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    Walkthrough by kErosion

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    WRITTEN BY: kErosion
    VERSION 0.1  12/29/01
    COPYRIGHT 2001 BY kErosion
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Difficulty
    2.  Walkthrough
    3.  Version
    4.  Contact Info
    I never intended to write a walkthrough for BG:DA, but before I knew it that's
    what I'd done when I went to try to write something to answer a lot of the most
    common questions in the forums.  Corrections in case typo's or anything that
    just sounds weird, additional tips or boss strategies, or any strategies you
    feel would be good in here in general would be greatly appreciated.  Credit
    will be given for anything used in future versions, although this should be
    pretty close to complete. :)
    Before I begin, a quick note on difficulty.
    Time and time again I have seen posts from people complaining about how easy
    the bosses are, and the game in general.  Almost every time it has turned out
    that the person posting had been playing on the easiest setting.  Before you
    start to play I highly recommend playing Normal if this is your first time, or
    Hard if you're a veteran of Diablo II or Gauntlet style gameplay and want a
    challenging, rewarding experience from the game.
    Easy was created with little brothers or sisters and controller throwers in
    mind, and as such it's very simple.  Too simple for just about anyone but the
    younger crowd.
                                        - ACT I -
                                      Baldur's Gate
    The game starts out in the Elfsong Tavern. Order an ale, and listen closely as
    the lovely barkeep Alyth while enjoying the ummm scenery as she breaks down the
    taverns rat problem to you. When you're ready, hop into the cellar from behind
    the bar, and move room to room hacking your way through those rats.
    Quick Tip: Careful igniting barrels, dwarf beards are flamable.
    Phew!  Now that you've gotten your feet wet, and more importantly your blade,
    now would be a good time to use Recall in the start menu to go back to the
    Elfsong Tavern. It turns out Ethon decided to be a hero and has disappeared
    into the sewers. Guess who is elected to go find him.  DOH!  Do any shopping
    you may need, you may want to buy some healing potions for the next section,
    then when you have the key from Alyth and you're ready Recall again to get back
    into the dungeon.
    The next leg of our journey is a rat and kobold infested sewer romp filled with
    very essential basics that every new adventurer should know such as lessons in
    jumping from box to box, containers exploding in ones face, swinging a weapon
    until your arms fall off, and possibly the most important of all, saving as
    frequently as humanly possible, preferably BEFORE you run into a pack of 50
    spear throwing kobolds. :)  Now in the unfortunate event that you run into 50
    spear throwing kobolds BEFORE having a chance to save, fear not.  Firstly, turn
    around immediately and back track a little there should be a save nearby.
    Secondly, the best way to approach 50 spear throwing kobolds is a head long
    rush into certain doom, assisted by a bag full of heals, so CHAAAARGE!  (And
    you thought you brought those potions for nothing.)
    Quick Tip:  Filling your backpack with potions with every trip to town is
                always wise decision.
    Now that we've made a mess of things, it's time to get dirty.  Continue cutting
    your way through the sewers, remembering to save at every save point.  After
    a few rooms you'll be greeted by a little cinematic and a room full of kobolds,
    and something bigger...
    [BOSS - Bugbear Chieftain]
    Now as in any situation, fighting things one at a time is always safer than 10
    at once.  Sooo.. run in and say hi, then run away run away!!!  Hopefully with
    about 10 kobolds behind you.  Deal with those before trying to take on the
    Chieftain.  One on One this will be an easy battle, just trade shots with Bugs
    till he drops. Be sure to explore the cells to the right of the Chieftains
    room to continue.
    Quick Tip:  Bugbears just HATE IT when you block frequently.
    Back to the Elfsong!
    You'll have rewards from Ethon and Alyth waiting for you when you get there, as
    well as a couple side-quests from two new patrons in the Elfsong, Osala and
    Ipswitch. Ethon will offer to use his connections to look into the new thieves
    guild for you in return for rescuing him but he needs time, so it's back to the
    sewers for more bashing until he gets something useful.
    Quick Tip:  A bow makes a great addition to the arsenal of any class...
    Fighting your way through another level of the sewers with lots of levers to
    flip leads you to the Catacombs which have been overrun by hundreds of undead.
