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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Hjjf 309

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    --------------  --------- Baldur's Gate ---- ---- ---------------------------
      -------------------- DARK  ------ ALLIANCE -----------------------------
    FAQ / Walkthrough ----------------------------------- By Hjjf 309
           -----------  December 29th 2002             ------------------
              ---      Hjjf309@hotmail.com -----
    Legal information
    Version history
    Buldar's gate 101 ((Or "How to play"))
    Item List
    ----THE WALK THROUGH - ACT I -----
    The opening scene
    The Elfsong Tavern
    The Rat Cellar
    Back to the Tavern
    Back to the Cellar
    The Sewers Level 1
    BOSS 1
    LEGAL INFORMATION: This FAQ was made by Me, Hjjf, known as Hjjf 309 on 
    GameFAQS, and only by Me. The information in this FAQ was gathered, and is
    being gathered by My personal experience with the game.  Do not copy this
    FAQ, take credit for it, put it on a disc, or try to make money off of it
    in any way.  If you would like this FAQ on your site, ask Me first. I may
    not accept, if I do, I must have all credit. 
    1: I made the original parts of this FAQ on  December 29th 2002.
    2: Started the walk through from the start, to Sewers level 2 on December
    30th, 2002.
    INTRODUCTION: Baldur's Gate is an over head action game for the Game Cube.
    It's the first Dungeons and Dragons game for the Game Cube.  It's an awesome
    game with a lot of RPG elements, and just enough action to keep action
    fan's interested.   Through out this, version 1 of this FAQ, I will be
    explaining the game walk through as the human archer character. Hopefully 
    in later versions I will get a chance to add walk throughs for the rest of
    the character's, not to mention item/weapon lists. 
    TIPS: Before we get started, let Me give you some minor tips and pointers.
    Heeding this advice will probably save your life more then once.
    BE LOGICAL: Don't "Rambo" into an area, and bull charge into an army of
    monster's.  Stay behind, and let them come to you. This may take a little
    more time, but in the long run, you will actually save time, as well as
    your life. 
    WAIT BESIDE DOORS: If there is an army of monster's in the next room, wait
    on the other side of that rooms door, but not in front of the door, to 
    the left or right of it. You may have to run in and run out, but in time,
    the monster's will start to hunt you down. When they run through the door,
    they will not see you, and you will have the advantage to club 'em.
    PICK UP EVERYTHING: As long as you have room for things, ((how much room
    depends on your character's endurance,)) try to pick up things, even if you
    do not need them. When you get back to the tavern, your 'hub', you can sell
    them for money!
    CONSERVE: Some items you find a lot of in the game, but if you use them like
    an idiot, you won't believe how fast the numbers run down. Try as much as
    possible to conserve your items for later use.  Only use them when you
    really need them, even if you do have a good stock of them.
    ALWAYS KEEP A 'RECALL' HANDY!: One of the most useful items, the "Recall 
    potion" will transport you right back to the 'hub', the tavern. One good
    thing is that if you run out of room for items in your inventory, you can
    use a recall to go sell some stuff, and then get back to where you was. 
    When you use one to go to the tavern be sure to buy one more to keep a
    never-ending stock. 
    CHECK DEAD PEOPLE: Yep, you never know what you will find. When you kill
    monster's, they usually drop Gold and other items. Gold will be picked up
    automatically when you walk over it, but other items must be manually picked
    up by standing over them, and pressing "X".  With so many monster's to kill,
    it can be easy to miss items that they drop. Most of the items you will
    be getting will be from battles. 
    INSTANT HEAL: When you need to heal, but don't want to go to the menu to
    do it, just press "R". It will automatically use the right amount of potions
    to get you to perfect health. This is a fast way of doing things, but don't
    do it if you want to limit how many potions you spend.  You can do the same
    thing with Rejuv. Potions, simply by pressing the "L" button. 
    BACK TRACK: If you can't figure out what to do, and you have explored every
    thing in your current area, just back track a little. It's very likely that
    you simply over looked something before.
    TALK TO EVERYONE, AND COMPLETE QUESTS: "Quests" are like side quests that you
    go on in the game. Some critical, some not.  Talking to everyone helps you
    find quests. Go to the tavern, and persist conversations with all people. 
