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"I'm a Hot Shot...No, Seriously!"

My little brother had told me about this game and I just rolled at my eyes at him. He kept telling me how fun it was, but I couldn't remember a golf game I had played where I had enjoyed it. I'm not into golf (I'm a reviewer on GameFaqs...go figure), so I assumed I wouldn't like a golf game. The other day, I walked into my room and I saw this game had been left on. Rather then turning it off and playing another game, I decided to give it a whirl.

The first few minutes I started playing, I wanted to quit. But, I couldn't quit. I just couldn't put down the controller. I don't know if it was the oddness with the characters, the colorful golf courses, the actual gameplay or what, but this game is addicting.

The first few golf matches were easy and I was a little disappointed. I would swing through each hole in no sweat. Then, while I was trying to unlock yet another character of the game's large roster, I had a deep, burning, familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. That feeling, my friends, was frustration. I played eighteen holes over and over, one time I finally had the advantage over him, but in the end, like always, I was put to shame.

The game is very basically a golfing game. You swing your club by picking the distance on this little meter bar and if you match it up with this white thing at the end, it'll swing (well, swing better). At one point in the game, I had gotten my ball in a very bad situation. It was right in front of a group of trees and no matter how hard I hit it, I would always get an O.B. Eventually, the game just went to my opponent golfer, but by that time, I had was up to a +15 Bogey!

The game is beautiful. The character design for the golfers is just odd...which I love! The golf courses are, for the most part, great, but the game falters with the trees and water hazards scattered around the courses. The trees look fake and tacked on and the water is way too blue. The caddies are kind of overly silly as they run through water constantly to stand by the balls, but they never get wet, which makes the game just seem kind of stupid at times. Hopefully, they have fixed these graphical problems in the bright-looking sequel.

I was getting annoyed by the constant pit-pat of a golf ball and the repetitive sayings of the caddies was about to drive me insane, so I was forced to turn up the radio. This is the first time that a game's sound has driven me to other means to get rid of the sound.

Depending on if you really, really like golf should influence your choice of buying this game. It's an addictive play if you have a lot of patience, but the graphics sometimes falter and the sound is annoying. After reading this review, you can decide for yourself rather or not you want to simply rent, own or forget about Hot Shots Golf 3.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/29/06

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