    After a room full of them you comb to a trapped priest who explains the next
    quest, yay!
    Quick Tip:  Blunt weapons do more damage to undead than bladed weapons,
                bringing a sturdy mace along to the catacombs can make killing down
                there a much quicker experience.  Items of disruption are also very
                useful against the living dead as disruption causes your critical
                hits to instantly disintegrate a skeleton or zombie.
    Prepare yourself for a long fight, the train of undead to cut through can seem
    nearly endless.  You will probably need to make a trip or two to town for heals
    before you're done.  Also keep an eye out for the medallion Ipswitch wants. The
    medallion will be sitting on top of a coffin deep in the back of the catacombs
    first level.
    After fighting your way through you'll eventually come across the next big
    fight at the back of the second level of the catacombs.
    [BOSS - Orb of the Undead]
    This may be the first potentially difficult fight of the game. The orb animates
    a horde of undead then flies around the room until you kill them all. You can
    only hurt the orb while it's animating more undead, so as soon as you kill all
    the skeletons run to the middle and bash the orb with all you've got. Just keep
    killing the undead then bashing the orb and eventually the floating summoning
    thingamabobber will explode. 
    *Warrior Tactic:  Taking on all the undeads the Orb of the Undead summons at
     once can be potentially deadly.  Make sure to stay on the move at all times
     and try to pick off undeads that break away from the pack. The pillars around
     the room are a good way to break targets up when they bunch up together. Run
     around to the back side of a pillar and the undead will scatter running around
     either side making it easier to kill 1 or 2 at a time.
    Now that you've put an end to the evil orbs summoning for good it may be a good
    time to check back in with Ethon back up in the Elfsong.  Loot whatever might
    be laying around and head back for town.
    Quick Tip:  You can't Recall during a fight with a boss, because of this you
                will have to leave the Orb of the Undeads room to recall back up to
                town. You only need to walk back out to around the save point to be
                able to use Recall again.
    Jherek the Harper will be waiting for you in the Elfsong with an invitation to
    join the Harpers. As soon as you accept him on his offer you're given your
    first mission as a Harper. On to the Thieves' Guild! Before you go, there is
    another new face in the Tavern, Keaira will be in the back corner by the save
    with a new side-quest for you. Osala has a reward for you as well while you're
    in town.
    Quick Tip:  Rings and Amulets without any stats drop frequently in Act I on
                difficulties lower than Extreme.  These items as well as the gems
                found throughout the game have no uses, they should be sold for
                some extra coin at first opportunity.  Every bit helps early on.
    Once you're done shopping and talking to people in the tavern it's time to head
    for the first level of the sewers again, so head out the front door of the
    Elfsong, in the lower right, then head down to the lower left section of
    Baldur's Gate where there's an entrance to the sewers. You'll enter the sewers
    by where you fought the Bugbead Chieftain earlier. Run past the cells where you
    rescued Ethon and the wall in the top of the room at the end will open into the
    Thieves' Guild.
    The first level of the Guild is all combat, so just hack and slash a path
    through to the next level. The spices that Keaira is interested can be found on
    this level however, down a passage that branches off to the right near the
    third save point. If you come across a hall filled with floating eyes, you're
    going the right way.
    The second level of the Guild is a lot more fun, it's a training grounds for
    the Thieves, loaded with traps to dodge, disappearing platforms to jump across,
    and numerous monsters towards the end. The most difficult part of the level are
    the platforms that disappear after you jump on them. You have more than enough
    time before the one under you disappears to spot and jump to the next safe
    platform, so just relax when the platforms start blinking. The platforms that
    are blinking will fall as soon as you jump so make sure you know where to go
    before you do. (HINT: The safe one is the one that isn't blinking.)
    *Submitted by Per Forsberg - In 2 player if you kill off one of the players
    they can pause the game EXACTLY when you reach a platform to see which
    platforms are about to fall and easily make it across the pits. This won't work
    in single player due to the menu that pops up over the screen blocking vision.
    Once you're through the pits there's just once more stretch filled with monsters
    and a couple more minor traps, when you're through an old friend greets you at
    the entrance to the bottom level of the Guild.
