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    Sorceress Guide by kErosion

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                                   The Elven Sorceress
    WRITTEN BY:  kErosion
    VERSION 0.1  12/31/01
    COPYRIGHT 2001 BY kErosion
    This guide is dedicated to the absolute hottest thong-clad spell slinging elven
    vixen to ever grace the pixels of a videogame.  Not only does she capture the
    satisfaction of bringing endless hordes of monsters to a messy end through
    blasts of lightning, searing flames, and bone numbing cold, but she's more than
    willing to get in up close and personal from time to time.  All this in a skirt
    and without breaking a nail.  It's about time a video game captured all the fire
    and tenacity that my girlfriends have long possessed.  You've got to applaud
    Snow Blind studios for unleashing this devilish thing on us all.
    I feel guide is extremely spoiler-intensive.  Half of the fun of Baldurs Gate
    is through the exploring the skills.  I would not wish to rob that from anyone
    playing BG:DA for the first time.  Instead this guide is meant for players who
    have had their hands on the game a while and are interested in seeing what other
    options available from skills they might not have chosen their first time
    through.  Whether you choose to continue or not is at your discretion, but I
    strongly advise against spoiling your first trip through the game.
    So without using any further space on pleasantries,
    I bring you my Sorceress Guide. :)
      The Sorceress
    Passive Feats:
    |     Feat      |     Points Needed Per Level         |
    Accuracy        :  ( 1)
    Targeting       :  ( 1)
    Willpower       :  ( 1)   ( 2)   ( 3)   ( 4)   ( 5)
    Meditation      :  ( 1)   ( 2)   ( 3)   ( 4)   ( 5)
    Intestinal Fort :  ( 1)   ( 2)   ( 3)   ( 4)   ( 5)
    Accuracy:  Cheap and useful if you want to make use of a bow.
    Targeting: Cheap, I've found that you really don't need the targeting line to
    shoot though.  Just follow where the arrows go. 
    Meditation:  Most useful early in the game.  Even with 5 points you will find
    that eventually you still use way more energy than it regenerates. Potion
    popping will always be the main source of rejeuvination.
    Intestinal Fortitude:  Same story as Meditation.  Useful, but after a while you
    won't even notice it.
    Willpower:  It doesn't hurt but I would find a good spell before investing any
    Now that the 'less interesting' feats are over with...
    A quick note on terms found through the rest of this.
    X = Skill already available at creation.
    Level = The level of the skill obtained.  Or how many of the dots filled.
    Points Spent = How many points must be spent to obtain each level of a skill.
    Energy Cost = The amount of energy spent for every casting of the spell.
    Damage = If you need clarification don't read any further, you'll save yourself
             a headache. :)
    Some of the tables only have the energy cost or damage filled in
    only for the first level of the spell and --- in the spaces from
    then on.  This represents a spell which the energy cost or damage
    does not increase from further levels obtained in the spell.
    (not that I ran out of ink for those of you wondering)
    (Drum Roll please...)
       The Spells
    Magic Missile:
        Level    :   1st     ---     ---     ---     ---
    Points Spent :     1     ---     ---     ---     ---
    Energy Cost  :     4     ---     ---     ---     ---
    Damage       :   3-6     ---     ---     ---     ---
    As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  Magic Missile may see some use
    early on in Easy and Normal difficulties, but even with the extra missiles you
    can obtain as you level up this spell is quickly overshadowed by stronger
    options.  A good bow is almost always the better option.
    Burning Hands:  
        Level    :   1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th
    Points Spent :     X       2       3       4       5
    Energy Cost  :   6/s     9/s    12/s    15/s    18/s
    Damage       :  12/s    15/s    18/s    21/s    24/s
    Burning Hands is the first spell a Sorceress will obtain, considering she starts
    with it.  Not surprisingly it's also THE worst spell available, Magic Missile
    being the only possible contender for the title.  The only thing worse than the
    damage output of Burning Hands is the amount of energy that needs to be provided
    per second of use.
