Review by bbears

Reviewed: 04/04/04

Good...but a little too repetitive at times

INTRO: This game happens to be the first action rpg I ahve played. When I rented it, I was not even really sure what an action rpg is. And I must say that overall I am pleasantly surprised. Although a little hard to get into, this can be a very rewarding and addictive game. But still this is game that has flaws, and I think is a little overhyped.

GRAPHICS: The graphics are simply amazing. The backgrounds although are pretty much all the same, the detail is suberb. The character models aare also quite good. Where this game stands out is in the water and particle effects. The water acutally ripples and gleams when struck by light. The camera which is at 3/4 overhead angle, behaves itself very well. It can be annoying with blocking out enemies that are hidden. And although it is adjustable, it can be a chore during combat. The frame rate and resolution are also very done very well too.
Score 9

SOUND: The music is very good, and plays nicley to the theme of fantasy and graanduer of the game. The voice acting is also good too. Although it would have been better if your charcter would speak when cosen dialogue is given. The sound effects are the highlight though. The clash of swords is very distinct and fresh. You can even some differences with different weapons.
Score 8

CONTROLS: The controls are laid out very well. Combat is very basic so you won't cursing the game. You simply press the attack or magic button overe and over again. You change your weapons and magic through menus. The only complaint here I have is that The camera can difficult to adjust at times.
Controls: 7

STORY: The story is not very compelling and you will probaly forget what your doing throughout the game. You can chose whether or not to listen to the backstory when engaging in dialpgue with the many characters in the game.
Score 6

REPLAY: Although this game features co op, one play through will satisfy you probably. The only reason for multiple play throughs is if you want to level up to riculous strengths. And the only reason you would want to do this is if you are love with game. In my opinion it is much to repetitive to want to do this. And if you play with a friend, it shouldn't take you longer than one play through to conquer.
Score 5

GAMEPLAY: You start off the game in Baldur's Gate City talking to the many locales and being given the mission of killing the rats. You then find bandits and thieves which progress the game, as you find a more ultimate evil. When you start off you chose your character form three choices. customize him, and you off. The overall idea of the game is battle hundreds of bad guys in the same fashion over and over again. The only detour from this is the character dialogue, boss battles, and level ups. The combat system is simple. You start off with very weak armor and weapons some spells battleing hordes of bad guys. You just hack and slash your way through. Even the spells and abilties are only a menu and button smash away. If I am making the game sound easy, think again. It makes up for it's lack of depth endless, and I do endless hordes of enemies, that can at some times make the game very repetitve and frustrating. After you kill an enemy he drops his armor, weapons, and gold sometimes. Which you ick up and either use or sell. The idea is to build up a stock plie gold to buy the ultra rare items. Some missions require you to pay money for amps and keys to further your progress. slowly you build up a very impressive attack and armor ratings. The main drive to further your progress in the is the ablilty to level up. After completing different tasks an beating bosses you gain experience points. When these points reach a certain number you level up, giving you a limted number of points upgrade different ablities. Such as magic attacks, carrying more loot, and being able to lower prices. Alhtough the experience is very repetitive it can very addicting too. The boss battles are the only part of the game that requires any type of strategy.
Score 7

FINAL VERDICT: I rented this game and afterwards turned it back in because after beating it, there isn,t anything to but the smae old same old. Whether or not you like this game will be determined by how much you feel rewared in leveling up. To some, partly me, this game will much to repetitve even on the first try. But everyone should regardless give this one a try. It's more in depth than an action game, but is'nt as frilly nilly as a true rpg game.
Score 7

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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