    [BOSS - Karne]
    Karne is one of my favorite fights with a new character, he is probably the
    most balanced boss in the game before all the expensive feats are available to
    your character.  He comes at you throwing knives from a distance, then if
    they're all being blocked he will run at you with his sword drawn and attack at
    close range for a little bit. If he's still hitting nothing but shield he will
    throw a smoke bomb and disappear then reappear behind you, before throwing
    knives again. Karne is one of the few things in the game that actually knows
    how to use a shield, when he's swinging his sword at you he will deflect your
    shots between his swings. You can time shots to hit right when he starts
    swinging, and get your shield up before his sword hits, but it's difficult to
    do and a lot safer to block until he throws his smoke bomb then hit 2 or 3
    times before he disappears and repeat until he's dead. As long as you block
    constantly through this fight and you should be fine, but letting a few shots
    slip through, especially on harder difficulties can get you killed fast. At 2/3
    life Karne begins to attack almost twice as fast when he's in close, and at 1/3
    life he will begin to throw two knives at a time until he dies. By that point
    you should have his pattern memorized and finishing the job shouldn't prove to
    be difficult. 
    Oh yeah, Karne has been known to throw a dagger for one last cheap shot after
    being killed from time to time. He almost got me while I've gone to loot once
    or twice. ;)
    The third level of the thieves guild has little pits scattered around it with
    eyes that pop out that can kill you instantly if they look in your direction.
    Just watch the eyes closely and run by them when their back is turned to you to
    run by or flip a switch.  The closer you are to the eye the easier it is to
    stay out of its gaze. With a little persistance you'll make it through and
    enter Xantam's Throne Room.
    You've made it through the sewers, survived the traps of the Thieves' Guild,
    and taken your revenge on Karne with a vengeance.  There's just one thing left
    to do.
    [BOSS - Xantam]
    The big bad is tucked away inside a throne room deep under ground. Don't ask me
    what a giant floating eye thingy needs with a throne room, he's got one any
    way. Xantam likes to float around slinging Magic Missiles, Ball Lightning, and
    trails of fire that can do some pretty decent damage for this part of the game.
    Xantam is so gifted in the ways of magic that he's completely forgotten to put
    any thought towards physical activities and is blessed with the bite of a
    rabbit as well. Just walk up and waste this guy with the biggest axe you can
    find, he doesn't bite hard at all. :)
                                        - Act II -
                                   The Sunset Mountains
    So this is it?  This is your big reward?  No sooner than you take out an entire
    guild, and even slay a beholder single handedly you're expected to hop through
    some portal that could go anywhere just to track down some dwarf that probably
    got drunk and forgot to check in??!
    Well so much for going back to the Elfsong and celebrating with Aryth.  This
    could be a LOOOONG day.
    You come out of the portal in Wind's Walk, a gnoll infested pass through the
    foothills of the Sunset Mountains.  Just hack your way over anything that moves
    and you'll soon find yourself in a Dwarven Mining Camp that serves as the town
    for Act II.
    Quick Tip:  Gnolls are infamous for being host to heavy infestations of lice
                and other unsavory critters.  It's highly recommended extreme care
                be taken searching the bodies of the freshly slain lest the unwary
                adventurer become host themselves.  In the unfortunate circumstance
                of infestation a balm made from the common root Hollow's Wort
                ground to a paste mixed with goats milk and applied to the infected
                areas may help stop spreading.
    The Mining Camp isn't quite as nice as the Elfsong Tavern, the town consists of
    Branoch the shopkeeper in the middle of the camp,  and Torrgeir of the Bruenor
    Clan a little further to the lower right. There is also a save point placed
    conveniently next to Branoch so that you won't have to cut through the Wind's
    Walk again. There is a LOT of better gear than you should be using for sale
    here and you may want to take a moment to go shopping, when you're ready
    heading to the lower right will cause Torrgeir to talk to you who will tell you
    of the plight of the Bruenor Clan and tell you what must be done when you offer
    to help. String your bows and ready a blade, the next step of the journey will
    be taking you up the slope of Mount Burning Eye. (Found at the lower right
    Quick Tip:  It almost seems funny but I've seen many people ask where the npc's
                in Act II are numerous times.  You can spot someone you can talk to
                out of the other people in a town by looking for characters
                standing in one spot without moving.