    You may have one ask you to do something. If you do what they ask, and 
    return to them, they will reward you with experience points, money, and
    perhaps items!
    HELP YOUR FRIEND: If your playing in Multi player mode, try to be as 
    co-operative as possible. For instance, if you have something you have no
    room / need for, but your friend might, go to your menu and drop it. It
    will appear on the floor, and you friend can go pick it up. 
    SAVE OFTEN: You never know what will happen, so save every chance you get.
    Well, this game is a hack-n-slash with RPG elements, like games in the
    Gauntlet series, but more complex then Gauntlet. ((In My opinion.))
    The game takes place in an over head view. You fight enemies' with what
    weapon you currently have. Through out your adventure, you will find new
    weapons, and be able to equip them in the menu screen.
    You will also find new clothes, ranging from what you start out with, little
    more then poor rags, and what you get later, like iron armor.  These
    will also be critical to your Adventure, and equipped in the menu.
    You gain experience points as you beat monster's, and complete quests. 
    After you gain a certain amount, you level up. When you level up you gain
    a number of points based on the level up. ((If you leveled up to L.3, you 
    will get 3 points.)) You use these points in the menu to raise your stats.
    Soon in the game, you will find your self with both a long ranged weapon,
    ((Like a bow,)) and a melee weapon, ((Like a club,)) a melee and a long
    ranged weapon can be equipped at the same time, and changed between the two
    by pressing the control pad left and right.
    Some weapons must be held with two hands. ((Like the battle axe.)) When you
    have a weapon that requires two hands, you will not be able to hold a shield.
    This is the down fall of using a usually strong double hand weapon.
    Every item in the game has a weight number. This shows how many of them you
    can hold. The number of weight of all the items you are holding is made into
    a total, and if it is to the max of your endurance, you will not be able to
    pick anything else up. You can always level up and raise your endurance. 
    As you level up, you can select spells to acquire. There are all sorts of 
    spells and 'feats', and they use up your arcane energy. ((Your M.P type
    stuff.)) As you level up more, you can upgrade spells you currently have
    to make them stronger.
    The three meters on the top left area of the playing screen need to be
    watched often. The first is your life, the second is your experience points,
    ((When you fill the experience meter, you level up,)) and the third is your
    M.P, or 'arcane energy.' 
    That should about explain everything you need to know to play right now.
    The game is pretty self-explanatory, anyway. So we shall move on..
    Healing potions - Recover some of your life / H.P
    Rejuv Potions - Recover some of your arcane energy / M.P
    Recall Potions - Transport you back to the tavern, and back where you was.
    Arrows - Use them for your bow. 
    THE CHARACTER'S: Here I will list the first three character's you can pick
    to play as. I recommend the human archer for beginner's.
    HUMAN ARCHER: A good, well rounded character. This first walk through
    will center most attention on this character. The Human Archer is good
    with a bow because he starts out with one point in accuracy. He can also
    use a good amount of spells.
    ELF SORCERESS: This woman can use most of the spells in the game! And the
    best one's, at that. The perfect magic user, she suffers a little in the
    strength departments. For an example, she can't hold as many items/weapons
    at first.
    DWARF WARRIOR: He's short, but obviously pretty deadly. Not really skilled
    with the better magic from what I've seen, he's still a power house.
    THE HUMAN ARCHER WALK THROUGH!: Yes, the moment you have all been waiting for
    finally. This walk through can be used by any one because the game is the
    same with any character's. It simply singles out the archer when I am talking
    about what weapons are good, and how to level him up. Hopefully walk throughs
    for different character's, and other difficulty settings will be witting
    down later. 
    SCENE 1: Now let's start the game, pick the character, and watch the scenes.
    ACT I: At the start, you see a map that zooms down to the location, "Baldur's
    Gate."  Your character walks into the town, looking for fame and fortune. 
    The town seems empty, however, and all of the sudden he is knocked out and
    The robber's talk to a weird looking pin head, named "Karne." The night
    watchmen come to help, and they make off with your loot. They warn you to
    seek shelter in the tavern, since one of the cut throat's there will 
    probably know how to find your robber's. 
