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Old Timers Move Aside! Welcome the Newest and most exciting golf game ever created. Get ready for the fast paced golf action. Every swing is vital. Every putt is crucial. Every drive is important. Each aspect of the game of golf all bundled up into one game, Hot Shots Golf 3. Gain respect from the players, from the caddies, from your friends. Compete in the only golf game that breaks the rules. Don’t screw up this time or you will be hearing it from the trash talking caddies. Be victorious and treasure the glory of that tournament trophy and those great prizes. Think you won after you beat all the modes in hot shots golf 3? Wrong. Test your skills around the world with the national tournament mode. Conquer that then you will be crowned the true champion of Hot Shots Golf 3.

What can you say about the graphics in Hot Shots Golf 3? Think its just a little cartoon game just for kids? Well, you are wrong. Hot shots golf 3 in fact does have made up characters but it is nothing at all like a Mario Golf. These characters are, in amazement, how some golfers look and act on the golf course. These characters are also not all from the same place. They are from all around the world. These graphics in this game are pretty good. The course has better graphics than the players but in other games it’s the opposite. The players have better graphics than the course. These courses graphics are amazing. The sunsets, the clouds, the greens, the roughs, the bunkers everything is just amazing. If you want realistic courses you found the right game. In other golf games if there is a tree or a rock, the golf ball might just “magically” go through it. For this game, that is not true. If you do make a bad shot, it will clunk off one of the objects and the flight of the ball will go out of its path. You may purchase extra objects on the course, such as a black bear or a yacht. These little extras make the course look so much better. Now, for the players. This game doesn’t have the graphics of the people down pat. The question is does any game have those graphics down pat? I don’t think so. This game has pretty good graphics for not being a real, official game like an EA Sport game. Also, the people don’t look like squares, the graphics are not like that. They still look like real people in our life today, exaggerating some looks. In all, this games graphics are pretty good for not being an Ea Game.

When you think of golf, you must think Oh how boring to play. Well in Hot Shots Golf 3. they change that attitude around and give a bright side to golf. With the most exciting gameplay for any golf game out there, it can not be beat! This gameplay includes trash talking caddies, intense drives and stressful putts. Each of these attributes is added to the perfect gameplay. But that’s not all that there is special about Hot Shots Golf 3! You are able to play other people, across the world. You are able to purchase items that you will see on the course and some items that will be helpful to you. You are able to pick from 15 different characters with different attributes for your needs. You are also allowed to play on a nine hole, par 3 golf course which will enhance your skills greatly! And There Is Even More! In this game, there is a history of all of your accomplishments such as your great chips and long putts. Nit any other golf game gives you this much to do in one game. You might be asking yourself, what can’t you do in this game? Well, since you can train, practice, go on multiplayer, tournament mode, and vs. mode there is really nothing else to do. The only thing that is missing is a money board. But remember, this is not a real golf game, so there shouldn’t be a top money board. Now it is time to talk about the gameplay of the game. As you read before, this gameplay is really exciting. All of you fans that have ever watched or played a golf game knows how it goes. The object of the game is to play to the best of your ability to get the lowest score possible. You must beat the scores of your competitors to come out victorious. To do this, you must make every shot good, or you will lose. This gameplay is the best in the games of golf. Don’t miss out on this golf game!

The gameplay as stated above is exactly how you must play in a regular game of golf in real life. Same rules, same boundaries. Big difference. See if you can bend the rules and get a better score. This game as many different modes that you are able to play. Each of these modes has its own special feature. I think this game has more modes than any golf game out there, so this game is really good. These modes do not just take up space to fill the game up, they have something to do for you in each one. In the main menu, there are 5 main modes you are allowed to enter. Each of these modes have modes inside them. The main modes of Hot Shots Golf 3 are:

1)Single Player Golf- This is the mode where you play one player and play to the best of your abilities. This mode contains all the important other modes in the game to obtain new levels, characters and items. In Single Player Golf, the modes are:

A)Stroke Play- This is not a competitive mode. This is a mode which lets you pick your favorite course and play a round. This mode can be used for the 1st time playing to get used to the game, can be used from an experienced player, or can be used anytime you like. For myself, I use this mode to brush up on some courses that I have trouble with in the tournament mode, finding all the secrets and special shots. Your goal when playing this mode is to get the lowest score possible by golfing your best game. Whats the point of doing this if you have to remember what your lowest score was? Well, you don’t have to remember. Each round you golf is recorded in the Data section and your best putts, longest drives, longest chips and best rounds are recorded there.

B)Tournament Mode- This is where you enter a variety of tournaments to win items, trophies and improve your players ranking. As you achieve higher rankings, more courses will be unlocked. This mode takes a long time to accomplish. You must play on many different ranks, each rank having four tournaments. This is the mode where you get all the items, all the ranking you need for the whole game. Like in all the single player modes, you achieve points at the end of the game depending on well you do. For example, you can add to your points by getting a birdie. Watch out though. You can subtract from your points by hitting it in the sand trap. These points are valuable and are used in the shop to purchase items. As you go up in rankings, the tournaments get harder and harder. You must get a better than 30 people to win. The courses get tougher, your opponents get tougher and the shots get tougher as you go along. Gain experience points here to achieve up to the next rank.

