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My Opinions.

I picked this one up, and didn't get but maybe three minutes in before my friend had plugged the second controller in and made himself a character alongside mine.
As we slowly progressed our sorceress and archer along, we stared in awe at the spell effects, detail, lighting, the way the water moved to your reactions - it was all very good looking. The graphics were smooth enough to take my mind off how much this game cloned Diablo, and proceed to the next area in anticipation of the next skirmish, without any complaints due to the games very few flaws. But straight facts here - this game IS Diablo, only with D&D monsters and locations. (Which personally, makes the game even better to me.) I have played this game through several times now and enjoyed each time (don't ask me why) both on two player and single player. To me, this game can take the edge off a hard day after a bit of quality time.
Here's my official take on it.


Graphics - 95%

This game boasts some of the best lighting around, and though this isn't any motion-captured Metal Gear graphics, it is truly all I can ask for. Very easy on the eyes, nice color, and detail. I hope a lot of designers take note of the job well done on Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance.

Gameplay - 85%

Diablo - nothing more. The characters are even practically the same (Mage, Rogue, Fighter - Sorceress, Archer, Fighter)
excluding the secret character included in this game. It's true Hack'n'Slash all the way to the end, without interrupting your flow at all. (Even in Diablo, gating and walking back to town was tedious.) If I were to describe this game in one word it'd be 'smooth'.

Sound - 79%

Really nothing noticeable, a few one-liners are given upon critical blows and magic spells. The hacking, swinging, and explosion sounds are what I'd expect. As for music, I barely noticed it - playing through the game - but it does add to the atmosphere of the game, even if just a little.

Story - 75%

Typical D&D storyline - as you advance the story will get more epic and big, exposing plots you were unaware of from the beginning. Not the strongest story ever, but this game barely needs one.

Overall - 84%

I loved this game, and I use this game as one of the many good examples of what PS2 is capable of. If you are a Diablo fan or D&D fan, then this game is at least worthy of a rent if not a straight-up buy. The only flaw I can think of by far is that PC - Baldur's Gate players and Icewind Dale players may be displeased with the lack of customizing your character down to race, gender, class, alignment - etc. But if looked past, a great game shines.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/10/02, Updated 01/10/02

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