    You walk into the Elfsong Tavern.  You hear a strange song playing, and talk
    to Alyth, a woman, at the bar. Press 'A' a few times to talk and get the
    history of the tavern, and the song. 
    Soon you will be able to ask questions. Just ask about the robber's, and
    then about the guilds, and so on. 
    You will learn that Karne and his gang use the sewers for transportation, 
    that the new and old guild are at war with each other, and that giant 
    rats have infested the cellars. 
    If you help Alyth by ridding the cellar of rats, she will give you the sewer
    key, to help you track down the thieves. She tells you to talk to Ethon to
    get the key to the cellar. When you agree, Ethon will have a light over his
    head, letting you know he's the one you need to talk to.  Do so.
    At first, he will be reluctant to give you anything, so keep persisting. 
    Finally, after too much wasted time, he will give you the key, and a dagger
    to help you fight the rats. You can now look around the tavern, but there's
    not much going on. You can save your game, too. 
    When your ready, go to the door beside the bar where Alyth is, and open it.
    Then go to the ladder, and press the action button to go down it. 
    ===================THE RAT CELLAR ===========================================
    Now that your in the cellar, save your game. Now walk around breaking stuff
    to see if you can get items or gold. Do this in every room. You could miss
    things if you don't. Now go to the next room, and prepare to fight. Make
    sure your dagger is equipped. 
    In the next room, you will find three rats. That can't do too much damage,
    but there hard to hit. Dispose them, and break the rest of the things. Then
    go to the next room, ((You may have to change angles to see the door,)) the
    next room has a large pool of dirty water.
    You can take a swim in the water if you want, but it doesn't do much. You
    should find some arrows, gold, and potions in this room.  Be sure to check
    the treasure chest, then go into the next door for some more rat fighting.
    This next room is a long hall. Well, it's kinda long. There will be about
    four rats in here. Use the same strategy. None of these should give you
    any problem, so don't worry. At the end of the hall: Another door. You know
    what to do: Open it. 
    The next room is pretty large, and there are rats scramming every where. 
    Hunt 'em down. You should also notice the blood spurting every where. If
    you hit one right, it actually gets cut in half, as well. Now go into the
    next room.
    There will be about three rats in here, some gold, and a treasure chest. 
    Kill the rats, open the chest, go to new room.  By now you should have the
    hang of this. 
    Beat the rats, and get more gold. Remember, sometimes rats will slip by you,
    and run out the open door in to other rooms. If your missing some rats, be
    sure to check. Now go on into the next room. 
    The next area is another hall way. When you beat the rats here, counters
    should appear at the top of the screen, telling you how many more you have
    left to slay. The hallway leads right into a large room, ((No door to stop
    rats from coming after you,)) so be prepared. When your done, get the
    treasure chest, and go into yet another room. 
    You will be in another hallway, this one a longer one then usual. fight
    the rat's then go to the end of the hall, where there is a door leading
    to another rat room. Enter it. 
    Beat the rats, destroy the boxes 'n' such. The rats should be getting down
    in the numbers now, finally. Go into the next room. 
    This is the final rat room. Kill these one's, and if you didn't miss any
    other's, a message will appear letting you know to go back to Alyth to
    receive your rewards.  The message tells you to use a recall potion if you
    have it, but ignore that message. Walk back, and don't waste your items. 
    ================== BACK TO THE TAVERN =======================================
    Now that your back, talk to Alyth and get your stuff. You will learn the
    Ethon went down after you, and got lost. So you know your going to have to
    play the hero and try to get him back. But before you do, you have a few
    things to do. 
    *******LEVEL ALERT!*****
    The experience you gained from the quest completion, ((On top of the rat 
    killing,)) Should be enough to give you your first level up. You will see a 
    gold medal appear on the screen. When this happens, you can use a level up.
    Pause, go to the stats menu, and you can use a point. 
    I suggest you get "Enchanted Arrows." This is a spell that is always active.
    (("Passive" spell.)) And it will make your arrows stronger. You really need 
    this, so get it.  Worry about other stats in later levels. 
