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"Go head and add this to the list of classics. I'm supprised it didn't get better ratings."

My friend was into computer RPG's such as Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. I was still new to the gaming world so he introduced me to the two of those. They were really cool, I miss playing them. We were in Wal-Mart one day and he saw BG Dark Alliance on the shelf and told me I had to get it and he would help pay for it. One thing's for sure, I got the game and I also paid for the whole thing.
The love of the game spread like a virus from me to a few friends and some cousins. We would play for three hours straight, which is about how long it took us to beat the game.

GRAPHICS- Not the games high point (no pun intended)

The camera was above the characters the whole game and this limited how much of the fight you actually witnessed. It wasn't too bad because you could still make out what the creatures looked like and who was who. The water had a unique animation, and it looked cool even though it didn't look like water. Fire looked like fire, and if there was a pattern in the fire's art I wasn't able to detect it.

GAMEPLAY- Fight, level, use potions

You had one task in this game and that was to fight a large variety of monsters and use your experience points to develop your character with whatever abilities you wanted. There are so many enemies to choose from. Kabolds, bugbears, vampires, dragons, zombies, lizard men, spiders (shudder), giants, thieves, a Beholder, an orb, and an evil witch to boot. Use your recall potion to go to the nearest shop and sell your extras and make money, use your health potions to keep you healed and mana potions to keep you energized. Aside from the story the game is about getting rich and becoming strong.

CHEATS- I know, I know.

Cheating isn't usually fun, but it is in this game. Warp anywhere, even to bosses and level up easier. Or go to the end and get the Onyx sword, then go back to the beginning or to bosses and kill them with ease. Then level up. I highly suggest beating the game without cheating first.
Cheating can become addicting and it becomes easy to stray from the story.

BATTLE- If that's what you want to call it

Fighting is just running up to enemies or enemies running up to you and slashing away. It's cool how the magic users can send missiles at you. On normal mode fights are pretty easy, but once you up it to hard or extreme you get closer and closer to death, even with good armor. Boss fights are hard, Blizzard made skill a requirement for defeating these bosses. Skill and the ability to run away. Me and that friend cut the invincibility cheat on, and warped to the final boss on extreme mode. It took us forty-five minutes to kill her using daggers. The battles aren't really intense and whatever you're fighting one on one is sure to be easy to kill. It's when the enemies horde around you and your health bar JUMPS down that the battles feel like battles.

STORY- "But that's a tale for another time"

So RPG's usually have lame stories, but not this one. It's one crime boss working for another bigger more powerful crime boss. It's just like if The Godfather met D&D. Only the game's about the good guys, and girl. They get mugged and want revenge on the thieves. The thieves work for a Beholder. The beholder works for someone else who works for someone else. Next thing you know you're playing BG Dark Alliance 2 and you're still climbing up the ladder.


The controls were easy to use and you didn't have to worry about your right thumb stick. Just basic X for attack O for magic L2 for potions and R1 for block. You're not going to have to worry about getting stuck in between a rock and a hard spot in this game, because you have a JUMP button. Up, up, and AWAY!

Final Thoughts- "Hey want to stay up with me and play some BG?"

This game is a lot of fun. That's all a game needs to be. I don't understand why reviews are so technical sometimes, but I guess each gamer is different. If you want an RPG that offers detailed leveling, cool looking armor and weapons, and a story that isn't lame or childish, then this is the one for you. If you're more of a FF person then stick with your guns. The game has a lot of maps with a lot of monsters, and it even has a Gauntlet and a Hidden characters. It also allows you to import characters from file to file so you can focus on building just one. They just don't make them like this anymore.

"I can't do that here"-the archer

"Whoa friend! The smell of the sewers has taken a liking to you." -Bartley

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/07/09

Game Release: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (US, 12/02/01)

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