"A game like no other!"

This review is for a game that I have had for a long time now. I really haven't though of doing a review on it until just recently. It was because I personally didn't think this was such a good game but after putting it back into my Playstation 2 I have realized that I was really wrong. This is a game that was put out by Snowblind Studios. Like I said at first glance while I was playing I really didn't think that this was such a good game...but again like I said after doing another play through I realized that I was really wrong. This is a typical hack and slash game but with sort of a twist. Because although it may seem to be a action game once you start playing it really isn't. It's more like a action/rpg. The creators really did do a good job with this game as it shows. They put some stuff into this game that it seems like no other company would have and they made the right choice putting it into this game because it makes it so much better! This game is not just on the Playstation 2 but also the Xbox, Gamecube and the GBA. I am also pretty sure that this is on the PC as well so as long as you have one of the systems that I named then you will want to go out and pick this game up! Now...on with the review!

Graphics 8/10
The graphics really show how good this game is. The camera angle is looking down on you from the top but it really makes no difference. When you are walking through the water you can see the ripple effects. When you are fighting and you hit something metal you can see the sparks form the 2 metal items clashing together. The lighting is an ok part of the game but a lot of the times you are underground fighting around in the dark. So this is a kind of bad part of the game being that while your underground its kind of hard really see some of the graphics. When you put on new armor or a new weapon you see the new items on your body. This was an excellent idea considering most games don't allow this to happen. Some monsters in the game are kind of ehh...because it seems that some of them weren't even given enough time to make them look like they should. So some monsters in the game look good and some monsters don't but don't let these minor things stop you from going out and buying this game.

Sound 8/10
Alright another good part of the game. Like I said above with the water, the metals clashing together to make the sparks. Well...everything like that is depicted in the music department. When you are walking in the water you can hear the water moving. If you are fighting someone you can hear the noises of the swords or axes...it really doesn't matter what weapon you are using they all seem to have their own individual sound. The creators made another good decision here. If you are walking around and you can't see anyone to fight...well just listen for the monsters. They all make their own individual sound as well. So if you get used to hearing the sounds of the monsters you will soon know what your up against just by hearing the sound of the monsters.

Controls 10/10
The controls in this game are basically perfect. You can pull off combos with ease. You are also able to hot key some buttons. What I mean is you can have magic potions and you can have some healing potions and by hitting the R2 or L2 buttons you can use the potions. This is a very nice part of the game because in the middle of a battle who has the time to open the menu screen to just heal themselves? I know that in some of the battles in this game you will not have the time for that! You have some cool magic attacks as well. These can be pulled off with the same amount of ease as the combo attacks. There really wasn't one thing that I found to be a major problem in this part of the game.

Gameplay 9/10
This is an action/rpg. You go around hacking and slashing at enemies but along the way you can become stronger, gain more health, gain new attack techs, and also learn more magic attacks. This is an awesome type of experience for old and new players to get into. The controls are so easy to get into they you won't have any trouble with them at all! The leveling up feature of this game is also an easy part to learn. While your in the dungeons you will come across treasures and fight monsters. The more money you have the better weapons and armor you can buy ( isn't it like that in real life? the more money you have the better stuff you can get? ) Anyways you can always kill monsters and get weapons and armor which can be way better than anything you are able to buy in the shops.

Replayability 9/10
This game offers you 3 characters to choose from. And every character has their own weakness and their own strength. You can also use a secret character after beating the game or if you want to use him right away then just put in the code. There are harder difficulties and there is also a 2 player mode which is so much fun. Playing with a friend and stealing his kills and taking his money and items after he was the one who killed the monster is always fun. If he has a item that you want you are able to ask him for it and you cna also trade money and items. With all this who is going to put the game down after just one play through?

Rent or Buy?
Just buy this game because at the price of just $20.00 who will want to pass up such a great game?

Final Score
I give this game a 9 out of 10. (Sounds a little like the people from Xplay doesn't it?)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/14/05

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