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Reviewed: 03/14/02 | Updated: 03/14/02

Nothing to fancy, but pretty damn fun

I was a huge fan of the original Hot Shots Golf. It was a simple Golf Game made for the Golf Newbie. Nothing that would rack your brain. And thats what this is. Just Golf. Not Tiger Woods' Ultra Pro Challenge, just simple Golf. And that's what makes is great.

Graphics 7/10
I don't really care about graphics much. The game has a Cartoony kind of look. The game underwent a major facelift since it's days on the Playstation. The PS2 really gives it a better look. Some of the Golfers look pretty funny, others, just looked stupid. Most of the girls are dressed rather light. And I'm not a feminist, but it's becoming more of an annoyance rather than whatever it was supposed to be.

Control 6/10
Just like I said, simple. There's a little skill required in matching up the power meter, but after a few tries, you'll be swinging like a pro. Putting is where the game really suffers. They added a few too many new features. Putting can be extremely difficult from as close at 15 feet. elevation factors aren't very accurate. And A tutorial would have been nice. But you can't have everything.

Sound 6/10
Nothing really fancy. The sound is really simple. All you get are a few 'whoosh' and 'splash' sounds. The Caddie's are EXTREMELY irritatating. With their, ''You missed'' ''Better try harder'' ''Get the Bird''. The Taunts the golfers give are funny though.

General Fun 8/10
Pretty good game. If you liked the game's predecessors, you will be sure to like this. Same style and everything. ANd the National Tournament Mode can be pretty interesting. And with all the items, clubs, balls, caddies, other golfers and god knows what else you can unlock, this game will have you locked up in your room for quite a while. Although I did find it rather annoying that when you try to challenge other golfer they seem to swing pretty flawlessly so if you make a few mistakes, you'd best just restart. And when you stop the save mid-game, and you finish the game and lose, you can't go back to that save. Thus making you play the entire game OVER again. Annoying yes, but very addicting. You just might be the best virtual Golfer in the world. But on the green, I'd kick your ass >=) But really, if you enjoy simple golf, pick this up and have some fun alone or with some friends.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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