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"Diablo's Gate?"

When I first played Baldurs Gate, I found myself reflecting back to when I first played Diablo 2. Like Diablo, this game is going to be your standard run around in a random dungeon, and hack and slash everything in sight until they die a horrible, bloody death.

However, what makes Baldur a little cool, is the way the level system is done. Rather than just adjusting your stats, you instead have the chance to adjust your skills after every level, with an EXTRA stat increase every few levels.

The graphics are good, considering it's supposed to look 2D, so if your buying this game, expecting a 3D romp to remember, your going to be sadly disappointed I'm afraid.

The game's control scheme is really easy to get used to, and I found it to be very responsive, right down to it beeping at me whenever I tried to use a potion when I had ran out of them.

However, once you get to Act 2, it'll be hard not to see the game as getting just a little bit repetitive, as most of the games of this type have very slow moving, and sometimes almost non existant plot lines. This game has virtually no plot, after you leave the first town. This is very sad, considering what a good game it could have been.

Now as far as the music goes, I found the sounds and stuff to be very fitting of the game, but I never really got into a song enough to download it, like I have done many of the Final Fantasy and Soul Blazer series music over the years, so the award winning soundtrack that the computer versions of Baldur's Gate got is not present here.

It's a good game, and I'd only buy it if you haven't had the chance to play any of the Diablo games yet. Otherwise, unless you really like games of this genre, I'd rent it first to see if you like it, and then maybe you can think about purchasing it.

My final score is Seven. It was a good idea, that would have been great had it been tinkered with a little more. The lack of a solid story later on in the game does hurt the desire to finish said game A LOT. The focal point of a Role Playing Game, is it's story. Sure it may be a hack and slash adventure, but the fact of the matter is, it's Dungeons and Dragons, a Role Playing Game, and without a story, it's just ''Go into dungeon and kill thing, rinse, lather, repeat''. However don't get me wrong, the game does certainly have it's good points, it's just the good points fail in comparison to the bad points that the lack of a solid story bring.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/23/02, Updated 01/23/02

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