C)Vs. Mode.-This is the mode where you can unlock all 15 characters in the game. To do this, you must defeat the character by playing him in a round of golf one on one. Sounds easy right? Wrong. Each character you play, they get harder and harder. If you defeat the character you face, you are able to use them in any mode of the game, because now they are yours to keep. As in the other modes, you earn points to spend in the shop. Each of the characters that you obtain have better attributes then the one before. But you might not like the new attributes of the person. These people that you get are valuable for when you play the tournament mode.

D)Training Mode- Not much to say about this mode. This is a mode that lets you pick a hole you need practice on and play it as many times as you want. This is one mode that you cannot earn points to use in the shop. Brush up on your skills so they are in top quality for the big modes.

E)National Tournaments-This is one of the surprising modes on this game. Connect with people around the world and play them in a round of golf. To do this, you must first register online to get a tournament password so they will be able to keep your stats. This is where you truly test your skills, facing amazing golfers all around the world. Can you be champion of the world?

You are maybe wondering what these points are and how do you get them. Below are the list of the points that you may obtain or lose during the match:

Fairway Shot: +20 points
Hitting Ball Out Of Bounds: -60 points
Hitting ball in unplayable area: -60 points
Hitting Ball in Sand Trap: -20 points
Hitting Ball In Water: -40 points
Approach shot landing near pin: +10 to +50 points
Chip-in from various distances: +30 to +300 points
Pin Shot: +pts randomly determined
Getting on green in 2 on Par 5: +30 points
Getting Par: +100 points
Getting Birdie: +200 points
Getting Eagle: +300 points
Getting Hole-In-One: +400 points

Those are the point values to use in the shop to buy new items to improve you game or make the surroundings look better. What kinds of Items are in the shop you say? Some items that are in the shop include capsules that lead to new special features for your surroundings, improved clubs and balls, caddies, new camera angles, new outfits, pinch hit coupons and much more. These items are valuable in some way.

2)Multiplayer Golf- This is where all the fun starts. This is where you can compete in a grueling golf match against more than one person. You can play up to four people in one round. This, in my opinion, is one of the best modes. You are able to have fun with your friends playing this or have a little competition with them to see who is better at the game. There are 2 modes in the multiplayer golf section. These two modes include:

A)Stroke Play- Same mode as in single player golf, just with another person. The Player with the lowest score at the end of the whole course is the victor and the other is the loser and has to face defeat. So, compete against someone you want to and shove your win in their face!

B)Match Play-This is not in single player mode. This is almost the same thing as vs. mode. The only exception is you do not obtain any new characters. The winner is the player that wins the most holes overall. Do not save you skills to the end, or it may be too late. You must get lower than the person you are competing against to win that hole. For example, if the person you are facing gets a par, you must get a birdie or lower to win that hole. In all multiplayer events, you will not obtain shop points.

3)Short Course- Don’t have enough time to play a full 18 holes? Do you just want to earn shop points? Well, this is the right mode to do this. Just like in real life, this game has a short course, which consists on 9 par 3 holes. This is a great mode to practice your short games, getting ready for the tournaments. Up to four players are allowed to play on the short course. Get on top of the master of chipping and get to know your golfer better by golfing on the short course.

4)Data- This isn’t really a playing mode. This modes holds all of your data throughout the game. The data menu contains your status on the courses you played, best shots and best scores. It contains a video section where you find your hole in ones and you nice chip ins. This is where the shop is also. Go into the data section to enter the shop. If you would like to see what you have purchased or obtained, go into the inventory. This shows all of your characters and items you have received. There is also a history section which keeps hold of all of your accomplishments.

5)Continue- Continue a saved game that you were playing. Good for times where you have to go somewhere and you are not finished with your round. You are able to continue it some other time and save it.

Here is, finally, about the sound and control. The control of this game is very simple and is not hard to learn at all. Simply try to get a perfect shot or a perfect putt so you can get the lowest score possible. If you do not know how to control this game, then you shouldn’t know how to use a playstation 2 controller. The sound in this game is also outstanding. They have gotten every little sound there can be on a golf course. Birds, waving trees, the contact of the ball, boats, water sounds and animals. There are other sounds but I cannot think of them at the moment. Of course there is no music during the round. There is music on the main menu, not hardcore, but soothing.

Ok. Hot Shots Golf 3. What else can I say? This game is one of my favorite playstation2 games I have. Like I said, almost everything is perfect. This game is very addicting and is hard to stop playing. This game is must buy for all ps2 owners.

Replay Value: 10
Current Store Price:$50
Overall Rating: 9.8

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/17/02, Updated 05/17/02

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