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"This game is a PSO with one friend."

If I were to give an example of the best two player title on the Playstation 2, for 2001, it would have to be Dark Alliance. Sure, the game is enjoyable on one player, but the two player co-op is where the fun really is.
This game puts you in the world of a fantasy similar to Dungeons and Dragons, with a mix with Diablo. The combination of the two just works out. You go on your adventure with the choice of a archer, a dwarf, or a sorcerous, each with a unique ability. Through the action packed quest, you can do side missions finding items that will enhance your experience. Plus along the way, you can buy powerful weapons, suited for each character's aspect. Oh yeah, if your lucky, you can find some helpful weapons as you fight the feinds. As your character fights more, and more, the higher the levels, and experience you get. Each time you level up, you also get to teach your character a new ability that's kind of neat(hail to the dwarf's bull rush!) If that does'nt satisfy your needs for a great action RPG, I don't know what will.
Baulder's Gate's playing time is roughly around seven hours. When the game gets so in depth, you just want to play more. The ending is kind of dissapointing too. Another mere problem I had with it, is when characters wear the same armor, they attend to look alike. That did'nt stop me from playing though. Knowing you unlock extra features after completing the game is a cool concept. Also transporting characters to another game makes the gameplay longer lasting.
Baulder's Gate:Dark Alliance is one of those memrable games, being played alone, or with a friend. If your searching for a new Gauntlet, or Diablo, this is it! You'll find many hours of fun hours behind this title. Once it is over you'll still be wanting more. Fans of action RPGs, buy this game if you don't own it yet! Or if you got to rent it to try it, you won't be dissapointed!
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Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/14/02, Updated 02/14/02

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