    The leader of the Bruenor Clan, Kolgrim has lead an expedition up the slopes of
    Mount Burning Eye to light the signal fire at its peak to call for dwarven
    reinforcements to the east. The fires were never lit and the party was never
    heard from again. Apparently they took the key you need to enter the dwarven
    mines with them as well, so it's time to go fetch.
    The goal on the mountain is going to be tracking down three items needed to
    light the signal fire at the top of Burning Eye Peak.  There are three areas of
    Burning Eye Summit, one item needed to light the fire found in each.  About
    half of the way up the center Burning Eye Summit is a save point with small
    paths leading to the upper left that goes to West Burning Eye Summit, and to
    the lower right to East Burning Eye Summit.  To the upper right of the save is
    the path that leads the rest of the way up to the Peak.
    The Flint can be found in a cave in West Burning Eye Summit.  There is a ton of
    experience that can be gathered here, you may want to clear out the entire
    place while you're here.  If you keep taking left turns as you move your way
    through you should be able to clear everything in the zone, and eventually find
    the cave with the Flint. Yeti's surround the cave on the outside, when you see
    them you're close.
    The Torch is found in East Burning Eye Summit.  The area is basicly a big gnoll
    camp.  The body of the dwarf holding the torch is found at the bottom right of
    the camp near the corner, by the water.
    The Oil Flask is picked up from the central Burning Eye Summit area. If you
    keep making your way a little further up the mountain from the save point
    between the West and East zones, there is another path that heads off to the
    upper left. Follow the path will lead to another cave with Kolgrin himself who
    has the Oil Flask.
    Once you've obtained the three items, you will need to head up to Burning Eye
    Peak to light the signal fire.  Once you've done this you will obtain the key
    mentioned by Torrgeir previously.  Next stop - The Dwarven Mines.
    Quick Tip: The balls of lightning on Burning Eye Peak are immune to lightning
               damage.  There are other monsters throughout the game immune as 
               well, characters dependent on lightning damage may want to consider
               picking up a secondary skill to deal with these, or possibly carry a
               strong weapon.  I point this out now as one of the key bosses of the
               game is immune and you have time to prepare.
    Back in the Mining Camp a quick chat with Torrgeir will start the next quest,
    Retaking the Dwarven Mines!  This next section will be pretty big, so stock
    heavily.  When you're ready the sealed gate to the mines is to the lower right
    of Torrgeir again, in the rock wall about halfway to the exit to Mount Burning
    The dwarven mines have been over run by legions of Drow warriors, archers, and
    casters with some spiders and Umber Hulks thrown in for good measure.  The only
    things holding them back was the entrance being shut tight, and apparently the
    lift to the second level being dismantled that Torrgeir conveniently didn't
    bother to mention. :)
    Luckily, they left the gears to repair the lift and fight your way down through
    the sea of inkies all on the first level of the mine.  It's a good thing too, 
    it would have been unfair of them to take the parts to fix the lift with them
    when they sealed the gates, gotta give those Drow a chance to get back up 
    So time to find some parts. :)  As you enter the mines you're greeted by a ton
    of rats, fight through these and continue on until you find the second save.
    This is sort of the central point of the first level with 3 areas connected to
    it you have to move through here to get between.
    The first gear needed is off to the right side from the save.  Just fight your
    way around and you should find it fairly easy down a short passage off to the
    back side.
    The second gear you need is straight across from the way to the entrance of the
    mine.  This section is a little bigger than the section the first gear was
    found in, just keep an eye out while you kill your way through and it shouldn't
    be too difficult to spot again.
    The last passage leading off from the save point is the way to the exit, and
    the final gear conveniently.  Fighting your way down this path you'll come to
    a larger room quickly.  The gear will be down a small dead-end passage in the
    next room after this one.
    Once you've collected the gears, keep exploring to find the lift to reassemble.