    Now your probably wondering why you got that when you don't have a bow and
    arrow in the first place. Well, use your hard earned gold to buy a bow from
    the guy selling stuff. Make sure to equip it.  This bow will be critical 
    to survival. Don't bother buying arrows, you will find a good supply just
    If you don't have enough gold, ((Which is very possible,)) just go down and
    explore a little ways into the sewers to get some extra gold. 
    Before you leave, talk to the guy beside the guy selling stuff. Persist
    in the conversation, and he will finally give you a quest: Give him wine.
    Down in the celler you'll find some wine when you explore more. 
    That about covers everything right now.. Save your game if you wish, and
    get back to work. 
    ====================BACK TO THE CELLER ======================================
    Go back to the cellar the same way you went in before. Go through the now 
    empty rooms, intill you reach the last room again. Now go through the door
    of the 'last room'. Go down it's hallway.
    You will be met by a Kobold. There's a lot more of him, too. There small
    orc like creature's.  Not very smart, or strong, but a little harder then
    the rat's your used to fighting. Run up and kill him like you would a rat.
    You will face at least one more on your way out. Go to the door at the end
    of the hall, and enter. You will be in a room with another dirty pool in 
    the middle. Kill the Kabold's in here. Open the chest, and then go to check
    the flashing item near the treasure chest. It's the wine that the strange
    idiot at the tavern wanted. 
    Head back to the Tavern, ((Don't use a recall,)) and give it to him to 
    complete that quest. The rewards are good, seeing this was pretty easy
    to do.  Now return back to the cellar, and come to where we left off.
    What in the ... I just seen some weird thing run across on My way back to
    the celler. Oh well, it's just a tiny rat. You can't kill it, so don't try
    if you happen to run across this pest.
    Now back to where we was, the room where the wine was.. Break the stuff in
    the room, and loot the treasures. Play in the dirty water for some light 
    hearted fun before you get back to killing people. When your done, go in the
    door. It may be hard to find. It's on the right wall of the room when you
    walk in.
    Go down the hallway, and be prepared when you meet a small army of Kobold's.
    You should have found a new weapon, 'the rusty long sword,' from the last
    room's treasure chest, so you should make quick work of them. Loot the rooms
    treasures and treasure chest.
    Ouch that didn't feel good. Let Me warn you before you blow your self up,
    there is an explosive barrel in here. Don't hack it, walk up to it and press
    the action button to ignite it, and you can run off and watch the fireworks.
    Ok, now go on to the next room.
    Kill more Kobold's, and be careful when smashing things, because there is
    another explosive barrel in this room. When your done, go through the new
    door to the new room. 
    It's another hallway, with ANOTHER explosive barrel. It's small and abnormal
    looking, so it's hard to miss. Don't forget, ignite it, don't smite it.  Go
    to the door at the end of the hallway, into the next room.
    Don't run into the room, there are three spiders in there. Stand beside the
    door opening, and wait for them to come in, then jump on them and hack
    away. There actually pretty easy. Now go into the room.  There is a lot of
    stuff in here for you to break 'n' take, along with two treasure chests.
    You should get some worn leather boots! Now, onto the next door which leads
    to the sewers..
    ================THE SEWERS LEVEL 1 ==========================================
    SCENE: You will see Ethon trapped in a jail, with a big ugly ogre looking
    thing guarding him. The familiar face, uh I mean familiar mask of Karne will
    make his way into the scene. He will tell the ogre-thingie to keep Ethon
    alive, as his "Lord" will want to speak with him.  Suddenly a guy with a 
    thing in his hands rushes in. Karne instructs him to do as the "Lord" said, 
    and take this thing to the temple of ashes. The scene then ends.
    You will be standing in the sewers now. The door directly behind you leads
    right back to the cellar. There are boxes around here, but none of them can
    be broken. Now jump in the muddy sewer water and trudge through it. 
    No real way to get lost, the muddy water track is straight forward. It 
    finally leads to another area where you jump back up to a floored area. 
    Some rat's will come after you here. There even harder to hit in the water,
    and they can do you some major damage if your not careful. 
    Go through the door now, and be prepared for a rat attack. If your low on
    damage, or not confident in your skills, you could hide beside the door to
    fight the rat's the easy way. You will also find cages with rat's in them
    from time to time. Obviously, the inhabitants of this area eat rat's. You
    can't do nothing to caged rat's, and they can't hurt you, so ignore them.
