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"This game is truly HOT Shots Golf!!!"

Hot Shots Golf is back and it's better than ever! When I first learned of the sport of Golf I thought nothing of it, but little by little I became interested in it. I wasn't so interested as to join a league but I was interested enough to buy a Golf game and that's were Hot Shots Golf 3 came. I'll give you the exact reasons you should BUY this game, and why I bought it myself.

Genius, pure genius. You can play up to four players with just ONE simple controller. That's right, you don't have to go waste 30+ dollars just for a multi-tap to have some hardcore multiplayer fun with some friends. The controls are very easy to memorize and their pretty damn easy to learn but remember they are HARD to master! You can have had this game for over 6 months and you will still come across very stupid mistakes. The wind is always different, the style is always different, and the angles are also different. This all makes the controls hard to master, but nonetheless the controls are genius.

The controllers for Hot Shots Golf 3 are awesome, I give the controllers 10/10

There isn't much of a Story in Hot Shots Golf 3 but there is a story nonetheless. The Golfers in Hot Shots Golf 3 seem have connections as it seems and there is this one man that kind of looks like Mr. Claw from Inspector Gadget who has four Golfers that are highly challenging, it's your duty to make peace in Golf and beat all four of those excellent Golfers.

The story is great, I give the story for Hot Shots Golf 3 8/10

Hot Shots Golf 3 has A LOT of Gameplay. There are so many modes, some of which include Single Player Golf, Stroke Play, Multiplayer, Vs. Mode, Training Mode, and Tournament Mode. This game is damn good and it even has a storyline to go with it, which you wouldn't really expect from a Golf game. This game will have you trash talking like crazy when playing friends hehehe. Keep in mind that just because it's a Golf game, it doesn't mean it's going to be easy. Trust me.

Gameplay is simply wonderful. Very well done and balanced out. Perfect in so many damn ways. I give the gameplay for Hot Shots Golf 3 10/10

Don't bother to say that the A.I. is easy because the A.I. is never the same. The A.I. in this game won't make gigantic mistakes which makes you think twice before you use power and take your swing to the left or to the right. They have such perfect shots, but they won't always be that hard. A.I. is computerized, theres always a way to beat the computer, just keep that in mind.

The A.I. is great. Pretty challenging, I give the A.I for Hot Shots Golf 3. 9/10

Well now this is what 75% of you gamers out there look for in a game. Although graphics aren't much of a big deal, they are in this game. The graphics in this game are simply amazing. This game may be cartoony, but DAMN these cartoony graphics are great. From different characters to choose from, each with their own unique style and beautiful environments to choose from, you can't go wrong with the graphics in Hot Shots Golf 3.

The graphics in Hot Shots Golf 3 are astonishing, I give the graphics 9/10

Lots and lots of commentating here. Not from the commentators since their aren't any (THANK GOD), but from the Caddie's and Golfers themselves. They say a load of funny things, plus the sound effects such as clapping, cheering, booing, etc.. The in game music is wonderful as well and you can hear the leaves blowing and the wind blowing. The caddie's can get very annoying though hehehehe.

Overall the audio is GREAT, I give the audio for Hot Shots Golf 3 9/10

WOW, this game has LOADS of Replayability Value. There are just too many modes to choose from and that's what gives this game a real high score. The multiplayer mode in this game is awesome and loads of fun because you NEVER know what's going to happen unless you know your going to win. =P
Theres also loads of Tournaments for you to choose from in case your home alone or you have no one to play with at the moment. Trust me your getting more than what your honestly playing for.

A LOT of Replayability Value in Hot Shots Golf 3. I give the Replayability for Hot Shots Golf 3 10/10

To Buy or to Rent that is the question!
*Begins a BUY! BUY! BUY! chant*
Heh, trust me just listen to the chant. You really should buy this game, you deserve it for reading this. =)
If you really aren't sure about buying this game then you might as well go and rent the game at least but trust me your going to regret wasting an extra 5 dollars when you should have gone and bought the game in the first place.

Overall, BUY the game!

I give this game a 9 and you should understand why after reading my review for Hot Shots Golf 3. This game has too many pros and not enough cons which is actually a good thing, lol. No one wants any game with a bunch of cons but this game is just way too hard to believe. Hardly any cons at all. This game is really great, trust me. That's exactly why this game didn't get anything below a 9 from me. If your a Golf fan you might as well just make my score an automatic 10.

Overall I give Hot Shots Golf 3 9/10

Well I hope this Review has helped you clear out your thoughts about this game. It really is worth your time and I'm sure that you'll have fun playing this game over and over! Enjoy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/09/02, Updated 10/06/02

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