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"The Hot Shots Golf series hits its peak."

Having played and loved the original Hot Shots Golf for the PSX, I was pretty excited at the release of Hot Shots Golf 3, which boasts “true golf physics, true golf fun” and “15 off-the-wall golfers” right on the package. The game has lived up to its slogans and gave golfing games a big boost after a few disappointing titles.

HSG 3 retains its positive qualities from its predecessors: the ease of control, smoothness, and a colorful yet clean graphic scheme. This title earns the bragging rights it had lost in Hot Shots Golf 2 and, frankly, this PS2 offspring deserves them. The loading times (yes, they do exist in this game) are much more bearable than ones found in the previous titles; the longest you have to wait is around 5 seconds to access the save menu. All of the courses have been cleaned up, and there are no camera problems or unpolished edges. Besides the improvements, HSG 3 has tacked on new and interesting features that make this game stand out from the others.

Replayablity was a never really a problem; just ask golfer out there and you’ll find that the challenge and the competition make the game great in itself. You will probably spend many an hour unlocking every single caddy and character, but what’s after that? Well, a few years ago after gamers completed every single aspect of Hot Shots Golf, there was really nothing new left. Now, however, features such as the shop and an improved trophy room have been added for more gaming time and just to look good.

Hot Shots Points have been incorporated into this game, and can be used as money to buy new clubs, balls, or even outfits for your characters and caddies. With the capacity of the PS2, even the caddies need to be unlocked, but once you get them they add more interest to the game.

Graphics are beautiful, and the physics are pretty darned close to real life. From the roll of the ball on the rough to the water ripples, everything just looks great. Sounds have been slightly improved, and with the addition of the caddy choices a new attitude is given to this game.

To wrap it all up, HSG3 is a great game that brings justice to the golfing genre. Huge improvements made from the already fun Hot Shots Golf plus new features make this game one of its kind and enjoyable for hours to come.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/30/02, Updated 04/30/02

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