    In the next room you will find a save point. Save the game. You will see
    a door on the upper wall of the room with the save point. Inside it's a 
    small room, with rats. Open the door, and stand to the side as the rat's come
    out. It's too small in the room for open battle, anyway. When there dead,
    head in and open the treasure chest.
    Now, go to the hallway right of the save point, and head down it.  You will
    end up in a room full of Kobold's, some throw spears at you. If you have
    a one handed weapon, you can equip a sheild, and use it ((Z button,)) to
    protect your self from most of the projectile spear attacks. You should let
    the Kobold's follow you into the room with the save point, to split them up.
    When your done with them, go into the room they we're in. You will see they
    we're having a BAR-B-Q of rat's. There's a treasure chest here. At the back
    wall, you will see a strange door with a face on it. You will need a switch
    to open it. Go to the right end of the room, and enter the door.
    You will find a switch in here. Open it to open the odd door. Go to the right
    end of this small room, and open the jail door. Inside is two treasure 
    chest's. Now back out to the main room with the weird door, and go in.
    At the end of the hallway, you will be attacked by an army of Kobold's 
    chucking spears. Rush in on them, jump over the boxes there using as shields,
    and slaughter them. Go on the other side of the boxes, and walk the path
    behind the boxes they we're using. You will come to a ramp going down to
    the sewer waters.
    Go down the ramp, and trudge through some sludge. Go the only path you can,
    and some rat's will chase you. You might want to lure them to the floor of
    the sewers, so you can have the advantage of battle. Kill them, and keep 
    trekking, 'till you find the ramp that goes back up to the sewer floors.
    You will be met by Kobold's. Chase them down, and kill them fast. Open the
    treasure chests, and keep going. You will see another rat Bar-BQ area. 
    On the other side, you will find a sewer water river. There are edges to walk
    the way of the river on either side. The water coming out of the wall and
    into vents on these edgy walk ways will not hurt you, so don't worry.
    There is a bridge in the middle, but it's pretty useless. At the end of the
    river area, you will find your self in a huge room. There is a save point
    here. Use it. Go right from the save point, and behind the pile of boxes
    to find a treasure chest. Now walk some to the front of the room.
    There is enough boxes here to make it a warehouse. And the boxes are needed;
    they are cover. From what, you ask? A huge army of Kobold spear chucker's!
    This is when you will first see the true power of that old bow and arrow
    you bought. 
    Hide behind the box piles, jump out, shoot a few Kobold's with arrows, then
    jump back for cover. There are also boxes here you can move. You can use
    this to move right out in the open, and use it for cover.  This is a slow
    process, but running out to fight these guy's in hand to hand combat is
    Try not to use the bow and arrow like a machine gun, although you probably
    have a ton of arrows by now, you still don't want to waste them. Once you
    have killed them ALL, and only when you have killed them all, go collect
    the ton of stuff they all dropped.
    The right side of the room has another weird door. There are levers to open
    it right beside it, but don't bother with it right now. Instead, go to the
    left side of the room and open the normal door, then enter it. Oops, I 
    forgot to say a giant ogre will stomp out after you. 
    Run back into the huge warehouse room, and jump onto one of the pile of 
    boxes. There is a small army of Kobold's with this guy. Your going to have
    to play some cat-and-mouse with this ogre thing, because he's way too 
    strong for you to take on any other way. 
    The ogre is very aggressive, and will try to swing at you, but your protected
    on top of the box piles. When ever the ogre is away jump down, and take
    some Kobold's out. repeat 'till it's one-on-one. Just you and the big ugly
    club holder.
    If you want, you can also jump down and use arrows to pelt him from a 
    distance. Just don't stand still. Anyway, here's the way I recommend.. 
    Listen up.
    Stay on the box pile, and wait intill he gets close, and turns his back, or
    has his guard down. Jump to a lower box on the pile, run close to the edge,
    and strike him. Jump back up to the top for cover from his counter attacks.
