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"Hot Golf for big Shots"

I know the feeling. You are sitting on your couch staring at 500 dollars worth of games and you have to leave for work in 30 minutes. Metal Gear Solid? No, you'll have to leave during one of the 40 minute talks to Otacon. Final Fantasy X? No, it takes 30 minutes just to find a save point and make no progress in the story. So for a half hour you just sit their and stare at a beautiful system while it collects dust on the lens which in turn ruins the system. Well that's not the case anymore. The solution, Hot Shots Golf 3.
Hot Shots Golf 3 like its predecessors is at first a goofy looking game that in time grows on you like an uncontrollable wart, in a good way. The characters are goofy looking with very akward celebrations and sayings. The caddies are the same. But behind the cartoony look lies a solid golf game that tests the realism of even Tiger Woods Golf. Somehow with the perfect blend of realism and unrealism Clap Hanz pumps out a game that a anti-golfist and the pro tourer can enjoy equally.

Graphics- The graphics are superb. Each course just drags you into it and makes you feel like you're out of the cold stench of your house and into the warm freshness that only a golf course can provide. The character design is equally dynamic. Although the characters are cartoony they start to look normal after a few rounds. 10/10

Gameplay- The gameplay is very simple to understand yet it is very complex stuff. So in worse terms you are simply controlling very complex stuff. The swing meter is old school. Click for power, and then click for accuracy. Very easy. The hardest part to control is the point at which you want to hit the ball. Pushing down during your swing will hit the bottom of the ball lifting the ball in the air and giving it some backspin. Pushing up is a low shot with a little topspin. Pushing left hooks the ball left and pushing right hooks the ball right. In other words it was harder to get Mario from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen than it is to play Hot Shots. Oh, did I mention that you can go through 18 holes in only TEN minutes or you could drag it out to 30 minutes if you have to watch every movement your ball makes on every shot you take. 10/10

Sounds- Annoying as all heck. Imagine being stuck in a room with Carrot Top. Now imagine being stuck in a room with Carrot Top during a lecture during history class. Bing. The constant chirping and screeching of the insects is enough for you to remove the speakers from your tv which makes this a great game to play while listening to the Jim Rome Show. 3/10 (3 points for some of the caddy comments)

Replay- With a huge variety of clubs and balls to unlock, each of which increases one of you golfers stats while sacrificing one of the other stats, and a ton of weird stuff to buy and win (i.e. wallpaper, new golfer outfits, new animals for certain levels, and more) the replay value is higher than a crowd at a Dave Matthews concert. 10/10

Go out and buy this game now. Those 30 minutes before work are now easily filled with a few quick games of golf. Unfortunately, those 30 minutes will fly by and after a couple of ''Oh just one more quick game, I've got time.'' you'll end up like me and actually have time to sit down and write reviews to video games because you no longer have a job to rush off too. Play Hot Shots Golf 3, but play responsibly. And just when you think that you've smoked Hot Shots Golf 3, Hot Shots Golf 3 may smoke you.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/02/02, Updated 04/02/02

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