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"A tribute to RPG"

In a single word AWSOME. Diablo made 1000 times better. You have to love the Playstation console for making it possible though too. The grafics are state of the art, the colors are perfect, the feel of a paper and pen of a Dungeons and Dragons game is all there. It feels most of the time that there is Dungeon Master somewhere plotting against you. I found the fact that there are only 3 premade characters and you dont get to choose from more of make your own from the vast universe of D&D but none the less the rest sure make up for it by a long run. One thing that you should pay attention too is the way the character moves in water it is unbelivable the ripples the splashing it could not be done any more realisticly than that, and also the ice cave in the 2nd chapter an unearty. I recomend this game to be bought or rented ( small enough to be a rental about 10 to 12 hours of game ) but highly replayble especialy on the 2 player mode.

For those that have been used to play the pc version of the BG series you have to be told that is not that much of a strategy RPG but more an action RPG exatly in the feel of Diablo and Diablo 2 only like i said and above done a whole lot better.

The 2 player mode is something else. More fun and lots more thinks to do. Not to mention that you can export your character and keep playing to make him/her better. You can start on easy setting and work your way to extreme by exporting your charachter and changing the difficulty setting. Thus ending up with a fighter with a full plate +5 and a sword that has a name longer than this review. when i finished the game in extreme my character was level 29 with an armor class of 198 and i did 80-230 damage with a frost burst :) :) :) :).

All the usual element of the fantasy RPG are here in the inventory. You have your potions your rings your amulets all kind of weapon you would expect to find in a D&D game ( daggers, short swords, long swords, maces, flails, morning stars, axes, hammers, clubs, staffs, well in a nutshell EVERYTHING)

I hope that you do get to play otherwise you will be missing on an excellent game

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/07/02, Updated 01/07/02

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