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    Extreme Mode Walkthrough by MCBanjoMike

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                              BALDUR'S GATE: DARK ALLIANCE
                        Extreme Mode Strategy Guide/Walkthrough
                              Version 1.0, August 28th 2003
                     Written by and copyright 2003 "Ti" Mike Ayles
                            Email: michael_ayles@yahoo.com
    1. File Info
    Version 1.0 - Second release of the guide, the walkthrough is now complete
    for the archer.  Uploaded to GameFAQs on August 28th, 2003.
    Version 0.6 - The first publicly released version of the guide.
    Created July 2, 2003 and uploaded to GameFAQs on July 6th, 2003.
    2. Introduction
    Welcome to my BG:DA strategy guide/walkthrough for the Extreme difficulty
    setting.  This is my first FAQ, so I'd appreciate it if you don't judge too
    harshly.  The purpose of this guide is to give you ideas for surviving the
    rather challenging Extreme mode of Dark Alliance, which is unlocked once you
    finish the Gauntlet mode (which itself is unlocked by finishing the game once
    with any character).  This guide is, therefore, meant for people who have
    already finished the game once and thus do not need the basics of the game
    spelled out for them.  Rather than write detailed walkthroughs for the
    different areas of the game, I will be giving out pointers for each section
    and working on the assumption that you've seen it all before.  You'll find
    that playing Extreme mode requires some significantly different tactics, and
    approaching a certain room with a strategy that worked fine on normal (or even
    hard) can leave you lying in a pool of sewer water in no time flat.  It's a
    humbling experience.
    Since you are required to import a character from a previous game when you
    begin, and since it would be foolhardy to import any character that had not
    already bested the game at least once, I'll be working on the assumption that
    your character has knocked off Edlrith at least once.  That should put you on
    or about level 17, which is why I use that number so frequently in this guide.
    One final note: for now I'll be writing this guide from the perspective of the
    archer, since that's the character that I'm going through Extreme mode with
    currently.  Obviously, much of what I say will apply to any character class,
    but some of it won't.
    3. Welcome to Extreme Mode
       (It's going to be a bumpy night)
    The first thing that you will most likely notice as you begin your Extreme
    adventure is that you will be asked to import a character right off the bat.
    You will soon see why, as this play mode is hard enough to survive with a 17th
    level character - the average cellar rat could turn a first level character
    into hamburger in no time.  The second thing you'll notice is that, unlike
    when you import a character into hard mode, here you start without any items.
    And there's the rub.
    They say that the clothes make the man, and this is equally true for dwarves
    and elves as well.  Without any weapons or armor, even a 17th level archer
    isn't much to speak of.  Bow skills?  Not too useful without a bow.  200 HP?
    Doesn't last that long without any armor.
    NOTE: I have to assume that the sorceress would have the easiest time
          at the outset of Extreme mode since she would keep her spells,
          which are generally her most powerful attacks.  I'll give it a
          try later on and get back to you.
    Something else that you'll probably pick up on quickly is that the store is
    stocking some much more appealing items than it used to.  This is good, but
    also bad.  While it's nice to know that you can look forward to kicking some
    serious tail with those fancy weapons, you won't be able to afford them for a
    while - in fact, there's nothing cheap to buy at all.  So there's no low-level
    armor, no cheap swords, and above all, NO BOWS!  I'll explain why that's such
    a problem in the next section.
    So what do you do?  The answer is that you fight, tooth and nail, until the
    enemies start dropping weapons and armor.  Once they do, you'll see your
    armament issues fading very quickly, as even the lowly kobolds drop an
    assortment of magical weapons that will make your like much easier.  In fact,
    before you've left the first floor of the cellar, you'll start finding weapons
    as good as (or better) than those for sale for such expensive prices.  So this
    brings me to the following handy tip:
    HANDY TIP #1: Save your money for potions
    Since you probably have between 150-250 HP, you're going to need potions of
    Extra Healing if you want to stay alive, and those will eat into your earnings
    quite quickly, at least during the first few levels.
    The reason that you'll need all these potions is because the monsters in
    Extreme mode are ludicrously powerful.  The rats are hardy, the kobolds are
    actually dangerous and the bugbears (I think that's what they are) will have
    you fighting for your life.  They all have tons of HP and do loads of damage.
    Furthermore, their armor classes are significantly better, and you'll find
    yourself missing them quite frequently with melee attacks.  As they can put
    the hurt on so effectively, allow me to suggest a second handy tip.
    HANDY TIP #2: Learn to block
    When going one-on-one with a stronger enemy, try to block their attacks and
    strike them just afterwards.  This wasn't really necessary in Normal mode, but
    it can help you a lot here.