    When you finally kill him, run into the room he was in. A large army of
    Kobold's will attack. Run out and wait beside the door for them. About this
    time, your inventory will be too full.. So when this happens, use a recall
    potion, sell some stuff at the tavern, buy some more recall's, and teleport
    Now we're back to the big warehouse room. Hrmm. What should we do now. Well,
    follow the path through where the big ogre was. The enemies' hear will earn
    you some experience, it finally leads to a door that goes out to an area
    you have already been to, but it's a door you have probably missed before. 
    Now head back to the big warehouse room. Hit the levers to open the weird
    door on the right side of the room, and enter it. Go into some dirty waters
    and fight some rats. You will see a formation of stacked boxes, shaped like
    a stair case. Go up them and jump from box to box 'till you get to a pile
    of boxes with two treasure chests. Now jump back into the water, and follow
    the sewer path.
    You will find another box pile, with a treasure chest on top. Then beside it,
    another stair case box formation that you can go up. Go up them and jump down
    to the sewer floors. Watch out for Kobold's! Go forward some and another
    large ogre will chase you down. Run back, and jump back up to the box pile
    you used to get in here.
    Use the same strategy as the other ogre, up and down on the boxes trying
    to get a hit in when you can. Now get back down to the ground. Go forward,
    where you we're going again, when the ogre attacked. You will come to a dead
    end with a red tent, ((A tent in the sewers? Hmm.)) And a treasure chest.
    Open the chest, then go to the rack looking thing beside the tent. Press
    the action button to 'search' it. Some extra arrows will fall on the ground.
    Now head back to the lower end of the area, then walk right through the
    right end hallway. You will come to an area with pools of dirty water in the
    floor. Walk around it and fight some Kobold's, then go to the other end
    of the room, where you will find another hallway into another area.
    Go down the hallway and then open the door at the end. Beware. An army of
    Kobold's are going to be here. Throwing spears, poking your eyes, chewing
    your feet.. It gets annoying. Beat them quick, then run through the waters
    into the small 'island' in the middle. Theres a save point, and about four
    spear thrower's here. Kill them quick, there the biggest danger. Make sure
    to kill all the other's, too.
    Since a lot of the Kabold's you kill will be underwater, be sure to scout
    the waters checking for gold and items you can't see. Once the room is 
    completely empty, use the save point in the middle of the room.
    Oh, by the by, I just ran out of room again, forcing Me to use another recall
    and sell My loot.  I just by mistake sold My only wooden shield.. How 
    moronic of Me. Don't make the same mistake. Don't get trigger happy at the
    "sell screen." That's My advise of the day. Ok, now back to where we left
    Head to the north end of this big room with the save point in it. You will
    see an opening to a hallway, with a bunch of boxes blocking it. These boxes
    are the movable kind, so just push through them if you want. You will be in
    a maze like area with dead Kobold's all over the place. . . Strange. 
    Walk through picking up the items of the dead Kobold's, then make your way
    to the north end of the maze area. You will come to a room with a HUGE
    RAT! I guess the rat is having some revenge on the Kobold's that usually
    use them as food. You may want to kill the thing from a distance, with arrows
    because it is extremely strong. When it's dead, pick up the ton of gold in
    the room, and leave.
    Make sure you have explored the maze to get all the gold. Now that your back
    in the big room with the save point, go to the left end of the room, where
    there will be an odd door, with a switch beside it. Hit the lever, then walk
    in a little ways
    Suddenly another ogre will charge out. As you probably noticed, a little to
    the left of the "Odd door" is a pile of boxes. Let the ogre chase you out
    into the big room, then jump on them boxes. The boxes are short to the 
    ground, so you should be able to do a bunch of over head attacks to kill
    the beast fast. 
    Now go into the room he was in, and head down the hallway to the door on the
    other side. Open it up and get prepared!  Walk a few steps into the room,
    and a cinema scene will start.
    SCENE: An army of loyal Kobold's stand before the great OGRE KING! Or 
    whatever he is. He has a key around his neck, so he is obviously the one
    supposed to guard Ethon. He commands his minions, in bad English, to eat
    you, beat you, or something. . 