        Level    :   1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th
    Points Spent :    10      11      13      15      19
    Energy Cost  :  15/s    18/s    21/s    24/s    27/s
    Damage       :  18/s    21/s    24/s    27/s    30/s
    Snowblind is basicly a slightly upgraded version of Burning Hands.  Like Burning
    Hands it causes damage per second to anything standing in the area of effect,
    while sucking a TON of energy every second along with it.  The damage isn't very
    impressive, energy consumption horrendous.  The slight damage boost of Snowblind
    over Burning Hands really isn't worth it, neither are wise choices for Extreme.
    The Damage-Energy ratio is probably the absolute worst in the game.
    Melf's Acid Arrow:
        Level    :   1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th
    Points Spent :     4       8      12      16      20
    Energy Cost  :     5     ---     ---     ---     ---
    Damage       :  8-18   13-23   18-28   23-33   28-38
    Melf's Acid Arrow is the acid version of projectile type spells. The spell isn't
    very strong, but as far as I know there isn't a single enemy in the game immune
    to this spell, and if there is they're enemies that die quickly to stronger
    spells.  The low end damage is also higher than any of the other spells of this
    type making Melf's Acid Arrow a great spell to fall-back on when all else fails.
        Level    :   1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th
    Points Spent :     8       9      11      13      17
    Energy Cost  :    10     ---     ---     ---     ---
    Damage       : 10-25   10-30   10-35   10-40   10-45
    A magnificently average spell.  The fire version of the projectile line of
    spells is also very inconsistent.  Fireball causes things to be knocked back
    slightly with every hit, which can be used to force Eldritch into a position
    where throwing her sword will hit an object, but because the low end damage
    never increases you may want to skip this one altogether, or only take 1 point
    at the most.
    Otiluke's Icy Sphere:
        Level    :   1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th
    Points Spent :    14      15      17      19      23
    Energy Cost  :    12     ---     ---     ---     ---
    Damage       :  1-20    1-25    1-30    1-35    1-40
    Even more inconsistent (and weaker) than Fireball, the Ice Sphere has one thing
    going for it.  It chills monsters slowing them down for a second or two when
    it hits which can come in useful from time to time.  It may be a better option
    to sling a stronger spell and just kill with that extra second slowing down a
    target will buy, but that's just my thought on the matter.  Now may be a good
    time to point out that Otiluke's Icy Sphere does NOT effect many of the bosses,
    especially late in the game where the chilling effect would be of most use.
    Lightning Bolt:
        Level    :   1st     2nd     ---     ---     ---
    Points Spent :    12      13     ---     ---     ---
    Energy Cost  :    24     ---     ---     ---     ---
    Damage       :    72      72     ---     ---     ---
    I just want to say I love the graphics on this spell.  :)  If it weren't for
    stronger options around the same time you can afford this spell I'd love to make
    use of Lightning Bolt some time.  Lightning Bolt is like a high powered, more
    mana efficient Burning Hands or Snowblind but with a long, LONG range.  The
    first point in Lightning Bolt is only single target, the second point placed in
    the spell causes the lightning blasts to hop from critter to critter doing very
    intense damage for the amount of points placed in it.  Also note that this
    spell is continuous, doing damage every second the button is held down.
    Lightning Bolts look amazing late at night with all the lights turned off. :)
    Fire Shield:
        Level    :   1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th
    Points Spent :    18      19      21      23      27
    Energy Cost  :    20     ---     ---     ---     ---
    Damage       :    18     ---     ---     ---     ---
    Fire Shield is another of my favorite spells.  Each point added to it increases
    the time the flames created by the spell to last another second, up to a maximum
    of 5 seconds. Unfortunately the damage doesn't scale up with it and the area of
    effect isn't very big, Fire Shield is more of a luxury right now as due to the
    low damage instead of being an incredibly useful spell.  Fire Shield does its
    damage very fast causing everything to walk over one to get stunned over and
    over again very quick, and I mean everything.   The flames of this spell are
    probably the safest way to kill particularly fast, hard hitting creatures on
    Extreme, including some bosses, it just takes a while.  The only things that
    seem to be partially immune to the stun effect from Fire Shield are some of the
    metal knights at the very end of the game.
