fame as breeders went up.  Not only did they
      open up, but they opened fairly quickly. I had them all open by my
      third monster, my friend by his fourth.  Though, conversely, it may
      not have anything to do with fame at all, but how long you train in
      one spot.  My apologies for not having more detailed info on this,
      but I had already opened up all of the areas before I even considered
      posting an FAQ about the game.
    Xboxattic asks:
      Ok, I have gotten 3 accessories from battles, yet they are just ???
      I don't know what to do to be able to use them.  I might have just
      missed something in the game, or it just might be explained later on,
      but for the sake of my sanity, do you know how to get the accessories
    This actually had my friends and me perplexed for a while until I was
      entering a tournament and wondered why there was a picture of a specific
      monster. It took a moment for me to realize that the pictures on the
      tournament entry screen were telling me what kind of an accessory it
      was and what monster it was for.  Opening up more monster genotypes
      proved my theory correct, so there you go.
    Jmdefense11 - aol - com has a quesion I can't answer properly as I never took
      this storyline:
      In the kalagari region gadamon kidnaps jimsey, and gadamon wants a fruit
      called the dodorino friut. gadamon says she will return jimsey if you
      give her the fruit. later on sanasha comes by and shows were the fruit
      is located, and once the seasons change i go to the spot sanasha was
      talking about and fleria tells me that it is not the place the fruit is
      located. so if you would please tell me how to get the fruit to move the
      story line along. because since i cant move the storyline along i cant
      get a zan. respond a.s.a.p. thanks.
    Retaya wrote in to let us know that she is stuck in the same spot.
    From what I have read about this sub-plot, and from a few e-mails I
      received that made vague or half references to it, there is a glitch
      in the game that makes the only dodorin fruit available from Jimsey
    Supposedly, if you don't beat Gadamon, there is no way to get a Dodorin
      Fruit and rescue Jimsey.  The only thing I feel comfortable in
      suggesting is to re-load from before you were confronted, change
      training areas and work on your monster's stats there until you feel
      your monster is strong enough to beat Gadamon's.
    Another thing: If you have a very powerful monster, but are afraid that
      he is going to die soon so put him into hibernation and begin raising
      a new monster, the monsters owned by the NPCs like Gadamon will be
      somewhere nearly as powerful (if not as powerful) as the monster
      you have in hibernation.
    In short: If you have a S ranked monster in hibernation, and are raising
      an E rank, Gadamon will attack you with an S rank and wipe the walls
      with your monster.
    Kooster asks:
      During training, do you use the directional pad and buttons?  I found the
      games documentation to be very lacking in this area and not much help.
    Really the only thing you can do is tell the monster to train.  You just
      select the type of training and either watch the monster train or skip
      the little training movie.  There have been some to say that if you
      rapidly press circle or square you will get a better result, but it
      does not matter at all.  If your monster is going to fail, it will
      fail no matter what you do.  Re-load all you want, short of using a
      different training in a different land, and that is not gaurantee
    DMX1467 - aol - com asks:
      How long does it take for a monster to adapt and change in a certain
    Pretty much, you feed the region specific foods to your monster fairly
      constantly.  If your monster likes the food, great!  If not, it's
      going to get pretty darn stressed out, even if you alternate the
      region specific food with a food the monster likes.  Stress shortens
      life spans, so I saved onto a different memory card and began the
      unfriendly process of changing my monsters.  Then when they were
      unlocked in the encyclopedia, I could transfer them to my original
      save at my liesure.
                               Miscellaneous Info
    Additional Training Areas:
      These become available as you gain fame as a **breeder** in those lands.
      Winning tournaments in a region gives you fame for that land.
    Additional Training Exercises:
      Monsters will occasionally open these up as you search for items and
      such during season changes.
    Elemental Orbs and Bits:
      Available only through the Ran Ran ventures.  You will find the bits
      when you find the light of the earth.  You will find the Orbs when
      you fight and defeat the rare monsters that will ambush you while you
      search (random encounters while making individual searches).
    Pachos, Dragons, and Durahans:
      Available after you have raised a monster above B and A ranks
      I'm sure you would like this kept as a surprise, so I will reveal to
      you the location of the plot development.
      While you are training in Brillia (The snowfields) you will need to
      make your monster as powerful as you can for the rank that it is in,
      or if you want a challenge, dont.  In any case, once you and your
      monster's fame has risen high enough The encounters (plural) will
      begin. Stay there and it will come to pass.  Though if you want to
      know details, there are other FAQs out there with them, sorry.