    One thing you shouldn't look forward to is making a lot of levels, at least at
    the outset.  Monsters don't give much experience in the beginning, and quest
    rewards haven't changed at all.  Suddenly, that 200 experience for finishing
    the rat quest doesn't seem like such a great deal...
    One final suggestion is that you turn on the damage text in the options menu.
    This causes little numbers to pop up indicating how much damage you've done
    each time you hit an enemy, and it's the best way of determining how effective
    your attacks are.  I never would have realized how ineffectual regular arrows
    were against skeletons if I hadn't seen it written down plain as day.
    HANDY TIP #3: Turn on damage text
    So, in summary, there are three things that you need to know about Extreme
    1. The monsters, even the smallest and least impressive of them, are deadly.
    2. The items that they drop are much better than those that you would get
       in normal or hard mode.
    3. The experience that you receive is, unfortunately, not really any better
       than in normal mode, so don't expect to get much stronger than you were
       when you finished the game the first time (at least for a while).
    4. Suggested Skills (Archer)
    Extreme mode starts out, uh...extremely...challenging.  You might not think
    that fighting rats, even super powerful rats, could be that difficult, but you
    probably weren't expecting to do it with a rusty dagger that does 1-3 damage,
    now were you?  To get through those first few floors of cellar, here are some
    skills that will make your life easier.
    1. Improved Critical is a must.  Critical hits will be your only real damage
    dealers in the beginning (since you can't use bow skills without a bow, and
    you won't find a bow for a while), and if you have a few levels of Death Blow
    as well, your critical hits can easily deal 3 times the damage of your regular
    ones. Later on, these critical hits will activate the useful features of your
    weapons, like ice bursts and disruption.
    2. Repulsion will save your hide, no doubt about it.  This skill isn't
    particularly powerful, but for the archer, it'll be all you've got for a while.
    Until you find a bow somewhere, you can't even use any of your other active
    feats, so no more blasting your way through a level with Hail of Arrows (which
    is basically how I got through the entire game on normal mode).  Repulsion
    will, of course, give you some breathing room when you're being mobbed by
    enemies.  It also deals out a small, but nevertheless appreciable amount of
    damage.  What's more, it also stuns some enemies briefly, which is especially
    useful against the spear-throwing kobolds at the beginning of the game.
    3. Once you do find a bow, consider investing in Shock Arrows.  Hail of Arrows
    does damage according to bow type, so it won't do you much good with the weak
    bows that you find early on in the game.  Shock Arrows are the best of the
    elemental arrows and can do almost 50 damage on the very lowest level,
    regardless of bow type.  They also work wonders on the pesky skeletons in the
    crypt, which take very little damage from piercing attacks (like normal
    4. Intestinal Fortitude will help you become more self-sufficient, although
    it's a bit less of a priority.  Still, it's a nice thing to have if you can't
    afford to buy any potions and you're low on health.
    5. Of course, you can never go wrong with Combat Reflexes.  More attacks=more
    dead enemies.  Who says math is hard?
    Don't be afraid to pick skills that go with your playing style, too.  Also,
    consider getting a point or two of endurance, since you'll be wearing heavy
    armor much earlier than you did last time around.
    5. Act I Walkthrough
       The Cellar and The Sewers
    Thought you were tough, did you?  Well I've got an army of giant rats here
    that thinks otherwise.  Admittedly, the rats aren't really terrifying, but
    they'll give you a good idea of what you'll be up against.  You'll find that
    it takes at least 4-5 hits to take out most of these rats, unless you get a
    critical.  Don't be shy about repulsing them whenever you get surrounded by
    more than one.  Go slowly and give yourself time to heal until you've
    accumulated enough money to buy some potions.  I'd consider investing in a bit
    of armor, too, since your starting clothes are more or less useless.  Loot
    like crazy, smash every barrel and urn you find in hopes of finding potions
    and money.  You'll notice that you actually get a decent amount of gold here,
    a sign of good things to come.
    Your first challenge will be that small group of spiders, which will pose a
    more significant threat than the rats do.  Keep them away with repulsion,
    don't let them mob you.  Be sure to return to the bar once you've killed all
    the rats and you've found the bottle of wine for your pathetic reward.
    Proceed into the sewers, where you'll start seeing kobolds.  The spear-throwers
    are a pain, so this is a good place to start practicing your blocking.  The
    good news is that kobolds occasionally drop useful items (unlike rats), and
    you'll soon start seeing treasure chests.
    Ah, treasure chests!  What joy lies within?  Even in the first level of the
    sewers, chests can give you some seriously helpful items.  Before long you'll
    be collecting decent weapons (no more vanilla short swords and axes), magical
    armor and the occasional ring or amulet.  It's very much a luck-of-the-draw
    type thing here, so if you find a really good item, be sure to SAVE YOUR GAME
    afterwards.  No guarantees that you'll see that enchanted half-plate armor
    again if you get killed and are forced to replay an area.