    Meteor Swarm:
        Level    :   1st     ---     ---     ---     ---
    Points Spent :    22     ---     ---     ---     ---
    Energy Cost  :    40     ---     ---     ---     ---
    Damage       :  1-40     ---     ---     ---     ---
    Large area of effect, cheap to train, and incredibly deadly. If not for a couple
    draw backs Meteor Swarm would be the best spell in the Elves potent arsenal.  If
    Meteor Swarm were capable of being chain-cast this would be the absolute fastest
    way to kill in the game, unfortunately every time the spell is used there is a
    particularly long 'recovery' time in which no spells may be cast.  Even in
    extreme many monsters will die in 2 or 3 hits of the spell, unfortunately for
    the Sorceress she is usually being beat on before she can cast the second.  The
    other draw back is that to make best use of this spell you need to get VERY
    close for most of the meteors to hit, this can be a very bad idea for some
    bosses.  ESPECIALLY on Extreme where this spell would be a very useful thing.
    With any luck future sequels of BG:DA will have multiple levels of Meteor Swarm,
    starting with lower damage and ending with around the same power or slightly
    higher.  With half the recovery time.
    Ball Lightning:
        Level    :   1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th
    Points Spent :    16      17      19      21      25
    Energy Cost  :    15     ---     ---     ---     ---
    Damage       :    36      72     108     144     180
    When it absolutely positively MUST be destroyed NOW, Ball Lightning is probably
    the most suited choice for the job. 180 damage per second is a very scary thing.
    What makes it even scarier is that the 180 damage per second is done to
    EVERYTHING near the ball of lightning.  That Ball Lightning has a very short
    recast time, only needs a VERY low amount of energy, and will travel until it
    hits a solid object like a wall makes Ball Lightning something to truly be
    feared. It's not uncommon that I send 2 or 3 of these flying down a hall on
    Extreme then finding the hallway littered with the bodies of dead critters.
    Ball Lightning is so strong maxed out it's probably unbalanced for the lower
    difficulties, one blast is all you need for almost everything but bosses unless
    playing Extreme.  The only draw back is that there are a few enemies scattered
    throughout the game that are immune to lightning.  Unfortunately this includes
    the last boss of the game so you'll need a back-up spell for these things if
    you plan on going with Ball Lightning.
    Mordenkainen's Sword:
        Level    :   1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th
    Points Spent :    12      18      24      32      40
    Energy Cost  :    20      25      30      35      40
    Damage       :  1-20    1-40    1-60    1-80    1-100
    I just recently discovered this spell and I like it.  I like it a lot.  For just
    a little mana you get your very own portable mini-warrior to follow you around
    for a while doing damage.  Well, mini-warrior is an over-statement as it can't
    tank for you and the damage is inconsistent, but it's impressive to say the
    least. I really prefer this spell over the arrow line of spells to deal with
    things immune to my lightning.  But then again this spell could be used at the
    same time as an arrow spell.  I have a couple complaints with this spell though.
    First the cost is through the roof at the higher points, especially with the low
    end damage only being 1 for every level.  This is just rediculous.  It looks
    like this spell was very cheap, and did something like 60-100 during balance
    testing and they did a double-nerf reducing damage and upping cost effectively
    breaking the usefulness and never made it truly useful again.  If you have some
    spare points at higher levels, this is a great place to put them.
    Copyright:  Please note this Document is (c) Copyright 2001 by author,
                David S. Graham, and nothing herein may be reproduced in any
                way, shape, or form without authors consent.
    If you want to use this Document for any reason, 
    make sure to get in touch and ask.  
    I can be reached at (no longer available)

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