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"Think Diablo, but with Baldur's Gate roots......"

First of all, just to get things straight, this is nothing like Baldur's Gate or Baldur's Gate: Throne of Bhaal on the PC. Infact, its the exact oppisite. Everything you know and love in the PC versions- is thrown out of the window.

Here we have a game, that combines great gameplay, controls, and fantastic graphics and sound- on the PS2. But not without its flaws.

Three totally different characters to choose from (although pre made) and one to unlock, unlockable features, features going through Baldur's Gate, The Sun Mountains, and Chelimber's Marsh. A bit shallow, linear, and too far of ad&d rules. What Diablo should of been.
Level up quicker (compared TO BG2), different spell and fighting system compared to the PC BG's

The graphics are great, there is no doubt that Snowblind Studios have been working away on this one. The level of detail and smoothness of the graphics is amazing ! We are talking rivaling Xbox's best. The water effects are very realistic, almost hypnotic.....and the ability to swivel the camera angel 360 degrees with the right analogue stick is amazing.

But not without its flaws. The camera angle is far too high, and takes getting used to. And it is realy a shame, because the level of detail when looking close to them is outstanding !
And sometimes, when running around, you might find that the game loses some textures for a split second, basicaly showing black squares at the edge of the screen. But seldom do you even notice it even if it does happen, which is rarely.

This game has got it all. Great voice acting, nice music (done by an orchestra of course) to match the mood. Sound affects are good, not great. The spell sound effects get tedious quickly.

Looking back on it........the story stinks ! Don't worry, I won't spoil anything for you here. But it really does suck !
At the start of the game, you get mugged by some theives, well, so you start to take down their whole organisation, which of course leads you to other bigger plots and conspiracy. But the story is basic and linear. Too few to talk to, too few side quests, in fact, I think there is only three or four in the whole game !

The controls are superb ! Everything you need is one button press away. Quick and easy to use, switch your melee weapon to bow and arrow in a split second. Every button is used, controlling your character is perfect aswell.

The gameplay is cool. Three different characters and styles of play. The dwarve, a full out fighter. The archer, which
combines fighting and a little bit of magic. The sorceress, weak fighter, great magic user. The spells are varied, but too few. And only some of them are any good, making you use them all the time and rejecting them. but of course, when leveling up, you can delve points into the stats, making them more powerful.
Great gameplay, nice and smooth.
It is a hack and slash game at heart, keep press the x button to hit, over and over, the spell button again, over and over. But it never gets boring......

Life Span:
Pretty short, when compared to other RPGs, took me fifteen hours first time through on normal difficulty. Then again three different characters to play all with different styles. Mutliply that by three. PLus the unlockable secret character (a famous drow elf might I include).

Replay Value:
This is where the game shines, I have completed this game twice with the same character (you can use the character you used in the previous game you completed, its called importing), and I still haven't gotten bored. This game is full of unlockable stuff. Like the extreme difficulty, a ultra hard unlockable mode, which I am ploughing my way through at the moment.
10/10 (Brilliant)

It is a linear, short game, but it is too good to pass on.

Rent if you must, but I recomend you buy. Think Diablo with Baldur's Gate roots

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/19/02, Updated 01/19/02

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