    After the scene, run out the door, and wait at the side. Your going to have
    to let them come to you, and then kill them. There will be a ton going 
    through the door, too. If it gets lonely, just run back into the room, and
    lure some more down.  Try not to go too far up to lure them, or the boss
    may come after you. You don't want to fight both at the same time. 
    When your done fighting Kobold's and it's just you and the big guy, charge
    up to him. Suddenly a life meter will appear on the bottom. This is your
    first true boss! Get ready!
    ##################BUGBEAR CHEIFTAIN#########################################
    Ok, here it goes. Switch to your bow and arrow. Run out, close to him, lure
    him to the door you killed the Kobold's at. Whenever he comes to this door,
    and trys to get in, he gets stuck for a second. Go up close and shoot him
    when he's stuck. When he runs in, run around him, run into the door to the
    room where he was, and then lure him back to the door. Repeat. Slow, but
    safe none the less. The closer you are when you shoot him, the more damage
    it will take. If your bold, you can also turn around quickly and shoot him
    while he is chasing you, and then turn back and continue running. When you
    do this, he usually gets a hit in, however. When your running from him, keep
    jumping to get added speed. ((He's pretty fast.)) This seems to work good.
    This is the best strategy I have seen for this boss.
    When you kill him, you will get the prison key. You should also get a handy
    *****LEVEL ALERT!***********
    I got a level up now from the experience this boss gave Me. You should get 
    one around this time. You will have 2 points. I suggest powering up your 
    "Dodge" which is for armor class, and "Intestinal Fortitude" which is how
    fast your health regeneration works.  And that's that for this level.
    Ok, now that you have killed the boss, and got the key, explore the big room
    that the boss was in. At the far end, you will find some treasure chests.
    Be sure to check the 'racks' as usual, which will drop extra arrows, in
    most cases. Now go to the right end of the room. You will see a hallway. Go
    down it.
    You will now be in the jail area. You see Ethon in one of the prisons, with
    a light above his head. Open the door, and then talk to him.
    You will learn that he was once a thief, ((Retired,)) and that he was from
    the old guild. He will tell you that he felt bad about letting you come down
    here without help, so he followed you, but was then trapped by Kobold's. 
    He also tells you that he heard the thieves of the new guild, and how there
    planning some 'mission.' He said you should go deeper in to the sewers and
    find the thief, as it is your only way to find out what there up to. He then
    gives you a key that leads deeper into the sewers. He stole it from the
    boss that you killed. He will then leave.
    Check out the other prisons. There will be two treasure chests in one. The
    hall finally leads to a dead end, but you will find some more chests. 
    Head back into the main room, but instead of going into the locked door
    with the key already, take care of some other business first. Go to the
    spiral staircase you see in this room, and hit the action button to go
    up. You will appear in a rainy town.
    The sad music will depress you.  Now follow the GREY cobblestone upward. As
    long as you stick to the GREY COBBLESTONE PATH that you started on, you 
    shouldn't get lost. You should soon, after following it for a little while,
    see a house with a sign with a beer logo on it. Go up to that house's door
    and press the action button. It's the tavern. 
    Inside, talk to Alyth. She will be glad that you saved Ethon, and she will 
    give you some rewards. Next, talk to Ethon. He will also give you some 
    rewards for saving him, including a helpful coin of dexterity!  There are
    some new people in the tavern, so you can talk to them if you wish. 
    Now leave the tavern, ((Go to the door in the back of the main room and press
    the action button,)) and you will be back in the town. Now follow the grey
    cobblestone path downwards, 'till you finally reach the manhole cover that
    you came from. Stand over it and press the 'action' buttion to go back where
    you left off in the sewers.
    Now that your back, go to the door at the north end of the room. You will be
    able to open it with the key that Ethon gave you. Inside is a small room with
    with a staircase that leads down farther into the sewers.. 
    ======================= THE SEWERS LEVEL 2 =================================
    I will continue playing this game tomorrow, and I will continue writing as
    well. Hopefully the next update will be ready tomorrow night. The reason I
    have to start over, (this early in the game,) is that My game erased. 
    For the fact that I will do the FAQ's sections in order, I have no contact
    section yet. Instead, you can use the address at the top of the FAQ.. 
    Just don't send spam, chain letters, or useless things.

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