      Like above, you will need to be famous, but your monster will not
      need to be high ranked.  You will need to be training in Goat (The
      Ocean) and you will need to cheese off a certain person (not hard, just
      kick their monster's ugly butt) They will make several more
      appearances, and let you in on a little secret.  This secret you can
      spread or keep, it doesn't matter.  Just make sure your monster is
      extremely powerful for the rank that it is in (like A ranked stats
      for a C ranked monster, which is easy if you have a monster heart)
      Both Zan and Joker I unlocked with Drydon (nordic armor) before I
      defeated the Big 5.
    Jokers on CD:
      I currently don't own any CDs or DVDs with Jokers on them.
    Getcheffy contributes:
      Not sure, but I think Monster Rancher Battle Card is a Joker
      <Thanks, Getcheffy>
    Zero Contributes:
      I think I know how you get additional training lands.  You need to
      get fame in the lands, which you do by winning tournaments in those
      lands.  It seems like 3-grade tournaments or higher are good for
      this.  Also, I don't think free-for-all tournaments count.
      <Thanks, Zero!>
    The Great Milenko wrote in with:
      from wat ive found the way to unlock certain training
      areas is not to have high fame it is to make ur self
      famous in that region. example- the more tournaments u
      enter in te desert region the higher ur fame in that
      region. when u get high fame in that region u unlock
      that region. i unlocked all regions by my second
      monster who also won 4 of the big 5 tournaments. well
      i hope i helped
    Holier than you think?;)
      I saw your excellent FAQ on Monster Rancher 3, which I intend to buy
      soon. I noticed that on Monster Rancher 2, MANY "holy" CDs, or
      christian music or bible study CDs... had LOTSA Jokers on them, which
      I found Hilarious, thankfully, the programmers weren't without humor
      in MR 2, perhaps the same for MR3. Hope ye find ye Jokers...
    Zan Abilities:
      as for the bits and stones, i know that the jade stone contains one
      of the best skills for the zan race, being the rear raid, it has a
      very high hit ratio, and the damage is pretty decent too....
      my fav move for the zan...
    Hey me too, that attack alone (even untrained with noisy halls) can get
      you all the way to the top of the monster food chain.  Give your Zan
      a high speed and strength and you will be unstoppable (Just don't
      forget your HP and endurance)
    Monster Farming:
      If you have a very powerful monster, but are afraid that
      he is going to die soon so put him into hibernation and begin raising
      a new monster, the monsters owned by the NPCs like Gadamon will be
      somewhere nearly as powerful (if not as powerful) as the monster
      you have in hibernation.
    In short:
      If you have a S ranked monster in hibernation, and are raising an E
      rank, Gadamon will attack you with an S rank and wipe the walls with
      your monster.
                                Version History
    10.08.01:  Original posted October 8th, 2001
    10.11.01:  Contributions and questions from Schombaliah,
               Getcheffy - home - com, mr_socko_316_69 - hotmail - com,
               Jacjr476, xboxattic, and thanks for a sizable
               monster list update from Nathan Storberg:
               golden_slayer - hotmail - com
               Added some monsters found on the Underground
               subscription discs; others from Fight Club and
               Keep 'em coming, folks!
    10.13.01:  Joker Disc updates from Jacjr476 and DrSnotspill
               more contributions from Nathan Storberg and his
               friend Jordan, new contributors: Zero and
               DrSnotspill - aol - com
               Questions from: Jmdefense11 - aol - com and
    10.15.01   Contributions from ShadowZX99, The_great_milenko15
               More monsters from Nathan Storberg and more from my
               meager CD/DVD/Game collection,  and finally
               Thanks to DrSnotspill - aol - com for his additions
               of monsters with ? attributes.
    10.19.01   Contributions from BldOmn - cs - com who added more (?)
               monsters to the list as well as a couple of Zan
               updates. Mike for some info that should be very
               helpful. Aarong for the Jester Momo and Hotrod.
               and DMX1467 - aol - com for a question that is surely
               on everyone's mind.
    11.08.01   Sorry it took me so long to get this out, but I got
               a little disheartened at some sites for not posting
               my updates, that and I've only had 6 contribution
               e-mails since the 19th.
               More contributions from Dr. Snotspill, Nathan S, Joy,
               and Schombaliah, and Reteya brought us back to an old
               unanswered question about the Dodorin Fruit.
               Added more to the monster lists, the question section,
               and a fine contribution to the Misc info section.
    10.09.03   Recieved a request from a website that wanted to publish
               my FAQ.  Edited the FAQ a little.  Seperated a single long
               paragraph in the beginning into two.  Removed the @
               symbols and .dots from email addresses to keep people from
               being spammed. (I was completely unaware of this when I
               first published this FAQ)
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