    The bugbears are a lot more dangerous this time around, you'll find.  Try to
    fight them alone, either by killing the accompanying kobolds, running away
    from them (they are much faster than the kobolds, who will get left behind) or
    repulsing frequently (which knocks the kobolds far away but doesn't do a whole
    lot to the bugbears).
    Remember the room with three levers and about 20 spear throwing kobolds?  It's
    gonna be pretty tough this time around.  I suggest that you move one of the
    large boxes into position to block some projectile attacks and try to take out
    a small group at a time.  I had a lot of luck with repulsion here, since all of
    the thrown kobolds won't be able to attack you while they're moving.  That can
    give you the breathing room you need to get in and wail away with your melee
    If you're feeling brave, head over to where the giant rat is (look for the
    bodies of a bunch of kobolds that you didn't kill yourself).  While there's
    no huge experience reward for doing in the rat, there are a few decent
    treasures and a lot of cash scattered throughout its den.
    Here's the first boss of the game, big, strong and ugly.  Don't even think
    about fighting him until you've taken care of most of his lackeys, they can be
    lured out a couple at a time and taken care of in the hallway.  Don't forget
    that you CAN use recall potions during this fight, so if the going gets tough,
    hightail it out of there.  Once it's down to you and him, just pound away and
    try to block some of his attacks.  By now you should have the money to buy a
    decent supply of potions, so drink up!  There's some good looting to be done
    once he's dead, so you'll be rewarded for your efforts.  I think this is where
    I found my first bow...
    Proceed to the second level of the sewers, where you'll start seeing various
    slimes and gelatinous cubes.  The cubes can drop some very nice items at this
    point, like the fine great sword +2 that became my primary weapon until Act II.
    They are immune to lightning damage, so forget about shock arrows, just get in
    close and let them have it.  Watch out for groups of 2-3 bugbears, I recommend
    that you lead them through a doorway and make good use of any bows you've
    found so far.
    The rest is just more of the same, so let us move ahead to the crypt.
    6. Act I Walkthrough
       The Crypt and the Thieves' Guild
    Finally, something new to bash.  The crypt is basically full of skeletons and
    zombies, but not a whole lot of surprises.  Here are some useful tips to keep
    in mind:
    1. Blunt weapons do more damage to skeletons, swords/axes/bows and such all
    operate at reduced effectiveness.
    2. If you have a half-decent weapon with disruption, use it.  Those one-hit
    kills can save you a lot of hacking.
    If you don't have a decent disrupting or bludgeoning weapon, do what I did:
    use your regular weapon to take out the zombies and use magic arrows to deal
    with the skeletons.  The zombies are slow enough that you can run circles
    around them, so you should never let yourself get surrounded.  My weapon of
    choice was a greatsword, with enough range that I could hit them and they
    couldn't hit me.  Nice.
    The skeletons are much faster, though, and they can surround you if you aren't
    careful.  Repulsion will help if they do, but try to prevent it in the first
    place by taking them out at range.  Unlike normal arrows, which do reduced
    damage against skeletons, shock arrows work quite nicely.  You could also use
    flaming arrows or, even better, ice arrows that can potentially slow them down
    through freezing.
    This whole section is quite straight forward, just proceed slowly and save
    often.  All is fine until you reach...
    The Orb of the Undead
    Two words of advice: stock up.  You'll need arrows galore and gallons of extra
    rejuvenation potions.  I personally took in some 600 arrows and maybe 25 extra
    rejuvenation potions - the arrows were barely enough to get the job done and
    the potions ran out some time before I finished.
    First things first, start out by beating on the orb itself with your strongest
    weapon.  If you really maxed out on the arrows you could potentially use some
    here (a close range hail of arrows does good damage if all 6 connect), but
    you're going to need them more once the orb conjures up some undead for you
    to fight.
    Once you get mobbed, the real fun begins.  Hit the orb until the last possible
    second, then repulse away the gang of skeletons that will have surrounded you.
    Start running and get them chasing you so that they are all on one side.  Fire
    off a couple of shock arrows (or maybe exploding arrows, if you have them) and
    then run some more before they can catch up to you.  I call this the "Tour de
    Cave".  It'll take a while, but you'll eventually thin out that crowd that's
    been following you, and the orb will come back down.  Lather, rinse, repeat 4
    times and you win.  Be patient, this fight can easily take 10-15 minutes to
    win, and trying to rush it will only cost you health.
    Now that the orb is gone, onto the thieves' guild.  The thieves themselves are
    fast and hearty, I found myself reverting to hail of arrows at close ranges to
    take them out.  They'll put the hurt on really quickly if a bunch of them gang
    up on you, so keep moving all the time.  The little floating eye things aren't
    too dangerous, just stay far away and open fire with your bow.
