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"One of the BEST RPG for the PS2!"

The highly acclaimed and probably one of the most anticipated RPG on the PC now makes it's way to the Playstation 2. Black Isle Studios and Snowblind Studios has brought the AD&D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) world back to life into this installment of the series, but still it's a great role-playing action/adventure that every RPG fans should experience.


The game is very much similar to Diablo, you hack and slash your way through all sorts of enemy to learn more on the events that is taking place around Baldur's Gate and it's vicinity. The best thing the game has to offer must be of the it's precision and pure genius of control during combat . Controlling your character and the use of health and mana potion in a middle of a battle has never been this easy. Everything is done with the R2 button being used for replenishing your health, L2 is for restoring your lost mana energy, L1 is for the maps and R1 is for blocking enemy attacks, what more could you possibly ask for.


The game start of at the city gates of Baldur's Gate, you arrived with the eager to seek your fame and fortune inside the city wall but the most unexpected thing has happen, you are attacked and pretty much got robbed. now with no money, you find yourself in the nearest Tavern trying to get back on your own two feet. The owner of the Tavern agreed to help you out but she requires a little service to be done first before being able to give you anything. The story picks up from there where you begin your journey to seek revenge on what has happened....


The Graphics are amazing! houses, trees and rocks has never looks so good with it's beautiful coloring and very smooth layout. The best thing that you will notice are the waters, it looks so real when you walk over it. The swords being slashed into the enemy sounds so real and it really puts you up in the mood. The music score is one of the best i heard so far in any given RPG, especially in the Tavern the first time you're there, it's such a lovely song that will be playing in your mind throughout the whole game.

Replay Value:

With 3 characters to choose from, each with their own skills and magic can very much occupy you for awhile. The heights of anticipation playing into the game is brilliant with the differences in approach to this game can be seen from the start, making it completely unexpected as we proceed deeper into the game. The development of the character is as realistic as it can get and there's even a hidden character waiting to be unlocked in the later part of the game but i am not going to tell more about it because it would spoil the fun of playing it.

Rent or Buy:

If you ever liked Diablo or Baldur's Gate on the PC then you will definitely love this one and i would recommend you to buy it. It's a great game with lots of things to do. But If you never played this kind of game, then i would advice you rent it before making any purchase, you might want save your $50 for something else if you happen not to like it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/19/02, Updated 04/23/02

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