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"The Coop Dungeon Hack"

I am a prime example of a console only player. Sure I play some demos and even purchased Serious Sam and Deus Ex for the computer. Point being, I haven't ever been a player of computer RPGs like the D&D games such as the Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, etc. So, I hear of an original Baldur's Gate game coming out for the PS2, and say, ''Okay, maybe it'll be good because of all the hype the computer games got.'' This is unusual for my standards. So, my friend bought the game because of the scores from Gamespot and IGN alike, and said it was cool. I borrowed BG:DA and found out why.

Sound: Solid. The voice acting is awesome particularly for the voice of that dwarf. Yeah, that's right, John Rhys Davies, you know, that dude who says, ''Asps, very dangerous'' and yells, ''Indy!!!'' in the IJ movies. Don't get me wrong, he's COOL. The grunts and overall effects are great for a dungeon hack like this. Not to mention, a musical score that works for the emotion and mood of an RPG where your role is a lonely one.
Graphics: Smooth like silk. Water effects are some of the best I've seen. Character models fit with body language and they even look like fantasy characters. Heck, even the beholder looks cool. Movements are fast and smooth because of a fast and smooth framerate. Death animations differ and give the game a feel like you're not just swinging your weapon one way constantly. Kill a few rats, see what I mean, and be satisfied......or not. Lighting, you name it, has a look and feel that shows the creators put a lot of effort into their product.
Gameplay: Hack-and-Slash. Talk, follow story, get quests, complete them, get paid coin, buy more items, and have fun while doing it. A bonus is the coop mode. This is a feature that should appear in most modern games and especially in FPS's. You and a friend could spend hours playing through this game collecting and sharing like a coop mode should allow one to do. The occasional boss is always good, and of course the use of magic is optional. I personally forgot to use it. This gameplay isn't for everyone so I must lower one point to the score because there is always someone who really holds hateful feelings toward dungeon hacks like this one.
Replay Value: Harder modes, three characters, and a coop mode make for a good reason to come back. The game can be beaten in less than 12 hours so this isn't super long.
I was pleasantly surprised by this game. Is it worth the $40 tag, um, well, with so many new games with quality coming out.... Personally, I borrowed it, so this could be a rental to say you beat it, or a borrow where you could say I'm cheap but feel no remorse, or a good purchase where you could listen to John Rhys Davies and kill some monsters with a friend. I recommend this piece of ART.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/02/02, Updated 10/02/02

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