    Watch out for the trapped chests, they'll put a real damper on your day.
    Make your way across the various pits and around the traps (this should be old
    hat to you, it's no harder than it was on normal mode) until you start running
    into spiders.  The larger spiders are particularly traumatizing as they are
    fast, powerful, have tons of HP and can poison you.  The first one that you
    fight shows up after you cross a large pit via falling platforms.  The good
    news is that if you don't stray too far from where you arrive, you'll be
    protected from the largest spider by a narrow passageway that it can't fit
    through.  Plug it with arrows (preferably shock arrows) till it goes down.
    Unfortunately, there's another one in the spiral corridor that will have very
    little trouble getting up close and personal with you.  Attack, retreat,
    attack, retreat down the hallway until it's dead - depending on the bow you
    have you may want to use hail of arrows or shock arrows.   I haven't tried
    using ice arrows yet, but it would probably help a lot to freeze the great
    Not to be confused with Karen, Karne is the guy in the helmet who's been
    talking to everyone in all those cutscenes.  If I can give you one word of
    advice: stay the hell away from him!  Karne's two-hander does monster damage,
    you're much better off staying back and using long ranged attacks, occasionally
    blocking his daggers.  Incidentally, I brought 25 extra healing and 25 extra
    rejuvenation potions with me when I fought him, and I probably wouldn't have
    survived with 1 less of either.  Also, watch out for vengeance from beyond the
    grave - Karne will chuck one last dagger at you after dropping all of his
    stuff.  That'd be a pretty embarrassing way to die after beating him.
    Astute reader opi brought to my attention the fact that Karne will not enter
    the trapped part of the corridor outside his room.  If you ever get low on
    HP or energy, retreat to a spot by the fireball columns.  Karne will return to
    his room and you can rest up as much as you want to before rejoining the fray.
    Once Karne is out of the picture, you can move on to the final level of the
    guild.  The trap rooms aren't really any more difficult than they were before,
    with the exception of the three bugbears at the end - but you should be able
    to handle them by now.  This brings us to...
    Some people think it's dumb that your 7th level character can kill a beholder
    single-handedly on normal difficulty mode.  I think it's dumb that the
    beholder in question sounds like he was named after some kind of perscription
    heartburn medication.  But I digress.
    This won't be too hard, there are two approaches I can suggest.  The safe, long
    way is to stay back and fire away with your bow.  Xantam's long range attacks
    don't do much more damage than they did on normal mode, now that you have a
    couple hundred HP they won't do much to faze you.  It's much faster, however,
    to run in a thwomp him the good old-fashioned way, but this brings you within
    range of his biting attack.  Ironically, Xantam's bite used to be much less
    threatening than his magic attacks, but on extreme difficulty its power level
    has been bumped up significantly.  One good chomp can take out 3/4 of your
    health!  Still, if you block his biting attacks, the close-range method will
    get you through this fight pretty quickly.
    That's it for Act I.  Now you're on your way to Act II, where things will get
    more interesting (I'll admit that it's my favorite part of the game).  There
    are some great items to buy, and you'll actually start gaining some levels.
    If you can survive the Wind's Walk, that is...
    7. Act II Walkthrough
       Wind's Walk and Burning Eye
    You might not have thought much of the Wind's Walk the first time you played
    through it, but I bet you that it will be the biggest challenge that you've
    faced so far once you get to it on extreme mode.  Getting through it is a
    gruelling test of endurance; since you can't recall to town, you have to
    survive on whatever supplies you started with, plus what few you'll find along
    the way.  To this end, I strongly suggest that you equip some rings or amulets
    to boost your strength, because you'll need the carrying capacity.  Buy as many
    arrows and potions as you can hold (both types, you can save health by using
    your powerful bow skills to kill enemies faster).  Keep a save game where you
    have access to the Elfsong in case you find that you just can't finish the area
    with the supplies you have.
    Your primary foes in this area will be gnolls, trolls and some sort of
    mud-yetis that throw dirt at you.  The gnolls and yetis don't have tons of HP,
    but they are most certainly numerous.  Since the path is narrow, you probably
    won't need to do too much repulsing to keep them off your back, but you'll be
    using plenty of shock arrows to take them out before they can get close.  If
    you do end up toe to toe with a gnoll, don't forget to block its attacks.
    Unfortunately, blocking the rocks that yetis and trolls throw doesn't tend to
    work, you'll need to avoid them instead.  This will, of course, prove very
    difficult what with the narrow trails and numerous enemies impeding your
    The good news is that once you make it to the save point, you'll be more than
    halfway done.  Remember, frequent saving may require a lot of backtracking,
    but every second you spend running is a second you spend regaining your health
    and energy.  If all goes well, you'll make it out the other side and find
    yourself at the...
