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"A solid D&D game, but leaves me wanting more!"

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance really shows you what to expect when buying an RPG. Well, maybe not, but it was a good intro line, wasn't it?

Anyway, here goes:

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are nicely done, beautiful mouth movements, nice 3D models, but the walk cycles are a little sub-par, and the little jaggies are noticeable, but they aren't VERY noticeable. In short, it's no FFX, but then again nothing really is.

Storyline: 6/10
Eh, a decent story. You are traveling and you come to Baldur's gate, you're mugged, you go on an quest to stop all the evil in the world because you're like that. Well, not the deepest storyline. It gets the job done.

Gameplay: 9/10
This is where the game shines. You choose your weapon from and endless number of swords, axes, bows, hammers, polearms, and even staves. Almost each one has a unique quality such as +1 to damage, freezes opponents, or an increased attack rate. Sorta makes me think of Diablo II...
Anyway, after choosing a weapon, armor, jewelry (no, not like Mr. T...) and the optional shield, you head out into the world and attack all baddies who oppose you. And no, you don't mash X the WHOLE time... you also can used finely tuned magical 'feats'(spells) to destroy your enemies. For example, the sorceress (woo-hoo!) can use lightning, ice, and fire based spells along with some other non-elemental spells I will let you discover on your own (or by checking out a GameFAQ for a detailed description of each...). Your enemies FAR outnumber you, but heck, with a +1 Frost Mithiral Great Sword of Speed, what have you got to worry about?

Sound: 5/10
Not too spectacular here, some nice background effects, tremendous voice acting, but not enough flavor in the music area, and you could have used some chatter in the cities... I think SOMEONE would be saying something at some point...

Depth/Length: 5/10
I decided to add length to this category because that is an are that really needs improvement. I beat the game in about 6 hours. It took more that 10 times that to beat the N64 Legend of Zelda games... You think they would have advanced in the length department a LITTLE bit... don't you?

Addiction: 10/10
Wow. Even when you beat it, you want to go back, load your beefy character from your old game, start a new file beef him/her up even more, just for the satisfaction of seeing your little man/dwarf/elf grow into an unstoppable force. Plus you can remove certain items from the armor menu. Hee hee...


+Good Graphics

+Lots' a Items

+Lots' a Monsters

+Not Too hard

+Fun putting that monster underneath your +3 Adamantine Hammer

+/-A dwarf in his undies

-TOO Short

-Little Sound

-Shallow Storyline


*Elf in Skimpy Clothing!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/14/02, Updated 06/14/02

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