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Reviewed: 03/28/02 | Updated: 03/28/02

Ok for a few hours. Boring the rest.

I got this game for Christmas and got half way through it in the first two days of playing it. Now, in March 2002, I have yet to beat it just because it is so boring.

Gameplay 7/10: This game has changed the strategic world of Baldur's Gate into a slugfest. While it may be cool at first, believe me, it gets terribly redundant after a few hours. You have your attack, jump, guard, use healing/rejuvination, and using magic buttons. There are three characters to start out with. Dwarf, strong but weak in the magic area; Archer, all around good, is a good archer(duh!); Sorceress, good with magic but pretty weak in the health and strength areas. Choosing each one of these usually relies on a different strategy. In the battle screen you have the health, XP, and magic meters. XP raises after every kill ending with a level up. After so many level ups you can increase one stat by one point and then you can spend the amount of ability points on different abilities. Most of the gameplay, though, is just you mashing out a string of attacks. Enemies do take different strategies depending on what they are but once you find them out the enemies range from just plain stupid, Trolls, to irritatingly annoying, Umber Hulks. D&D rules are hardly implemented in this game it seems. Weapons aren't the standard XdX anymore, armor is now the highest number is better. The title Baldur's Gate is just a selling point for this game.

Story 7/10: You get mugged by thieves that leave you with no money. So now your set on, for some reason, getting these thieves back while gaining all the money you probably lost on the way anyways. But then you learn of a bigger evil at presence and now you are on this epic quest where somehow one person can take on armies of enemies.

Control 10/10: If any Action/RPG follows in this games footsteps then it should definitely follow in its control. The controls are all laid out nicely and hassle free. Good job for Black Isle! Now how about lets make a game that isn't boring next time!

Graphics 8/10: Probably some of the best for the PS2 right now. Everything is smooth...of course the camera is over-head which doesn't allow you to inspect your surrounding very well, not that you'd want to anyways. Some of the graphics are very dark and hard to see wether there is a rock in your way or not, especially when you are being chased by a monster. The big downfall would have to be the repetitiveness in graphics. Monsters, areas, etc. all look a lot the same in one area.

Sound 8/10: Boring music. All BG games are like this. Music is definitely a low factor in these games. Otherwise, the clang of battle and the voice acting is great.

Replay 8/10: You can play through all the difficulties with one character by importing him/her from your last game with the same level into a new game or you can start with a fresh character. This game probably offers the most for those who like to play games over again. Of course the game gets sort of boring so, for someone like me, I will probably put it away for a long time after two or three plays through it.

Scoring Curve 6/10: The game is repetitive and boring at times. Variety of enemies in a dungeon is only about three different types of monsters per dungeon and all the hacking and slashing just gets on your nerves after a while.

Buy/Rent: Don't buy if you can't find it for $40 or under. This game is one of the shortest and the most repetitive games I have ever played. If you are the type that doesn't like to play a game over again then this game should definitely be a rental for you.

Overall 8/10: Ironically, as I have repeated tons of times, this game is repetitive. Its fun while it last the first few hours or even the first time through but after that the gameplay lacks in variety. I really think this game should get a 7 but as my total adds up, it gets an 8. So here's to another ''okay'' game out there on the stands. Enjoy!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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