    Dwarven Mining Camp/Shopping Mall
    All right, remember what I said about finding weapons as good as those
    available in the shop?  Forget it, Brannoch has the best stuff going.  I hope
    that you've saved up some gold, because there are two must-buy items here, as
    well as a number of others that are very worthy of your gold.  But first things
    first: buy the Serrated Mithral Bastard Sword!  It does 69 damage with every
    single hit, plus any strength bonuses you may have, plus Death Blow modifiers
    if you get a critical hit.  None of the weapons you find for the next while
    will be even close to as effective, so treat yourself right.
    The other item that you should consider is the ring that gives you a whopping
    +14 bonus to your strength.  While the law of diminishing returns applies to
    the damage bonus you get with higher strength (going from 21 to 35 strength
    only added 3 points of damage to my basic attack), your carrying capacity
    increases linearly.  A strength bonus of +14 means an additional 140 pounds of
    carrying capacity, which means 140 more extra healing potions or 70 more extra
    rejuvenation potions in your pack.  And yes, you'll need them eventually.
    Once you've gotten equipped properly, you should find that Act II is actually
    a good deal easier to get through than Act I was.  If you sell off most of the
    treasure that you find, you'll always have plenty of cash for potions, so don't
    be afraid to drink them like they're going out of style.
    Burning Eye
    Out come the wolves, which aren't particularly dangerous or rewarding to fight.
    They'll go down in about 4 hits if you have the bastard sword that I told you
    to buy earlier, and they're also pretty susceptible to shock arrows if you
    prefer to keep them at arm's length.  You'll also run into some more gnolls - I
    should point out that the armored ones have significantly more hit points, and
    they will become more and more common as you progress.  The snow yetis are a
    pain, too, since the freezing action of the snowballs they hurl will reduce
    your movement and attack rates.  Still, if you armed yourself properly, you
    should be able to cut through them without much trouble.  The trolls will be
    chucking ice chunks at you too, now, making them even less fun to deal with.
    Run all around collecting the various bits you need to start the signal fire.
    Once you have them, start heading for the peak.  The lightning orbs that used
    to be somewhat dangerous aren't too much to worry about now that you have
    tons of HP, just whack them with your sword.  You can also pepper them with
    arrows, but don't waste your time using shock arrows, which don't hurt them.
    Light the signal fire and return to the mining camp for your reward.
    8. Act II Walkthrough
       The Mines and the Ice Cave
    There is something seriously wrong with a game where killing drow is easier
    than killing zombies.  You'll find this to be the case, though, as you venture
    into the dwarven mines.  The drow come in three flavors: swordsman, archer and
    sorceress.  None of them have any HP to speak of, although they all can do
    decent damage to you.  The swordsmen and a piece of cake unless you get mobbed
    by them, but you should be good at avoiding that kind of situation by now.
    The magic-users aren't too bad, but they seem to come in numbers.  I recommend
    fighting fire with fire and using your shock arrows to nail them from afar.
    The crossbowmen should be terminated with extreme prejudice - their arrows are
    poisoned and can cause you a lot of grief.
    Other than the three basic kinds of drow, you'll fight some spiders (but none
    of the really huge ones) and some mounted riders, which are basically like
    swordsmen with more hit points.  Since you never see more than one rider at a
    time, they won't cause you too much distress.  The umber hulks will, though,
    'cause holy crap are they are tough.  Since they are somewhat slow, don't
    hesitate to back up and give yourself some breathing room when fighting them.
    Keep your health high, one good swipe from these guys can take off half of it
    easily.  Thankfully there are only a few to deal with.
    Grab the gears on the first level to proceed to the second and eventually the
    third.  It's time to take out the ringleader of this dark-elf army.
    Drow Priestess
    Allow me to begin with a little anecdote: My friend and I suppressed a number
    of chuckles when we saw how much effort the development team put into
    animating the various female NPCs breasts in the first part of this game.
    We outright exploded with laughter when the scantily clad drow leader began to
    pole-dance for us with her staff.  Is it possible to animate this sort of
    thing without realizing what you're doing?  I doubt it.
    This will be an easy fight.  Since shock arrows don't do any damage to this
    particular dark-elf, I recommend that you just hack away with your sword at
    close range.  Her most dangerous attack is when she kicks you/knees you in the
    groin (actually, I bet that would hurt), but if you keep her at the outside
    edge of your sword range she won't even use it.  I only needed 8 potions to
    beat her, compared to the 30 or so it took to finish Karne off.
    Take her key, free that dwarf, return to town and claim your reward.  It's off
    to the ice cave!
