How do I beat Boaz?

  1. How do i target the rear pods? When I shoot the head it always targets the front pods. Can"t figure it out!!!

    User Info: stonr24

    stonr24 - 8 years ago


  1. Well it's been awhil'e since I played AOD but this is what I did is, when the pods opened I'd keep shooting at them until they closed. I tryed to avoid Boaz attacks as much as possible and when the pods opened again I just kept shooting until Boaz dies. You have to try and get behind or beside Boaz to shoot the pods. That's what I did. Good Luck cause it took me FOREVER to kill him. Hope this helps

    User Info: mydogjoe321

    mydogjoe321 - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Shoot him (her?) a few times from the front. Then green stuff will be shot from the pods on its side. Shoot one of the pods on its side.

    NOTE: If you are shooting a pod that has already been killed (it will appear broken) you have to hit switch targets (which is the roll button, square I think). This will switch the aim to another pod.

    Rinse wash repeat until all four pods are toast.

    User Info: donar

    donar - 8 years ago 0 0
  3. Just to add a response to both answers, it doesn't take forever if you use the switch targets button, the battle will actually be over fairly quickly with not really that many shots fired.

    User Info: donar

    donar - 8 years ago 0 0
  4. For the 1st part of this fight Boaz remains in her carnivorous horror form. Although she's large and unwieldy, Boaz moves quickly and attacks with her claws. Shoot her several times in the face to get her to lob toxic globs of green goo at you.

    Dodge the green globs by strafing around to her side. On either side of Boaz are two green pod from which she fires the green globs. Shoot each of them repeatedly to destroy them. Only shoot at the pods that are launching green globs, as destroyed pods don't shoot globs.

    You can only shoot the pods when Boaz is hurling green globs at you. If she stops firing them, move around in front of her and shoot her in the face several times to get her to lob green globs at you again.

    If you're not able to target the correct pods, press the switch target button for an intact pod, then blast away.

    Once all 4 are destroyed, Boaz drops to the ground- but the fight isn't over yet! Boaz crawls out of her carnivorous horror form and it's time for round 2.

    By this time you may be low an ammo, if so there's a Boran X ammo on the floor of the arena. It doesn't disappear when you pick it up, so you can grab clip after clip- while dodging Boaz's attacks. In her humanoid form, Boaz is faster; however, continue to use the same strategy you used in round 1.Keep pounding Boaz with bullets. Eventually your bullets do the trick and the lifeless Boaz drops to the floor, well maybe not quite lifeless...

    User Info: DavidJarvis1

    DavidJarvis1 - 6 years ago 0 0

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