    You will have to slice your way through one more level, littering the mines
    knee-deep with the bodies of dark-elves to finally reach the home of the source
    of the invaders.  The Drow Underworld.  It's here, at the back of a large Drow
    encampment that you'll find the next boss to put an end to.
    [BOSS - Ilivarra]
    Ilivarra enjoys teleporting around rooms, offering sacrifices of elf vixens to
    Lloth, slinging spells like no tomorrow, and strutting around a room half
    naked. Unfortunately half naked isn't very condusive to deflecting sharp
    weighted objects, flying projectiles, or deadly spells aimed at ones head and
    she goes down easily to an adventurer well stocked on potions.  Ilivarra's
    spells damage is laughable, but she hits HARD for a spell-slinger.  Dwarves may
    want to put down the blade and use a bow for this fight.
    Once the eye-candy has been put down go open the cells along side the Drow
    encampment.  Make sure you loot the items Ilivarra drops as the key to the
    cells are attached to Ilivarra's Horn.  Head back for town once you've talked
    to the locked up Harper and received his map to continue.
    Use Ilivarra's Horn
    Your next goal is a hidden Ice Cave that contains the next portal, so head back
    to town, talk to Torrgeir again and restock on supplies, then stand around
    completely baffled as where to go and what to do next.
    At least until you realize that the map given to you in the Drow Underworld was
    actually the map through the Dark Forest found in the upper right of the Mining
    Camp and that useless good for nothing idiot of a Harper completely forgot to
    tell you.  :)
    So grab your blade, pick up another bundle of arrows and a pack full of potions
    and go play hide and seek in the woods.  You're almost there.
    The Hidden Ice Cave
    The Ice Cave is probably one of my favorite areas in the games, good hunting,
    great food, and great experience to boot.  If only this area came with a
    dancing elven sorceress, Alyth from the Elfsong, and Iliyara I might never want
    to leave. :)  Very linear zone hack your way through to the third level and get
    yourself ready for a fight.
    [BOSS - Ciraxis]
    The fight with Ciraxis isn't quite as epic as a fight to the death with a huge
    dragon could be imagined to 
    This rather.. odd.. looking beast looks more impressive than he is.  Bring
    potions and a warm jacket and just go to work with your particular weapon
    of choice.
    Remember to loot up, there are chests placed around the room, and make sure to
    grab something to eat on your way through the portal.  mmmmmmm.. dragon 
                                       - Act III -
                                    Marsh of Chelimber
    I hope you hopped through the portal ready to fight, the games about to turn
    into a bad Resident Evil flashback as you're overwhelmed by hordes of undead
    yet again.  This area is very straight forward again, slash, hack, shred, zap, 
    bash, burn, bite your way through.  Keep going and eventually you'll come to the
    next town.
    The next hut as the case may be.
    All you get is a lizard this time around, talk to him and he'll open the way
    for the next quest as well as sell you some things if you're able to last
    through him talking your ear off. :)
    No beating around the bush this time, get in, kill the king, get out.
    You'll have 3 or 4 zones packed full of lizards to fight through until you find
    the king, the way through isn't very eventful besides the fact that the lizards
    are probably the most challenging critters thus far.  Watch out for those fire
    Kill your way into the keep and probably a level or two depending on how
    thorough you are clearing each area and in the back you'll come across..
    [BOSS - Sess'sth]
    Ok, now I don't know about the other classes, but for the sorceress this guy
    just SUCKS to fight.  This ugly scaled beastie is fast, hits damn hard, and 
    just doesn't stop coming at you.  On the lower difficulties he isn't too bad, 
    but on Extreme this fight is brutal.  Best of luck, bring LOTS of healing 
    potions if you plan on getting hit.  One more thing to note - At least on 
    Extreme he can hit you through block.
    *Sorceress Tip -  The spell Fire Shield won't shred Sesseth, but it can keep 
    him in a state of almost perpetual stun.  I've heard Icy Sphere works well for
    this fight, but I can't speak from personal experience.  I CAN speak from 
    personal experience about Fire Shield however.  I wasted Sesseth almost without
    getting hit once I discovered how badly Fire Shield stuns by laying down some 
    fire, running behind him and swinging at him with my weapon a couple times, 
    repeat. It takes a long time, but it works.