    The Dark Forest
    Look, your map's already all filled in - how thoughtful.  There's nothing new
    in the forest, although you will run into some kobolds, who will obligingly
    die for you in a swipe or two of your sword (still using the Serrated Mithral
    Bastard Sword, right?).  I recommend killing all the monsters here, it's not
    too hard to do and there's enough experience in it to make it worth your
    while.  Keep heading north and you'll arrive at the cave.
    The Ice Cave
    Hordes of yetis await you in the ice caves, as well as a few new monsters.  Oh,
    and some more spiders.  Anyway, the yetis are quite numerous, stay back and
    plug them with shock arrows until the path is clear.  You'll soon find
    yourself up against some displacer beasts, which thankfully don't have very
    many hit points.  You can use the electric trails left by shock arrows to spot
    them when they are invisible, but it's hardly even worth the effort, since they
    aren't exceptionally dangerous.  There are also a number of frost wolves that
    don't pose too much of a problem other than the occasional freezing status.
    Don't ask my why there are ice spiders here.  So far we've fought sewer
    spiders, guild-approved spiders, enormous spiders and cave spiders.  Later on
    it will be soot-covered tower spiders, but right now it's ice spiders.  There
    is one particularly large one, but this should be pretty easy to deal with by
    now.  There are also a bunch of frost giants, which you should definitely keep
    at arm's length.  Not YOUR arm, theirs.  The ice projectiles are all preceded
    by a grunting sound and aren't that frequent, so you can avoid the most of
    them without much hassle (unless you're being attacked by some other kind of
    monster in the meanwhile).  Anywho, those axes pack a real whallop, you don't
    want to mess with them if you don't have to.  Since the giants don't ever move
    (perhaps they weren't animated for running?) you can just fire away and move
    when the snowballs are about to hit you.
    Continue like this until you reach the entrance to Ciraxis' cave.  Now don't
    go in just yet, you'll need to resupply first in the mining camp.  Once the
    dragon is dead, you'll have to make it through the first section of Act III
    without a safe spot to recall to.
    Thankfully, Ciraxis is pretty easy to put down.  Again, I don't know why the
    dragon is easier to kill than a plain old fighter like Karne was, it just is.
    I don't suggest approaching Ciraxis, not that that's even possible when he's
    flapping his wings and pushing you back.  Not surprisingly, shock arrows are
    the order of the day, and winning is mostly a question of patience.  Use
    potions, stay back and try to avoid the falling ice.  You've had worse.
    Right, with Ciraxis dead you can loot the numerous chests in his room and
    proceed on to Act III.  What you CAN'T do is return to the mining camp, so I
    hope you heeded my advice and brought some extra potions and arrows before
    fighting him.  A mysterious force, indeed.
    9. Act III Walkthrough
       Adderspine Road and Chelimber's Keep
    Well, here we are, already the final act of the game.  Things start out pretty
    easily with the sunken chapel, a short section filled with your usual undead
    monsters (skelingtons and zombees, as it were).  Hack and slash until you make
    it outside, where the real adventure will begin.
    Adderspine Road West
    The zombies from before are still prevalent on the surface - do stay away from
    downed zombie corpses, they release toxic gases that can drain large amounts of
    much needed HP.  You'll also meet a new kind of enemy here: lizard men.  As
    far as I can tell, lizard men are practically palette-swapped gnolls with the
    exception of one particular sort.  You've got your warrior lizard men and your
    magic-using lizard men, both of which aren't too different from gnolls or
    kobold spellcasters except that they have more hit points.  There are also the
    bombardier lizard men and these should be terminated as quickly as possible,
    because they can do piles of damage in very short order with their explosives.
    I generally find that it pays to stay back and let your arrows do the talking
    in this section.  Especially with the exploding zombie corpses underfoot, you
    are better off keeping your distance.  The lizard man spellcasters may require
    you to do some chasing after them, though, and if you don't nail them they'll
    pepper you with poison clouds until the novelty has completely worn off.  If
    you remembered to stock up before fighting Ciraxis, you won't have too much
    trouble getting to Sleyvas - and with him, your safe resting point.
    Adderspine Road East
    This is less of a road and more of a giant square, if you ask me.  I recommend
    that you canvass the area and dispose of all lizard-beings encountered.  There
    is a decent amount of experience available, some treasure too, and the threat
    isn't too great.  This is pretty straightforward, so let's move on.
    Chelimber's Crown and Keep Exterior
    Lots and lots more lizard men await your bashing inside the fortress.  They
    can be pretty dangerous when they mob you, so keep using your ranged attacks
    and proceed slowly.  There are lots of goodies to be found here, so be
    thorough and clean it all out.
    The keep exterior is more or less the same deal as the crown, so it doesn't
    get its own heading.  Kill everything that moves, take everything that
    Chelimber's Keep Interior
    Yes, there are more lizard men here.  At least you're almost done with them.
