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"A golf game that isn't serious"

It's a golf game so it doesn't have a story. I can however comment on the characters. The designers thought no one would play a game with anime characters so they made their own characters for this game. I was really disappointed with that decision. The new characters are okay but some are just annoying. I give story a 0/10

The control is easy to learn as long as you try out each button when you first play. Swinging the golf club is easy since this game still uses the meter system. Menus are easy to go through. I give control a 10/10

Voice Acting, Sound Effects and Music
The voice acting fits the characters but the voices can be very annoying. The characters don't have a wide range of sayings so you're going to hear a lot of repeated phrases. The sound effects sound good but the people in the crowd are annoying and a bunch of liars! Never listen to the crowd. There is only music on menus, which is pretty good. Music isn't really needed during the game but having an option to turn it on would have been nice. I give voice acting, sound effects and music a 7/10

Game play
There is a great selection of modes but I can't remember what they all are. The game has a status thing that shows how well you're doing which I found very cool and more games should have that. There is also a store where you can buy new items to customize the menus or get new characters or clubs or even balls. You get points depending on how well you hit the ball during a game. You can also lose points if you land in a sand trap or go out of bounds. The game features the meter which is a bar and you hit X and the line moves up. There are numbers on the bottom that shows how many yards it might go if you hit X on that spot. After you choose your spot, it moves kinda fast, the meter goes back and you need to hit X when it reaches this tiny little mark, if you land on the mark you should get your ball going straight. If you're a little off it will go a little to the side and if you miss it by a lot your ball isn't going to go very far. The game play is really fun and this is coming from a person who doesn't like golf. The AI is pretty good and they get better the further you get in tournaments. There is one problem thought, the game would seem to have a 10th hole glitch where the game freezes or it takes you make to your PS2's start up screen and won't let you leave. This only happened to me once so just remember to save when you're around the 10th hole. I give game play a 8/10

Replay Value
There is a good amount of stuff to unlock and there are plenty of modes to play. Multiplayer is a blast to play. This game should take a while to master and it's a great game to play every now and then. I give replay value a 8/10

Final Score
I give Hot Shots Golf 3 a 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/15/07

Game Release: Hot Shots Golf 3 (US, 03/12/02)

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