    So you've wasted the big green guy and are in the Rotten Bog.  Congratulations
    you're almost there!
    Make your way through the bog and eventually you'll reach an area with big 
    giant mutant armadillo's that pop out of the ground.  Fight your way through 
    here, the temple you're looking for is close.  When you come across a save 
    point you're basicly there, save and head on up. :)
    Once you make your way into the temple *coughs* wander around bashing things,
    eventually you'll find the slimy green guy that has been selling you your 
    arrows and potions standing in front of a leaky faucet.  Stock up, save, jump 
    on in.
    The lair of Eldritch, the final area of the game.  Prepare yourself for a long
    fight, the tower is one of the biggest areas in the game.  There is no town to
    recall to in the Tower, so come prepared.  The best equipment in the game is
    found in the Tower, and there are containers practically at every corner filled
    with potions and arrows so you probably won't be in too much trouble without
    a town.
    A lot of the things here can hit HARD, remember the block button because you're
    going to need it.
    Eventually you reach the Hall of Remembrance.  The hall serves as a place to
    save and stock up on supplies as well as get a little background story before
    the final battle.  Good luck, depending on your class and feats you've chosen
    this can be a tough battle.
    [BOSS - Eldritch]
    Eldritch comes at you throwing her sword around like a boomerang so be ready to
    block, a lot.  I strongly suggest fighting Eldritch from a distance as her
    close range attack is unblockable, because of this you might want to bring a
    bow and some arrows along to save yourself on a LOT of heals.  Once Eldritch
    reaches 2/3 health she will be struck by lightning and grow in size.  At 1/3
    health she will do this again, growing even bigger, then begins attacking by
    throwing her sword into the air and causing multiple blades accompanied by
    bolts of lightning to rain down from above.  The new attack can be blocked, but
    occasionally one of the blasts will land right behind you and is unblockable.
    This can be a nasty thing, I've had over 500 health and been killed by one of
    these instantly on Extreme.
    *Sorceress Tips - Eldritch is immune to all forms of lightning, but any Fire,
    Acid, Cold, or physical attack will get the job done.  I've found that Acid
    Arrow works very well here, overall the damage is low, but the minimum damage
    is the highest of all the projectile spells making it consistent.  This fight
    will be VERY slow due to being restricted to low damaging spells, but Eldritch
    will fall with a little persistance.  Using a high damage bow and acting like
    an Archer may quicken this fight, especially on the lower difficulties.
    Submitted by Master Po - Fireball knocks Eldritch back a little with every hit,
    if you aim it right you can knock her backwards into the gate with the portal
    until her back is to the wall.  Once she's backed into gate causing her to grow
    after sustaining enough damage will sometimes cause her sword to start hitting
    the gate when Eldritch tries to throw it.
    *Archer Tips - Archers probably have the easiest time killing Eldritch.  Shoot
    an arrow or two, switch to your shield and block her sword, shoot another arrow
    or two and repeat.
    *Warrior Tips - On lower difficulties the Onyx Sword found on the onyx golem
    right before the Hall of Remembrance will make this fight very easy with some
    heals.  (Submitted by Kal Zeromus and Wai-Lun Lai.)
    Oh yeah.  One final answer to a very frequently asked question.
    Q - I beat Eldritch.. What the hell do I do now?  Does the game just end?
        There's no ending or what?  LAME!
    A - Go walk through the portal on the roof. :)
    0.2 - Went through and revised much of the walkthrough adding in some things I
          missed, actually covered Act I, included some little tips at various 
          parts of the walkthrough that new players may find useful, and added some
          submitted tips.
    0.1 - Rushed through a rough walkthrough just to get something available.  Not
          much else yet available.
    Author of this walkthrough may be reached at (no longer available) for questions,
    comments, and additions for this document.
    Copyright:  Please note this Document is (c) Copyright 2001 by author,
                David S. Graham, and nothing herein may be reproduced in any
                way, shape, or form without authors consent.
    This document may be used freely on non-profit websites, as long as it appears
    in unedited form and I'm sent an email getting my consent beforehand.  Contact
    me if you would like to use this for other purposes.

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