    There are also a few umber hulks thrown in, just to mix things up, but not
    enough to really worry you.  Feel free to proceed as usual, but you might want
    to consider not detonating any explosive barrels, since they can be useful
    later on.  Thump away on the baddies until you get to the important-looking
    room just after a save point.  Inside, as we all know, lurks the king of the
    lizard men.  And he won't be happy to see you.
    Whoa, that's a lot of s's.  Sess'sth is big, ugly and EXTREMELY strong, not to
    mention resilient.  That club of his can take off three quarters of your health
    with one swing and blocking can't save you.  In fact, were it not for something
    of a bug in the enemy AI, it would be nearly impossible to defeat him at all.
    Thankfully, Sess'sth has a weakness that he shares with many other monsters in
    the game - he'll only attack you when you are directly in front of him.  This,
    combined with the fact that he moves slower than you do, means that you can
    literally run circles around him.  As long as you stay behind him, he can't
    hurt you at all, so just run tight little circles around him and attack each
    time you end up behind him.  If he does manage to hit you, heal up completely,
    because a second swipe might be more than you can stand at half-health.
    If you're having trouble with the big-guy and want to even up the odds, try
    the following tactic from Andrew Liu.  If you've been careful not to detonate
    any of the explosive barrels, there should be a number of them scattered
    throughout the level.  Push them all to the entrance of Sess'sth's room before
    you begin the fight and retreat immediately once it has begun.  Run into the
    hallway (jumping a lot will help you move a bit faster) and detonate the
    barrels with an elemental arrow once the lizard is next to them.  This should
    take a nice chunk out of his HP for you right off the bat.
    10. Act III Walkthrough
        Bog, Temple and Tower
    All right, you've made it this far and now nothing's going to stop you from
    finding Eldrith and whomping her pasty undead hide.  Which is not to say that
    nothing will TRY to stop you, they will, but you can handle it.  So let's get
    to work.
    The Rotting Bog
    Rare bog, this rotting bog.  It starts out as a rehash of Adderspine road, but
    without the lizard men.  Zombies, zombies everywhere, so cut them down and stay
    away from the corpses as they are prone to emitting clouds of poison.
    Eventually you'll run out of zombies and into trouble, namely the infamous
    bullette (pronunciation guide: bull [as in, male cow] - AY [as in, the Fonz]).
    I never imagined bullettes to be quite so comical, but I did expect them to be
    dangerous, which they are.  In fact, they're damn dangerous, with a ridiculous
    rate of attack, lotsa HP and a pretty decent movement speed.  If you're going
    to take them on, it will be suicide to use anything other than the block-attack
    method outlined earlier.
    Personally, I don't think it's worth the effort... and no one said you actually
    have to kill them.  I suggest that you just keep running until you get to the
    entrance of the sinking temple, then walk right on in.
    The Sinking Temple
    Whole lot of minotaurs going on in here.  They have strong attacks but not a
    huge number of hit points, so I recommend attacking them from a distance.  The
    ever-popular lightning arrows will certainly get the job done admirably.  You
    can recall when you run out of potions, so just don't rush too much and you'll
    be done before you know it.  Up ahead is Sleyvas, and this time he warrants his
    own section.
    This is your last chance to shop before the final confrontation, so don't let's
    be stingy.  First order of business: if you don't have two rings of +15
    strength, then buy them right now.  With them equipped, you'll be able to carry
    some 500 pounds of loot or, more importantly, potions.  Also, if there are any
    small upgrades you can make to your armor, you might as well.  You can also get
    a nice weapon if you like, but you'll be finding much better stuff inside the
    Onyx tower shortly, so I don't know if it's worth it.  One thing you don't need
    a ton of are arrows, as they are in great supply inside the tower.  I don't
    think you could possibly run out, short of firing them at walls for hours on
    So, buy potions.  Many, many potions.  I left with about 125 of each kind (no,
    I didn't buy any recall potions) and was glad to have them.  Personally, I
    found that I was largely able to maintain my potion stocks throughout the
    tower (well, I gained a few healing potions and lost a few rejuvination
    potions), but it's nice to have a safety net.  Also, you'll want to have a
    decent number left over when you get to Eldrith.
    Right, we're all stocked up now, so let's go visit the elemental plane of
    The Onyx Tower
    I think that the biggest disappointment for me in the game is that you never
    really get to see the plane of water.  Oh well, you're in the tower now and
    things are going to be tough.  But take heart, for while the tower may be
    difficult, it's far from impossible to complete.  You may die a whole bunch
    of times, but as long as you're somewhat careful you'll make it through
    The treasure chests here are your best friends in the world, as they can
    contain the best items in the game, or at least a couple of potions.  Be on the
    lookout for an amulet of constitution +15, which I think is indispensable
    if you want to get out of here alive.  It will grant you some 300 extra HP and
    also will increase the rate at which you regenerate.  One thing to note is that
    the chests will give you different items every time you open them; if you don't
    get what you need, you can always reload and try again. Anyway, you'll probably
    die a large number of times, and these are opportunities to look for new
    goodies in the chests.  If you get something that you really want, SAVE THE
    GAME!  It might not be there if you die and redo a portion of the tower.
    When progressing, keep an eye on your potion stocks.  If you find that you're
    using a lot more than you are finding, consider reloading an older save and
    proceeding more slowly.  Remember, you can always find a safe spot and rest up!
    Also, don't get greedy - carrying a ton of magical weapons or armor that you
    aren't using will prevent you from picking up much needed potions.  Don't
    forget that you'll never have a chance to sell any of your loot!  With that in
    mind, I also suggest that you don't insist on completely clearing each level
    out.  If you find the stairs, move along - killing all the monsters will just
    use up your potions and you'll need them all later.
    Let's see, what kinds of enemies can you look forward to facing inside the
    tower?  The gargoyles are fast and dangerous, particularly if they mob you.
    One at a time, you can probably take them out with your melee weapons without
    too much difficulty, but they can drain your health in no time if they surround
    you.  If you see more than one, open fire from far away and switch back to your
    sword (or what have you) at close range.
    Golems come in three sizes: big, huge and bloody massive.  The big ones spit
    poison, which is a right pain in the rear, but they aren't too dangerous.  In
    a few instances, you'll run into more than one, and then you should throw
    everything you have at them.  The slightly bigger golems have nasty twin
    swords that the swing around impressively, and you don't want to get near them
    at all.  You can, however, chop off their arms, which makes them a lot less
    dangerous.  The really, really big golems carry huge spears and can stick it to
    you from half the screen away.  Keep them on the edge of the screen, or you'll
    regret it in no time.
    There are some minotaurs and spiders, and they are the least of your worries.
    There are also some very, VERY annoying fire creatures that are quite hard to
    dispose of, but they are thankfully few in number.  Just don't attack them with
    any kind of fire and you'll get them eventually.
    The Onyx Golem is quite dangerous, but there's only one and it's relatively
    slow.  Stay behind it if you want to attack at close range, otherwise just
    fire arrows from as far away as possible.  The Onyx Sword that it drops is just
    about the best thing going for weapons, since it has that lovely 90 minimum
    Good luck fighting your way through the tower, if all goes well you'll
    eventually make it to the Hall of Remembrance and the final battle.  The hall
    is filled with potions, so make sure you take all that you can carry before
    going into the last battle.
    Eldrith is a tough cookie, but is by no means impossible to beat.  Sadly, all
    electricity based attacks are useless against her, and as the archer the only
    other thing that does comperable damage is your melee attack.  So get right in
    there and start hacking, or else use a very short range hail of arrows.  Either
    way, you'll have to be up close and personal.  Eldrith leaves herself open when
    she throws her sword like a boomerang, use this time to hit her, but be sure
    to stand out of the path of her weapon while doing so.  Don't bother attacking
    her while she's "growing", you can't harm her and you'll take damage from the
    I used about 100 extra healing potions fighting Eldrith, but I also beat her
    on the first try (more than I can say for a number of the other bosses).  I'm
    sure that it can be done with a lot less potions if you are more careful and
    you fight her a few times to learn her attack patterns.  I'd be interested to
    hear your war stories!
    Once Eldrith is down, walk out the teleportation gate and savor your victory.
    Not only have you bested the hardest level of difficulty the game has to offer,
    but you can now load up saved games with Drizzt!  Congratulation, a winner is
    11. List of Contributors
    The following people have offered good strategies that are included in this
    opi - Tactics for recovery during the battle with Karne
    Andrew Lui - The exploding barrel approach to Sess'sth
    Ok, there aren't too many contributions just yet.  Send some in and your name
    might end up on this list too.  Think of the glory!
    10. Parting Shots
    Thanks for reading this FAQ, I'm happy to have a chance to contribute to the
    site that's helped me through some of the toughest spots I've faced in gaming.
    You should only find this FAQ on www.gamefaqs.com or my homepage,
    http://members.lycos.co.uk/igotyousucka/hob.  Anyone else has stolen it, and
    you should tell me about it so I can punish them.  I did indeed write every
    word of this FAQ, so please ask my permission before using any of it for
    purposes other than getting through the game yourself.
    If you spot any errors/gross oversights, feel free to tell me about it at
    michael_ayles@yahoo.com.  As long as you're nice about it, I'll be happy to
    get any corrections you have to send.  If you have any questions that ARE NOT
    COVERED IN THE FAQ, please send them to me.  If they have been covered, I may
    respond in a grumpy and unsympathetic manner, so consider yourself warned.
    Happy hacking, and don't forget your helmet.

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